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Notorious XP
Notorious XP - Day ago
Is it one player? Or does it have to be two players?! I need to know
Freddy Jr
Freddy Jr - 7 days ago
Making noise 😂
mtmsed Williams
mtmsed Williams - 12 days ago
Why is Samara so loud omg👎🏽
Fortnite pro man
Fortnite pro man - 12 days ago
More of this game pleas
Vicki Thornton
Vicki Thornton - 13 days ago
Crookeerr - 14 days ago
Can you free roam on this game?
OH SHIT - 12 days ago
Stupid sonofabitch
Fatal deadshot
Fatal deadshot - 15 days ago
A stim pistol? Anyone who plays rainbow six siege knows what that is ESPECIALLY if u main Doc
Fatal deadshot
Fatal deadshot - 15 days ago
The bultpump gun looks like an AUG A3
OH SHIT - 12 days ago
Cause it is Btw learn to spell
??????????????????????? - 15 days ago
14:06 WTF
Dopeboy Marco
Dopeboy Marco - 16 days ago
He should do gta rp
dayton castillo
dayton castillo - 19 days ago
on the cool the should make this game mobile a ot of people would play it
dj brothers
dj brothers - 19 days ago
Typical Hamer wars 9 plus 10 21
Turdkiller 101
Turdkiller 101 - 20 days ago
Samaras like oh no I just found an rpg laying on the ground lol
lawson brady
lawson brady - 20 days ago
she is a retard
Aden Scott
Aden Scott - 20 days ago
Switch me to I love the left4dead seizes
edmund Li
edmund Li - 20 days ago
I love you to play z and the jason
Jasper Euden
Jasper Euden - 21 day ago
you should make this a series, and called TG Series
lil Ćorona
lil Ćorona - 22 days ago
When you finish the game can you do free roam
Neal Saunders
Neal Saunders - 22 days ago
tg chill the zombies just like you
EDWARD OLIVEROS - 23 days ago
I like it
Nykyta Green
Nykyta Green - 24 days ago
I love your new intro
Girl Reactions
Girl Reactions - 24 days ago
How much do you have to donate to get a shout out?
Morgan Stephen
Morgan Stephen - 24 days ago
Big Noob
Big Noob - 25 days ago
Jaylord Cabiguen
Jaylord Cabiguen - 25 days ago
Kinda reminds me about the first level in Dead Center in Left 4 Dead 2
John Niu
John Niu - 26 days ago
14:08 samura’a laugh caught me by surprise😂😂
H.R.A challanges
H.R.A challanges - 26 days ago
Switch - 26 days ago
It reminds me of left 4 dead so much
Switch - 17 days ago
R I P left 4 dead
OSullivan2000 - 26 days ago
I am totally buying this game
Celaya Thompson
Celaya Thompson - 27 days ago
Left 4 dead? Resident evil 6??????
Christian Baldovia
Christian Baldovia - 27 days ago
This is only my opinion but i think left 4 dead is scarier
Steven Bruner
Steven Bruner - 27 days ago
Not bad, was expecting a little more but it looks pretty good. I'll be buying this soon hopefully I can get my friends to buy it too
Steven Bruner
Steven Bruner - 27 days ago
No friendly fire...
Josue Hernandez
Josue Hernandez - 28 days ago
Jordan Etcheson
Jordan Etcheson - 28 days ago
You are the best
The Vroomboi
The Vroomboi - 28 days ago
New Dying Light is out.
Nathan Wetzel
Nathan Wetzel - 28 days ago
When will make a GTA 5 zombie series again I really loved the first series
Nicholas Barnett
Nicholas Barnett - 29 days ago
Plz do more random games and gta instead of just fortnight
april davis
april davis - 29 days ago
My name is tayshaun but I'm on my mom's account
terrific ghoul
terrific ghoul - 29 days ago
"Oh samara look, look over there" it gets me everytime😭😭
Jab Gaming
Jab Gaming - 29 days ago
TG play GTFO it's a zombie fps game and it's also on early access so expect some bugs and glitches and stuff
HOOKDUP - 29 days ago
There is no episode in california because citizens all died due to the lack of guns.
Jared Hyde
Jared Hyde - 29 days ago
23:00 😂😂 lol
Kamil Szymczyk
Kamil Szymczyk - Month ago
It's awesome game
ELIT3-CLIPZ_OPZ - Month ago
What happened to ark?
cheryl lowe
cheryl lowe - Month ago
you are stipid
The_Buddy _2
The_Buddy _2 - Month ago
If it because you pre ordered it, either I’m lucky, or the store gave me the wrong disc, because I got the lobo bundle, and I purchased the game 3 days after release, and I didn’t pre order.
