Chris Hemsworth Swaps Spoilers with Kit Harington | The Graham Norton Show | BBC America

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It's me!
It's me! - Day ago
Hemsworth just nailed how you get a SPOILER! He's good. :D
Ophiuchus123456789 - Day ago
Kit Hartington is a bit weird looking to me. I can't explain it. It's like his eyes are drawn on.
Ronello Ninettu
Ronello Ninettu - 3 days ago
Chris: Im completely obssessed with your show
Kit: dont. S8 suxxx
babbisp1 - 3 days ago
*Endgame of Thrones*
Chanadya - 3 days ago
I still cant believe that paul rudd is 50 years old. I MEAN MAN LOOK AT HIM😍💔
Zero8880 - 4 days ago
A Song of Ice and Lightning
Soul ASMR - 5 days ago
*secretly James has a GoT blog with all of the secrets but no one believes him*
Myrin - 5 days ago
"that's why we turned him to dust"
first of all, how dare you
Steelman2906 - 6 days ago
I'd love to see Chris and Paul work together in a comedy
Friendly Pedant
Friendly Pedant - 6 days ago
Kit Harrington must be tiny, because I went to college with Paul Rudd, and he's a small man. Kit makes him look big.
Aditya Bhokarikar
Aditya Bhokarikar - 7 days ago
Wish Tony Stark would've met the got Starks
Heather Grace
Heather Grace - 7 days ago
Hemsworth looks like he's intimidated by jon snow
quirky mermaid28
quirky mermaid28 - 8 days ago
i want to see chris evans and emilia clarke on this couch and see who laughs the most
Sandip Sajwan
Sandip Sajwan - 9 days ago
Kit also sympathize with paul at the end.
KrazyKiwi - 9 days ago
It's funny though. Because the Avenger films are not exactly new stories. People keep forgetting that they're actually stories from comics. The spoilers are literally already there, for anyone to see.
Jessagrl89 - 9 days ago
I'm sorry but that was so cute how Kit froze after Chris Hemsworth said he was obsessed with GOT. He got star struck! Awww, if I was Chris I'd give him a hug or handshake after. 🤣🌞
Ciorchinele Suprem
Ciorchinele Suprem - 10 days ago
Chris Hemsworth would make a great Rhaegar if they decide to do the prequel series
Ooguro Ryuuya
Ooguro Ryuuya - 8 days ago
Or Aegon the conqueror of 7 kingdoms. GoT prequel
Nikolai Megdanov
Nikolai Megdanov - 11 days ago
We all know Chris does not watch GoT , it was all for the sake of the joke!
Saravanan S
Saravanan S - 11 days ago
Starks never fare well when they travel south...Ask Tony Stark or Ned Stark!
Mari Jorose Alfonso
Mari Jorose Alfonso - 11 days ago
So cutteee exchanging spoilers
Kenny Albert
Kenny Albert - 12 days ago
I’m a James
SpiderPig - 13 days ago
Damn Thor would be amazing in the GoT universe
Suman Kumar
Suman Kumar - 13 days ago
Kit Harington' s story was the best and very genuine. Loved his story where his friend couldn't care less whats going on in show.
JAsparklefret7 - 14 days ago
Got and Avengers crossover would be 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟
Amy La Mejor
Amy La Mejor - 14 days ago
Omg GoT & The Avengers. This couldn’t go better
Koss Billingham
Koss Billingham - 15 days ago
How big were Kit's pupils in this video. Snow by name, snow by nature?
Veronica Brown
Veronica Brown - 15 days ago
The look of shock on Kit’s face when Chris says he loves Game of Thrones is so precious
Leslie Raymond
Leslie Raymond - 15 days ago
Chris' voice ooofff sexy
Ashok Bantawa Rai
Ashok Bantawa Rai - 16 days ago
Paul is awesome... Don't U dare try to corner him... Love Ur acting n obviously ur sense of humour...
L MV - 16 days ago
2:47 I thought Chris didn't know, hmm he lied about forgetting. lol
Weight Loss Dietitian
Weight Loss Dietitian - 18 days ago
Don't forget to smile and stay awesome
cfwtalks - 18 days ago
So basically they tell each other "the main villain is ended by a Stark"
shafiq shahari
shafiq shahari - 19 days ago
Oh woah Kit being all shaved and with short hair really looks different, he looks more as a Justin Timberlake rather than Jon Snow.
Vita - 19 days ago
Kit can tell me the spoiler about the GoT. Because I don't watch GoT xD
Crumbology - 19 days ago
I'm afraid spoilers are just another symptom. Why do you think you leave your manners at home when you are on the internet?
