CPU Cooling with BOILING LIQUID 🔥🔥

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FORDGTFANATIC - 5 hours ago
The half life dead sound
Dan on the go
Dan on the go - 7 hours ago
thanks for saying "zed" #CanadaProud
Magnuzone - 3 days ago
eyebrows force upon
B Hew
B Hew - 6 days ago
you need a extended block with a cold side for the input then rinse the water and have output directly above main heat spot
Jxshua Yuzn
Jxshua Yuzn - 6 days ago
Hehe, he's like nut nut nut
Chinh Phan
Chinh Phan - 7 days ago
Using different size pipes to supplement pressures to aid movement along with a heating element pre radiator should work so it doesn't need to use heat from the CPU because by then it would be too late. It will take more wattage for the heating element like a glow plug but it would be quite. Also add a flow and temp sensor to regulate the heating element.
MrNoNamedIdiot - 7 days ago
i guess its that 3M liquid ... novec
Khor Mun Huai
Khor Mun Huai - 9 days ago
this is eazy fix , go get a liquid that has lower boiling point than water that also do not damage the cooling system.
Fredrik Svantesson
Fredrik Svantesson - 10 days ago
Pretty sure that one of the pipes need to be higher up than the other (on the radiator). At least if car radiators have taught me anything.
Andreas Belger
Andreas Belger - 10 days ago
Perfect system to use a Tesla Valve to create a dedicated flow direction into the system
NoDice - 13 days ago
Instead of water, use peak antifreeze and gives us some more stats.
MeDontKnowYou - 16 days ago
I thought PIA was Pakistan International airlines 😂😂😂
mygnolia - 11 days ago
Testsubject276 - 17 days ago
Aight. *Unzips*
Marcus Zeal
Marcus Zeal - 18 days ago
I had to pause the video while working to make sure I wasn't going crazy. That background music tho. xD
Zhou Fangzhou
Zhou Fangzhou - 20 days ago
I guess it is ammonia not water. The Chinese railway builders use it to frozen soil and prevent it turning soft.
Tang Yuchao
Tang Yuchao - 21 day ago
That's amazing
Screen Patch
Screen Patch - 21 day ago
Intro is 10/01 quality and yes you heard it right 10/01 quality
PrimeRibGaming - 23 days ago
01001001 01001101 01000001 01010110 01001001 01010010 01000111 01001001 01001110 5:10
Ravi Jadhwani
Ravi Jadhwani - 25 days ago
wow this was actually cool the application of this technology would be endless thanks for the content
jonathan dents
jonathan dents - 25 days ago
Skinny on top, Thiccbois cry everywhere.
Edgar Renje
Edgar Renje - 26 days ago
Those "Let's find out" and "Will it....?" are taking too far....
popular marble
popular marble - Month ago
melven wong
melven wong - Month ago
pls look away at 5:07 !! cringy
Thoringer - Month ago
Like the "NO please check" in the background with the eyebrows - says it all.
Michael Mains
Michael Mains - Month ago
Next up, cooling with R32!!!
Boostic - Month ago
i want you to read books to my children
True Shura
True Shura - Month ago
But why are the fans off???
Lane Miller
Lane Miller - Month ago
at 12:56 is that a picture of a monitor used as a screenshot? If so.... Why lol
Shen Yang
Shen Yang - Month ago
*puts pc in river.
Pump free loop
C#ndition - Month ago
just connect CPU and radiators with copper headpipes Linus :D that would be even less noisy :D
Gallons Of Milk Gaming
That'd have to be a pretty strong straw
Gallons Of Milk Gaming
Why did he have to canadianize NZXT
Manuel85 - Month ago
Some do it for the lols! :D
Teddington Bear
Teddington Bear - Month ago
Jack Duerden
Jack Duerden - Month ago
Surely orientation for this kind of thing is key. The convection current needs to be gravity assisted. In the same way a central heating system or water heater would work?
The cold feed into the block needs to physically be below the hot outlet and then the reverse for the radiator, hot feed into the top then cold coming out of the bottom? That way the convection current flows with the force of gravity providing assistance?
