Infinity War: Why Thanos is a Perfectly Written Villain

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The Lone Chemist
The Lone Chemist - 25 days ago
Dump Lump
Dump Lump - Day ago
Endgame was lame. I enjoyed the captain marvel got punched by thanos after the girl power nonsense moment. Thanos should have won again.
Normal Reviews
Normal Reviews - Day ago
Batman runs over Buzzlight Year with LightningMceen.
Dino Productions
Dino Productions - 2 days ago
Don't worry. You don't have to convince me. I've been convinced ever since watching Infinity War and now Endgame
Flairon Davis
Flairon Davis - 6 days ago
do you do experiments by yourself or are you helped by someone else
The Lone Chemist
The Lone Chemist - 6 days ago
Currently making a follow up to this video juxtaposed with Endgame. Stay tuned ;).
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez - 2 hours ago
awesome vid, definitely agree with all your points, and good on you for making such a "bold" claim and sticking to your argument!
Demetre Saghliani
Demetre Saghliani - 2 hours ago
I'm going to sound like a total asshole here (and I am), but it's not that Thanos is a perfectly written villain; it's that your standards are rock-bottom. Seriously.
claytonstrEt94 - 3 hours ago
I mean I like Thanos just like the next guy, but I don't like it when people tell me something is perfect or is better than something eles and state it as fact. Especially when it's a opinionated topic. It's one thing to say " I like Thanos as a villian because...." then to say "Thanos is a Perfectly written villian." No room to argue, because it's already written as if it's not arguable. That's just me tho.
Paradox Messenger
Paradox Messenger - 10 hours ago
The best part about the scene where he kills gamora is that he's struggling to carry her, not because he lacks strength, but because he lover her so much he doesn't want to kill her.
Solo Mayit
Solo Mayit - 10 hours ago
Just ban sex lmao
Bran Don
Bran Don - 11 hours ago
Magneto was a superb villain along with thanos
alijah Taylor
alijah Taylor - 3 hours ago
Bran Don I agree
Maura N
Maura N - 11 hours ago
Besides him, I’d say Count Olaf from a series of unfortunate events is one of the best well written villains ever
Alexander Kerensky
Alexander Kerensky - 11 hours ago

> Has principle, which he demonstrates repeatedly in his respect for his enemies, absolute devotion to his goal, and peaceful retirement once his work is done (anyone remember the story of George Washington putting his weapons away and gently returning to his farm, surrendering all his power without a second thought? Thanos literally turns his armour into a scarecrow and [ENDGAME SPOILER] destroys his own doomsday weapon because it was "only a temptation"). He never lays a threatening hand on his daughter until he has to sacrifice her: he even sits on the steps instead of his throne when she protests she doesn't like it.

> Believes himself to be working for the greater good, and half-convinces the audience (although, I stress, not entirely).

> Earns his power, instead of just having it on entrance. He feels intimidating during fight sequences because he works to win, hard. The Avengers manage to punch, stab and otherwise injure him far more than any half-assed "threatening" villain in earlier films (he visibly recoils and flinches in pain when Cap rocks his jaw), and this only makes him more frightening when he tips the balance. It makes him relatable, human, in a way.

> Bears a heavy cross for his destiny. Oh, does he suffer. He loses his right-hand man, murders his daughter for "the greater good" and earns the eternal scorn of the universe, as well as endures extreme physical pain (the snap scars one side of his body in _Infinity War_ slightly, visible in the last scene) all in one day.

These are not the qualities of an ordinary villain. This is the checklist most writers use for good heroes. Thanos is dedicated, intelligent, thoughtful, and genuinely prepared to do anything -- lose anything -- if it means he can win. One of the most interesting parts of the script is how most of the protagonists are given difficult choices to make early on -- Loki puts on a brave face at the start of the movie, but cracks watching his brother being tortured, Gomorah does the same with her sister, Cap declines to sacrifice Vision when it could have mattered, Vision declines to stay in his place of safety and let Cap die, Scarlet Witch decides to leave Vision to go to the battlefield despite knowing she has to stay with him, Quill fails to hold back his rage on Titan, and Thor (the Russos said) deliberately didn't go for the head because he wanted to make Thanos suffer for what he did to the Asgardians. Thanos was 100% correct when he said he was the only one with sufficient will to act.

