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Kvng_David - 6 days ago
It’s Allegra you dumbass
Cathy May
Cathy May - 15 days ago
i fucking love ilya😂
ImA Alien
ImA Alien - 19 days ago
OMG Ilya is Bucky and Dima is captain America before the super serum
Theo Trevino
Theo Trevino - 25 days ago
Jesus Christ .. lol I AM AN ADDICT
Alberto Rodriguez
Alberto Rodriguez - 26 days ago
I bet dima has whooped ilyas ass at least once
Ashley Joyce Del Prado
Who’s the one filming these?
xProhvoke - 2 months ago
Which one is the video where dima says “ omg is that David dobrik”
BJ Smith
BJ Smith - 2 months ago
“Can you slow the fuck down, I’m trying to drink!” 😂😂😂💀
Gavin Schultz
Gavin Schultz - 2 months ago
ilya got a channel?
M_a_r_s - 2 months ago
Dima is such a cutie 😍
Klarissa Valadez
Klarissa Valadez - 2 months ago
they’re so fucking funny together
Ilya Sabokrooh
Ilya Sabokrooh - 2 months ago
Ilya is a my name Too
STW Stacks
STW Stacks - 2 months ago
4:15 so f ing true
James Camacho
James Camacho - 2 months ago
CaN yOu SlOw ThE f*cK dOwN??? i’M tRyNa DrInK!!!!
Isabella Vasquez
Isabella Vasquez - 2 months ago
Can I please be double teamed by these guys?
Five Hargreeves
Five Hargreeves - 3 months ago
Are they brothers?
Chris H
Chris H - 3 months ago
who was filming here ?
Steph G
Steph G - 3 months ago
These 2 are the most hilarious duo on youtube !!
dimalikesfood - 3 months ago
I have a cousin called ilya and my name is dima :D
Emma Samuel
Emma Samuel - 3 months ago
Omg i fucking love this video😂
Gregor Divincenzo
Gregor Divincenzo - 3 months ago
He is my celebrity crush
No Sanctuary
No Sanctuary - 4 months ago
Why are come cusses bleeped and some just gone?
vanessa gamboa
vanessa gamboa - 4 months ago
how come every time ilya eats something hot his first instinct is to take off his shirt😂
Leo Lizarraga
Leo Lizarraga - 4 months ago
What's there channel name
Somebody - 4 months ago
Ilya has a chef outfit on
siri - 4 months ago
is it just me or does ilya look like mr bean
Alay Lakad PH
Alay Lakad PH - 4 months ago
Just laughing hard the whole day watching you
Erato - 4 months ago
I just love Dima 😂❤️
Diana Martinez
Diana Martinez - 4 months ago
At 2:00 i ate that pepper wen i was 5 it feels like shit
Stephanie-Olivia Yarema
Stephanie-Olivia Yarema - 4 months ago
I wonder how many times Dima has been arrested
Rodk Vic
Rodk Vic - 4 months ago
10:14 the spanish music 😂😭😭
Christian Molina
Christian Molina - 4 months ago
El garobero?lol 🤦‍♂️😂🤪cumbia?🤔🤷‍♂️
Rodk Vic
Rodk Vic - 4 months ago
6:52 No No NO THE MIC!!! 😂😂
Stephanie-Olivia Yarema
Stephanie-Olivia Yarema - 4 months ago
I’m lowkey attracted to Dima
D1710 - 3 months ago
Did you know that my actual name is dima?
Feven Aaron
Feven Aaron - 3 months ago
Zero {creepypasta} 🤮 is all I got to say
Zero {creepypasta}
Zero {creepypasta} - 3 months ago
@Feven Aaron i was talking about Dima
Feven Aaron
Feven Aaron - 3 months ago
Zero {creepypasta} Yessss
Zero {creepypasta}
Zero {creepypasta} - 3 months ago
So am I ain't gonna lie especially with his longer hair now
Bonnie James
Bonnie James - 4 months ago
Ilya’s laugh is so contagious 😂😂😂
Just Another Person
Just Another Person - 4 months ago
*”What did you think it said?! A pitcher of salt?!”* 😭💀
Nathan None
Nathan None - 5 months ago
7:00 “You don’t bake ramen you f***ing dumb azz”
Jack Surette
Jack Surette - 5 months ago
How do you not know the 16th prez
It's The Cam TRON
It's The Cam TRON - 5 months ago
The best bromance EVER
Dürø.78 MusicGöd
Dürø.78 MusicGöd - 5 months ago
Why does Dima look like cap America before the super serum
Alexia Ysabelle Penaflorida
Lol he does
gritty shal
gritty shal - 3 months ago
catnip - 4 months ago
@Ella Cyan oh my god.
Ella Cyan
Ella Cyan - 4 months ago
Dürø.78 MusicGöd and Ilya looks like Bucky
Brianna Gymnastics
Brianna Gymnastics - 5 months ago
Take a shot every time dima calls Ilya a dumbass
(LOL I love them💕😂)
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