My Baby Makes Azzy’s Daughter Watch Creepy Animations 👶 Snapchat Filters 3

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Tammy Vaughan
Tammy Vaughan - 25 minutes ago
9:09 it's his dad
MBLobster - 15 hours ago
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leAVe A LikE!!
Paulton Melong
Paulton Melong - 19 hours ago
Les go!
Paulton Melong
Paulton Melong - 19 hours ago
Her voice changed back one time
Mirza Nadeem
Mirza Nadeem - 21 hour ago
Azzy is so cute💜💜💜💜💜💓💞
Crystal Playz
Crystal Playz - Day ago
Me too
Tyrone Dobbins
Tyrone Dobbins - Day ago
Martha Peralta
Martha Peralta - Day ago
Hi I am your best YouTuber
LG T - 2 days ago
xdCyclops - 2 days ago
Amna Ali
Amna Ali - 2 days ago
Azzy your face turned back to a grown up
kitty is my pet
kitty is my pet - 2 days ago
I watch those videos
cookie wolf242
cookie wolf242 - 2 days ago
Daisy Menhennet
Daisy Menhennet - 2 days ago
Azzy: she takes me cookies!!!!!!!!!
Me: I save ur cookies
K&F girls Xo
K&F girls Xo - 2 days ago
can you do more of thease ?
Jordy Contreras
Jordy Contreras - 3 days ago
how do you call and watch videos at the same time 😮
James Vertilla
James Vertilla - 4 days ago
Azzy your voice turnd back
lildrummerboy56 - 4 days ago
So the lady the creepy lady next door the apartment is going to take the drill and he's going to drill in their heads.
Caitlyn Reese
Caitlyn Reese - 4 days ago
Not the first thing was solo solo disterdbing😭😭
Puppy Lover523
Puppy Lover523 - 5 days ago
Jazzy I thought you said you didn't have a baby?😑😮😕👌
Idk_ Username13
Idk_ Username13 - 5 days ago
“GhoStS caN gO iN?!”
Farzana Naziri
Farzana Naziri - 5 days ago
The neighbour looks like momo
Mona Canceko
Mona Canceko - 5 days ago
Shes just a dentist who smells bad breath from far away and opens the door and wakes them up to ask if theyre ready
AdaLyNnE MaE
AdaLyNnE MaE - 5 days ago
In the thumbnail who sees Ava and everleigh like if you do cuz I sure will
Tj Bagoyo
Tj Bagoyo - 5 days ago
Azzy have 3 succulent in the background and i want one..
Ènrique Lim Enrique
Ènrique Lim Enrique - 5 days ago
So cuteeeee
Ènrique Lim Enrique
Ènrique Lim Enrique - 5 days ago
Btw Azzys "voice became her moms voice" for some seconds
gilberto cardenas
gilberto cardenas - 5 days ago
I saw all the viedo thad you saw all it was scary it true
Griselda Martinez
Griselda Martinez - 5 days ago
You guys didn’t finish the boogeymen
Itz Lillian :p
Itz Lillian :p - 5 days ago
Is this azzy and gloom or what? Pls explain
Christine G
Christine G - 5 days ago
I think the old lady has schizophren
[[cxritter]] - 5 days ago
"I love pooping"
-Baby Azzy
Reckless_Duckling - 6 days ago
Wen Aztec said its a happy story her voice cut out
Lizbeth Casias
Lizbeth Casias - 6 days ago
Azzy is cute
Elizabeth Harris
Elizabeth Harris - 6 days ago
Azzy so cute
Bear Lea
Bear Lea - 6 days ago
Baby azzy is grown up at 2:00 she sounds like normal azzy
Jocelyn Kalang-ad
Jocelyn Kalang-ad - 6 days ago
Im scared this is scary
P Wright
P Wright - 6 days ago
The second animation I saw
Taylor Seamon
Taylor Seamon - 6 days ago
autumn rose Davis
autumn rose Davis - 6 days ago
autumn rose Davis
autumn rose Davis - 6 days ago
You show them but they're just about pretending to be babies because I saw them when she went what we got for Halloween
Cristo All
Cristo All - 7 days ago
Pause the video at 7.44 you will see azzy without makeup
Alora Hall
Alora Hall - 7 days ago
Azzys voice reset to the end and liset
Aliya M
Aliya M - 7 days ago
Azzy souned like normal azzy
Nancy Butler
Nancy Butler - 8 days ago
I agree but did Azzy realize that?
The chapters of Kacey’s life
I’m scared it is 11:30 in the middle of the night
Priscilla Spurlock
Priscilla Spurlock - 9 days ago
My dad is called the boogeyman
Priscilla Spurlock
Priscilla Spurlock - 9 days ago
What about the worst places.
teenachirapparambil - 10 days ago
your not a baby
Mackins VII
Mackins VII - 10 days ago
'Ghosts can go in her'
Emma Choi
Emma Choi - 10 days ago
They are too cute
MysticFyreGalaxy '_'
MysticFyreGalaxy '_' - 10 days ago
Soo... Jeff the Killer?
sharold gibson
sharold gibson - 10 days ago
The movie was not so scary tern this blue if you agree.
Juan Contreras
Juan Contreras - 10 days ago
AZZY is cute
Shadowgamer Dave
Shadowgamer Dave - 10 days ago
Hi Cassie I’m a big fan I love your video’s
T.R. R
T.R. R - 10 days ago
Azzy you voice wasent a baby voice
Paradise Stein
Paradise Stein - 10 days ago
There so cute!!!!
Malikh N Raifah
Malikh N Raifah - 10 days ago
I think it was in gloom are really cute when they’re babies🍼🍪🧁🦄🥰😘😍
Jade Bessinger
Jade Bessinger - 10 days ago
Azzy : gHoSt Is In HeR
Gloom : gHoStS cAn Go In?
Me : XD gloom doesn't realize what she just said
Awesome Pie
Awesome Pie - 11 days ago
• M i l k T e a •
• M i l k T e a • - 11 days ago
*i love pooping*
bukajek - 11 days ago
~I LiKe PoOpIn~
(Azzyland 2019)
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