I Tried Following A Bob Ross Tutorial Using Frosting!

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Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino - 2 months ago
I hope you enjoy today's video! Have you ever followed a tutorial video? How did it go? 😊🎨🏞💕
Caitlin IH
Caitlin IH - 2 days ago
It was amazing!!🎨🎨
K9-Non-Copyrighted Music
K9-Non-Copyrighted Music - 12 days ago
It went horrible
Anaya Carroll
Anaya Carroll - Month ago
Your picture looked almost identical to Bob Ross’s
1_direction61 - Month ago
I just recreated one of his tutorials by ur videos, it turned out better than I expected!
Annalis and Family
Annalis and Family - 2 months ago
You are ROCKING that hair due🤘💇
Peggy Perez
Peggy Perez - 3 minutes ago
When you don’t have paint, use frosting.
Kirsten Korkola
Kirsten Korkola - 17 minutes ago
I’m sure that if Bob watched this, it would make him so happy. This video is so wholesome and lovely. She literally radiates positivity!
azchrosette - 36 minutes ago
DAniel Galit
DAniel Galit - 2 hours ago
yours was realy better
Ishita Sharma
Ishita Sharma - 2 hours ago
U are a great artist 👩‍🎨
Kermit Grip
Kermit Grip - 2 hours ago
If that's not art, I don't wanna know what art is.
JellyBeanIsANinja s
JellyBeanIsANinja s - 3 hours ago
so i'm thinking bob rosanna ??
Klaudia Giegiel
Klaudia Giegiel - 3 hours ago
Ro...your painting skills😱
Grace Kavanagh
Grace Kavanagh - 5 hours ago
I recon you should do a lot more of these because you did AMAZING
Sammie Hilton
Sammie Hilton - 5 hours ago
Whattttt?! That looks so damn good!
Kanika Mohan
Kanika Mohan - 6 hours ago
Hi ropansino you are really good drawer you can be a painter
Ruby Hatfield
Ruby Hatfield - 7 hours ago
Laurdiy did that painting and watched bod ross
lesley b
lesley b - 7 hours ago
Wow it was just like Bob's painting (Even better) and it was with frosting
Mariam Omar
Mariam Omar - 7 hours ago
You don't need a bob Ross tutorial u are already a artist
Steven John
Steven John - 9 hours ago
Two week later.
Canvas is full of mold.
susan noori
susan noori - 11 hours ago
Your an amazing artist
Saanvi Yesh
Saanvi Yesh - 12 hours ago
Ok. Now I realised that Ro can do ANYTHING ♥️♥️
Rebeca Castanon
Rebeca Castanon - 12 hours ago
You should start a vlog channel!!!
Rebeca Castanon
Rebeca Castanon - 12 hours ago
Love your hair Ro!!!👍❤️
Britney Plays
Britney Plays - 12 hours ago
12:11 ro looks like she's ded inside hahahahaha love you're videos
Caitlin Gee
Caitlin Gee - 13 hours ago
Lori Menken
Lori Menken - 13 hours ago
I going to California on May 18 to unvitsal studios go there plzz I really wanna met you your soo cool
BT 21
BT 21 - 14 hours ago
666th video
Shannon Polhemus
Shannon Polhemus - 14 hours ago
Thats very good!!! You should paint with real paint your very good 😄👍
Trinity Rickel
Trinity Rickel - 15 hours ago
That actually looks so so so so so so
Good it could be sold for like millions of dollars no joke
Arianna Perez
Arianna Perez - 15 hours ago
16:04 i am shook
Jonathan Van Beuren
Jonathan Van Beuren - 16 hours ago
you should make a percy jackson themed treat that would be great!!!!!
Sabi mommy
Sabi mommy - 16 hours ago
Yours looks better than bobs
Karen Buchanan
Karen Buchanan - 17 hours ago
And sorry about that I didn't spell your name not good
Karen Buchanan
Karen Buchanan - 17 hours ago
Ro Pansino you are such to artists that was the best picture I ever seen in my life I never knew you could do that you're so talented from a girl named Kayla
Gina Teichroeb
Gina Teichroeb - 17 hours ago
Ro you should do a collab with liza koshy
Zoey Martinez
Zoey Martinez - 17 hours ago
You are so creative and funny you are my favorite Youtuber ever
meme master1011
meme master1011 - 17 hours ago
Why did I find this channel?
Eva Mcnally
Eva Mcnally - 18 hours ago
You have talent girl
Princess Tatyanna
Princess Tatyanna - 18 hours ago
Beautiful picture
Julie M
Julie M - 18 hours ago
I think Bob would have loved this video. Amazing painting!