He's still the villain, obviously, but they wrote him as a good man, better than any of the actual protagonists -- at least in _Infinity War_ before his writing took a turn for the worse in _Endgame_

And thus he is completely terrifying
Nicky Haugh
Nicky Haugh - 12 hours ago
Thanos is one of cinema's greatest villain to date of all-time!!!
RR P - 12 hours ago
how can you understand Thanos motives, when they are dumb and hollow. It's so stupid.
Thanos is a dumb villain with big strength an a big army - that's it.
So he wipes out half of all life because the universe is finite? Which means he takes half of alle finite resources away and that's a good motive. That is dumb.
Mankind will keep reproducing and growing again. But all the animals that were endagered will go extinct. All the trees that took 100 years to grow, will vanish and lead to small trees, that the remainig animals will feed on. This plan is stupid on earth and it is stupid in the universe. With half of all resources there will be wars. There will be hate. Thanos is dumb and crazy and you say that we should understand him and feel sympathy? What psychopaths watch this movie and say 'whoa, how clever?' If a crazy man kills his daughter to achieve his goal, that does'n make him cool.
And there is no sadness in the end, because we all new, that they will come back - because there is another movie. So everything Thanos does is the same thing, that every other villain does in the first half of all the movies you criticise. They all achieve their goal, a lot of them sacrificed close friends or family and in the end they all died. Thanos just got more screen time because of selling cinematickets.
Thanos is a dumb villain like most the other movievillains and is only more famous because of the loud fans an the merchandise.
That's my two cents. good night.

'sorry for bad english
Justin B
Justin B - 12 hours ago
With respect, I agree that Thanos is by far the best villain in the Marvel universe but that does have a lot to do with all their others being so poor.
As you hit in the video, a lot of movies, not just superheroes, focus so much on the protagonist that they fail to really give the villain their due. Generally the ‘best’ movie villains also is due to their connection to the hero - ie I am your father, he killed my parents etc.
Thanos was very good as he had his own personality/motivations that weren’t really linked to the heroes. However if you look at it, they did this by directing it as though he was the protagonist of the movie. The heroes didn’t get such good coverage in IW, but they didn’t need it as already established.
In Endgame, he’s already established, so while he wasn’t that great, you already heart him.
xPixel - 13 hours ago
Thanos: Snaps fingers
The Universe: Reproduces
Thanos: Am I a joke to you?
AmazingJD - 15 hours ago
It's Obadiah
Frokyo - 20 hours ago
I mean he is inevitable. ;)
Max Dylan
Max Dylan - Day ago
My theory on why Thanos didn't double the universe's resources instead of killing half of all living creatures is that because he believes that the universe itself should be as it is. It shouldn't be changed or altered. He believes that the inhabitants of the universe are the ones responsible for destroying it in the first place and that they are the ones who should pay for it.
Josh Blount
Josh Blount - Day ago
If they made a movie focused on Thanos when he first started on his path, I'd watch it. Would be interesting to see Thanos grow into the Mad Titan we all know.
That One Guy
That One Guy - Day ago
*Thanos* v/s *Darth Vader* v/s *Joker*
Krakkinn 13
Krakkinn 13 - Day ago
dr. doofensmirz allways has a reson
Wolf - Day ago
The Knight king is crying in a corner....