Sam Lorenz
Sam Lorenz - Month ago
Stop it. Ur touching the bottom of the mother board
Budget PC`s Romania
Budget PC`s Romania - Month ago
That`s like a self ramping pump controlled by the temps. I hope that the liquid in the tubing is Vodka Comrade
john humphrey
john humphrey - Month ago
Did they fill it with that stuff from 3m kinda works like those "underwater" builds 🤔
godsstep son
godsstep son - Month ago
Its like a boiler with a chill water tower the tower in this case being the raidiator..... kinda sad i was joking arlund with a friend the other day about boil/chill system
BonkedByAScout - Month ago
What's up with the quiet bells in the audio background? Like I'm watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Heat Dissipation System.
GTA V modded lobby money drops
Would help a lot if the raidiator fans were on😂
Adam Musgrove
Adam Musgrove - Month ago
He's trying to make it work passively
Björn Njurling
Björn Njurling - Month ago
I think it is supposed to work like the bubble-pump in a coffee-maker. There are stem bubbles forming that float up pushing the liquid as it expands. That's why it should be mounted vertically with the large pipe up, liquid+steam takes more space than just liquid.
not yo biz
not yo biz - Month ago
I LOVE XS!!!!!
Joseph Shteinman
Joseph Shteinman - Month ago
Wait, so the cpu has to get hot to pump water to cool the cpu, stopping it from cooling the cpu?
Kenneth Ravenscroft
Kenneth Ravenscroft - Month ago
There aren't very many fluids that will go from a gas to a liquid around ambient temperature. It is definitely something of a low boiling point kept under pressure or a high boiling point kept in a vacuum. As to what it is I do not know. Possibly methanol put under a few hg of vacuum. It naturally has a boiling point around 64c and a vacuum would lower that substantially. That would explain not using typical plastics or rubber seals. It does not however transfer heat so well so it would have to stay quite cool to do the job which further supports it being under vacuum.
frozenwaterR410A - Month ago
Dear Linus, you have made some very big mistakes on building up this unit.
Greedings from Germany, Expert vor refrigeration technology on TÜV SÜD
David Ewering
David Ewering - Month ago
The moment you realize that the thin tube should be on the lower side on both parts... Like... In the Raijintek Image
Michael Sanders
Michael Sanders - Month ago
Why don't they use alcohol or the oil in heat pipes instead of water?
Pleplerhep - Month ago
A noisy pump? O_O Is that even a thing?
Jakob Schepers
Jakob Schepers - Month ago
its pretty much just this one https://youtu.be/AZAUnl37Cr8
oohgoditsbees - Month ago
I liked when Linus talked about his nuts.
Mc GetRekt
Mc GetRekt - Month ago
5:08 Linus.exe has stopped responding
Sam Brzozowski
Sam Brzozowski - Month ago
Linus!!!!........ Im not surprised
MWP Gaming
MWP Gaming - Month ago
This build is defeating it's purpose
Commander IronWolf
Commander IronWolf - Month ago
Even if there were instructions would you use them?
Dabkevinhere710 John doe
I'm a hvac student please give me money so I can put liquid gases in a cooling loop.
kell mabbott
kell mabbott - Month ago
I'm in hvac to. I'm pretty sure that is refrigerant. That's way it's sealed off probably r134a or r22
Joseph - Month ago
I swear to god, when you tilted that motherboard and i watched that power cable bend like that, i lost it.
Sc0ttishGamer88 - Month ago
cringe much!!
Ulm132 - Month ago
It might be not safe to use. Boiling water within sealed off space increases pressure to the point it will blow up.
RutheniumDy - 2 months ago
Everyone seems to forget that we actually saw this cooler on the 23rd of December in 2018 when Linus & Crew did their shelf cleaning. Which means even after it was sitting on the shelf for all that time, it took another 3 months just to make this video. Way to go Linus!
Team Black
Team Black - 2 months ago
This was pretty neat!
agus2001 - 2 months ago
You have both pipes at the same level. The intake side should sit lower than the hot side. Since heat rises yada yada yada, once cooled by the radiator it should go through the cold side and come up from the bottom.
Rephael Catap
Rephael Catap - 2 months ago
1:39 - 1:42 BEST INTRO EVER
WALTER HUGO DE SOUZA - 2 months ago
100 degrees celsius is a good result?
Dingleburry - 2 months ago
magnetohydrodynamic cooler with mercury. Solved. No moving parts.
