Infinity War: Why Thanos is a Perfectly Written Villain

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The Lone Chemist
The Lone Chemist - 2 months ago
Flairon Davis
Flairon Davis - 17 hours ago
Didn't knew justin bieber died in endgame
The Lone Chemist
The Lone Chemist - 9 days ago
Roadbreach you tell em, my dude.
Roadbreach - 9 days ago
People telling me not to spoil it only makes me want to spoil it, both of these movies are fucking horrendous. I wasted my money, time, and sanity trudging through infinity war, and end game was nothing more than a revenge fantasy. So fuck you.
Eclipse the Zorua
Eclipse the Zorua - 25 days ago
@Slow Motion watch the video: HE'S. FLAWED. He is the *villain*, and he's a villain because he's flawed. he is literally called a madman. he came up with the only idea that seemed to him like it would work when his planet faced extinction, and when it was rejected, his whole race died. so, he started seeking vindication by carrying out that plan on a universal scale. his vision is clouded, no one can convince him to try anything else. He is the *MAD* Titan. also, rearranging enough matter to make multiple planets could have consequences in some way, shape or form. and what do black holes have to do with this? other than, you know, the fact that your planet making idea could CREATE a few...
DaBangtan Boi
DaBangtan Boi - Month ago
Jamie McCabe
Jamie McCabe - 2 hours ago
I wanna watch the other 14 million endgames
An Inconvenience
An Inconvenience - 6 hours ago
If you told Thanos to double the resources he would likely reply that he had come too far to change now. That if he chose that pasafist option the lives of all those whom he had killed in the pursuit of 'salvation' would be for nothing. He has come too far to stop now because at that point succeeding is the only thing that would make it all worthwhile.
Robin Schicha
Robin Schicha - Day ago
My only problem: his followers. They are really boring.
Homunculus Harold
Homunculus Harold - Day ago
Anyone ever notice how people use that picture of Hot Toys Thanos all the time?
Homunculus Harold
Homunculus Harold - Day ago
@The Lone Chemist 👉😎👉 👈😎👈
The Lone Chemist
The Lone Chemist - Day ago
Homunculus Harold you’re the realest.
Homunculus Harold
Homunculus Harold - Day ago
@The Lone Chemist and now subscribing!
The Lone Chemist
The Lone Chemist - Day ago
Homunculus Harold lmao, I’m on the thanos workout plan after this vid got 1 million views randomly. Thanks very much for watching/commenting!
Homunculus Harold
Homunculus Harold - Day ago
@The Lone Chemist High key, an absolute unit!
Boston Peterson
Boston Peterson - 3 days ago
In my opinion I like Infinity War more as a film.
I like Endgame more in an emotional standpoint. If that makes sense.
CD 245
CD 245 - 3 days ago
When you're able to make resources infinite, but choose to instead wipe out half of all life
Bdub - 3 days ago
Ummm Alexander Pierce was a great antagonist
AIDS - 3 days ago
people are forgetting Thanos is younger in endgame less wise and angry they ruined his plans. i would be angry asf if someone ruined something i have worked so hard for.
AIDS - 3 days ago
Thanos is right Eart is overpopulated and we already dying because of it litter,starvation ect. with half of us gone i feel we can become a healthy planet again less litter less hunger maybe no hunger even. But if he just doubled rescources that wouldn't change anything but just make people more greedy for money and poor people still wont get anything and litter will increase as there is more rescources simce we have to mine for example.
Plug Club
Plug Club - 3 days ago
To be honest i enjoy "infinity war" Thanos more than "endgame" Thanos
REXASH - 3 days ago
I think in the future of MCU maybe after 10 or more years , there will a point when a great hero in the avengers movie due to circumstances and what happens in the future , saying "thanos was right" . Some of his reactions and acts say that he is not a straight out physcopath or as the directors suggested him as one , they showed us stuff that would make his goals realtable but at the same time they put high effort to make him seem like a villain . If we apply that to the real world , he is most certainly true . If we calculate everything , he is right . But as vision said in age of Ultron (probably the best quote in the MCU that explains why every villain with reasonable goals is wrong ) when vision said - "A thing isn't beautiful because it lasts" suggesting then one day our species will have an end no matter how far we go in technology , inovation etc. Applying that to the real world ,it's makes a lot of sense. So instead of maintaining life just let it live , let it have a beginning and an end.