Encore - Month ago
Ese juego es una copia de Left 4 dead y Left 4 dead 2 xddd
Gacha Athena
Gacha Athena - Month ago
Your videos are the best when you do zombie survival with other people
Lx Ronix
Lx Ronix - Month ago
Play days gone
JaKiree Hamilton
JaKiree Hamilton - Month ago
His fun and my youtuber
Çağatay Başar
Çağatay Başar - Month ago
Victor Rono
Victor Rono - Month ago
Love the game bruv keep playing
Bc Y
Bc Y - Month ago
This is like l4d2
Azizeh Elkurdi
Azizeh Elkurdi - Month ago
I was the frist when that knew world war z
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah - Month ago
Samara is little bobo, she is like special ed kids lol
Lindsey Flynn
Lindsey Flynn - Month ago
You guys are the best love you
boltsy13 - Month ago
this game really needs "more episodic stories" for this game. I mean this is fun but like I said. "needs more storied episodes".
Joey Hanna
Joey Hanna - Month ago
Typical deserves subs and likes more than pewdiepie
Shannon Webb
Shannon Webb - Month ago
Its like call of duty WW2
Cookie The Doggo
Cookie The Doggo - Month ago
Omllll bro I remember this movie!!! HAAHAHAAHHAAHAH THIS IS GRRAT BRO
Goddess Julia Nefertiti
zombie ppap
Brooke Porter
Brooke Porter - Month ago
This is like Left 4 Dead on steroids- “World War Z?- more like Left 4 Dead 3” I’m excited for a new fun zombie game 😍
princess alexza
princess alexza - Month ago
Tg the helicopter a track hordes of zombie
Joshfromthemo - Month ago
Been watching tg for eight years
Riley Davenport
Riley Davenport - Month ago
Hey tpy 🤣✌👏👍
DLxS R - Month ago
This up for xbox on Tuesday?
Afy - Month ago
damn havent watched TG in years damn
AquariusTaleSANS Javon Campbell
Hi typical gamer I just wanted to say big guy ! big guy! from dying light.
wian badenhorst
wian badenhorst - Month ago
More Roblox tg plz
Chrisrodjhet - Month ago
this was good please more like so they can see
coleeg69 - Month ago
That hole that Left For Dead left me as well.
toxic bros
toxic bros - Month ago
Can some one tell me if this is game is online only are can u play it with out having online
Sizwe Nzuza
Sizwe Nzuza - Month ago
hi TG i love your vids
Mr.Jasaw - Month ago
why does nobody realise that that turret is manual lol
theo apost
theo apost - Month ago
That was EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sanchit verma
sanchit verma - Month ago
looks at girl
"they got really good character models"
Luke Rutledge
Luke Rutledge - 29 days ago
sanchit verma lol yeah but shes🚯
Elver’s_boi - Month ago
The creeper is the hunter the riot guy is the charger
Left 4 Dead😥😭
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - Month ago
Tg will you play days gone when it comes out
Glen Bowles
Glen Bowles - Month ago
Hey tg you have to get days gone it's about zombies and it looks dope please play it
Gianni Klemenko
Gianni Klemenko - Month ago
Play fortnite nexts week dues with Mikey popingoa
Gianni Klemenko
Gianni Klemenko - Month ago
I love you and your chanel
ItzPacki - Month ago
epic games? no thanks yall can keep your malware and data collection bullshit lol
Cookie monster
Cookie monster - Month ago
U destroyed those zombies
Panos07 Panos
Panos07 Panos - Month ago
Steqm heals other players
latique collins
latique collins - Month ago
Can you play this in split screen co opp
Tim Smith
Tim Smith - Month ago
I will be a lot of zombies
Solann Edmund Harina
Solann Edmund Harina - Month ago
Hello I'm new to this channel and I'm liking it already
Bro noface
Bro noface - Month ago
That girl with you says Im im im alooot lol
Brooklyngurl Mcdonald
Brooklyngurl Mcdonald - Month ago
soo awsome game
Confused_Toxic - Month ago
what does lmao mean
Dezmond _00
Dezmond _00 - Month ago
I really don't like Samara tbh
Stephen Sussen
Stephen Sussen - Month ago
can you do life thug mod
Samuel Lartrock
Samuel Lartrock - Month ago
Pls TG play Ark Extinction again
Wheo - Month ago
I literally completed the game got a blue error at end mission n got reset to level 1
draconic the savant
draconic the savant - Month ago
I like the music the helicopters are playing.
Thomas Kolter
Thomas Kolter - Month ago
Zombies shouldn't run IMHO.
happy03 jaume
happy03 jaume - Month ago
"Did you get the LMG?"
"The machine gun?"
*Disappointed yeah*
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