Plastic Cup Boyz Talk New Special And Docu-series, Na'im's Acne, Katt Williams, Kevin Hart + More

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Mr6foot2 - Day ago
Bump master flex
Nasiir B
Nasiir B - 2 days ago
I’m sure I’m late but wtf goin on with the dolls by the books??
Ramone Omarie
Ramone Omarie - 3 days ago
His own friends clownin bout the shit but god mad when micheal blackson said sum🤦🏾‍♂️
tondi Zoro
tondi Zoro - 3 days ago
Angela is low-key funny 😂😂
JD Pierre
JD Pierre - 3 days ago
Anyone noticed the dolls behind Spanky besides the CTG book????LMFAO
marshpit ent
marshpit ent - 7 days ago
Will spanks 😂😂yee funny AF
Dave romero
Dave romero - 8 days ago
I keep watching this!!!!
Michael Dorsey
Michael Dorsey - 8 days ago
Yo I’m not going lie I teared yo watching thug on the plane too lol it’s a good fucking movie 🤞🏾❤️
Yai Atem
Yai Atem - 9 days ago
I'd be a millionaire if I get a dollar every time Spanks snorts when laughing
A.K.A G - 10 days ago
Charlemagne really pushing dat black men don't cheat bc slogan
Dunk Man
Dunk Man - 11 days ago
Na'im a Roast Gawd
ROBERT DAVis2271 - 13 days ago
they are funny af
Eddie G
Eddie G - 15 days ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣 "that's why you had that dark shit on ya face" 🤣🤣
keith burns
keith burns - 16 days ago
I know all the guests leave feeling alot more confident after the interview cause charlagmagne laugh at everything niggaz be sayin damn near in tears laughin shit dont be that funny
Chillin With TJ
Chillin With TJ - 16 days ago
..."so whats up with the Tall one" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chillin With TJ
Chillin With TJ - 16 days ago
Looool i was dying when they shitted on Kevs LOL network
Cheese Please
Cheese Please - 16 days ago
Dude with the glasses is stupid with his corny a.s, 803
Savon Alyce
Savon Alyce - 17 days ago
Hilarious!!! 😂
A Smith
A Smith - 19 days ago
Na'im is so handsome
A Smith
A Smith - 19 days ago
These guys are hilarious 😁
Donald Mckinney
Donald Mckinney - 20 days ago
That way you had that dark shit on your face 🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀
WUWIE 2 - 20 days ago
Chiquella Martin
Chiquella Martin - 20 days ago
Naim looking like a fake ass Musiq Soulchild
Smitty Sacks
Smitty Sacks - 21 day ago
These dudes are hilarious!!! To be honest... I think they’re funnier than Kev but I like Kev too!
Goldie Loxxx
Goldie Loxxx - 6 days ago
Smitty Sacks everybody better than Kev lol
flagrant12 - 21 day ago
I was like why is Musiq soulchild with the plastic cup boys.😂😂
ChevyB1986 - 21 day ago
maaaaan that nigga Spank funny as hell. I would be dyin laughin round his ass all da time
Gwendolyn Collins
Gwendolyn Collins - 21 day ago
They are hilarious
Melvin Finley
Melvin Finley - 21 day ago
Dj Envy is so slow the movie he is talking about is The Hate U Give 🤦🏾‍♂️ dam nigga. He butchered the shit out of the name of that movie.
Rose - 21 day ago
Ain’t these the niggas that made that song “flex”
Dave Jamal
Dave Jamal - 21 day ago
We talking about football.
MissTy28 G
MissTy28 G - 21 day ago
I laughed the whole interview 😂
AlwaysRemarkable Brooks
AlwaysRemarkable Brooks - 22 days ago
Love Them Philly Boyz!!
Melvin Bell
Melvin Bell - 22 days ago
She ate the whole basketball teams' ass?? 🤣😂 wtf lmao!
scbanditcr5 - 22 days ago
One of funniest interviews
Everyday LaVan
Everyday LaVan - 22 days ago
One of my fave interviews. Hella laughs.
Aaron Da G.O.A.T
Aaron Da G.O.A.T - 22 days ago
They all interact like uncles at a barbecue
Airtight Productions
Airtight Productions - 22 days ago
I'd pay to see them over Kevin any day.
