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Robby - 4 months ago
Desmen Francois
Desmen Francois - 2 days ago
Devyn and dez
2Blessed2Be Stressed
2Blessed2Be Stressed - 10 days ago
Hey Robbie the girl that cut it those two brushes looked it real easy but it was not cool I have a RUvideos channel 2 can you please send me one of your stickers for free and a picture
Saba Shakir
Saba Shakir - 14 days ago
Robby how is life
skank1012011 - 21 day ago
Robby you suck at painting your nails I'm only 8 and I do better also my cousin is 5 and she does maskcara so good
Laura Aguirre
Laura Aguirre - 26 days ago
I want you to start reacting to stuff
Alison Siegfries
Alison Siegfries - 8 hours ago
I hate the smell of nail polish too i don’t like being girly so me and my cousin are like boys! My sister is girly and she puts make up on a lot😅 I see her every day doing her make up and it’s so annoying!😅😭and this is a long sentence thing I don’t know what to call it! Bai
cuphead comic dubs
cuphead comic dubs - 3 days ago
Leave a like how many times robby said puppys
Epic Yt
Epic Yt - 5 days ago
I know a way for girls to cheat in class paint your nails ant put your parents vodka on your nails an put your answers on it lovely advice *you can also use this if your like Robby*
Hâŷdeñ møøre
Hâŷdeñ møøre - 6 days ago
Can u start putting × or ✔ at the bottom of the video
Ceecee World
Ceecee World - 7 days ago
Where is my cookie
Libby Abraham
Libby Abraham - 7 days ago
This. Is. How menny I. Like. Robbys videos🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Libby Abraham
Libby Abraham - 7 days ago
My. Name. Is. Zak. I. Am. 6.years.old.this. Is. How. Much. I. Love. Your. Videos❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💗🙂
Libby Abraham
Libby Abraham - 7 days ago
My. Name is. Zak I hi my name is Jack that done
Khloe that girl
Khloe that girl - 7 days ago
If people have a problem with your bathroom they can go somewhere else.
the robot gaming minecraft
You buy hundreads of tooth brushes and you dont buy a toothbrush for yourself
maliya & geliyah table time
Videos with Benji
DANNY Ruiz - 8 days ago
Mmmmmmmm sun flower seeds
Mariyah Aubrey
Mariyah Aubrey - 9 days ago
Roses are red violets are blue and you promise me a cookie so were is it.
Mariyah Aubrey
Mariyah Aubrey - 9 days ago
Were is my cookie
Fortnite Moments
Fortnite Moments - 9 days ago
Jesse Trinidad
Jesse Trinidad - 11 days ago
You were the same clothes every day change your clothes😀
Queen Candy Gamer
Queen Candy Gamer - 11 days ago
The key hack will be good to a robbers LIFE HACKS TURNS INTO WORST HACKS when its work!!
Kimberley Mcginty
Kimberley Mcginty - 11 days ago
All robby dose is life hacks
juayser diaz
juayser diaz - 12 days ago
My 4 year old sister know how to paint her nail not like you
damazo arriaga
damazo arriaga - 12 days ago
;-; welll the tooth brush hack kinda i guess save a bit of time each day idk ;-;

I like my own comment comment if you do it to or like idk you're choice or dont do any i respect it
Wolfy Yayayayaya
Wolfy Yayayayaya - 12 days ago
I finished tha video we’re meh cookie🥺❤️
Fortnite God
Fortnite God - 12 days ago
2090845th XD
Queen Glamour
Queen Glamour - 13 days ago
When you did the toothbrush hack when you had to take up the bristles you could’ve just cut them off with scissors on the left of the tooth bristles you could just use the knife or the box cutter it makes make more sense
Gacha__nugget}_girl - 13 days ago
-_- I wouldn’t use the toothbrush one with the sunflower seeds 😓 because I like how the sunflower seeds actually taste 😂
Chelsea Roberts
Chelsea Roberts - 13 days ago
Barbie why would you do that to you while your girlfriend is here I’m so mad at you and I was listening to the phrase video that you did it was so hilarious Robbie
Chelsea Roberts
Chelsea Roberts - 13 days ago
Oh I know him
αlуѕѕα miss duckling
Ill do it at the park
Saba Shakir
Saba Shakir - 14 days ago
Are you kidding me Robby are you a girl to put nail polish 💅 oh Robby you’re so silly
Dr Ninja Collins
Dr Ninja Collins - 14 days ago
You should do sneaking candy into class
Sarah Lopez
Sarah Lopez - 15 days ago
Robby teaching kind to play with knives X-Acto knives and power tools also to waste supplies
Deidre Kimber
Deidre Kimber - 16 days ago
I never got meh cookie! XD
Jonathan Sweatt
Jonathan Sweatt - 16 days ago
Robby your stuff never gets old . Even if u dont always do it right for life hacks u make the best out of it . Btw love your channel. ❤
Lexi Garza
Lexi Garza - 18 days ago
Thru the top of the toothbrush in the stove then never got it du du duuuuuuuuuuu what will happen when they turn that part of the stove on
Lexi Garza
Lexi Garza - 18 days ago
Ohh Robby always exsposing 5 minute crafts
Josandra Mclain
Josandra Mclain - 19 days ago
I watched all of the video now can I get a cookie
Rach R
Rach R - 20 days ago
Rovic Cavite
Rovic Cavite - 21 day ago
You should use the new thooth brush and use the old one for the hack
amelia Embry
amelia Embry - 22 days ago
You had the same tuthbrush as me
Danaq Kutsarova
Danaq Kutsarova - 23 days ago
Robbi klin da hoys
PenguinLoVeR 1398
PenguinLoVeR 1398 - 24 days ago
I made a Toby🎾
Grimmy - 25 days ago
3:12 Toby must be crying.