Olivia Chantrell
Olivia Chantrell - 19 hours ago
Olivia Chantrell
Olivia Chantrell - 19 hours ago
At school I have read a bob Ross story on reading pluss
Yuna Dastas
Yuna Dastas - 20 hours ago
Beautiful ❤️
Justin Reyes
Justin Reyes - 20 hours ago
Wow nice
maniek b
maniek b - 20 hours ago
Your picture is So So So So good love you
Anayka Yusaf
Anayka Yusaf - 21 hour ago
I love you and this channel so much and I am very amazed on how your picture turned out. I also asked my sister who's picture was better and she said yours and she was so suorised when I told her it was buttercream frosting 😁
Wolfy style
Wolfy style - 21 hour ago
How is this so amazing and it’s made out of frosting you have to be related to Bob Ross in some way
Kasturi Khutale
Kasturi Khutale - 21 hour ago
U r a real good painter
Gacha sparky
Gacha sparky - 21 hour ago
your such a good painter :0
Lucia Ferreira
Lucia Ferreira - 22 hours ago
In my opinion she actually did better than some people that used paint❤❤❤
Ashwika Nukala
Ashwika Nukala - 23 hours ago
That's so good I can't even paint that with regular paint
Andrea Beer
Andrea Beer - Day ago
Do more please
Amaizz Style
Amaizz Style - Day ago
Sometimes I feel Like Your Hermione Granger😂💕 Harry Potter
Iclal Goruken
Iclal Goruken - Day ago
Maryem Zeidan
Maryem Zeidan - Day ago
Good job 😊
MANN D - Day ago
WOWWWWW how you do that Rosanna Pansino
Welp.... I dint know rossana was a painter plsss do more art vids
nella koskinen
nella koskinen - Day ago
Your painting looks better than his😱💕
Martabak Ijo Golden RC
Actually, that was so good
aparnaa n
aparnaa n - Day ago
U did a great job
Tia Taylor
Tia Taylor - Day ago
How can she frost a canvas. It's even better then an artist even if they use paint
Yasmine MH kassem
Yasmine MH kassem - Day ago
Ro is not only a bakery she’s also an artist wow a big round of applause 👏
niki49735 - Day ago
You are genius Genius 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Ama-khoe Hochobes
Ama-khoe Hochobes - Day ago
Kaya Fitzgerald
Kaya Fitzgerald - Day ago
this is so good I love bob ross I was him for my clas'es living museum
Jana Mihaldzic
Jana Mihaldzic - Day ago
your painting Rosanna is better than his
Azla Ahmed
Azla Ahmed - Day ago
you nailed it
Golden Sunset16
Golden Sunset16 - Day ago
Ro that is so pretty you have so many talents i swear that painting would be hung in a museum
Menma - Day ago
That looks really good for frosting 😯
Liam Frauenfelder
Liam Frauenfelder - Day ago
OMG how I would be all over the place even with paint 🎨 I got my first like Wye is it blue
Patricia Ruiz
Patricia Ruiz - Day ago
Bob Ross who??
Keva McAleer
Keva McAleer - Day ago
Omg that ssoooooo good
krystal _cookies
krystal _cookies - Day ago
It looks so Bootiful XD 😍😍😍
Samina Dorazahi
Samina Dorazahi - Day ago
Can you do a Percy Jackson’s cake
Samina Dorazahi
Samina Dorazahi - Day ago
I think yours looks way better
Samina Dorazahi
Samina Dorazahi - Day ago
That’s actually really nice
Ruby kaisa
Ruby kaisa - Day ago
You're painting is beutifull
Kitten lover No.1
Kitten lover No.1 - Day ago
Why can’t we always paint with buttercream
Vaughan Sanchez
Vaughan Sanchez - Day ago
Every artist 👩‍🎨 is shaking
Uri Live
Uri Live - Day ago
Ro u are an amazing painter u must have watched Bob alot
Molly Hickmott
Molly Hickmott - Day ago
Omg I'm so proud of you
taylor d
taylor d - Day ago
i would give up at not even the middle
Yanely Navarro
Yanely Navarro - Day ago
Omg Ro i love ur panting 😍
Chan Lea
Chan Lea - Day ago
She is painting with frosting while I’m painting with regular paint and mine still looks bad
Lunimal YT
Lunimal YT - Day ago
i know im late but.... am i the only one who thinks ro's is better than bob's?? 💖
Ramon Rodriguez
Ramon Rodriguez - Day ago
I love bob
Mia Baca
Mia Baca - Day ago
Your lucky your in artist and a Cooking expert
Rosa Sanchez
Rosa Sanchez - Day ago
Ro you are sooooooo god I can’t do better than that 😭😭😭
Giulilanna Tosto
Giulilanna Tosto - Day ago
J R - Day ago
Ro you are so good at painting and baking but i all so want you to do a more painting vid
Ashley Wilhelmsen
Ashley Wilhelmsen - Day ago
It looks so good!!
Madi and Ryleigh
Madi and Ryleigh - Day ago
OMG ro is shuch a good painter I think if she would have done it with real paint it would have looked just like Bob Ross's painting
Sophia Rizwan
Sophia Rizwan - Day ago
i swear every youtuber who follows a bob ross tutorial is an artist because the paintings look sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo real.
Jason Ertl
Jason Ertl - Day ago
It’s frosting!!!! Why does it look better than literally any of my paintings. Maybe you should take up painting as a hobby😂
UltraRaven - Day ago
For a second I forgot it was frosting and she licked it and I got really scared. :0
RaNdOm JoKeR
RaNdOm JoKeR - Day ago
I think ro did better
Paige S
Paige S - Day ago
That is so good!!
Gentle Cabbage
Gentle Cabbage - Day ago
Holy shhhiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkk u did soooooooooo good
ceejay kara
ceejay kara - Day ago
And I subscribed to your channel
ceejay kara
ceejay kara - Day ago
Can you do another bob ross painting in another video please it was really cool
lindsey noble
lindsey noble - Day ago
she shouldve done paint because now she probably has to throw it away because frosting gets moldy!
Ava Knowles
Ava Knowles - Day ago
i dont know about you but even though it was frosting i would still hang it in my room because it looked soooooo good
Denisa M
Denisa M - Day ago
can you do your mornig routine
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