Maxpower - 22 days ago
I've seen them in action, and I personally think they are all funnier than Kevin Hart.
pateezy 305
pateezy 305 - 22 days ago
CNC POWER GROUP - 22 days ago
Darrell Johnson
Darrell Johnson - 22 days ago
Nipsey might’ve helped the community alot nd did more than anyone will ever know about but trying telling that to the kids who lost parents or loved 1s to the drugs he was selling before he turned his life around!
Kyle Watts
Kyle Watts - 19 days ago
Everyone has skeletons, if we cancelled out all the good we did after the bad there would be no point to life.
Mandy Vieira
Mandy Vieira - 22 days ago
You need to stop talking shit about the 🐐 and put some respect on his name, because you keep putting out false information about Brady that he’s a Trump guy because he’s not, Tom is an avid golf player and before Trump became President they played golf together just like many celebrities did. Tom has stated many times he is not for Trump’s policies and neither is Giselle. CTG you have a huge platform that influences people stop manipulating people to have the same opinion of yours because your jealous of the man.
Brandon Rountree
Brandon Rountree - 22 days ago
Spank is the funniest outta all of them. I used to go see him every time he was at the Laffhouse. His material is always fresh.
Golden Life
Golden Life - 22 days ago
Man that water must be hittin. Spank aint put it down the whole interview.
Respect Art
Respect Art - 22 days ago
That’s why you have that dark shit on your face omg.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
shericet - 22 days ago
Yee and Charlemagne another dumb as interview always going every which way and down in the gutter with your topics
Mike5 - 22 days ago
That movie "Thug" envy bought that off a guy around his neighborhood.
Mike5 - 23 days ago
"Black men don't cheat man".....They didn't even believe that .Lol.
Fancy Boseman
Fancy Boseman - 23 days ago
Yo we just gonna act like we dont see them dolls behind spank. 🙊
Faye McDowell
Faye McDowell - 23 days ago
The cat clock looking dude is back lmao😂😂😂😂
Faye McDowell
Faye McDowell - 23 days ago
I was hoping i see something else from these it
11thWoods - 23 days ago
Bump Master Flex caught me off guard. Spit my gatorade everywhere! LMAO
DeAndre' Powell
DeAndre' Powell - 23 days ago
charlamagne act nobody but jay z can NOT write down material, goddamn DUDE
DeAndre' Powell
DeAndre' Powell - 23 days ago
angela dont know SHIT
webthe3rd - 23 days ago
Was listening to this on the podcast, but had to actually see it instead. This was hilarious.!!
Céd the Other Entertainer
2:36 he sounds like the actor in Antwone Fisher
Stephanie Corbett
Stephanie Corbett - 23 days ago
Naim: I cried watching School of Rock.
Angela: Was this when you had acne?
😂😂😂😂😂😂 Naim had to give her props and say, "That was good timing."
Stephanie Corbett
Stephanie Corbett - 23 days ago
Naim: I cried watching School of Rock.
Angela: Was this when you had acne?
😂😂😂😂😂😂 Naim had to give her props and say, "That was good timing."
antoine king
antoine king - 23 days ago
Thotty like his cooking cause it taste like shit🤔😏💩
David F
David F - 23 days ago
Bump master flex!!!!! LOL ☠
CS2XX - 23 days ago
“Clinique???!!” Soulja Voice lol
Mrs. Sugaraye
Mrs. Sugaraye - 23 days ago
I’m NOT a Kevin Hart fan but I follow both these guys on IG and love them
The Ennis Curse
The Ennis Curse - 23 days ago
Did anybody notice those dolls over Spanks shoulder?! 🤣🤣 why he got his fingers in the black dolls ass!!!
Big Norri
Big Norri - 23 days ago
All laughs wit these brothas 😂💪🏾
William Mccrimmon
William Mccrimmon - 23 days ago
Ernest Walker
Ernest Walker - 23 days ago
Will What are you willing to do lol
Ernest Walker
Ernest Walker - 23 days ago
Will what willing to spank lol
Respect Art
Respect Art - 23 days ago
This very disrespectful interview 🤷🏽‍♂️
Elijah Short
Elijah Short - 23 days ago
yall be giving cthagod hell like yee dont be goin in on the slick "was this when you had acne" looooolll
Dee Myles
Dee Myles - 23 days ago
Idk how I hadn't heard of them b4 now, but THEY ARE HILARIOUS! I'm definitely about to look up all their wk to catch myself up. The Breakfast Club keeps me up to speed on EVERYTHING! From celebrities to politics. I love you guys and y'all just feel like family. Much love, keep doin whatcha doin and ima be right here growing with y'all!💞💞💞
Mitchell Brock
Mitchell Brock - 23 days ago
This is one of the funniest Breakfast Club interviews ever. And these cats killed on the Irresponsible tour too.
