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Prettyboyfredo - Month ago
60K likes within 24 hours for the next video ☺️💕
Shemmika Newble
Shemmika Newble - 19 days ago
Trisha wn
keith johnson
keith johnson - 21 day ago
Im still on malik kissin that chick after she done... nvm..... and fredo not even sayin nothing to him EEEEWWWWWW yall nasty
Number 95 Jayce
Number 95 Jayce - 23 days ago
Is Malik a fan or a cousin
Im Solify
Im Solify - 26 days ago
Ava look so cute in your story I swear
Asia Williams
Asia Williams - 2 days ago
Awww Grandma’s reaction at the end had me getting teary eyed 😢
Prince Please
Prince Please - 3 days ago
She’s the sweetest must be nice ❤️
Trappin With Tetris
Trappin With Tetris - 3 days ago
Anything past the age 80 is consider blessed🙏🏾 that’s what’s up man !
JTP Kicks
JTP Kicks - 4 days ago
Your gramma LOWKEY FUNNY AF 😂😂😂
KONTROLL me - 5 days ago
Shes so funny
Samonie Nichole
Samonie Nichole - 6 days ago
Oh nooooooo I almost cried
Shane Knolton
Shane Knolton - 6 days ago
she gone have a heart attack hahahha chill bro
Jasmine*_* - 7 days ago
Your grandmother is everything lmao.
Esau Sibanda
Esau Sibanda - 8 days ago
Do gold digger prank with stink sparay
Luigys Rodriguez Paez
Luigys Rodriguez Paez - 8 days ago
Story times
young goat
young goat - 9 days ago
she has the best heart ever
Stance R Us
Stance R Us - 10 days ago
Shes awesome !
AyeBanks T.V.
AyeBanks T.V. - 11 days ago
His Gma mean 🤣🤣 but then she nice sour patch kid
Gloria Ramirez
Gloria Ramirez - 12 days ago
Good famliy
NVC Clan
NVC Clan - 12 days ago
I thought she would have a heart attake
NVC Clan
NVC Clan - 12 days ago
I cried
NVC Clan
NVC Clan - 12 days ago
Corey McCorvey
Corey McCorvey - 12 days ago
fredo wear yo fuckin seatbelt diving that fast ass car
EDIEL DEJESUS - 12 days ago
during the video I felt bad for Malik and fredo
Discreet Gaming
Discreet Gaming - 13 days ago
Poor old lady❤️😢😢. She was so worried❤️❤️😇😓😓😓. This is what grandmas are for😇❤️
Keyshaun Marcelus
Keyshaun Marcelus - 13 days ago
She so sweet
Boring Nun
Boring Nun - 13 days ago
I’m dead
Shawn Vvl
Shawn Vvl - 13 days ago
JuAn EsPiNoZa
JuAn EsPiNoZa - 14 days ago
I got black i got white whAt u want
Technical Gamer
Technical Gamer - 14 days ago
Lol fredo don't do that she might have a heart attack.... Lol good prank though
Taye Ponder
Taye Ponder - 14 days ago
She a gangster 😂
So_fyee Nia
So_fyee Nia - 15 days ago
I don’t want you doing pranks like this she can have a heart attack
Vexhp _
Vexhp _ - 15 days ago
“I’m 91 fuck you” 😂😂
Tina Nguyen
Tina Nguyen - 15 days ago
Damone Taylor
Damone Taylor - 15 days ago
Yall gonna get her a heart attack😭
Tae Steez33
Tae Steez33 - 16 days ago
Fredo need a Fredo TV social app
The best Do you want to
The best Do you want to - 16 days ago
I feel so bad for the girl but oh my God
Suprxme Rico
Suprxme Rico - 16 days ago
Fuck all that did you drive her home to make sure she ain’t have a flashback and tweak in traffic going home ? I’m just worried for her safety
Channel Hayden
Channel Hayden - 17 days ago
Jessica Bordelon
Jessica Bordelon - 17 days ago
After all that throwing around...the AirPods still... didn’t fall out
Savage Rob
Savage Rob - 17 days ago
Man your lucky i wish i had any grand parents
E Bennett
E Bennett - 17 days ago
Yo what is Fredo’s hairstyle
bluefalconn - 15 days ago
E Bennett short dreads
Ryan Reeves
Ryan Reeves - 17 days ago
I’m 91 f*ck you 😭😭😭😂😂
Genius Brave
Genius Brave - 17 days ago
why u do this to grama. its not good
SWAG KILLER - 17 days ago
Bro u gotta be careful wit her thats bad for her health dwaggy u should know by now
Futron - 17 days ago
SWAG KILLER - 17 days ago
Bro u gotta be careful wit her thats bad for her health dwaggy u should know by now
Ocean Bankhead
Ocean Bankhead - 17 days ago
YOUNG GHOST Tv - 18 days ago
Wrestling DumbShitz
Wrestling DumbShitz - 18 days ago
Nice Goldberg Shirt
Ethan Harrison
Ethan Harrison - 18 days ago
Your an ASSHOLE and you deserve to be in jail for jumping that fence at universal Studios
Chaee Eulenaa
Chaee Eulenaa - 18 days ago
Omg Fredo this was intense , had me tearing up 😭😩 but good pranks 👏🏽
T P - 18 days ago
awww she so sweet
Caroline Wairimu
Caroline Wairimu - 19 days ago
😂😂😂😂fredo.ull never see heaven hahahaha am dead how could you
Gio Af
Gio Af - 19 days ago
Bro she got me dead in the beginning
FREDO SO LIT - 19 days ago
Good vlog lol subscribe to Fredo so lit
Braydynn Lovelace
Braydynn Lovelace - 19 days ago
I love old people so cute
Louis Logan
Louis Logan - 19 days ago
Yo she 91 that’s a blessing 🤗🤗🤗
Devon Johnson
Devon Johnson - 19 days ago
Eerrrbody hating on malik air pods wassup wit that.
Yt tony
Yt tony - 20 days ago
Y’all going give this her a heart attack
No Name
No Name - 20 days ago
Lynnette Perry
Lynnette Perry - 21 day ago
Fredo: pulls prank on grand9
Jasmine:am i a joke to you
MatthewCrayola13 - 21 day ago
Nice prank fredo love your content
Phantom - 21 day ago
Yall did gramma dirty dirty....
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