Polo G & Lil TJay "Pop Out" (Live Performance) | Open Mic

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Danny Doan
Danny Doan - 6 minutes ago
2:35 when you get up to use the washroom and forget to take off your headphones
Narva Harland
Narva Harland - 12 minutes ago
Lil Tjay ah good background talker♥
BRUCE BROWN JR - 18 minutes ago
Nigga lil that had turtle beach sweats on
Jack Derham
Jack Derham - 40 minutes ago
just me or is polo G’s hands looking retarted like if you agree 💪🏼 fr tho this is fire asffffffff 🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💪🏼
have fun in life
have fun in life - Hour ago
im so mad they didn't sing the last verse together that was gonna be hard
XXX DIAMOND - Hour ago
0.75x 🔥🔥🔥
Petty Pebbles
Petty Pebbles - 2 hours ago
Polo g stay looking high and unbothered lol
X X - 2 hours ago
I thought there wasn’t gonna be no auto tune but of course all rappers now use that
Jaystar ✔️
Jaystar ✔️ - 4 hours ago
It sounds just like the song😂
ZoMbie Shy
ZoMbie Shy - 5 hours ago
0:10 when your mom says there food at home
 - 5 hours ago
F⃦L⃦U⃦X⃦D⃦ E⃦x⃦x⃦
Lil Tjay was hoppin like dude was bout to get 20 mil from this vid😂😂
NateTheGamer YT
NateTheGamer YT - 5 hours ago
So this is like a raw song with less edits other than auto tune? Right?
Jasmene Streeter
Jasmene Streeter - 9 hours ago
Polo go hard
Vipic Tek
Vipic Tek - 10 hours ago
Lil Tjay high on Smarties🤣🤣🤣
Jack Derham
Jack Derham - 43 minutes ago
Vipic Tek I’m on that shii
Mr M3RCY - 11 hours ago
Lil tjay verse is slept on
Mario Mukaj
Mario Mukaj - 11 hours ago
There is autotune in their mics right?
yourmothers fun
yourmothers fun - 12 hours ago
lil tjay soft i gotta video of niggas beating on em💯😂😂😂
KEVIN 2THOWED - 12 hours ago
Lil niggas go 2 HARD 🔥🔥🔥🔥
SAMAKASWAG - 13 hours ago
This has to have auto tune for lol tjay
Sakul Adabor
Sakul Adabor - 16 hours ago
YNW Melly and Polo G, anyone?
Mole Rat
Mole Rat - 18 hours ago
They’re reading lyrics
HELL BOUND - 23 hours ago
they kinda singing faster then usual
Yaboihector2x Jr
Yaboihector2x Jr - Day ago
On some real shit
Yaboihector2x Jr
Yaboihector2x Jr - Day ago
Dean Toomey
Dean Toomey - Day ago
Lil tjay be like when my turn
looneyhalls - Day ago
This better than the original
lionel soto
lionel soto - Day ago
yoo this is good
Harry Fergie
Harry Fergie - Day ago
This is actually sounds a lot better than the music video
rich rabil
rich rabil - Day ago
Kenneth Gridley
Kenneth Gridley - Day ago
Nyir Chapman
Nyir Chapman - Day ago
Shsoabosn hdino
Shell Baby
Shell Baby - Day ago
Lil tjay better
Lyssa A
Lyssa A - Day ago
He sounds wayyyy better without auto tune
YRN DRIP - Day ago
No auto tune dummys
TPS Attacker
TPS Attacker - Day ago
Shit is greatttttttttttt
glory boy
glory boy - Day ago
Stop playing wit lil tj😭😭😭😭
hwolf32 - Day ago
I'm here because of Tim Anderson ...TA7
Jose Najera232
Jose Najera232 - Day ago
I cam because Instagram
Exclusive Xjay
Exclusive Xjay - Day ago
He had that auto tune implemented in he’s throat
Madd3n GB1252
Madd3n GB1252 - Day ago
Add young boy then it’d be perfect
Unknown_person_tv - Day ago
At 2:09 lil tjay was finna cry he really rap what he bout
to much drip
to much drip - Day ago
Lil tjay hype he just jumped around in rap
waemasito entertainment
Lil tjay Durkio type of nigga
Ali Ali
Ali Ali - Day ago
Dvetcs _
Dvetcs _ - Day ago
lol LIL Tjay looked like he was bout to 😢
Corey Benji
Corey Benji - Day ago
Can y’all please give my music a chance🙏🏾
Ross King
Ross King - Day ago
Fu**ing banger broooo
Jonesthekid - Day ago
swear to go im gong to subsribe to Jonesthekid731
ja'mari waters
ja'mari waters - Day ago
On god Polo G my cousin no crosses count
Subscribe to me for no Reason —Grinder
*“WE AIMING FOR YOUR BODY,shots hit your brain”*
Noah Lucas
Noah Lucas - 2 days ago
Ayee they killed it
Jeramiah Wiggins
Jeramiah Wiggins - 2 days ago
People be sleepin on polo G 🚫🧢
Ikhwan Fillah
Ikhwan Fillah - 2 days ago
CallMeSid - 2 days ago
Lil Tjay has a annoyingly good voice
JOOG SQUAD! - 2 days ago
This song makes me wanna tell a cop he is under arrest
Boss King
Boss King - 2 days ago
Lil to was ready 😂 lil tj was swaging
lil bands
lil bands - 2 days ago
This song is so fucken good!!🔥
lil bands
lil bands - 2 days ago
I know Ima be in genius soon!🙏
Percy Lewis
Percy Lewis - 2 days ago
He was about to laugh
Alejandro Pineda
Alejandro Pineda - 2 days ago
This not fake at all,there voice might not be real but there still rapping,it's just that they are using auto tune 🎶
big CHOPPA - 2 days ago
⛽️⛽️ GANG!!