Blorgus 47
Blorgus 47 - 4 days ago
The Minecraft music in the background
sir sir
sir sir - 5 days ago
i have always loved thanos for a decade. but it is right. we cull animals to save them from themselfs. humans are no different. we will and ARE killing the planet with the population. its just that there are to many bleeding hearts out there that cant see it.
JaredMithrandir - 5 days ago
Expendable villains are not a problem to me, every story will have some characters whoa re expendable and if anything I'm disturbed that some Comic Book fans think the villain is more important to then the Love Interest. I make a blog-post on this subject in June.
Lex in BvS was awesome, you will never convince me otherwise.
slither king
slither king - 6 days ago
He’s not wertteim better then joker sorry the cirstian bale Batman is way better writing
Vincenzo Mauricio
Vincenzo Mauricio - 6 days ago
This guy doesn't know what he's talking about. In Silver Surfer 34 and 35 Thanos explains to the Surfer why a a balance must be achieved in the Universe. He teleports the Surfer to Tokyo, to trash heaps and then to a planet inhabited by Gremlins who die from the germs on Surfers body from the Earthly bacteria. Thanos of the comics and the MCU do not diverge in this philosophy
The Lone Chemist
The Lone Chemist - 5 days ago
Vincenzo Mauricio yeah, I think they were going for a grittier version of the character, and audiences prob wouldn’t like him trying to get the literal embodiment of death to love him. I don’t know. Anyway, thanks for watching.
Vincenzo Mauricio
Vincenzo Mauricio - 6 days ago
@The Lone Chemist my apologies for saying you don't know what you're talking about because I felt the majority of your video is on point. I actually thought the MCU would touch on Thanos' romance with Death based on the bonus scene of the Avengers when it was mentioned that to challenge Earth is "to court Death" and Thanos smiles. It didn't go in that direction though.
The Lone Chemist
The Lone Chemist - 6 days ago
I was speaking about the main representation of Thanos - e.g. in love with death - that we see in the Infinity Gauntlet storyline. Wasn't trying to make a blanket statement on the entirety of Thanos in all of his comic outings. If that wasn't clear, sorry.
HQU - 8 days ago
The best villains have at least 1/4 of the audience defending their actions. Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a great one. He tries to save his city from the evils of illegals and multiculturalism, but falls for one of them (explained in the song "Hellfire), and thus dies for his sin of pursuing race mixing.
Lil Jughead
Lil Jughead - 8 days ago
Even if he doubled the resources it won’t cause them to last forever. It will still run out. He would have to make sure the resources never run out, Ever.
Duch ess
Duch ess - 9 days ago
Don't tell me u didn't cry in that Gomora's death, no matter how hard ass u think u are. U all cried in that scene periot ☝🏼😭
Duch ess
Duch ess - 9 days ago
Why was this Avengers franchise ending so brilliant compare to other franchises endings?
Bos the Russos went all Bruce lee on our asses. They didn't hold back, pulled the rug from under our feets as hard as they could and that even we fell we hit our heads as well.
Rosamund Powell
Rosamund Powell - 10 days ago
He's not perfectly written. If he had, his character would have been presented with arguments on why his plot to use the gauntlet was stupid. And it would have been up to him to contemplate on this. But it never happened. And his decision to allow Loki to use the Mind Stone during the Chitauri invasion was another stupid decision. So, spare me this bullshit that he was a "perfect" villain.
King بُكّر
King بُكّر - 10 days ago
Shit video
Kermit Waffles
Kermit Waffles - 11 days ago
jtown legends
jtown legends - 11 days ago
I wanta be "that guy" for moment... Since you mentioned james bond i have to point out...
I remember a ton of villains... But to be fair mostly because of golden eye...
My favorite to this day being 006 Alex.