Just saying.
Helbore - Day ago
What's so good about Infinity War is that Thanos is cast as the hero of it. His motivations are made clear and they are just. He faces moral quandaries and he overcomes them. He faces his opponents dead on and despite their efforts, he succeeds. In the final moments of the film, he gets to have peace after his victory. That final shot is what we'd expect if Thanos was the hero.
Dauda András
Dauda András - Day ago
Thanos WAS a Perfectly Written Villain in IW.
Then Fkin MCU made a joke from him in fkin Endgame!
By being defeated by every city level hero...
Alexander Kerensky
Alexander Kerensky - 11 hours ago
The first 15 minutes was basically "GET OUUUTT OF MYYY SWAMMPP"
Cracker Guy
Cracker Guy - Day ago
No it’s because he’s purple
Peyton Cox
Peyton Cox - Day ago
Black Panther's villain was literally the only bad part of the entire movie.
Jaylin Broan
Jaylin Broan - Day ago
Death The Kid's real dad
Jaylin Broan
Jaylin Broan - Day ago
Get it?
A *good* villain is the *hero* of their own story
MasterA1 gaming
MasterA1 gaming - Day ago
The reason why he doesn't just add double the resources is that peoples and animals nature is to go for as much as they can and make their lives better. the fact is that the more resources that are present, the faster they are used which would bring the universe back to its unbalanced state. However, if you eliminate half of the living things in the universe, then He would have added a substantially longer time for the universe to continue in a proper balance. This is because, if we wanted to use the materials that are present, then we would first have to progress yourself to be able to use any of them.
Grinddor - Day ago
Why not use the Gauntlet to create more or an infinite amount of resources? He could have done that, but chose to kill. He is still kind of a psycho in my eyes.
Muaz Kabir
Muaz Kabir - Day ago
You forgot to add the word "fictional" in the title.
The Lone Chemist
The Lone Chemist - Day ago
Pretty sure the word “written” accomplishes that, my dude!
Raul Diaz
Raul Diaz - Day ago
Blackbeard >>>>>>>>>>>> thanos
Mr. Stark!
Mr. Stark! - 2 days ago
I've made a Thanos trailer for our Lord Thanos. Check it out.. I'm not making any money it's already copyrighted by audio owners.
Damiani - 2 days ago
Truly the best villain of all time. I would really love to see his own movie
Michael Lorusso
Michael Lorusso - 2 days ago
Zod was amazing in Man of Steel
Alvin Gordon
Alvin Gordon - 2 days ago
question is in infinity war after being hit by the axe, why he didn't use the time stone like he did to get the mind stone.
Jon Smith
Jon Smith - 2 days ago
But he's not a villain. He only wants the best for the galaxy. He wants peace and prosperity.
randomshittutorials - 2 days ago
Sooo... He can shred the universe to it's last atom, and create a new one, with a literal snap of his fingers.
But he cannot just, use the stones to idk, create an endless food-supply?
Nishith Joshi
Nishith Joshi - Day ago
Doubling the resources also doubles the greed among living beings. You would be more careless and would value your resources even less if everything you own doubles with a snap.
Lucas - 2 days ago
boy I can't wait to watch your take on Endgame
Oscar Carr
Oscar Carr - 2 days ago
Kylo Ren is a perfect villain as well
/ Bleu /
/ Bleu / - 2 days ago
I'm suprised nobody ever brings up the tragedy of commons. This is an actual thing where if animals over consume and area and are stuck in that area they will all die of starvation.
Yankarlo Chavez
Yankarlo Chavez - 2 days ago
Thanos. When he says something. Don't take it as a threat from him. Take it as a promise he is going to make
Shaun17511 - 2 days ago
I think Thanos thought that if he wiped out half the population once the universe would realize he was right, and the stones would not be needed a second time -- the people would voluntarily submit to population control as he argued for before Titan's destruction.
Beckham - 2 days ago
Handsome Jack is better than Thanos.
Superior Saiyan
Superior Saiyan - 2 days ago
14:04 you can hear the sympathy in his voice
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson - 2 days ago
He definitely is flawed since he’s lying..
Gamora’s species still went extinct even though he says that its a paradise. Go to Guardians Of the Galaxy and watch the scene in which the guardians get scanned by the nova core, it says that gamora is the last of her species.. He’s a good liar but has never learned Gamora how to do it! IT ALL CONNECTS!
ImBeans - 2 days ago
Justin Hammer is the best villain you fool
Lucas Sola
Lucas Sola - 2 days ago
Void Exile
Void Exile - 2 days ago
Makes sense to me
zombieslayer426 - 2 days ago
Thanos is the real hero but nobody sees it 😏
Jacob Rawlins
Jacob Rawlins - 2 days ago
9:37 I don't think its completely flawed, if he doubled the resources would it truly help the world would it teach us to do better or will we just get worst.
He's trying to teach them their way is the wrong and his way is right.
Karam Eid
Karam Eid - 2 days ago
How the hell is warmonger or whatever he's called is considered a good villain? Let alone have him compared to the joke. Someone for the love of God tell me how...
ITS SHOWTIME - 2 days ago
KingIceHunter - 2 days ago
It’s because then your only increasing the problem, not stopping it.
If Thanos creates more resources, it means more life. More life needs more resources. Lather rinse repeat until their is no more space left in the universe.
He can create a lot of things, but he can’t create more universe.
Galaxy - 2 days ago
He is not a villian but a necessary evil.
incarser101 - 2 days ago
It helps that his philosophy is my philosophy 🤷🏻‍♂️
incarser101 - 2 days ago
The night king could’ve been a thanos 😢
STARSKY - 2 days ago
I used stones to destroy stones
- Thanos 2019
skeeterknees - 2 days ago
Also I appreciate The Lone Chemist still coming back to look thru these comments over 8 months after it's been uploaded, rly cool of u bruh
Tusita Dewi
Tusita Dewi - 2 days ago
I found it funny how some people in the comments have such a smartass opinion on Thanos' 'stupid' plan. "If he killed half the people, they would just repopulate in a few generations, stupid plan."