/\LoyaltyTime /\
/\LoyaltyTime /\ - 25 days ago
I eat the whole sunflower seed and then sometimes I spit them out or swallow them
ladyballer35 - 25 days ago
Robby your bathroom is dirty
Trinity Nowak
Trinity Nowak - 25 days ago
Robe can you should me out
Trinity Nowak
Trinity Nowak - 25 days ago
Trinity Nowak
Trinity Nowak - 25 days ago
Hi robe I Love you
Matthew Kahele
Matthew Kahele - 26 days ago
How is there a dipper if the are no baby's
Alexis Fuentes
Alexis Fuentes - 26 days ago
I don’t want you guys uuu
Herlaine Playz
Herlaine Playz - 26 days ago
Okay I'll do it at school
peachy owo
peachy owo - 27 days ago
Dawson Williamson
Dawson Williamson - 29 days ago
Were my cookie
Nicky M
Nicky M - 29 days ago
The hanger one works you just made the circle to small
Tenaya Bell
Tenaya Bell - 29 days ago
Jayden100p Mckinzie
Jayden100p Mckinzie - Month ago
Can you do 100
Wafa Alnowais
Wafa Alnowais - Month ago
Just buy geez
Celica Beloved Zofia
Celica Beloved Zofia - Month ago
The best part about sunflower seeds in the season unless you like the plain ones😖😄
Robin Baldwin
Robin Baldwin - Month ago
His toothbrush is the same as mine
Michael Chessman
Michael Chessman - Month ago
Chloe Kewley
Chloe Kewley - Month ago
robby uses the wrong tool for the wrong job
Glicha - Month ago
kerry lodge
kerry lodge - Month ago
That's not a word search
Kate Walsh
Kate Walsh - Month ago
Where's my cookie?
Abigail Johnson
Abigail Johnson - Month ago
Whare are MY COOKIES 😡😡😡😡🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪
Jazmine Garza
Jazmine Garza - Month ago
I love you Robbie make more DIY and life hacks I love you Robbie
CECE GANG - Month ago
3:03 their literally teaching robbers how to break into cars
Eren Jeager
Eren Jeager - Month ago
Your better at painting nail polish than Unspeakable
Aly 99083
Aly 99083 - Month ago
Are you not having scissors ? 😕😕
Angelita Esparaguerra
Angelita Esparaguerra - Month ago
you sok at things Robby
Angelita Esparaguerra
Angelita Esparaguerra - Month ago
Stop saying bad words Robby
Tec Master
Tec Master - Month ago
they are really clever now no one needs to do a test thanks to you
Maddison ASHTON
Maddison ASHTON - Month ago
I wonder how they even do the videos if it doesn’t work..
Adeeb Abuhamdeh
Adeeb Abuhamdeh - Month ago
The best way of how to put a hole in your wall 2:30
Curstal Williams
Curstal Williams - Month ago
Am I the only one realizing he said hacks to SPEED UP YOUR LIFE what the hell robby I thought u liked your subscribers
Catgirl_X23Xlover - Month ago
Todo ahhhhh runs away
Gacha Candy
Gacha Candy - Month ago
This is how many Tennis Balls he has🎾😂:
Scarlett Groves
Scarlett Groves - Month ago
Veronica Mendez
Veronica Mendez - Month ago
Robby do you ilke panting your Niels and i like your Video
Isabella Durynek
Isabella Durynek - Month ago
I love when you burn you,re self with the hot glue gun its funny to me
Pink Bandit
Pink Bandit - Month ago
Hey did you just did it wrong
Project Master
Project Master - Month ago
Fine I won't put a hole in a tennis ball at my house I will do it at grandmas house
Veronica Rodriguesj
Veronica Rodriguesj - Month ago
You're so rude
moe baker
moe baker - Month ago
i wish u actually TRIED doing it like ur just such on a hurry
Galaxy Gacha girl Join the squad
Lol you paint your nails better than me and I always paint my nails 😂
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