ADAM: Episode 2

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A man on YouTube
A man on YouTube - 7 hours ago
Giovanny De Jesus
Giovanny De Jesus - Day ago
Beats Dark Fate!
Jony Balam
Jony Balam - Day ago
Music? Quiero saber la musica que sale en los creditos. Que no la veo
Wilson Coc
Wilson Coc - 3 days ago
Que sad
Samuel Silva
Samuel Silva - 4 days ago
Muito louco ,nunca tinha visto ,vi agora ,interessante...
Shiroshi Iwan
Shiroshi Iwan - 5 days ago
I need watch more
smG breyy
smG breyy - 5 days ago
I want a movie now
ayah ayah
ayah ayah - 5 days ago
AJax - 6 days ago
I'm in love with this.
James TV
James TV - 10 days ago
A game of it please
Shuber Boro
Shuber Boro - 11 days ago
I laiket movei😯😯😯😯😯😮😮😮
complication Town
complication Town - 12 days ago
Bro just make a show about it please
Welsed - 14 days ago
2 years later and I'm still asking myself: But how are they breathing? And how do they feel "pain"? 🤔
SugarCrazedInsomniac - 13 days ago
their brains are still organic, which means they need oxygen. In the 3rd short you see some sort of black liquid leaking out of them, I'm guessing it's a replacement for blood to carry oxygen to their brains?
Elijah Smith
Elijah Smith - 16 days ago
I like these movies a lot, but they are so abrupt! I guess that's what gives them their charm.
Kiareca Kiareca
Kiareca Kiareca - 17 days ago
Kiareca Kiareca
Kiareca Kiareca - 17 days ago
Pikor Kor
Pikor Kor - 17 days ago
I like your video short but im still waitting episode 3.i love it
zakwanarief abdulghani
zakwanarief abdulghani - 19 days ago
Ive waited for this for years
OhMy Lrrr
OhMy Lrrr - 22 days ago
the announcer is speaking Chinese, so does this story take place in China in the future?
Joe Mason
Joe Mason - 22 days ago
is it normal that i find her hot?????"?
Jester Godfield
Jester Godfield - 26 days ago
Why are they falling apart? They where fine the last time we saw them!
BISHOP 341-B - 26 days ago
Not a bad idea from your dream world (told the Director)
Andre5star - 28 days ago
Okay I think I understand basically they're telling us our souls are trapped in these human bodies and our mind was erased when we were born well most of us...there's more to it but imma stop because most will not understand what I'm talking about
Syukurkur_91 Syukurkur_91
Mohon izin saya publikasikan di channel saya,boleh gak,??
走路看天 - 28 days ago
Евгений Гаврилов
Для какой целим они дышат
Not My Real Name
Not My Real Name - 29 days ago
How is this “real time”?
Elijah Smith
Elijah Smith - 16 days ago
What do you mean?
Lopatoid - 26 days ago
Nótt Enki
Nótt Enki - Month ago
That's why folks, I have huge respect to the makers, cuz this kinda series or stories ain't easy to make. The amount of time they work on scripts, design, texturing, fucking rigging is crazy. These are the people that deserves a fucking oscar
MU misbakhul
MU misbakhul - Month ago
From Indonesia
Shannon Nunn
Shannon Nunn - Month ago
China in 45 years.... Organ harvests for the prisoners... A nation of slaves...
Александр Крапивин
Матрица навыворот)
Mahfud Salatiga
Mahfud Salatiga - Month ago
trangenusa - Month ago
DAMN this is pretty good
Khaled H J
Khaled H J - Month ago
what is this ?? a game or Tv series ? or what ... I need help here :( pleeeez some one ? any one
Mr. Holbrook
Mr. Holbrook - Month ago
This is DOPE asf --------------------> I'd like to see this is as a movie as this is much better than that Hollywood trash -EXCELLENT SCI-FI!!!!!!!
Danny Bkzi
Danny Bkzi - Month ago
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - Month ago
one word ...... WOW !!!!!
Equilibrium Gatekeeper
Ohwww my fucking god this is sooooo fucking amazing in every aspect possible. I found my heroine and its this more please more more more
TheEyez187 - Month ago
Lead robot looks like a Necron Lord! :D
Fire Song
Fire Song - Month ago
Very Detroit: Become Human
George Isaak
George Isaak - Month ago
This is getting interesting by the minute ! First of all the name Adam has special meaning at least to those who believe in God that is , second those look like machines , but they struggle , they need air , they are getting hurt , then the monologue gives you some clues ...
artem on
artem on - Month ago
Это было на канале 2*2
Galactic Gaming
Galactic Gaming - Month ago
Looks like some warframe anthem and destiny shit
Chance Paladin
Chance Paladin - Month ago
i still dont understand the cellphone robots. where's the first episode?
Zwarte Zeurpiet
Zwarte Zeurpiet - Month ago
These are cyborgs my god dumbfucks everywhere
Ergo Zero
Ergo Zero - Month ago
The theme music that plays when the mirror enters the room, what is the track name? Or did the developers compose it themselves
Toni 0105
Toni 0105 - Month ago
Heaven for adam,toni.m too.atasNya,orangtuaku in lifetime
Sodom 1611
Sodom 1611 - Month ago
is this game or wht?
Johnpatrick Martinez
Johnpatrick Martinez - Month ago
Денис Васильев
Чё он им говорит?
Jonathan Allen
Jonathan Allen - Month ago
Why would robots struggle to breathe
MT Bakkar
MT Bakkar - Month ago
شو اسم الفيلم بالله عليكم حدا يرد علي
Ariel MG
Ariel MG - Month ago
son sinples robots
Spartano TMW
Spartano TMW - Month ago
Spanish please.. 😐
Diego Mercurio
Diego Mercurio - Month ago
Sí Adán era un robot de hierro y se juntó con Eva entonces quiere decir que el hijo de Adán y Eva fue Ironman
жашоо- турмуш
Соды ата пжвдябичлвда пбсжчюбяюч сдсдзюаю
sipur gogrind
sipur gogrind - Month ago
crapengine1990 - 2 months ago
it looks like tsutom nihei comics
Jaya D'piercenight
Jaya D'piercenight - 2 months ago
Whats name of the game?
เลว ใด้ใจ
เลว ใด้ใจ - 2 months ago
FAN OF GAMES - 2 months ago
Beautiful graphic
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