Joe Rogan On What It's Like Watching a Friend Fight

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Maxey - 12 days ago
Everyone I know that has made it to the ufc has had to literally dedicated their life to it.
Manuel Beltran
Manuel Beltran - 13 days ago
I came here to make a schaub joke but god damn ,show the guy some mercy its not his fault hes horrible at everything he attempts .
E to the Dawg
E to the Dawg - 16 days ago
How is Luis Gomez a comic 🤢
Jason Harvey
Jason Harvey - 20 days ago
tyrons rapping thats funnier than bradons wardrobe.thats funny.
swaggod legend
swaggod legend - 20 days ago
Wammmmmm lol
Nordlys - 20 days ago
Joe ¨I'm real tight with Brendan¨ Rogan
Kiei Luahi
Kiei Luahi - 21 day ago
I wonder how it's like seeing a friend bomb on stage as a stand-up comedian.
Parker Jeans
Parker Jeans - 19 days ago
Derick Wilsom
Derick Wilsom - 21 day ago
ever notice how joe overpraises black people....dude is a black nut hugger and also adopted a black girl....very weird dude. "tyron is smart and funny" ....yea sure joe
Col Friday
Col Friday - 21 day ago
Why everytime Joe invites a random, they wear black hoodies and caps
Diego Tiego
Diego Tiego - 21 day ago
Damn... These comments about Shaub’s standup are hitting harder than he’s been hit in the octagon.
Fuhk Shet
Fuhk Shet - 21 day ago
Wats it like telling ur friend he shouldn’t fight anymore cuz he sucks...... lol
Hunter Sutton
Hunter Sutton - 21 day ago
Schaub looks like he never lifted weights in his life we know he natty 😂
What are Joe's thoughts on when a documentary is made about a friend? We already know.
hamdi atasoy
hamdi atasoy - 19 days ago
He can try to protect him but sooner or later he has to explain to Brendan that he sucks at stand up then Brendan will pick up finger painting and Joe will again had to sit him down and explain why he sucks at that too.
Anunnaki y El Muerto
Anunnaki y El Muerto - 21 day ago
you have to love that face 4:47
tony Gunk
tony Gunk - 21 day ago
Brendon Schaub is famous for being terrible at everything he does
ᴛʀᴛ ᴠɪᴛᴏʀ ʙᴇʟꜰᴏʀᴛ
@yoshk0 You've got to respect anyone who steps into a dangerous sport like MMA. Good or not the man had balls to do that.
yoshk0 - 20 days ago
BmwM419 so just because he drives a Ferrari means we should automatically respect him?
BmwM419 - 20 days ago
Yet hes a millionaire and drives a Ferrari. Fucking hater
Kiei Luahi
Kiei Luahi - 21 day ago
He's great at being terrible though.
stop knife crime
stop knife crime - 21 day ago
Joe"whammm shin to the face"rogan
Matt R
Matt R - 22 days ago
I don’t understand why everyone is thinking Francis is this different fighter. He still hasn’t developed a ground game, that we’ve seen. I doubt Stipe vs Francis will be any different from the first time around.
swaggod legend
swaggod legend - 20 days ago
Totally agree woth you. He is just a wild swinger in my opinion. If he does land a bomb then oof but Stipe is gonna win.
A Blue Quaker
A Blue Quaker - 22 days ago
Schaub's Podcasts > Schaub's Stand-up
TheAussieHobo - 22 days ago
If that was a left hook, then what the fuck is an uppercut?
Erick Ludwig
Erick Ludwig - 22 days ago
Francis vs DC!
John Wayne
John Wayne - 22 days ago
This Louis guy fought 1 time and thinks he's a professional. He needs to stop acting like a real fighter. It's freaking ridiculous
Nicholas Wenzel
Nicholas Wenzel - 20 days ago
he’s a comic whose joking about being a 1-0 amateur fighter he has a podcast with Michael bisping and it’s a joke from that
Victor Da Silva
Victor Da Silva - 22 days ago
All you guys talkin ever step in that ring? Shaub would kick all your asses. So easy from your keyboard.
jamie cumbee
jamie cumbee - 22 days ago
I dont remeber the name of that girl that kicked her opponent in the head and it sounded like a bat cracking and she went str8 to the mat.
jamie cumbee
jamie cumbee - 21 day ago
@roberto figueroa yeah it was her. She knocked her out cold
roberto figueroa
roberto figueroa - 22 days ago
jamie cumbee Valentina Schevchenko on Jessica Eye I think
N 420
N 420 - 22 days ago
Is it possible to pay so we don’t have to see Schaub ever again on this podcasts
Col Friday
Col Friday - 21 day ago
OJ COOJO - 22 days ago
Luis is so defensive it's annoying as shit
Michael Lanferman
Michael Lanferman - 22 days ago
Joe "shin to the face" Rogan
Charlie Wingate
Charlie Wingate - 23 days ago
Everyone’s on Brendan Schaub’s standup but have you seen ANY of Joe Rogans ?