Imagine X
Imagine X - 2 days ago
Get Outplayed
Get Outplayed - 2 days ago
When you mom forces you to let your little brother play with you
CrayZic Nastyyy
CrayZic Nastyyy - 2 days ago
This shit gone get copyrighted on how the same it sounda
Mystic Lonzo
Mystic Lonzo - 2 days ago
When I first ever had lil tjay I was like auto tune?
DubbQ - 2 days ago
First ever song without audio tune?😂
Huncho - 2 days ago
These r lit
I Flekz
I Flekz - 2 days ago
Lil tjay sounds auto tuned but he’s not
Sorry papi 69
Sorry papi 69 - 2 days ago
He used a five syllable word congratulations
Yahtzy - 2 days ago
They got tsm deaquan singing the Music 🔥🔥🔥
Stargazing _
Stargazing _ - 2 days ago
This shit is wack
Sauce God T.J.
Sauce God T.J. - 2 days ago
pop out
Asmr Efren
Asmr Efren - 2 days ago
He didn’t say spray🤦‍♀️
Muser Battles
Muser Battles - 2 days ago
"momma said you have to let come with you"
gamer ray
gamer ray - 2 days ago
Genius should just build a studio for people to go and make music, cause this shit sounds better.
CashFlow Mitch
CashFlow Mitch - 2 days ago
lil tjay energy perfect
HCK1742 YT
HCK1742 YT - 2 days ago
By the way not live auto tune
Pump Too Brazy
Pump Too Brazy - 2 days ago
Lil Tjay moving like me when I gotta take a dump and I’m at school
Pump Too Brazy
Pump Too Brazy - 2 days ago
Make me wanna pull up on my own crib
Never Sleep
Never Sleep - 2 days ago
Pump Too Brazy lol
Vlad - 3 days ago
when ur mom tells you to bring your little brother with you
Arigans - 3 days ago
polo g slept on fr fr
Jerald Monita
Jerald Monita - 3 days ago
Lil tjay too hyped up 😂💀
Paul almighty
Paul almighty - 3 days ago
This my shitt rn foreall tho i feel these lyrics" california livin 💯
Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes - 11 hours ago
Paul almighty I’m what do you mean fore all tho
ytcustodioplays - 3 days ago
sub to me
richiee visions
richiee visions - 3 days ago
First verse was 🔥 but second I felt more..
Coop - 3 days ago
Johnnys Cracked
Johnnys Cracked - 3 days ago
Lil tjay still sounds auto tuned
Matt Frizz
Matt Frizz - 3 days ago
august fingerboards
august fingerboards - 3 days ago
TJay can't hold still
Ulises Odriosola
Ulises Odriosola - 3 days ago
Most underatted song
Connor Barkey
Connor Barkey - 3 days ago
Damn I wanted lil tjay to fully join in on the last hook, their voices together sounded hard!! These two the future
Runitup 2gee
Runitup 2gee - Day ago
yeah shits fye
Connor Barkey
Connor Barkey - Day ago
this shit is still so fire 😭😭
Connor Barkey
Connor Barkey - Day ago
+704 YoSiah bro imagine hearing both these angel voiced muhfuckas jammin that hook at the same time, i'd shed tears
matt Kurdziel
matt Kurdziel - Day ago
I agree. Sounds heat
Connor Barkey
Connor Barkey - 2 days ago
+704 YoSiah I NEED MORE!!
Slipzz - 3 days ago
Lil Tjay was excited😂😂
Edward Whetstone
Edward Whetstone - 3 days ago
Chloe Lalonde
Chloe Lalonde - 3 days ago
If they’re not in XXL I’m suing
Outbreak Icy
Outbreak Icy - 3 days ago
Y do they give tjay autotune? Polo did really good and he did not use autotune
fortnitegod xl
fortnitegod xl - 3 days ago
fortnitegod xl
fortnitegod xl - 3 days ago
Queen Tayla
Queen Tayla - 3 days ago
They don't need no autotune🤘🏽🔥🔥💨
Minor2Go Music
Minor2Go Music - 3 days ago
*Thats my Piano Loop in this Track* : ) Link to the original Piano Loop: https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/133948/piano-quality-a-lonely-walk-84bpm-hip-hop-piano-loop
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