Normani Performs 'Motivation' | 2019 Video Music Awards

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MTV - 20 days ago
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Star far
Star far - 12 days ago
MTV what did you do. You know damn well you messed with the track xox its skipping. You wouldn't do this to Taylor Swift. Dont do this to Normani. Tjis will backfire one day Mtv gonna be a thing of the past
cheeto dawson
cheeto dawson - 13 days ago
MTV ❤️❤️❤️
EJ - 9 hours ago
I don’t even think Beyoncé could do half of that
Aron Dammeyer
Aron Dammeyer - 11 hours ago
The music was glitching in her ear during the whole performance.
Normani really is that biitch!!
Victor Silva Rodrigues
Victor Silva Rodrigues - 23 hours ago
Nicole Cowell
Nicole Cowell - 23 hours ago
Backstage people:how much twerking do you want?


Backstage people:OK

Backstage people:BACKUP DANCERS practice TWERKING.
Jess Limelight
Jess Limelight - 23 hours ago
I hate her music
Starlight Buds
Starlight Buds - Day ago
Is that lizzo?
Iva Kazalova
Iva Kazalova - Day ago
Most incredible dancer i’ve ever seen in my whole life!
Percy Dragun
Percy Dragun - Day ago
We love you Normani😍
CosmicLove - Day ago
Mtv how can you upload a performance that you ruined? How shameless...
Quetta Cherry
Quetta Cherry - 2 days ago
I had to come see this again, and again😁
mzunique22 - 2 days ago
She should've had a microphone not a mike like wtf
FergieVlogJM - 2 days ago
Bruh, I hate Lip-Syncing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Desilex Thermitus Jean- Baptiste
The way some guy just rips off her clothes as she looks up tho
Ajay Santos
Ajay Santos - 2 days ago
Love Yah Normii ❤️
Laycedwith Sarcasm
Laycedwith Sarcasm - 2 days ago
You don't sleep on chocolate, you'll wake up starved
Juls Cath
Juls Cath - 2 days ago
She is not really singing... It's playback I think... Or autotune 😅😬
Sabina Sowe
Sabina Sowe - 2 days ago
She's awesome
Maria Matsumura
Maria Matsumura - 2 days ago
That dance solo tho !!!

How can she manage. Breathe while doing those booty shaky and booty wavy moves

Iloveyou All
Iloveyou All - 2 days ago
Now she's showing off !!
Jordyn & Summers Studios
She is lip syncing?
Persié L. Mehlape
Persié L. Mehlape - 2 days ago
Ahhhhhhhhhh Normani 😩
Chain5'9s - 2 days ago
She should be the president - just based on that 😍
Tracy Monroe
Tracy Monroe - 2 days ago
I didn’t follow 5th Harmony and don’t watch DWTS so Normani came out of nowhere for me. Wow! She’s a classic “natural talent crossed with an epic work ethic” and she deserves all the success.
Joshy things
Joshy things - 2 days ago
Norman I copied Saweetie when she was on the basketball ball hoop
*insert username here*
*insert username here* - 3 days ago

Me: *spills water on self while eating garlic bread*
zai snjs
zai snjs - 3 days ago
The best mtv performance I saw in years😍🤗👌
Izabelle Barboza
Izabelle Barboza - 3 days ago
Normani, quer o mundo? Eu te dou
Nena de Hiroshima
Nena de Hiroshima - 3 days ago
david sniper
david sniper - 3 days ago
Aver pues la mejor
Opino que no tiene nada que envidiar le a Camila cabello
La mejor
(Quieras o nooooo)
YoshiTrainer DC
YoshiTrainer DC - 3 days ago
So she cant sing live when she’s in fifth harmony even when she’s standing still, and we’re supposed to believe she’s not lip syncing while dancing to some major choreo? Lol ok
GIOVANNA SOUZA - 3 days ago
The new Beyonce😍😍😍
Nina Keomuennah
Nina Keomuennah - 3 days ago
Tg for autotune hes actually for once sounds good
Trix Sands
Trix Sands - 3 days ago
Lol Simone Biles who? @ 2:30-2:50
Traveling Baladeer
Traveling Baladeer - 3 days ago
my jaw legit dropped at her dance solo holy shit
Kai Vlogs
Kai Vlogs - 3 days ago
Is it just me or is normani her own back up dancer
Desilex Thermitus Jean- Baptiste
She isn’t just some forgotten ex fifth harmony member she’s NORMANI
Matheus Lopes
Matheus Lopes - 4 days ago
Ela deu o nome pqp
Z- MAX - 4 days ago
Bruh... now I want her and Lizzo to make a song
тι αиα
тι αиα - 4 days ago
omg shes like the modern female michael jackson today shhsshshhshsh huuhuu so much talent
MrsDarcyfans - 2 days ago
That’s ridiculous
taufiq teo
taufiq teo - 2 days ago
Lmao that’s a damn reach
Neveah lee
Neveah lee - 2 days ago
never michael.
Sunflower L
Sunflower L - 4 days ago
Nomfundo Komotolo
Nomfundo Komotolo - 4 days ago
Black girl magic in high definition
J91 green
J91 green - 4 days ago
Now that's what you call a full on singing, dancing, energetic performance!
P. FP - 4 days ago
Stephen Beddard
Stephen Beddard - 5 days ago
Sex on stage. This is basically all this was
Victoria Martins
Victoria Martins - 5 days ago
BR's 🇧🇷
Só eu que achei que essa música era de K-POP??
Lyndsey B
Lyndsey B - 5 days ago
this performance made me a fan she can dance
Nathan Archie
Nathan Archie - 5 days ago
The next Beyoncé
haitiano Haiti
haitiano Haiti - 5 days ago
haitiano Haiti
haitiano Haiti - 5 days ago
haitiano Haiti
haitiano Haiti - 5 days ago
Gibbs u
Believe - 6 days ago
Coreography: Produtora, Cantora, Atriz. Mude, Mude, Seja Você?
Mybookstory YT
Mybookstory YT - 6 days ago
She really stepped up to the challenge. Sound messed up? Let's kill the choreography and live parts. Lights not good enough? Let's do that split! Outfit not working? Hold my mic! The rest is history! She was tested and persevered against ALL odds not only vocally and physically but also emotionally. You could see the pride in her face if you watch the rest after they cut he off the camera! Amazing!
KissBoy MY
KissBoy MY - 6 days ago
Why they don't give normani the cheek mic so she can have clear singing and the audio is broken I thing
mia f
mia f - 6 days ago
no hate but shes more of a dancer than a singer
Sara - 6 days ago
she absolutely killed it!
she was so amazing!!!!!! i love you girl, keep at it!!! i hope you become reallll big and become an household name!!!!
jeille cabello
jeille cabello - 6 days ago
imagine whats camila cabello reaction
Jaleesa Sellmeijer
Jaleesa Sellmeijer - 7 days ago
Dirty dancing next level... love it!!
krabby patty
krabby patty - 7 days ago
"Normani is that bitch" - Nicki Minaj
Vanessa Crystal
Vanessa Crystal - 7 days ago
John Ser
John Ser - 7 days ago
There wasn't a white person on stage. So racist lol oh it doesnt work like that does it?
John Ser
John Ser - 6 days ago
@Anarchy why wasnt it an equal number? racist lol
Anarchy - 7 days ago
There is a white woman dancer at 1:51 on the left.
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