As Seen On TV Frying Pans TESTED! (Red Copper, Blue Diamond, GraniteRock)

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Household Hacker
Household Hacker - Month ago
These 3 products have been heavily requested for months so... Why not? If you enjoyed this, let us know!
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marcus l
marcus l - 3 days ago
why is the guy in voiceover speaking in a weird fake way?
Kookies and Tae please
Kookies and Tae please - 24 days ago
how do u like your boiled eggs? soft hard or in between Dylan?
J M - 27 days ago
Thank you so much. Very informative. 👍👍👍
I Am Armando
I Am Armando - 28 days ago
Ima have to go back to freaking reviews to clarify if this is rrue
XXCoder - 29 days ago
+Zex Maxwell He was consistent. He followed all tv advert showing for specific pan.
*-Yee -*
*-Yee -* - Hour ago
Only after watching halfway through the video did I realize my family has the red copper
Seraphim Valkyrin
Seraphim Valkyrin - 5 hours ago
The only problem with the tests is the plastic melting ones. In the TV videos you can tell that they let the pan and melted plastic cool before trying to remove it. Of course plastic is going to be sticky when it's molten.
Vladimir Stroganoff
Vladimir Stroganoff - 6 hours ago
Shit, I just hate it when I driver over my pan! Need to get this ASAP!
Jennael The King Of Gachas
wanna hear The most Power Pan in the World That Can Deflect Bullets
A.Diamond pan
B.Titanium pan
C.Golden pan
D.Pubg Pan
DemonKingMidas0011 - 23 hours ago
3:35 That was my nickname in high school.
Lu bag
Lu bag - Day ago
But what's the best pan that's not from tv that will last for decades
theyylovedeasia :D
theyylovedeasia :D - Day ago
My family has the first pan and it works really well
Fired Heartbeat
Fired Heartbeat - Day ago
0:06 I will have nightmares tonight...
Elizabeth Hubbard
Elizabeth Hubbard - 3 days ago
The red copper pan sucks. It does scratch and it is not nonstick for me
Wendy Yao
Wendy Yao - 3 days ago
Why am I watching frying pan reviews when I should be studying for my calc final tomorrow??
Yummy Yum
Yummy Yum - 12 hours ago
Wendy Yao how'd ur test go
Flamester7 Tv
Flamester7 Tv - 3 days ago
from what i have seen red copper is a decent pan, alot of people kinda have said that after i few months it starts to get scratches and thats kinda it, so your main bet is to not purposely try and destroy it like youtubers do
Mia Molnar
Mia Molnar - 4 days ago
We have 2 copper pans
The Recreator
The Recreator - 4 days ago
You guys are so awesome! Funny! And freaking great at saving people's money! I have no words that can describe that you content is just amazing! Love your work and please keep it up!
Will Hull
Will Hull - 5 days ago
I have the first pan
Sagar Dhakorkar
Sagar Dhakorkar - 6 days ago
So.... Red Cooper's the winner?
Topshot9890 1
Topshot9890 1 - 6 days ago
Heyyyyyy motherf**ker its your girl cathy
truk man
truk man - 6 days ago
PUBG player like for the pan
Awoo Boi
Awoo Boi - 8 days ago
Dank chicki tenders
M Mill
M Mill - 2 days ago
Awoo Boi Lets start with just how stupid you must be. Boi is slang within LGBT and butch and femme communities for a person's sexual or gender identities. Dank is disagreeably damp, musty, and typically cold. Chicki isn't even a word. That makes you one STUPID person.
Mangekyou- Chan
Mangekyou- Chan - 8 days ago
0:07-0:08 my favorite part
And the face was the face of the lady at 0:17
Lunar Melody
Lunar Melody - 8 days ago
My mom owns the red copper, and we've had it for about a year now, and it's non stick began to wear down and now it has permanent burn marks and areas where the food sticks easily.
Mystery Boy
Mystery Boy - 8 days ago
I would love to use the graniterock
Chan Kit Ying
Chan Kit Ying - 9 days ago
S’more nom nom nom want some here like for two S’more !!