The_Awesome_Gamer - 2 months ago
Jessica Corr
Jessica Corr - 2 months ago
I have a silent cooled system I use novec 3000 as the fluid and a peltier
Xiao Mi
Xiao Mi - 2 months ago
Im pretty sure without a valve on one end of the tubes, the coolant in both tubes will only be moving one direction - away from the block as it heats up. And without sufficient coolant in the loop, with the presence of air pockets, full convection cannot take place effectively to cycle the coolant through the furthest end of the cooling block to really bring the temperature of the coolant down. In summary, add a valve, fill up the loop with more coolant and no air pocket. The heated coolant from the block will create enough pressure to cycle through all the chambers of the cooling block as the valve on the other end only allow the 'cool' coolant to return. Vola!
Blanket Bearer
Blanket Bearer - 2 months ago
Water shouldn't be flowing out from both sides of the block. I would have imagined that thing has a check valve inside of it before watching the video. It works by keeping liquid, in this case coolant, flowing in one direction only. A check valve is the liquid equivalent of a diode, for anybody not familiar with them.
E,ffects - 2 months ago
Tests a random water cooler on an 8700k what a god
Phleet Gaming
Phleet Gaming - 2 months ago
felt like linus was talking pro-cowgirl position for a bit there. something about put the skinny one on top
thisbeatis44 - 2 months ago
Dear Linus Tech Tips... I don't envy you the ridiculous things you have to deal with, but I have a feeling your boss(es) must know how incredibly lucky they are to have you on their team. Anyway, a huge thank you from those of us who know just enough about computers to have ourselves a lot of...stressful, sometimes destructive moments. ;-) We appreciate your patience and savvy. Cheers.
B34tZ - 2 months ago
That explaination on the straw filling with water was definately wrong.
It does not matter if it was water, apple juice, pee or any other fluid because it has nothing to do with the surface tension at all. It is all about the hydrostatic pressure. What that means is that fluids try to keep a level through out their entire used space. Thats how most of the toilets all around the planet work. So basically you have water outside of the straw and inside of it. While both spaces are not fully seperated the reservoir with the higher level (initially the outside of the straw) pushes down to keep up the level with the strawer, but since water (like any other fluid) can be compressed (#physicsisgreat) the inner reservoir takes the pressure of the outer one and gets lifted. So both levels come to a tie
This picture clearifies things a little bit. That is the U-Tube (no, definately no Pun here) Manometer visualized
So it basically is about the level difference and the density of the fluid. No matter of surface tension

EDIT: Still great video as always xD
Schpankme Verimuch
Schpankme Verimuch - 2 months ago
Just like your car use an electric fan on the radiator.
Alcatraz Namikaze
Alcatraz Namikaze - 2 months ago
5:15 error 404 linus not found :O
Jason howe
Jason howe - 2 months ago
ahh try adding 2 or more radiators and see if it does something to reduce the temp even further... however it wouldn't be a standard tower case that you can mount the cooling setup into..
at this stage an oil with a high boiling point may be the only liquid option that could be used
however if you were 100-1,000 proof alcohol route for cooling you likely need to get it 5 to-5c making the solution pointless to consider the option..
at this stage the only 2 oils I would use if attempting to use a radiator type cooling setup that would be rice or olive oil or similar consistency..
Jason howe
Jason howe - Month ago
@Mike Hersee It make more sense having the psu in the top part of the case unless you require a 2 psu option.. depending on the gpu option you want to use.. you would pretty much need a different case and layout if you wan to suck cooling in from the bottom.. however I still have to ask being a workstation class platform i have to wonder why isn't there 2 psu's in the chassis as you would likely 1 psu for the the mobo and drives and 1 for the gpu setup ..
Mike Hersee
Mike Hersee - Month ago
@Jason howe your suggested airflow pattern is pretty sensible for any environment - bottom to top
Jason howe
Jason howe - Month ago
@Mike Hersee in my situation it is best to sit the pc on a concrete floor and suck cool air through the bottom of the case and vent out the top... My original comment was more directed at cooling aspects of the system as setup you would likely be needing to mount 2-3 cases together to mount the excess coolers into I would hazard a guess that the cooler setup was not adequate for use if you were trying to cool the system down past operating temps as I doubt it would cool tthe liquid enough dissipate the adequate enough for cooling the cpu or anything within the cooling loop.. I have no clue what the average temp in north america as a whole is however I suspect you will likely need to operate this in a constant room temp south of 25-18c for adequate cooling requirements.. if you are in a room north of 32c you will not have adequate cooling
Mike Hersee
Mike Hersee - Month ago
@Jason howe An ambient temperature of 35 degrees C??? That's a tough environment!. Evaporative cooling there could be a challenge as it would be more difficult to get the damn fluid to condense again
Jason howe
Jason howe - Month ago
@Mike Hersee i understood what he meant even if poorly explained how ever you will still need to cool the liquid down to a point and sadly you would likely 2 or more radiators to cool it to the point the liquid is cooled enough not to cause throttling of the cpu.. and anything else within use in the cooling system living in a country that oftenly doesn't see an ambient temp below 35c in summer and can average the same temp days on end all year round.. cycling hotwater can become corrosive even in gas form because you are still boiling the water with impurities and whatever chemical imbalance there is would cause more more damage.. unless you have the capacity to drop the the temp from 60-85c to 2-10c and keep cycling the water no chance in hell you are drop the heat to the point you don't start cooking thing.. you will likely be needing a cooling solution that would not likely fit within that chassis to the point you could drop the cooling down to a point it would below 22c..