M Huh
M Huh - 13 days ago
No... not close.
An Average Viewer
An Average Viewer - 14 days ago
Very great video! The only point I don't agree with is when you said that Thanos thinks of himself as a god. If you look at the scene where Thanos and Doctor Strange are having their conversation, Doctor Strange sarcastically says that he's a prophet, but Thanos quickly corrects him by saying that he's a survivor. This shows that Thanos doesn't think he's some sort of religious figure, but rather as a lucky survivor who predicted the outcome of his planet.
Cody Rowland
Cody Rowland - 15 days ago
Lol. No.
Just, no.
AeneasGemini - 15 days ago
I don't think the best villains need to be the heroes of their own story, I think the best villains are the ones who make the *audience* think they're the real heroes of the story. In the end very few scenarios in life are all that black and white, good and evil are just fashion trends that change from group to group. Personally I think the best villains are actually closer to just antagonists than 'bad guys'
Pete Madrona
Pete Madrona - 15 days ago
I'm surprised this video hasn't given you a boom in subs. This was one of the most detailed dissections of a single character - albeit a now legendary one - and if this is what I'm to expect when I see more of your channel, then I hope others will come to see it the way I do
The Lone Chemist
The Lone Chemist - 15 days ago
Pete Madrona thanks so much for the compliment! Glad you enjoyed it, and stay tuned for more. Cheers.
Doggy Doggy
Doggy Doggy - 17 days ago
With the stones he could simply multiply the universes resources by two.

But why would he do that?
Matthew Halo17
Matthew Halo17 - 16 days ago
Too simple
CGarcia7 - 17 days ago
I would love to see a solo movie on Thanos as some sort of prequel to where he became the “mad titan” or somehow bringing him back but in another parallel universe where he’s the “anti-hero” or him battling some greater evils out I the cosmos. I remember there being a comic issue of him traveling to the outer part of the universe where even death doesn’t exist.
Iskandar Ben Mustapha
Iskandar Ben Mustapha - 17 days ago
I don't know why but i keep cheering for Thanos, even after you know what he caused in endgame(that thing really was heartbreaking because it was something i loved since my childhood) i still don't hate him
Jonas Schnitzler
Jonas Schnitzler - 17 days ago
The last truly convincing villain i remember was in watchmen (not gonna spoil it though).
FluffyCloud - 18 days ago
Because he felt like it that’s why
Bongo Kong
Bongo Kong - 18 days ago
14:04 is a beautiful voice crack
STOP STOP - 19 days ago
He might/can double the recource but you gotta admit. It will be more wasted
Justin Ray
Justin Ray - 20 days ago
My favorite villains in the the 21st century in movies Nero and Khan from Star trek Thanos Kilmager Ultron from marvel Joker Two face Bane
Random Ranter
Random Ranter - 21 day ago
Thanos also killed half of all plants and animals
The Night Watcher
The Night Watcher - 22 days ago
I actually really liked Ronan and thought he’d be a very memorable villain if he had gotten a little more on screen development. He mentions how the Xandarians had waged war against his people and had slaughtered several generations of his family. I would’ve liked to see his upbringing, growing up surrounded by constant war, shaping him into the being of pure hatred we see on screen.
Christopher Cooper
Christopher Cooper - 22 days ago
It's in everybody's best interest to not have strong villains and live with mediocre stories. They don't give you strong villains because then people who would relate to those villains. If you relate, you will like, if you like you will admire. Better to give you many Heroes for you to admire than Villains you could become.
Christopher Cooper
Christopher Cooper - 20 days ago
@The Lone Chemist Okay. Agree to Disagree.
The Lone Chemist
The Lone Chemist - 21 day ago
Christopher Cooper I think you have a profound misunderstanding of how the audience perceives these movies.