Chan Kit Ying
Chan Kit Ying - 9 days ago
big smoke
big smoke - 9 days ago
Try shooting it with guns like in pubg
cJamesR - 9 days ago
I just watched a pan review
Ahmed Raza
Ahmed Raza - 9 days ago
best pubg pans
sasukedemon8 - 10 days ago
I know personally from experience the red copper pan works wonderfully for the first few weeks. however, after regular use for half a year (with plastic/wood utensils, and not metal mind you) the copper is so scratched up, that even with a thick layer of oil to reduce the sticking, you can't cook an egg in it unless you like scraping burnt egg bits off the bottom that got stuck. try to make an omelet and you'll end up with scrambled eggs. a horrible mess. and a headache. try to cook meat in it, same thing. it sticks. even grilled cheeses stick to it so badly we just threw the thing away since literally everything in it stuck to it worse than it would stick to a scratched up cast iron skillet.
yeah, they work wonderful, for a short while then they become the worst pan you own.
X7R - 10 days ago
you are doing the plastic melting wrong, they wait for the plastic to harden before removing it showing that it did not bond to the pan. when you pull it while its still hot the melted plastic will stay in the pan as its not connected to the piece you are pulling out.
Carlos Medina
Carlos Medina - 10 days ago
Red copper: I dont need oils to cook, and foods like eggs and chicken dont stick on me!
*Proceeds to drive car on pan*
Ryder Draconis
Ryder Draconis - 10 days ago
I don't get it. There are a few spots on my red copper pan that lost it's non-stick properties. Anyone know why that would happen? I never heated past med heat and never used the rough side of the sponge, and never scratched it with utensils, and even treat it with oil in the oven like the instructions say.
sasukedemon8 - 10 days ago
I used to have a red copper pan. after 6 months of regular use that didn't include over heating, using abrasives to clean it, or metal utensils, the copper became so scratched up it was worse than our really scratched up cast iron skillet in terms of sticking. the copper just wears away over time and it becomes virtually unusable. we threw ours away after we couldn't stand it anymore.
Dawson Randall
Dawson Randall - 11 days ago
Sorry cant submit a blood sample my blood is drugged
Margaret Ann Lillard
Margaret Ann Lillard - 11 days ago
My mom got the blue diamond own and it works great it is sooooo non stick it’s amazing
XastriaX Astria
XastriaX Astria - 11 days ago
5:18 thats what they said about five nights at freddies and we see how that ended
Scrub Warrior
Scrub Warrior - 11 days ago
PsychoticEwok - 11 days ago
I've been after a new frying pan the that red copper one seams good need to see if I can get it in my country ☺️
sasukedemon8 - 10 days ago
don't. it will work great for a short while, but after a few months of use the copper wears away and it becomes the stickiest pan you've ever seen. I speak from experience.
NordoCeltic - 11 days ago
The REAL test would be to spend 20-45 minutes going ham on the pan with one of the hardened "spring" steel spatulas so many people like. Nothing I have seen will ruin a non-stick plan faster than one of those. Anything else, like going to get a file from the garage took kit or grinding quartz rock into the pan is utterly unrealistic.
Rusty S
Rusty S - 12 days ago
Copper pan is BS. After 3 months they give out and scratch like everything else. I assume the other 2 are as well. You cant buy cheap pans and expect results. Good cookware is thousands of dollars and takes care. Either spend the money and get something good or buy cheap
mark rush
mark rush - 12 days ago
cast iron
tabiscoolandcute die potato
#1 Why would you even need to run your pan over with a car or hit it with a hammer
Ayo OmoT
Ayo OmoT - 12 days ago
Why am I binge watching their videos? 😂
FaiNted Alt
FaiNted Alt - 12 days ago
Copper is the best
Jonny B
Jonny B - 12 days ago
I've had one of those copper red pans. They work great at first. 1-2 months down the road they get scratched to hell. The first piece of bacon that sticks ruins the pan basically. It's almost like they have some sort of clear coating on them that just wipes, scratches and cooks away. Let alone they're fucking aluminum, just plated, which releases toxic fumes when heated. Basically unless you buy a new pan every month just stick to traditional pans. These actually become so bad, so quick, that in fact everything sticks to them and you can hardly cook an egg on butter.
The Closet
The Closet - 12 days ago
I’m 17 and can tell I’m getting older cause I’ve been watching these before I buy myself these items
Mike Forshay
Mike Forshay - 13 days ago
Why did I watch this entire video?
