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Alexander Kim
Alexander Kim - 19 hours ago
”Something Original” So it wasn’t based on Unbreakable?
Maiken Zupančič Danko
Maiken Zupančič Danko - 22 hours ago
Yo mama's so fat YOU IN A WHEELCHAIR
LyricalXilence - Day ago
Holy crap I didn't know Hamlet was the bad guy in this movie!!!
Ivan Padilla
Ivan Padilla - 2 days ago
Damn..... now i feel bad for liking it
Diego Bareno
Diego Bareno - 2 days ago
Don't be.
hanshotfirst1138 - 3 days ago
Watch what you say about *Henry V*!
DarthKorrin - 5 days ago
something extremely hard to pick up on unless you've seen the series is loveless was originally played by a dwarf actor Michael Dunn, hence this thing.
toorima - 5 days ago
I saw this in theaters while I was on vacation as a kid, we had Burger King..... there was a promo going on at the time for the movie, I enjoy this movie to this day
ThunderBird - 6 days ago
The fuck is biggie smalls doing in the opening skit. I keep expecting him to go "i love it when you call me big poppa"
Walkertexasdruid - 6 days ago
They're very slowly getting away...
Daniel Hazelwood
Daniel Hazelwood - 6 days ago
I might make that opening skit a movie someday
AKSebi2 - 6 days ago
Idk why but i love this movie
Blissful Insomniac
Blissful Insomniac - 6 days ago
I loved this movie as a kid! Of course, I had no idea about the show on which it was based. Also, I have to say, that is a stellar depiction of how Ulysses Grant PROBABLY behaved and sounded, considering we don't know how he really was (at least, I don't).
Zared Sabretooth
Zared Sabretooth - 7 days ago
I enjoyed this movie, theres not a lot of will Smith stuff i like, it was absurd and dumb and that's why I liked it
Jennifer Powell
Jennifer Powell - 8 days ago
17:58-18:05 😂😂
apex2000 - 8 days ago
RCA? I thought it was the HMV logo. I guess terriers listening to grammar phones was was a thing
Anders Iverson
Anders Iverson - 10 days ago
Something Original Is Unbreakable!
Blue Shard
Blue Shard - 11 days ago
Netfix basically has the show you did in the intro skit now
Bobbnoxious - 13 days ago
I saw this flick when it first came out. The only memorable moment - 16:28 -  was a quick peek at Salma Hayek's butt crack. Watching this review 20 years later, that is STILL the only memorable moment. And sorry, you won't see the crack here.
Daimon Gipp
Daimon Gipp - 15 days ago
Will Smith in green dress is just practice for Aladdin.
chocogirl 2004
chocogirl 2004 - 12 days ago
Its rewind time!
Jacob Collins
Jacob Collins - 16 days ago
I hate to say I love this film.
Hailey Babi
Hailey Babi - 17 days ago
I wanted to see that Something original movie! Like somebody needs to make that happen
Oscar Does
Oscar Does - 18 days ago
..........but i liked this movie
Kayleigh Brown
Kayleigh Brown - 20 days ago
I'd watch the fuck out of Something Original.
The Hyper Gamer
The Hyper Gamer - 22 days ago
Can we get that movie that was teased at the beginning
Luciano Alonso
Luciano Alonso - 24 days ago
I like this movie. Action, comedy, cowboys, and steampunk.
SKYRULE-49 - 24 days ago
I cracked up laughing.
ben stringer
ben stringer - 27 days ago
okay let's be frank Nostalgia Critic I don't always agree with you incredibly Hassan some films and man you yell a lot Batman the skits you and your can Patriots put on I just so cool and funny not to mention I have indeed found your particular opinions to be quite entertaining and sometimes well warranted Cat in the Hat needs to be neutered for example but this skit has done something that I'm not certain I've seen you do before it has out done Hollywood you've been ripping into bed and somewhat bad movies for quite a while. but you just giving yourself a place where you can put your money and show them what an original idea looks like I mean seriously for once the sudden is a sudden for a reason you actually understand how the villain became a millionaire he doesn't even have mutts about him that is villainous except for his power making him the perfect subject of a tryst villain ending in Wiz he's actually one of the good guys something that normally comes up clumsy it best and it's even an awesome idea for a bit of comedic satire is it points out how you actually don't have anything of his long anymore except this skit so I want to see it brought to the full Glory it can be I challenge you Nostalgia Critic to take that skit and expanded into a full length movie I don't care how you do it why you do it or whether or not you even read this comment because siding to do it personally I would prefer if be satire on the cast grab nature of Hollywood Disney Etc but quite frankly as long as it's an actual it was in the lydian and stays true to the source material for lack of a better word giving it supposed to be in original idea I want to see it turned into a feature-length movie pictures film it with your usual cast do a bunch of CGI Tambo so that you don't have to hire a extras and place it on your YouTube channel advertised as this is the kid that someone wanted me to turn into a movie I would even take that that being said I also adore the idea of having something original so if you want to keep that go right ahead personally even with this low budget setup is what I just pointed out I think it could outdo Tim Burton's Batman and The Dark Knight teamed up with all with oddly sounds like something that Hollywood might actually do if you give them half a chance so please give us something new original coming to at the very least a YouTube audience near you because quite frankly I want to remember the Hat I don't just have to
Swift Nimblefoot
Swift Nimblefoot - 28 days ago
I for one found the breast touching scene hilarious.