Christopher Cooper
Christopher Cooper - 22 days ago
@The Lone Chemist Thanks for taking the time to reply! Yeah, I think we all are sheep on mass. And I know it is not an endorsement. I am all for telling a good story, but i also know that Propaganda works, whether it is good or bad. So when you give the mass a villain they can relate to or sympathize with, you start to see "Magneto was Right" t-shirts or "Killmonger did nothing wrong" tweets. And we know there are crazies outside of our fictional stories, we* live with them. That's why we want to discourage News outlets from reporting about the faces or names of shooters and stuff. We realistically are aware there are crazy individuals out there who MAY try to be a copy-cat, feel inspired, or what-not. With that said, again I'm all for good stories and characters. But maybe having the audience cheer behind a clear-cut hero of good that beats up the generic mustache twirling evil-doer isn't such a bad thing. edit: forgot the "we".
The Lone Chemist
The Lone Chemist - 22 days ago
Christopher Cooper I disagree, but I guess I can respect your position! I find it a bit insipid, however, and I even find it a bit condescending towards the audience. A compelling villain in a piece of fiction exists as that - a character in a piece of fiction. Having a compelling villain does not mean that there is intrinsic endorsement from the audience. It only means that we can understand their motivations, which results in an even greater threat for the hero to ultimately defeat. If anything, having a story with a mediocre villain doesn’t allow for the heroes to triumph in a gratifying way. If the villain represents an emotional/philosophical threat, as well as a brutally physical one, their inevitable defeat is much more satisfying. The hero defeats them both on a physical level and philosophical level. Also, admiring how a character is written is not the same as admiring their motives or endorsing their views. In fact, it’s a bit disingenuous to assume otherwise. A well written villain doesn’t typically warrant admiration in the sense that the audience agrees with their evil goal or viewpoint. Rather, admiration is merely confined to the audience understanding why the villain believes what they do. We obviously don’t agree with motives like genocide, but given proper context, we can at least understand why the villain believes their twisted viewpoint. To say that it is better for the audience to have mediocre stories and motivations for villains is, in my opinion, profoundly disrespectful to the audience. It sounds as if you are making the argument that the people who watch these types of films are sheep, and if they encounter a villain with a morally grey philosophy, they will then begin to justify the villain as being correct. I have a little more faith in the collective intellect of the audience of these types of films, and having a strong villain with an understandable motive only serves to enhance the story. Thanks for watching!
the one
the one - 22 days ago
Thanos isn't even power hungry
Don Corozal
Don Corozal - 24 days ago
Rookie that made this video OBVIOUSLY doesn’t understand the comic code and how beautifully it was subtly subverted to bring about thanos. Losers. Psshhh
The Lone Chemist
The Lone Chemist - 24 days ago
You tell ‘em, my dude!
SkuddaGod 12
SkuddaGod 12 - 25 days ago
Dude the DCEU is HORRIBLE and the only way I would call it a big company is how much money it spent on movies that didn’t do good. And I’m not saying DC is bad
ItsPopoJohn - 25 days ago
Actually the infinity stones can only make things from things that are in existence
Sooshibun - 25 days ago
Thanos did nothing wrong >:U
Ellis Lyon
Ellis Lyon - 25 days ago
Shit anime villains are so much better!! Even than Thanos ( who i didn't even think was a good villain ). Anime villians are truly great, their motivations are completely rational ( at least the good villians ). People that only watch movies/shows don't know anything about anime villains. They're just on another level
Jesus Mark
Jesus Mark - 27 days ago
Best film ever
Joshua Folh
Joshua Folh - 27 days ago
I would agree if Thanos’s plan made any godamn sence, and he didn’t already commit genocide on several planets.
Joshua Folh
Joshua Folh - 24 days ago
@The Lone Chemist It's just why does he assume that every planet has a population problem, and it's not apparent that Thanos loves Gommora, as he striped her away her family and made her entire life about fighting: no parent that cares about their child would do that. Which explains why he is bearly phased by her "sacrifice". It is better than the comics I will agree on that, and I do think this video makes some good points.
The Lone Chemist
The Lone Chemist - 24 days ago
Joshua Folh makes sense from HIS PERSPECTIVE. the entire point is framed from his point of view. It’s not pragmatically justifying his plan.
José Araújo
José Araújo - 27 days ago
That voice crack tho
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