Samu Nurmi
Samu Nurmi - 13 days ago
So you basically recreated an infomercial
Awesome Galore
Awesome Galore - 13 days ago
In Soviet Russia, pan stick to chicken!
Awesome Galore
Awesome Galore - 13 days ago
I like the word choice you use. It’s very clever and entertaining
666dynomax - 13 days ago
buy a cast iron. done. pass it down to your kids. i have 2 pans from my great grandfather.... guess what i use them every day
Nicole Bakee
Nicole Bakee - 13 days ago
I love the dry, sarcastic comments that slip through haha
TWK BUTTERSTIK - 13 days ago
Jake Frac
Jake Frac - 14 days ago
Team Granite Rock!
Erik Hedberg Karlsson
Erik Hedberg Karlsson - 14 days ago
Too hilarious, man!
Great, informative and genuinely entertaining. Thanks for uploading this!
Aaron Barrett
Aaron Barrett - 14 days ago
The copper one, was like the face illusion where even though its concave it looks like it's outwards, really trippy
Vickie Rayhill
Vickie Rayhill - 14 days ago
Now drop the Red Copper sideways onto the floor....Does it dent?
Даг од
Даг од - 14 days ago
Wait do u mean steel cant does damage copper but can does damage diamond?
natelobo93 - 14 days ago
useing SS on a regular Teflon coating can ruin the pot/pan and could contaminate the food. 20 years of my mother implanting that into my head
Latrell Dylan
Latrell Dylan - 14 days ago
Is it weird that I thought of PewDiePie and T-Series when I saw the thumbnail?
CoolGiy Plays
CoolGiy Plays - 15 days ago
who else got scared from the explosion
Sandi Spyres
Sandi Spyres - 15 days ago
Cast iron is the best skillet season well follow instructions to maintain. Your cast iron skillet will last for generations
Vincent Schaum
Vincent Schaum - 15 days ago
Idea: Fastest way to boil couple quarts of water? electric range v induction top v natural gas v 1.7 kW microwave v instant pot pressure cooker
Neroshy - 15 days ago
My dad walked in on me watching this and just said, “hey, I have that frying pan,”
penitent2401 - 15 days ago
alot of these cheat by just having a thin layer of non-stick laminate on the surface. they works great for the first few use, but the layer quickly wears off and the raw advertised material of what is supposed to be non-stick is exposed and actually comes into contact with the food, it turns out it is in fact very sticky and easy to scratch.
Dead Meme
Dead Meme - 15 days ago
So i basically spent 10 mins of my life to watch ads?...
Ryder Draconis
Ryder Draconis - 10 days ago
Whenever you come across videos like this one, just set the speed to 1.25X. Save you some time.
Evropa Nazione
Evropa Nazione - 15 days ago
We wanted a pick, not for you to give them all equal value towards the end.
TheTroposa - 15 days ago
If you get non stick pans too hot they fail. People who say they fail after a while are most likely getting them too hot. Even super cheap pans will last if you dont over heat them.
David Primeau
David Primeau - 15 days ago
cast iron
Luke Baehr
Luke Baehr - 15 days ago
Copper pan was great until I cooked French Toast which destroyed the pan. The pan had a burn stain that wouldn't clean off.
AzN PrNz
AzN PrNz - 16 days ago
Those coatings are harmful to your health! Stainless steal if you dare to care👍
Javier Evora
Javier Evora - 16 days ago
TheCosmicOuthouse - 16 days ago
My general question is so many pans such as silver, aluminum, Teflon coated ,etc have now demmed bad for our bodys because our food absorbed some of the pans making. Is the copper being digested later gonna be also demmed bad too by having a bad reaction for too much copper in your system such as zinc in denture adhesive
DJ토끼 - 17 days ago
Ive only had the stone pan and loved it. Much better for the buck than the traditional pan that eventually scratches and burns the food
Sammi's TM
Sammi's TM - 17 days ago
Yeah but can i use them as drying pans
Natalie Sherrill
Natalie Sherrill - 17 days ago
This was a great video. Thank you!
Theodore Sloat
Theodore Sloat - 17 days ago
I own a blue diamond and it works great BUT the handle gets hot
Google User
Google User - 17 days ago
I have never seen one of these chinese gimmicks ever hold up
very long.