Jalex - 29 days ago
Crazy that Warner Bros. had more faith in this being a hit than Iron Giant so they put more promotion power into this instead of the latter.
DH_Artist - Month ago
3-Swords Cosplay
3-Swords Cosplay - Month ago
Its Handcock.
“Something original” is basically Handcock.
Mohamed Alfalo
Mohamed Alfalo - Month ago
I thought it was... okay. The movie has its moments.
Cat King YASSS
Cat King YASSS - Month ago
Ok please someone else agree that something original actually sounded like a decent movie
4th Doctor Jelly Babies
Kentucky Fried *Jesus* XD
drawwing - Month ago
have you ever heard the story of why there is a big spider in this movie? The story is told in the documentary "The Death of Superman Lives" Originally Nick Cage as Superman was going to fight a huge Spider. When that version of the Superman movie died, that WB exe insisted that the darn Spider be put in this film.
Gulf City Jonny Blaze
Gulf City Jonny Blaze - Month ago
I agree its a dumb movie but I love it alot I think it's hilarious.
Sesshomaru - Month ago
This movie was entertaining.
BunnyWiggles - Month ago
I love this movie lol
Ian R. Nava Huber
Ian R. Nava Huber - Month ago
WOW. in I am watching this on 2019 And i had to laugh SO much about how relevant that was.
Henry Solstice
Henry Solstice - Month ago
79 Archuleta Mesa .... look it up.
Henry Solstice
Henry Solstice - Month ago
Henry Solstice
Henry Solstice - Month ago
Liota Rose
Liota Rose - Month ago
This movie confused me as a kid and still does
Henry Solstice
Henry Solstice - Month ago
I like this film.
Gianina Badami
Gianina Badami - Month ago
Malcolm's announcer voice is awesome. I can see him being one for actual movie trailers at any point
Sander Nielsen
Sander Nielsen - Month ago
I fell asleep the 2nd time I saw this piece of shit.
xaviiiiv - Month ago
That guy that makes people sick by touching them reminds me of rogue from x-men
Sam Almonrode
Sam Almonrode - Month ago
Am I the only one who wants to see the movie in the intro ?
Ethan Coarr
Ethan Coarr - Month ago
really? I always thought this movie was great. its the kind of corny humor and zanny action that always appealed to me. i didn't even know it was based on anything and i didn't really care.
The John Hopkins Company
10:51 Oh That's hot! That's hot.
Killer Kirby
Killer Kirby - Month ago
He said bobs burgers was humorous
Black Batman
Black Batman - Month ago
I miss the old team i knew this guy because of the shitty movie i can't remember
Alice Kingsley
Alice Kingsley - Month ago
8:19 I've seen Fierce Creatures and I love it. Kevin also does the impersonating the other character thing in the movie Dave.
DreamBelief - Month ago
Ooh Starlight! I used to be supported by them when I was younger. Thanks for supporting them :)
Clever name Right here
The beginning bit sounds like Doug humble bragging they can make something better if they had money....which I agree. Just sayin.
Mike Bowermaster
Mike Bowermaster - Month ago
Didn't Robin Williams were one of those collars in Baron Munchausen?
Mike Bowermaster
Mike Bowermaster - Month ago
It could've worked. The TV show is enjoyable.
Cosmicka - Month ago
I love, love, love this movie- its just fun, outrageous, and just creative. Really stupid, yes, but growing up and as a kid it was really enjoyable! Now its just a silly movie to throw on.
lunayoshi - Month ago
That intro... Holy crap, Doug can edit like a pro! It looks so epic and legit!
candycover - Month ago
I do have to say, that this is actually better than the Ghostbusters remake.
BoRaiChoWins - Month ago
Idk why but I liked it at the time. I was nine years old at the time so my opinion really doesn’t matter but yeah nine year old me liked this movie.
LightHouse Animations
LightHouse Animations - Month ago
the intro makes me want to make the intro into a film
Sleep WeaselR55
Sleep WeaselR55 - Month ago
You gotta admit though, that spider looks amazing
Emily Lynn
Emily Lynn - Month ago
Was the "something original" idea a new thing you came up with (as in the touching making people invincible/sick and having to fight), or was it based on an actual movie/movie trailer that came out?
Emily Lynn
Emily Lynn - Month ago
9:09 Oh hey, I think I might of seen my father watching this once
Alan Leos
Alan Leos - Month ago
Seriously? It wasn't that bad, calm down Critic. Shit....