Anthony Tsang
Anthony Tsang - 2 months ago
I think the radiator need to stand vertical on the side so that one pipe will fill with condensated liquid and the other will not.
Stein871 - 2 months ago
I guess vodka would work pretty well with this
AlbertoRizzo - 2 months ago
What do you think about this CPU cooler?
daniel servin
daniel servin - 2 months ago
I like that rack for my computer.. Where can i get one? :)
daniel servin
daniel servin - 2 months ago
Hold up.. I found your other video.. haha
Gabriel Gandi Goesantoso
Gabriel Gandi Goesantoso - 2 months ago
Was that Desinc's profile pic at the start?
Anti - 2 months ago
and yes its desinc's profile pic
Anti - 2 months ago
its the scientist lmao
12112 11111
12112 11111 - 2 months ago
Try Splooge next time.
hostile1ne - 2 months ago
those fans need to be running.. u need both heat and cold to make a cooling go cycle..
thePhished - 2 months ago
60 idle temps? Great! when can i get my hands on this piece of work.
Telogor - 2 months ago
The fluid is probably 3M Novec or something similar.
Freelancer95 - 2 months ago
you mean I don't have to use my bicycle pump anymore?!? My feet can finally be free to do... other things!
lawnmower16 - 2 months ago
I like how it takes him until the end of the video to rtfm
Mike Soda
Mike Soda - 2 months ago
No comment about the tag on the back of his shirt? lol
Hiddenus1 - 2 months ago
I like how his sponsorship parts are less than 15s so I can skip them with a press of a button :D
Adam Korman
Adam Korman - 2 months ago
Dem Eyebrows. Stop. Stop it now. YOU STOP THAT! STOOOOOPP!!! AAARGH!!!! RAGE!
Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson - 2 months ago
I'm fairly certain that hitting it with a hot load is going to lose you your monetization...
NINJA_F15H - 2 months ago
raijintek? the reason I had a dead 970? 10/10
Jim Auer
Jim Auer - 2 months ago
9:11 wait, what am i watching?
Warlord StarCraft
Warlord StarCraft - 2 months ago
can we please get a review of the huawei matebook x pro 2019
Michael Callaway
Michael Callaway - 2 months ago
Says "zed" at 1 minute and "zee" at 2 minutes...can't you even Canadian?
PS2Nerd - 2 months ago
Soo, it's a AIO Cooler that is designed to encourage hard work
Lonath Senevirathne
Lonath Senevirathne - 2 months ago
Do CPU cooling with Gallium
Petris Torres
Petris Torres - 2 months ago
Why does his builds always look boring asteticly
Brian Lee
Brian Lee - 2 months ago
Cool concept but boiling point for water is too close to Tjunction, perhaps consider Acetone which boils at ~60c? Do also look into thermal conductivity of other liquids and you might actually be onto something here
GoldenBrew3 - 2 months ago
Low enough pressure for faster boil, correct mix for lower boil temp, but what they are missing is a long enough tube to allow the liquid to air cool without a fan. Think of a massive copper or even silver curly straw. (silver allows better heat transfer then copper) The Liquid would boil up then at it's apex form of vapor begin it's downward water slide to cool off. I would add in a larger reservoir before the two tubes with the fat tube leaving straight up and the smaller tube entering from the bottom instead them both entering/leaving sideways. It would be a massive water cooler, BUT silent with no moving parts
Derp Gaming
Derp Gaming - 2 months ago
Or you could just leave your pc alone
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