It's as if people would see the news and saw that some kind of power *beyond* their understanding just wiped off billions including their families, friends, and loved ones, and they just revert back to being barbarians relying on their instincts and genitals saying "hey since the earth is now half empty, let's bang like bunnies and repopulate within 2-3 generations! I'm SURE that's just the right thing to do! it's not as if that god-like power would do the exact same thing again!"
skeeterknees - 2 days ago
I also love how in endgame he destroyed the infinity stones after using them, I think he said it was to prevent temptation or something along those lines. I honestly love that, like he knows he's fulfilled his purpose and he shouldn't need to use something that powerful ever again.
jzMusic - 2 days ago
The strongest choices requires the strongest will
Luka Magic
Luka Magic - 2 days ago
Far from perfect. Very cliche. Iron Man dies in the end of Endgame.
Sad Twig
Sad Twig - 3 days ago
U look like white markiplier
Xenotronian - 3 days ago
perfectly written, as all things should be
I am Dead
I am Dead - 3 days ago
I agree with the fact that Thanos is a perfectly written villain
Srijan Bharati
Srijan Bharati - 3 days ago
You can't just double the resources.
How do you double the land for people to live onto?
What happens when you double the river water or air or oxygen or trees and fruits?
Will it also double the number of preys for the predators and how will the double preys survive?
Why doesn't anybody understand? *THANOS WASN'T FLAWED* You cannot just double the resources. The world started with fewer people and that's its default state.
Jared Saqui
Jared Saqui - 3 days ago
Actually I thought Michael Keaton as the vulture in Spiderman: Homecoming nailed it as an understandable yet dangerous and highly motivated villain.
King Invizeron
King Invizeron - 3 days ago
I have to disagree with what you said 3 minutes in, that villains need to be relatable because often times a villain can just be a giant beast or something extremely powerful no humanity is required in it.
VortechMustard - 3 days ago
Killing half the universe is sorta wrong... people have feelings you know
Miguel Cisneros
Miguel Cisneros - 3 days ago
I can't believe I didn't watch video sooner. It's very well made
GoldWing - 3 days ago
WARNING SPOILERS Thanos was always my favorite marvel character When he Died I was so sad ;-; R.I.P Purple Daddy....
SomeOneOnline - 3 days ago
Thanos is just a great character to watch
Also I find infinity war to be better than Endgame
Man of the North
Man of the North - 3 days ago
you dear put killmonger next to dark knights, joker?......BLASPHEMY. why would you not choose the bad guy from watchmen?
Goon Squad Skateboarding
Thanos was pretty damn awesome and I remember thinking back when Guardians of the Galaxy came out “oh yeah another boring ultra bad guy” boy was I wrong.
King Of Bel
King Of Bel - 3 days ago
Nothing about Marvel is "perfectly written", and you have no idea what you are talking about if you really believe that.
Eric Sharp
Eric Sharp - 3 days ago
14:03 "Where Thanos sacrifices his own dAUGHter" lol that made me chuckle
VolatileDawn - 3 days ago
I am confused how you even got past reason 2 of this video. Thanos's motivation is laughable. His logic is moronic. His emotion justification is bare, vague, and not even compelling to Thanos himself. There are more holes in this philosophy than there are dead people in this movie. This movie was so unenjoyable to watch. It's like a fifth grader just learned about global warming and went on a school shooting, and the police just stare incredulously, none of them can tell him "That's not how this works!"
King Jon Targaryen I
King Jon Targaryen I - 3 days ago
Thanos isn't good in the MCU IMO he is literally Ras Al Ghul if he had cosmic persons
Tk3997 - 3 days ago
"The villain becomes the hero from their perspective"
Yeah no, that's like not even CLOSE to true. If you started citing all the widely acclaimed villains who are entirely aware that they are anything but right, but just don't care for one reason or another you'd be here all week.
The Lone Chemist
The Lone Chemist - 3 days ago
Tk3997 this entire thing is an opinion piece, my dude. I’m well aware that my criteria is not universal. I even reference a villain that is superb but doesn’t fit into this box (aka the Joker from the Dark Knight). My criteria applies to a villain that can be understood and sympathized with. I was not trying to lay down a checklist each villain must satisfy in order to be sufficient.
Alejandro Ortiz
Alejandro Ortiz - 3 days ago
