10 000 Likes For *Real Madrid* & *Cristiano Ronaldo* Bayern Munchen & *Robert Lewandowski* ? *
Lucy S WAN
Lucy S WAN - Year ago
Niuniu Kol I agree liverpool doing good because of salah
Niuniu Kol
Niuniu Kol - Year ago
sorry but Liverpool will win this final:)
Maria celeste Gil Sanchez
Lucy S WAN
Lucy S WAN - Year ago
LIUBCHENKO Probally lewandoski will score
Minko Fartanov
Minko Fartanov - Year ago
Sava ronaldo
mena talibov
mena talibov - Year ago
ronaldo xiyardi
Montery12 - Year ago
Anggi Sadewi
Anggi Sadewi - Year ago
woww 😁😁😄😄😄😊😊😊❤
Prathviraj Pundalik Shenoy
Vid starts from 2:00
Jmayli Sara
Jmayli Sara - Year ago
Godan Kri
Godan Kri - Year ago
Ass hole videp
TBS Raptor GFX
TBS Raptor GFX - Year ago
fake morata is in chealsea and lahm arent playing football anymore
Sam Kevelaers
Sam Kevelaers - Year ago
CobraYT and james plays for bayern
Padminie Kissoon
Padminie Kissoon - Year ago
CobraYT :
wan droide.!
wan droide.! - Year ago
Fc barcalona
Fc barcalona - Year ago
bayren cool
Blutzer - Year ago
Cristiano Ronaldo cool
le scientifique
le scientifique - Year ago
Blutzer il peut se reposer aussi ps: je suis plus messi
Вместе Нам Не Страшно
Philiph Lahm ?
Woodgate Shurler
Woodgate Shurler - Year ago
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Akash Chahar
Akash Chahar - Year ago
Woodgate Shurler I want to
Abuk Arol
Abuk Arol - Year ago
Good match you must be best
Mr. 3xtrem
Mr. 3xtrem - Year ago
When it's ??
Zaenal Arif
Zaenal Arif - Year ago
Rajeev Raj
Rajeev Raj - Year ago
it is last seson!
VAN Gaming
VAN Gaming - Year ago
wagu su
Ahmed Gamer
Ahmed Gamer - Year ago
الله المرينكي أن من عشاق ريال مدريد اله يا المرنكي
زبن العنزي
زبن العنزي - Year ago
أحمد 999 الروبيعي اسمع انا انتظر الباير والريال مباراة اليوم هاذي هي ولا قديمه؟
Rafi IF
Rafi IF - Year ago
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