As it turns out, there is a reason good cookware costs ALOT more money
Laurie Van Riper
Laurie Van Riper - 17 days ago
I have a Red Copper large square frying pan. It completely lost its non stick after about a month of use. It's "copper" is now peeling off and EVERYTHING sticks to it! Piece of junk!!!
Awkward Guy
Awkward Guy - 17 days ago
Ok I watched it ,can you leave my recommended now!
Raphael Pacis
Raphael Pacis - 17 days ago
I don't know why but that cheese remind's me about a brain being melted not that I've seen it
TwinkleEGPie Player
TwinkleEGPie Player - 17 days ago
Can I use it on PUBG and Free Fire??? So I can protect and smack my little brother's butt
WidowOnTheWallz - 17 days ago
I have the copper ones and on god it’s the best
emir perez
emir perez - 18 days ago
What happens to all the food though?
My Stuff
My Stuff - 18 days ago
rob robert
rob robert - 18 days ago
I have a red copper pan. It has worked very well. The only thing that stuck somewhat is, I cut up some sausages and fried them with a bit of olive oil. (The sausages had some cheese in them.) There was some burnt on black stuff in the pan. (Probably the cheese) and I had to use a kitchen brush to clean the pan but it did come off with hot water and no soap.
Mo Jo
Mo Jo - 18 days ago
Please review these pans after a few months of actual uses. I have purchased similar cookwear and found none of theses type of pans holds up well over time
DJ토끼 - 17 days ago
I’ve used a granite pan for about a year before and can say it held up well and worked perfectly (not the same brand as shown in this vid though). My roommate also uses this currently (had to give mine away since i moved states) but it seems to be working great for her too after more than a year. I’m currently using those traditional 3 piece set you get from Costco and they’ve worn out in a couple months and are sticking and burning my food. Am planning to buy the granite one again soon.
Tyler Martin
Tyler Martin - 17 days ago
Same here. I have taken two back to Bed Bath and Beyond (praise be their return policy) because these kinds of pans can't hold up after 3 months.
Shock Value
Shock Value - 18 days ago
They all have differing Teflon coating colours. Thats all. They are all aluminium.
Sean Palmejar Labasan
Sean Palmejar Labasan - 18 days ago
I wondered who dated all the food
lily ochoa
lily ochoa - 18 days ago
RakuTen1 __
RakuTen1 __ - 18 days ago
*Do not forget you have the rival.... How to Basic..*
oneye Bat
oneye Bat - 18 days ago
Yep, they all seem to work at first until you use them for awhile, that's the real test.
Adam Ayd
Adam Ayd - 18 days ago
We have used the copper pans for a few years now. We get about 6 months of daily use before they need to be replaced. The coating starts chipping off and everything sticks to them. We just bought our first granite rock and so far so good, but we will see where it’s at in 6 months.
alchemist - 19 days ago
Wait 2 weeks use it and understand ..Its useless after 2 weeks sticky as hell
moncorp1 Inc
moncorp1 Inc - 19 days ago
Silica infused paint is what all of these skillets are. Made in China no less. After 3-4 uses that paint starts chipping off and getting into your food.
D.E.B. B
D.E.B. B - 19 days ago
Cast Iron. Buy once. Cook forever. Indestructible. Something stuck on it? Chisel it out. Fry bacon to reseason, and eat bacon. Good as new. And you got to eat a half pound of bacon. Mmmmmm.
Dean Kumar DK
Dean Kumar DK - 19 days ago
what about the toxicity levels of these non stick coatings? e.g. teflon is very bad for you. how do these stack up against teflon?
iDiamondk - 19 days ago
idk if this is only me but when u look at the copper pan straight on it looks like its turned backwards... weird illusion
Lost Souls
Lost Souls - 19 days ago
1 like = 1 egg for Troy
jaredloveless - 19 days ago
Bleh cheese and chocolate...
Dallen Miller
Dallen Miller - 19 days ago
Red copper doesn't handle sausage at all lit'l smokeys do not cook in it and it ruined it quickly
pawex2332 - 19 days ago
I dont know how did I ended up here... I was studying for my exam and this happened.
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