Did you just compare the Joker from the Dark knight to one of the Wayne brothers in Black Panther? If that was true and even though I have seen the Black Panther about 5 times I still don't remember the villains name, now I do remember the Joker. The Joker is original, unique and not a copy of BATMAN.
Joker is a perfect written villain, so is Vegeta, and yes Thanos is good, Lex, Freeza, those are all good villains. The Black panther villain was not even a worthy clone of the original. A piece of racist bag of flesh, that died exactly like the people he represents killed by his own kind. Don't get me wrong, the actor did a fantastic job, but the villain was a racist piece of shit.
Chrissern - 3 days ago
14:03 nice crack
Elongated Muskrat
Elongated Muskrat - 3 days ago
How tf would you double the resources anyway? Double all the matter and double the mass in the universe? You can't do that without causing a shit ton of turmoil, even more than killing half the population of the universe. It makes sense as an end goal to off half the population and it's far more simple than "doubling all the mass".
You'd have to either keep every being the same size which fucks with every planet's population not being used to the gravity or whatever, or just make dumps of resources that would be unattainable by most races and exploited by the ones who do get it.
What a retarded argument.
Container Of juices
Container Of juices - 3 days ago
So he didn't even love nebula?
ulan valant
ulan valant - 3 days ago
Lets be honest Vass from far cry 3 was the best villian of all time
CATkeep50 soccer
CATkeep50 soccer - 3 days ago
The first time I saw this at the theater, I thought, his motive is not new, and I thought it ironic that Hollywood and the masses would embrace his ideal, as insane...but this is the SAME EXACT motive for those who are pro-abortion. Thanos is a eugenecist. He does not care if it means committing genocide, but killing millions is "good" due to "overpopulation" and "lack of resources" which is a proven myth. Those who say that the fetus (Latin for offspring) is a "blob of cells" which is what a tumor is, or claim masturbation is "genocide" clearly are ignorant of science and don't know a sperm cell and egg, from a zygote. They further justify genocide by claiming the baby is not sentient or viable...neither is a 4 month old in a coma, so would that be ok to kill it???
The comparison to Thanos' motives were very clear. It made him so relatable because we LIVE this mentality, in this very day
jedenzet - 3 days ago
4:48 I despise DC in general but when it comes to that BvS movie i heard that the actor was told that he's gonna play that questionmark guy, the riddle man or something and he refused to change anything in his performance because he worked and trained for it.
6:58 original reason for the snap is stupid as hell.
RedKharitonov - 3 days ago
Thanos is mega T H I C C
Foot Long
Foot Long - 3 days ago
11:31 that Darkseid photo is from Injustice.
The Shy Gamer
The Shy Gamer - 3 days ago
he reminds me a little bit of KSI
Lucius - 3 days ago
I want to preface this with the note that I quite like Thanos in the MCU, and have only a limited knowledge of him in the comics.
Now... Thanos has one annoying trait in the MCU.. He is the greatest moron ever written, and how he managed to assemble an army is quite unbelievable seeing as he seems to struggle with the nature of living beings and apparently basic math...
Adam Zielinski
Adam Zielinski - 3 days ago
Still can't take a big purple meme seriously
Marcus Black
Marcus Black - 3 days ago
Ultron is an underrated villain
Goku Black
Goku Black - 3 days ago
Thanos : wants a new universe Goku black : This is for our utopia.
TheDoctor Fez
TheDoctor Fez - 4 days ago
Guys, Endgame was just one of the 14,000,605 possibilities.
big nasty
big nasty - 4 days ago
The best villians want the best for the world by doing the wrong things (pain, thanos) or just wanna destroy everything cough cough joker cough cough
humanpotato 808
humanpotato 808 - 4 days ago
Anybody hear his voice crack at 14:04
BNSF700 - 4 days ago
Top 3 movie villains. The joker from the dark knight, Darth Vader, and Thanos. (Up for debate obviously)
Katelyn Ragsdale
Katelyn Ragsdale - 4 days ago
I say, Thanos was one of the most touching and perfectly-written villains I've seen in the cinematic world
big boris
big boris - 4 days ago
Thonos is better than Darth Vader change my mind
Owlowow Bird
Owlowow Bird - 4 days ago
The real reason Thanos is a perfect villian:

He’s a meme
S & S INDIGO TV - 4 days ago
Gopnik Bucket
Gopnik Bucket - 4 days ago
Perfectly written as all character should be
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