Brent Jefferson
Brent Jefferson - 23 days ago
What’s going on with the dolls in the background??
Jack Jack.
Jack Jack. - 23 days ago
I'm a simple man, I see the plastic cup boyz and I click on the thumbnail expeditiously.
Kamaal GunSmoke
Kamaal GunSmoke - 23 days ago
Two grown ass men did a whole interview abt anotha nigga🤦🏾‍♂️
shottilotto - 23 days ago
Yee asks and answers her own questions
Smitty Sacks
Smitty Sacks - 23 days ago
I guess it matters on ya gangsta, ya power or ya bank account if you can curse on here. I just watched the Lee Daniels interview and he did all types of cursing and they didn’t tell him once to stop!!
DJ Mike CHI - 23 days ago
I got that Good good lemonade???? I dont get it. ( I took it as, lemonade stand...serve u up) explain for me please
noemi2007 - 22 days ago
+DJ Mike CHI You're welcome.
DJ Mike CHI - 22 days ago
+noemi2007 ooooh. Thank u..i understand
noemi2007 - 22 days ago
Referring to R. Kelly video of him urinating on that underaged girl.
Craig Holston
Craig Holston - 23 days ago
Whats up with the action figures in the back?
rahville - 24 days ago
4 outta 5 flies prefer your mouth over shit 😂😂😂
shaqdizzo - 24 days ago
Dem niggas ain’t funny at all.... they tried too much
Trese T simmons
Trese T simmons - 24 days ago
Soooo... it's okay to drug and rob someone as long as you don't rape them. I thought both actions are atrocious, but I guess if you have a selective moral compass as long as your fond of someone drug and rob away.
Dominique Ballou
Dominique Ballou - 24 days ago
CTG wrong NFL put the discipline into the owners hands they get to chose if they'll fine the players who protest
Wise Soul1
Wise Soul1 - 24 days ago
I've never understood why ppl don't like Kevin Hart. His story should make everybody root for him and others who took their gift and made a successful fulfilling life out of it. Poor kid from N. Philly makes it big! If you don't think he's funny I have a simple and easily applicable solution for ya. Don't watch his shit. Problem solved dummies.
marcus johnson
marcus johnson - 24 days ago
What the hell is going on with them dolls on Charlemagne book behind Spank @28:27
Luwam Alem
Luwam Alem - 24 days ago
"Black men don't cheat"..... SILENCE, you know why it went quiet? Because that's a lie!! 😂😩😩
A B - 24 days ago
tony - 24 days ago
Naim means Happiness ironic AF
Mai Iam
Mai Iam - 24 days ago
I haven't watched RKelly documentary. Anyway, Naiim seems extremely judgmental perhaps it was just that day but dang ease up! We get it, his craft is important but relax...
Mai Iam
Mai Iam - 24 days ago
Naiim mad about everything. I think Kevin did the right thing not doing the Oscars, it's okay to pass.
Mai Iam
Mai Iam - 24 days ago
Michael Blackson and Katt Williams is hella funny
Mai Iam
Mai Iam - 24 days ago
Mai Iam
Mai Iam - 24 days ago
I cry too but I blame my hormones🤣
Mai Iam
Mai Iam - 24 days ago
Naiim need vitamins B12 shot or iron. 😅
Mai Iam
Mai Iam - 24 days ago
Bump master flex😩🤣😂that's funny
Mai Iam
Mai Iam - 24 days ago
Whet, gurl host! Everyone were surprised about Michael Jackson's death! Wtf is that girl host talking about it! Perfection must be hard.
Mai Iam
Mai Iam - 24 days ago
Personally, I do not care about Kevin's so called cheating scandal; it was stupid & none of my business. People act as if they know his mate like who cares. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Francis Mtuke
Francis Mtuke - 24 days ago
Man I’ve seen Kevin twice and Nai’im was the funniest dude there both times! Straight comedy
E. Torres
E. Torres - 24 days ago
first of all envy, itws The Hate U Give...talking bout thug lmao
TRAP tv - 24 days ago
Oh yea and tell them plastic cup boys we can afford real glassware over here!
Ashleque Jackson
Ashleque Jackson - 24 days ago
Niam-make everything we eat. Strange
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