Open your mind.
The truth can set you free.
Only you can do it. 
You are your own god. 
What are you waiting for?
I have eyes and I can see. 
I must not lie, I must not judge.
I am not better than you. 
I can't speak truth either,
It hurts us both too much.
I can't not do it and so I must.
The truth can set you free.
senpai xD
senpai xD - 20 days ago
0:50 which character she plays ?
SNYDERMUSIC - 20 days ago
Wanna hear a joke?

Why did chris lift his hammer

because he is hemsworthy
Peanut Buzzard
Peanut Buzzard - 21 day ago
Where’s the secret apartment you use to cheat on your wife? Oh! No one’s ever asked me that, let me tell you where it is...
Peanut Buzzard
Peanut Buzzard - 21 day ago
When do we get the Thor / Antman buddy-cop movie???
zaira lopez
zaira lopez - 21 day ago
Omg this is amazing!!
The_Headless_Horseman - 21 day ago
They should of had RDJ also there, that way there would be two Starks on that couch
Kevin Contreras
Kevin Contreras - 3 days ago
+wizrd vic no! His name is Aegon Targyrean so while he has Stark blood he isn't one. But he does follow the customs and all of a Northern Starks
Beanie Bots
Beanie Bots - 5 days ago
Best comment ever!!!!!
wizrd vic
wizrd vic - 8 days ago
technically he is half stark, half targaryen.
wil dan
wil dan - 8 days ago
Youtube Watch
Youtube Watch - 8 days ago
Srry he is a snow....
puddlemini - 22 days ago
being real for a second, that's shitty for an actor. Imagine being fed lines without knowing what your character is supposed to be reacting to? Sucks :(
Kenneth Pettersen
Kenneth Pettersen - 23 days ago
It always have to be a stark in winterfell, Tony stark confirmed
babu dxb
babu dxb - 23 days ago
Julianne Moore could've been a great GOT potential cast... Such a great charismatic vibe with her 😍😍😍
autumnatic - 14 days ago
Lucifer - 23 days ago
I want a movie with these four.
MRDH33.0 - 24 days ago
Thor will be in the next Star Wars
PiyaM - 24 days ago
I love Kit's face, he's trying to work out if Chris is joking and is then fully onboard.
Koketso Mohwasa
Koketso Mohwasa - 24 days ago
Thor becomes fat
heyy'all - 24 days ago
I’m jealous of Julianne rn
archit goel
archit goel - 24 days ago
Night king this and that👀
Mina Ansari
Mina Ansari - 24 days ago
0:29 I just noticed Paul Rudd smile is so pretty lol😂
Yodesly - 24 days ago
Imagine wanting a spoiler about either of those endings
zero1ten - 24 days ago
Jon Snow is Tony’s great great grand uncle
Mattycakes - 25 days ago
Helmsworth just exudes pure Alpha energy at all times.
BijinXOXO - 16 days ago
Mattycakes Right?! 🤤
Phantom Lancers
Phantom Lancers - 25 days ago
plot twist ironman is from house Stark
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
Hmm Kit gave away a little info, Night King survives till the last episode. Some people think the Night King might get killed off in the next two ep. then next couple ep. is about who''s taking the throne.
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
+Sarina S never mind , he died lol
Sarina S
Sarina S - 23 days ago
Honecatta Karushiumu
Honecatta Karushiumu - 26 days ago
What did Chris have written on his hand? I really want to know.
Rashid C
Rashid C - 26 days ago
Kits friend should hire professional security. He's one of a few civilians who know how Got ends
ThexInsidexMan - 26 days ago
kit better watch out, throwing shots at paul like that XD
kw1421 - 27 days ago
How does Endgame of Thrones end?
Luisa GJ
Luisa GJ - 27 days ago
The Avengers Script was redacted like the Mueller Report.
TimeGod12 - 27 days ago
Iron Man dies in the end.
Cap America gets to wield Thor Hammer.
Valkyrie becomes queen of asgard cuz girl power pushed by Marvel.
Endgame spoiler
Amanda L
Amanda L - 28 days ago
Seeing kit and Chris in one show is overloaded!
Shogun 81
Shogun 81 - 29 days ago
Jon Snow Ant-man Thor-My mind is blown
ӿøῇχէ - 29 days ago
That's a weird evolution of that old kindergarten "you show me yours, I show you mine" thing right there.