Any Decent Comedian > Stand Up Brendan > Stand Up Rogan
Ciaran T
Ciaran T - 22 days ago
Joe is way better than schuab imo
dirtkills - 23 days ago
3:30 hes talking about the hurt business, I recommend fighters watch that except if they want to be 100% in then i wont show it to them as it seems thats all they have. That was i at one point
Almighty Nick
Almighty Nick - 23 days ago
If stipe can survive the storm against ngannou again I think it’ll be a repeat of history but you never know when it’s ngannou stepping in there 😭
lucaiskool d
lucaiskool d - 20 days ago
@Lumison Jean and Francis is 10 pounds leaner, he looked fat af in the stipe fight cause UFC wanted him to be a 265 pound monster
Lumison Jean
Lumison Jean - 21 day ago
Almighty Nick no way nganou just rushed forward with no caution and gassed out the first fight he has shown to be much more patients
Robot chicken
Robot chicken - 23 days ago
Wow Joe really dogs on Brendan, he wasn’t a bad fighter he is no where near as bad as joe makes out.
it’s just youtube tho
it’s just youtube tho - 23 days ago
so appropriate that Joe told Brendan to quit fighting, since Rogan is the Schaub of standup. I need to see Chappelle, Burr etc. give Rogan the ‘talk’ & explain that being good at everything will only make it harder to be great at anything..
B B - 23 days ago
I think masdivals knee to Ben is up there with Francis uppercut ko.
Blair - 20 days ago
The masvidal knee made me go more crazy.
ferozmtc - 22 days ago
B B and hair against Korean zombie
Mark D
Mark D - 23 days ago
Is that Luis from Believe You Me?
Murray461 - 21 day ago
yes, he is also does a separate podcast and is a comedian too
The Noonies
The Noonies - 23 days ago
uppercut joe, not hook
Ramon Anaya
Ramon Anaya - 23 days ago
It was like gaaaa—doooouche! And schuab started telling jokes.
Steven Clemens
Steven Clemens - 23 days ago
Joe was *NEVER "IN"*
Why would anyone trust his advice on *"getting out"*

oh I forget he knows how to kick with a single leg. Why do you think they cut the clip when homeboy starts talking about real work?
dagnut - 23 days ago
Joe gets wet every time he says ngannou.. Even the way he says it
rstyree - 23 days ago
But Francis lost that fight and I will wager that he will lose again
Gage Garcia
Gage Garcia - 5 days ago
There is no one else really in the HW division
thomas burns
thomas burns - 23 days ago
Can't wait for part 2 where he talks about the time he told Brendan he is shit at stand up, coming soon!
TY - 24 days ago
Brian Ortega will be set after mma , because 10 years ago he had a choice.
Brian O' Hagan
Brian O' Hagan - 17 days ago
Can someone explain
Dynamickush16 - 21 day ago
B randon
B randon - 21 day ago
Thank you I'll Google it
Lumison Jean
Lumison Jean - 21 day ago
B randon a beer commercial that plays all the damn time lol
B randon
B randon - 21 day ago
Where is this from I've seen this a couple times
Krljavi Dzo
Krljavi Dzo - 24 days ago
Brenda is pathetic
Brazil Blanche
Brazil Blanche - 24 days ago
I dunno why people always jump on schaub. Can anyone here say they knocked out mirco crocop and managed to also become a standup comedian 😄
Grant Thomsen
Grant Thomsen - 16 days ago
@Christopher Gibson9mm ya don't gotta tell me, not a casual. There's good sportsmanship in combat sports even still, God bless Mark Hunt, king of the walk off.
Christopher Gibson9mm
Christopher Gibson9mm - 19 days ago
@Grant Thomsen extra shots happen in mma if the ref doesn't get the fighter off in time u have to keep hitting them until the ref pulls u off. The mentality of fighters Is they are trying to take your head off.