Xxx Xxx
Xxx Xxx - Month ago
I love the crap out of this movie and also introduced me to will smith I think you have to be a kid to apreciate this movie
dragonus85 - Month ago
i liked this movie i thought it was fun
Lunastarling - Month ago
i like after earth
Aidan Maxwell
Aidan Maxwell - Month ago
While I do get a lot of your nitpicks, I have to say this movie IS a guilty pleasure of mine, and I enjoyed it when it first came out. I still reference it sometimes. And while I think the comedy (looking at it now, I was...a lot younger when this came out), could be improved in many ways, I think that this movie was a bit ahead of it's time. I loved how it looked and I believe it would have gotten a lot more popular when Steampunk actually became huge.
I will always have a soft spot for this movie, and I even remember when Burger King had the Wild Wild West toys available. I had finally gotten Will Smith's character on his horse, and if you pushed his tail down, the saddle made the Jim West figure spring off, like one of the gadgets. While I rarely used that, it was still one of my favourite toys.
Sukki Blue
Sukki Blue - Month ago
Fucking love this movie
A T - Month ago
This video was really straining to make fun of this film.
Undying Zombie
Undying Zombie - Month ago
Yea and some of the jokes made in order to make fun of the film where really bad.. This review was a bit of a disappointment really. ( I do mean extremely bad. )
Matt Kelley
Matt Kelley - Month ago
Got my faces 100% correct
Dr. Dex
Dr. Dex - Month ago
8:54 anyone else notice kevin kline's mouth didn't move when he said this? I'm assuming that means that this line was added in post, which explains why it sounds so phoned-in.
Drixenol86 - Month ago
My dad is a fan of the Wild, Wild West TV Show, he HATED this film. I don’t blame him. I watch the show with him when Iwas a kid. This movie is not Wild, Wild West. It’s a Steampunk version of Men in Black, minus the aliens.
vicky singh
vicky singh - Month ago
I kinda like this movie.
Josh Combs
Josh Combs - Month ago
I'm surprised you left out the story Kevin Smith told about this director. Apparently he really wanted to have a giant spider in the Superman film he almost directed.
John Salerno
John Salerno - Month ago
How would Tamara touching Malcolm kill him?
Sir Zacharia
Sir Zacharia - Month ago
I like bad movies. And I really enjoyed wild wild west
The CrimsonFuckr
The CrimsonFuckr - Month ago
I dont know why Critic hated the Boob Scene... it was hilarious
Nightmare Eclipse
Nightmare Eclipse - Month ago
Adam Sedor
Adam Sedor - Month ago
this film did have one thing coming for it

a one liner
Donovan Delaney
Donovan Delaney - 2 months ago
He was her husband. But he was way too old! That's both gross and illegal!
onefastrx7 Universe 7's galactic warrior
You know the thing involving those powers in the intro actually wouldn't be that bad of a movie
Josette Tyler
Josette Tyler - 2 months ago
That fake movie trailer at the beginning is totally something I would pay money to see!
Ghost Killer
Ghost Killer - 2 months ago
The downfall of Will Smith after this shit movie.
Leo B
Leo B - 2 months ago
With steampunk being the trendy thing now this movie should be considered a classic of that genre. It isn't that bad, the villain was amusing, some of the jokes were kinda funny, and the steampunk stuff was cool.
alex nos
alex nos - 2 months ago
I still really enjoy this movie. Its outrageous and strange.
Zero Walker
Zero Walker - 2 months ago
I rely enjoy this movie to be honest.
Bigus Chungus
Bigus Chungus - 2 months ago
Didnt will smith have a song called wild west?
Jordan Dodson
Jordan Dodson - Month ago
Bigus Chungus yep
Corrupted Crimson
Corrupted Crimson - 2 months ago
I actually really want to see that skit become a movie.
Crispy IceCream
Crispy IceCream - 2 months ago
Why is the beginning just like glass
Joshua Hattem
Joshua Hattem - 2 months ago
I actually loved this movie though :'(
Matthew Mertens
Matthew Mertens - 2 months ago
2:39 did anyone else get triggered when they saw the dvd label side up like that? I know it’s just Wild Wild West, but still
Blank Blank
Blank Blank - 2 months ago
18:50 looks like a JoJo refrence. As in it is literally a nigh replica from a scene from JoJo.
FLCL2010TOKYOJAPAN - 2 months ago
Man, fuck you. This movie was above average.
3rd Gunman
3rd Gunman - 2 months ago
This was the beginning of the end for Will's career.
Listener Canon
Listener Canon - 2 months ago
No that'd be RUvideos Rewind...
Ginger Snape
Ginger Snape - 2 months ago
The TV show was great!
Inferno - 2 months ago
I remember watching this movie and liking it. Dunno why tho.
Brian Jones
Brian Jones - 2 months ago
spider, punch him
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