Joe Rogan Experience #857 - Dan Bilzerian

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Cassandra Deatherage
Cassandra Deatherage - 14 hours ago
Is this garbage can human's ideals really something that should be promoted? He's on an endless chase to fill the emptiness in his head with boobs. Women who can be bought may be seduced by purses & shoes.. or maybe they were just taught by society that their value lies in appearances only, & they aren't equipped or able to provide a decent life for themselves on their own abilities/ merit. Either way.. ladies, please stop allowing the genetics of idiots to pervade society!
RouterYT - Day ago
Dan bilzerian: *Goes to toilet*
Joe Rogan: *talks shit while hes gone*
Twoleggedkumulava - 2 days ago
Divorce is HELL but what's a billion times worse is the child custody agreement's that go along with the divorce. My ex made our son's life hell just to hurt me. Then 5 year's later my daughter's mother is doing the same but worse and the family courts just let her get away with all of it even with the mountains of proof I provide of her abusing our daughter...... Video, audio and even witnesses that testified to seeing horrible shit. FUCK THE SYSTEM AND FUCK ALL THE WOMEN OUT THERE WHO THINK THEIR CHILDREN ARE PAWNS!!!!!🖕🏽
Screen Peeks
Screen Peeks - 2 days ago
We all know it’s his dads money . Fraud money . That’s all .
Joe Birr
Joe Birr - 2 days ago
17 girls at 5:05 time stamp. Code
Dot Connector
Dot Connector - 2 hours ago
Silas - 2 days ago
Joe “pull it up Jamie Dan Bilzerian is here” Rogan
Brad Gray
Brad Gray - 2 days ago
He's so full of shit. You wouldn't make it 30 seconds into BUDS with both legs broken. At least make up a decent lie. And then to say "I would have had it made, disabled veteran, all the good shit that comes with that....bla bla" he's a fuckin idiot
ManBehind TheCurtains
someone sounds a little envious.
 - 2 days ago
Youtube is censoring comments
Sandra Tran
Sandra Tran - 3 days ago
@ 18:01 because guys can have their tits out and not get arrested.... but both genders would get arrested if they had their genitalia out ✌️
Scott Christopher
Scott Christopher - 3 days ago
Either that or the devil, are those horns or cat ears??
Adam Ferello
Adam Ferello - 3 days ago
how much did you pay Dan to sit there for 3 fu**ing hours ?
Megane Eimers
Megane Eimers - 3 days ago
This guy is full of shit, why do people follow him on IG or any other media. Where did Joe find this guy????
Hedge Hog
Hedge Hog - 3 days ago
This dude is a storyteller, his military stories are complete lies
Hedge Hog
Hedge Hog - 22 hours ago
@IrishSavage87 Never said he wasn't in B.U.D.S at some point, I'm not worried enough to ask my military buddies for his military records. He did correct Joe when Joe called him a SEAL, but the fact is his story is a crock of shit. The military did not let him into B.U.D.S with a broken leg and they did not restart him from the end to the beginning. Also, hell week in BUDS is the 4th week which is not a big deal to make it through.. you are talking 24 weeks for BUDS training. With about 2-3 Years of training altogether to become a Navy Seal. I'm done with this I'm not gonna comment more to people who havent been in special forces.
IrishSavage87 - 22 hours ago
Actually it’s been vetted and proven, he never claimed to be a SEAL but he did in fact make it through hell week. Dan Shipley, a retired SEAL that exposes imposters has confirmed that he did do the required training to earn a trident but unfortunately was medically dropped upon completion, he got his DD214 shortly thereafter, I served and I know a fake when I see one and this dude isn’t a fake. Asshole, douche or a tool....maybe.....but he is a vet, so show a little respect in that regard.
Hedge Hog
Hedge Hog - Day ago
@ManBehind TheCurtains The military would not let someone walk around with a known broken leg. A military doctor would not allow a person into B.U.D.S with a broken leg, the doctor would be fired. I was in special forces and for me to get in they did a whole week of medical testing on me and they will not let someone in for the smallest reason. One guy I know had a broken forearm before he joined the military and it was healed by the time he went through medical testing and they would not allow him in once they found it. When someone broke something, fractured, or got injured to where they could not continue they were pulled immediately from training and when healed they were put into a class that is at the same point that the injury happened. He claims two days from graduating and they restarted him? That's some B.S. for infractions they would kick him out not restart him all the way at the beginning. He also claimed to be taking steroids, they do room inspections in which they destroy your room looking for everything and to make you clean it up but you aren't allowed to just take lifting supplements.. they would have found steroids.