ThEmAdJaCkHaTtEr - 29 days ago
Who cares about avengers. They all come back to life in the end
su bean
su bean - 29 days ago
lmaoo i also have 0 interest in got, but kit seems like a cool dude
Sandor Clegane
Sandor Clegane - 29 days ago
just a reminder paul rudd is 50.
vengefulhero - 29 days ago
That’s quite a good looking couple
yougonasorry - 29 days ago
I honestly couldnt care less about Avengers, Game of thrones is a legendary show...
Dev Last name
Dev Last name - 29 days ago
I agree, avengers is good but I feel like things have way more impact and things are more permanent in game of thrones, it's not like avengers is finished anyway, there's so many characters and stuff nothing is that permanent
Matthew Berg
Matthew Berg - 29 days ago
For those saying Jon is going to die you are wrong
The creator of the book had said the main 5 including jon and dany will survive
tmhwriter - 29 days ago
I can't stand too much more of GOT. I want to miss an episode and think, "Meh. I'll catch it sometime later."
Undzio - 29 days ago
I love how Kit just laughed when Graham asked him if he told NO ONE wink wink
michael galt
michael galt - Month ago
he wasnt even kidding, lol....but honestly, my interest on endgame has fallen drastically. GoT interest is still at fever pitch.
Mukeet Khan
Mukeet Khan - Month ago
If only Thanos used his gauntlet to erase our student loans. A man can dream.
Flo Schiller
Flo Schiller - Month ago
Never really get, why people want spoilers. Takes away the entire point of watching a movie/show, like... Just wait? It's really not that hard?
dan k
dan k - 29 days ago
You're going to know anyways so I like to know sooner I like spoilers
Seren Bellamy
Seren Bellamy - Month ago
Paul Rudd is so effortlessly funny 😂
JackFogos - Month ago
Fair enough
n a
n a - Month ago
chris: i don't know the ending i forget easily
also chris: ill tell u the ending if u tell urs
Rodycaz - Month ago
OK keep your secrets then.
Terra Lim
Terra Lim - Month ago
what a DELICIOUS couch!!!!!!!!!!!
LuissAngel - Month ago
I had to watched this multiple times, so funny
Vince Mcmahon
Vince Mcmahon - Month ago
Funny thing is Hemsworth's offer has no value now ..
Everyone knows how the movie ends
Vince Mcmahon
Vince Mcmahon - 29 days ago
+dan k Yeah they do .. The whole 20 min final battle plus ending got leaked ...everyone knows now
dan k
dan k - 29 days ago
No one knows
Aion Francisco
Aion Francisco - Month ago
James Wood
James Wood - Month ago
Rudd, hemsworth and Harrington, hold the most wanted secrets in the world at this current moment. All on the same sofa...
Vandan Pokal
Vandan Pokal - Month ago
Kit has a sense of royal style. Kit's amazing man. Winter is comin
Karla820k k
Karla820k k - Month ago
Apparently Julianne and Paul didn’t age at all since 90s
V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta - Month ago
See how comfortable these two avengers are, everyone who has been sitting with shit Larson is super uncomfortable and annoyed with her presence. Look up all interviews.
Raijin - Month ago
Final battle Thor throws Storm Breaker so hard it shatters the universe as it collided with the Infinity Gauntlet. It then falls into Jon Snow’s hands which grant him the power of Thor and lets him wreck the army of the dead with the weapon of the king.
geeplays - Month ago
I fall asleep as soon as I hear Game of Thrones
Andrew Phillips
Andrew Phillips - Month ago
So these to are relaxed and making jokes. They seem almost happy?  Oh because brie isn't there
Julian M
Julian M - Month ago
Damn, Ant Man is bigger than Jon Snow
Lili PAd
Lili PAd - Month ago
Jessica Jimenez
Jessica Jimenez - Month ago
Paul Rudd! 😍😍😍
LOL LOL - Month ago
JON SNOW AND THOR IN ONE ROOM. Something i never thought i needed😂😂😂
Donald Trump
Donald Trump - Month ago
Thor, Ant Man, and Jon Snow all on the same couch.
thejmeister - Month ago
So, from this we know that Thor is atleast present at the end of Infinity War, otherwise he wouldn't know the ending. Or is he bluffing in order to get GoT info? We also know that the Night King might have something to do with the ending of GoT, possibly.
I. A.
I. A. - Month ago
That camera person has a crush on Hemsworth.
ZCMZombieCustomMaps - Month ago
I want to see a movie with both Kit and Chris.
langenbrunner1 - Month ago
“Sorry Paul you’re out”. 😂😂😂
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