Maxwell Lynch
Maxwell Lynch - 23 days ago
Crocop was waaay past his prime. That’s a dumb example.
Grant Thomsen
Grant Thomsen - 24 days ago
Ummm did you see the super unnecessary extra shot he gave him after he was out?
Jonathan Osborne
Jonathan Osborne - 24 days ago
As a true MMA fan for more than a decade now, it's terrifying watching a friend fight. If you watch football or rugby, it's like "Oh no, they got the ball over the arbitrary line". Watching a friend lose in MMA could mean they get knocked out or injured badly. It's also the highest of highs when they perform exceptionally
Ryuk Lannister
Ryuk Lannister - 24 days ago
Brendan Schaub is your boyfriend?!
His Stand up—IS WHACK
His Podcast—IS WHACK
His Fighting—IS WHACK
Lucius Clay
Lucius Clay - 24 days ago
Willy Glassy
Willy Glassy - 24 days ago
Joe “i upload way too fuckin much” rogan
Zak Hughes
Zak Hughes - 24 days ago
I love how everyone cringes when calling brendan a comedian lol they wish they could somehow say it without saying it but papa joe is out there so they have to play nice
Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper - 24 days ago
Shaub is better at getting knocked out than he is at comedy.
ThelotusLover 47
ThelotusLover 47 - 24 days ago
What about watching a certain documentary about that friend hmm?
Taylor Goins
Taylor Goins - 24 days ago
No way that Ngannou hits harder than Tyson in his prime. Tyson was dropping giants and he just had so much more torque on his punches.
James Watson
James Watson - 15 days ago
Lumison Jean He is definitely feared in the UFC. I would like to see a Stipe 2 but I honestly fear for anyone that he fights man. I honesty feel that Francis takes the 2nd fight along with Deontay Wilder vs Fury straight off power vs skill
Lumison Jean
Lumison Jean - 18 days ago
James Watson power comes from acceleration of your fist yes but then you have fighters who are just very heavy handed that’s a different kind of power mikes punches send your head flying vs someone heavy handed like Forman your whole body is getting flung your getting lifted of your feet even the slow shots and also nganou naturally being the far bigger man it only makes sense he is transferring more weight which generates more power
James Watson
James Watson - 21 day ago
Aj Sessions if I’m not mistaken there hasn’t been a death in the UFC but there has been in boxing. I can’t say if it’s because heavier gloves actually bend peoples necks further in a more dangerous manner or if boxers are allowed to get hit more with less damage but the number of punches is a lot more. MMA May be more efficient on stopping fights better too. Don’t know but boxing has actual Deaths, especially recently
James Watson
James Watson - 21 day ago
Taylor Goins in a sense but those that lost to another fighter may have not fight Tyson to validate the fact you know. List of hardest punchers does have Forman at the top though. What I love is the mutual respect between Tyson and Ali. Both said the other fighter would destroy them. That’s Class.
Aj Sessions
Aj Sessions - 21 day ago
Tyson would kill a guy with ufc gloves...
jondepswa - 24 days ago
The title meant to say BOYFRIEND..they are both huge pussies
goatbacon - 24 days ago
Watching Schaub do comedy is damn near impossible
Spark Play
Spark Play - 24 days ago
I feel like Schaub turns into joe Rogans toilet
Swinging Southpaw Style
Swinging Southpaw Style - 24 days ago
He didn’t destroy Cain, Cain’s knee destroyed Cain. 🤷🏼‍♂️
Not Serious
Not Serious - 22 days ago
Swinging Southpaw Style no, he got clipped by a short right
Not-A-Critic - 24 days ago
At 2:02 reminder me of #calebcity.
Gabriel Jasso
Gabriel Jasso - 25 days ago
The way joe feels about watching Brendan fighting, is the the way I feel when Brendan does comedy. I did like watching Brendan fight.
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson - 25 days ago
Yes the 1 live event I went to in Detroit I got to see that beast lay out overeem it was INSAAAAANNNE!!!!!!!
AFears0997 - 25 days ago
Joe “The Toe” Rogan
h1992 uk
h1992 uk - 25 days ago
If you’re really his friend you’d tell him the truth about his stand up. You were happy to brutally dissect how shit of a fighter he was now it’s time to do it with his stand up.
Dee Loc
Dee Loc - 25 days ago
Tyron Woodley is ass at rapping and acting
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