ManBehind TheCurtains
How can you confirm?
Just an Anvil
Just an Anvil - 3 days ago
I was not ready for that fucking throwing up video.
TYLER oh, hi
TYLER oh, hi - 3 days ago
This guy made how many million playing a game he isnt good at? And he went through navy seals training how many times? This is the most horseshit ive ever seen rogan let slide so easily.
Michael Garrick
Michael Garrick - 3 days ago
Best interview hands down
Ryan S
Ryan S - 3 days ago
Dan who???
Picasso Pete
Picasso Pete - 3 days ago
Nobody get high and shoots people? You’ve never been in the hood my friend..
12Agonzo - 3 days ago
Dan, if the Navy docs let your legs pass during your in processing then they are responsible for your legs for the rest of your life if they find during out processing you have a disability and then you go to the VA and get a percentage rating.
d cy
d cy - 4 days ago
so cringe
ninjame - 4 days ago
Wow wtf
David Cutts
David Cutts - 4 days ago
Joe "$$$" Rogan.
Matthew Risoldi
Matthew Risoldi - 4 days ago
Slice vs Gannon 1:29:00
Bryce Parsons
Bryce Parsons - 4 days ago
Must be nice.
Culture Brand
Culture Brand - 5 days ago
So many nervously said details about his "seal team hell week" but barely anything about where he got money to play poker.. I would expect some incredible stories about taking his government money and flipping it in poker games.. and then he has to go take a piss....
tara Toes
tara Toes - 5 days ago
Kevo Seddo
Kevo Seddo - 5 days ago
Seal CO: no you can’t train
Dan: c’moooooon
Seal CO: aight
Beaux Blair
Beaux Blair - 5 days ago
everything this guy says is suspicious
Beaux Blair
Beaux Blair - 5 days ago
Theres a lot of holes in soldier boys stories.
Haley Robinson
Haley Robinson - 5 days ago
Dan- “ I have ADD”
Joe- “Is that even real though?”
I love joe so much lmao he knows whatsup
AttaxiaFFXI - Day ago
@Haley Robinson You realise that the fact "big pharma" has an agenda to sell pills (which no one would argue they do) has absolutely nothing to do with whether ADHD exists. Do they take advantage of it? Sure - by providing a supply that meets a demand for medications that have been *proven* to treat it. There are also "Drs" that have an Anti-ADHD agenda to sell you their behavioural coaching or dietary program but I suppose you enjoy the big pharma conspiracy more? We've been using these stimulants (though not sure why you jumped to meth, it is rarely used, nothing like street meth and never given to children) to treat ADHD now for many many years, if used sensibly under good instruction we know precisely what the dangers are and how to monitor and mitigate them. Despite this no one has ever said these drugs that treat ADHD are good for you, they aren't. But untreated ADHD may have severe consequences too, it's a case of weighing up which consequences are worse; the side effects from the stimulant or the impact of the disorder, which is completely subject to the particulars of each case.
Haley Robinson
Haley Robinson - Day ago
Yeah “masses of evidence” lmao Pretty sure theres enough evidence to say that giving people METH is bad too but thats what theyre giving people, KIDS, to treat a mental disorder? Yeah makes sense, sounds legit
Haley Robinson
Haley Robinson - Day ago
Imagine being a doctor who gets paid by pharmaceutical companies to overprescribe and over diagnose these “prevelent” mental disorders 😂 I went to a doctor who asked me TEN yes or no questions that I answered mostly yes to, and BOOM apparently i have ADD and left with a script of Adderall. Its all a business, people need to stop using their “mental disorder” as an excuse. Try fucking meditation maybe? Therapy even? No pill is gonna help a made up mental disorder. It manifests from within and the only way to fix it is from within.
AttaxiaFFXI - 2 days ago
Imagine thinking the experts along with all the masses of evidence on the existence of an extremely prevalent mental disorder were wrong.
Joshua Gallegos
Joshua Gallegos - 4 days ago
i feel the same as joe on this for sure just an excuse in my opinion
aleksandar ns
aleksandar ns - 5 days ago
what girls was he fcking in collage, hes like 5 ft tall LOL
aleksandar ns
aleksandar ns - 5 days ago
Bilzerian got really sweaty and had to go to the bathroom the second time at 1:56 Weird
Riis Roulette
Riis Roulette - 5 days ago
Who is this guy?
Peter Vasz
Peter Vasz - 6 days ago
Honestly what does he morally do that causes so much passionate hate for him?
