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Joshua Purugganan
Joshua Purugganan - 8 hours ago
Aaron or Ethan hmmmm
Janola Bleach
Janola Bleach - 8 hours ago
Way to give girls the wrong message. 👎
insanity - 8 hours ago
This video hurt me
IamEdelle 35
IamEdelle 35 - 9 hours ago
He's the luckiest guy ever
Rhea Shetty
Rhea Shetty - 9 hours ago
'Emma gets her hair out of her ears only to put them back there'
Vicky - 9 hours ago
That 8:17 girly jump killed me!
That’s also me learning to do some tricks and feeling proud for landing on my two feet
blackpink X
blackpink X - 9 hours ago
At first I was kinda like its probs not aaron. But she lit just posted a story of them. Likeeeeeeeeeeeee
yea okay
yea okay - 9 hours ago
I kinda cringe when she says “he skateboards” & not skate. Like he’s a board? Lol idk just me?
Paige - 9 hours ago
i think this video just confirms that her and ethan weren’t dating and they just didn’t say anything bc the fake relationship got them so much clout
Navi - 10 hours ago
YAAAAAAWWWWWWWW. We need to know how this goes
ayla rose
ayla rose - 10 hours ago
Emma. Please. Get. A. Screen. Protector. So. When. Your. Phone. Cracks. It. Won’t. Hurt. Your. Actual. Phone.
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn - 10 hours ago
i like this guy and he skateboards, who cares.The real question is can you deepthroat emma.
Hasti maleki
Hasti maleki - 10 hours ago
Ethan skateboards😗
christiana tedesco
christiana tedesco - 10 hours ago
Kiersten Milburn
Kiersten Milburn - 11 hours ago
The people that work at “skate shops” (Zumiez) don’t skate
Tanishi Agarwal
Tanishi Agarwal - 11 hours ago
SHE SAID PEACE OUT!!!!! Ethan skateboards
Christhian Ramos
Christhian Ramos - 11 hours ago
Litterlay eveything shes says is a fucking moood 😭
pdubdubs - 11 hours ago
"So if we like like somebody or something" Check out my store!!! It's almost as cool -_0 pdubdubs.com
I am impressed, just so you know. When you're nearby we could go on a date, maybe get some coffee, and go for a nice walk.
memes 101
memes 101 - 12 hours ago
DOLAN WHO!?!?!???????!?!?!
Killertimer Fg
Killertimer Fg - 12 hours ago
Ellie Whelan
Ellie Whelan - 12 hours ago
i think this is the first time i have ever seen emma not get a coffee straight away
Ursh Baker
Ursh Baker - 12 hours ago
"I brake bitches hearts" 😂😂
Savannah Smith
Savannah Smith - 12 hours ago
I really hope she likes marko😔
Lio Ellen
Lio Ellen - 12 hours ago
This video was so fun aw, love seeing her happy
Monnie Johnson
Monnie Johnson - 12 hours ago
Emma: I like this guy and he skates
Me: He was a skater boy she said see ya later boy
Alex or Maya
Alex or Maya - 12 hours ago
She said "shh" like we don't know
xcarmen - 12 hours ago
i wish it could be ethan
Michelle Jimenez
Michelle Jimenez - 12 hours ago
brooke nygaard
brooke nygaard - 13 hours ago
guess emma and ethan are over 🤧
Mister Physics
Mister Physics - 13 hours ago
Impress yourself. Fuck wasting your one-and-only life tryna impress COCK.
emily yoder
emily yoder - 13 hours ago
aaron is the loml
Mister Physics
Mister Physics - 13 hours ago
In my experience, boys are ONLY interested in fucking. That's it. They don't care what you look like or your skating ability, you are not even a full human being to them, you're someone who touches their junk, foolishly. That's it. Boys hate girls. Generally. (They are raised to hate girls.)
Victoria Vasquez
Victoria Vasquez - 13 hours ago
Bro I’m big sad rn how tf do I stop that shit
Victoria Vasquez
Victoria Vasquez - 13 hours ago
Bro it’s obviously Aaron man
talop deedoo
talop deedoo - 13 hours ago
Grace Dunbar
Grace Dunbar - 13 hours ago
I fucking luv rick and Morty! Great choice!
Mister Physics
Mister Physics - 13 hours ago
depressing pile of shit, crappy show full of lies
Kayla Leone
Kayla Leone - 13 hours ago
Ethan hit her up
BeanRice.38 - 13 hours ago
*emma should have givin us the speccs*
LilJoker Land
LilJoker Land - 13 hours ago
Is it Ethen 😏
ESmithMedia - 13 hours ago
much respect for that skateboard design choice 👌🏻👌🏻
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat - 13 hours ago
meanwhile i cant even get girls to like me LOL
Mister Physics
Mister Physics - 13 hours ago
stop being creepy, just a thought
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat - 13 hours ago
TheDevinReed - 13 hours ago
The old Emma would never lol
Butchers Key
Butchers Key - 14 hours ago
This is how many people that will still change for boys even after Emma said not to
Cali Serna
Cali Serna - 14 hours ago
someone tell me what the name of her dickies are
Dark nightmare Kolby
Dark nightmare Kolby - 14 hours ago
0:58 “HiT tHe RoAd BiTcH”
Lavender Granger
Lavender Granger - 14 hours ago
The fact that aaron hulls video was up next
Jeremy Rund
Jeremy Rund - 14 hours ago
how are there no comments about ethan???
Ana Aguilar
Ana Aguilar - 14 hours ago
Bro my type is skater boys and girls as well
Andrea Munoz
Andrea Munoz - 14 hours ago
Or I am done with you
Andrea Munoz
Andrea Munoz - 14 hours ago
Get the sister squad back
Aubree Bigger
Aubree Bigger - 14 hours ago
Giulz Gamer
Giulz Gamer - 14 hours ago
Likes a guy who skates board hmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder who he is totally not one of the Dolan twins !*wink wink*
Caroline Carter
Caroline Carter - 14 hours ago
It is Aaron Hull 😌
Ashton Ormsby
Ashton Ormsby - 14 hours ago
Uh this shit hella cringe
Chanel Mckenzie
Chanel Mckenzie - 14 hours ago
All these people saying other guys but no ones talking about the fact Ethen always skates
LatiNoble - 14 hours ago
This girl’s adhd is triggering me.
emily g
emily g - 14 hours ago
does anyone else remember that same surfer boy story from an old video?
Sienna Diefenbach
Sienna Diefenbach - 14 hours ago
some of yall don't have tik tok and it shows
TheUmbrellaCorpX7[エヴ] - 15 hours ago
Skater bois are cool as fuck.
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