Benj - 4 days ago
Peter Vasz I don’t think there’s anything morally wrong he’s done, I think it’s just the way he behaves. Maybe most people are just jealous? That being said, I can’t fucking stand him but now that you’ve asked the question, I can’t tell you exactly why I can’t stand him. Lol
Kurei Wrynn
Kurei Wrynn - 6 days ago
I fell asleep standing in the food line
Joel Silverman
Joel Silverman - 6 days ago
bulllshit he made his money playing poker.. cool guy, but we all know that is a total lie.
cybrscot - 6 days ago
LOL, yeah drug addicts use other drugs to get off drugs. Usually works. :)
Drop Top Performance
Drop Top Performance - 6 days ago
This guys seal experience sounds like a whole lot of bullshit lol
Kaz lemon
Kaz lemon - 2 days ago
@Norma Tries and you would be the girl to mend his heart😂😂😂
Norma Tries
Norma Tries - 3 days ago
Being a military veteran myself.. it alllll makes sense. Over inflating the experience. And then his lifestyle is compensating for what he couldn't achieve. I mean he still gets the girls and guys the money but deep down inside, he's still a sad boy with a broken heart
Jai Dave
Jai Dave - 5 days ago
Pretty much true as I have a friend who served/trained with Dan however he also said Dan always behaved like a spoiled asshole.
Minnesota Poker
Minnesota Poker - 7 days ago
Dan B is NOT a winning poker player.
mixalis - 7 days ago
joe, you should have pressed harder on all his bullshit lies !! Dan is one of those lucky as fuck millionaires, dads trust funds ! shhshshsshsh Joe bones do heal ! Hes bullshit just doesn't stop !@! Dan joined the Navy in 1999. In 2000, Bilzerian went on to undergo SEAL training, and completed two hell weeks, but he was kicked out of the program a few weeks before graduation after having a disagreement with one of his administrators. The disagreement reportedly involved a safety violation on the gun range.
Ben R
Ben R - 7 days ago
Joe "what's a berm?" Rogan
Athear Nasery
Athear Nasery - 7 days ago
He made his money off his father's money laundering in a different country.
You can look it up, his father had to give up his American citizenship for money laundering.
"I made my money through poker" My ASS
OscarAHG - 7 days ago
2:17:00 the fast of least resistance wOoaahh
quick email needed
quick email needed - 7 days ago
for a big guy he has a child tongue LOL
Shaheen Shidfar
Shaheen Shidfar - 7 days ago
I won the gallon challenge in college. Just split it up in to 10 glasses and drink one ever 6 minutes. People try to chug it. It’s easy when you pace it out. Easiest $100 I have ever made.
cybrscot - 7 days ago
I think the passport requirement for Canada and Mexico just after 9/11
Salopian Daniel
Salopian Daniel - 7 days ago
Yo I love the dude but the side of his face along his beard looks like the bottom silhouette of a pig his nose is the pigs head/nose
Rad Con
Rad Con - 7 days ago
People that complain about dan lives a shallow life, this and that, are just jealous of dan that they don’t have his life.. grow up people.. I have ZERO problems with what dan does
Michael Howell
Michael Howell - 7 days ago
Trust fund cock sucker!
Freedom WatchDog
Freedom WatchDog - 8 days ago
Condom? "Sex nine times in one day !?!?!" Yes. I am envious. Butta ... who wants rubber love? I don't dig it.
Gary E. Ko
Gary E. Ko - 8 days ago
The number one best nobody on earth.
Joseph Colby
Joseph Colby - 8 days ago
Joe Rogan's impression of joey Diaz is fucking spot on 😂😂
AyouMike - 8 days ago
F you Joe! I don’t wanna see painted dicks!
americanalltheway Redneck
so working out like a beast and mass quanities of drugs dont amount to shit..
americanalltheway Redneck
love joe rogan and dan b..Those guys are no bullshit..
S - 9 days ago
The Chinese horse story is a Taoist short story. very cool story, if any of you suffer from depression go check it out.
xKing Roland
xKing Roland - 9 days ago
After watching this I now have threesums with my girlfriend and other women
Nate Morrill
Nate Morrill - 9 days ago
We have the same dream car at the same age. I think it’s a sign I’m the next dan
StayChaotic - 9 days ago
dans vibe is kinda bullshitty, 👀
heathen_fxdb - 6 days ago
StayChaotic kinda? Lol
Ease54 - 9 days ago
I guess I need to get out more, 'cause I've never heard of this guy.
Olivier Oberholzer
Olivier Oberholzer - 7 days ago
Actually i feel kind of proud that i never heard about him before... Avoiding dumbasses like a king...
Kalle Sven
Kalle Sven - 8 days ago
do you even internet?
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