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Abby Gould
Abby Gould - Day ago
Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park especially hate this movie because it came out around the same time as the South Park movie. They were mad that people would sneak in (and not pay money) to see their movie, while ACTUALLY pay to see this piece of shit movie. So, yeah. I think this movie deserves its bad rap and doesn't deserve to have people defend it.
Shelli Blossom
Shelli Blossom - 3 days ago
i would of stayed but gotten bored and gotten on my phone and played a game
Neon Lux
Neon Lux - 4 days ago
dnmstarsi - 2 days ago
I'll have you know most folks don't agree.
TribeVegas100 - 5 days ago
That intro was too funny bruh 😂
But the facts and accuracy...
SAP Music
SAP Music - 5 days ago
I still don’t get why people hate this movie. Sure it’s tacky and a bit all over this place but it’s pretty different from everything else and I found it pretty entertaining
dnmstarsi - 4 days ago
Well you probably just answered your question. Also it's probably not that funny for the other viewers. But hey, different tastes and guilty pleasures.
Zach Shanker
Zach Shanker - 6 days ago
I find it so disgustingly weird that the same stoic voice that narrated Walking With Dinosaurs played a whacky confederate in a wheelchair
SavingThemLost. - 7 days ago
This movie was pg13? I remember I had toys based off of this movie... Weird
Blade Writer
Blade Writer - 7 days ago
I saw another show called the Wild Wild West and figured this 2000s version was supposed to be similar. This couldn’t be any further from the truth.
Jake Hardin
Jake Hardin - 7 days ago
Call me crazy, but I actually wanna watch “Something Original” now. The story looked intriguing.
E.J Swanson
E.J Swanson - 7 days ago
It’s so terrible it’s wonderful
Sam Almonrode
Sam Almonrode - 7 days ago
okay you need to make a kick starter for that opening skit. just one thing the girl would lose 100 percent so her power could be something like making then super weak
Vicki Deshatler
Vicki Deshatler - 8 days ago
You are jerk
William Jackson
William Jackson - 9 days ago
How crazy would it have been if Will Smith was on the Matrix and Keanu Reeves was on Wild Wild West?
Joey Teter
Joey Teter - 9 days ago
Keep holding my band movie, make sure I don’t poop myself 😂😭😂😭
Joey Teter
Joey Teter - 9 days ago
That Salma Hayek ass tho 😍
Tannis - 11 days ago
that something original skit is still in 2019 so damn true
Zetrock - 13 days ago
You suck
Chris Blaze
Chris Blaze - 13 days ago
Nostalgia critic needs to actually make
"Something Original"
Justin R
Justin R - 14 days ago
this is movie that say we have to hate will smith at something
Me: for the moment (after earth and Aladdin 2019)
Griffith Moony
Griffith Moony - 15 days ago
So is the opening skit set in the unbreakable universe?
Yuuki Takemoto
Yuuki Takemoto - 15 days ago
Wordsof Harmony
Wordsof Harmony - 15 days ago
I liked this movie....
Giovanni Gianluca Reina
Giovanni Gianluca Reina - 16 days ago
The problem with “ something original” is that they cant never produce it because it will be “ based on the nostalgia critic skit”
J - 18 days ago
The movie turns 20 today
Pretty forgettable and I almost kept falling asleep each time watching it
The theme song is catchy though
Last90's Dude
Last90's Dude - 18 days ago
Happy 20th Year Anniversary !!!
Evelyn Butterworth
Evelyn Butterworth - 20 days ago
CRITIC!! Make Something Original a thing! I would totally watch it!
Dr. Pink
Dr. Pink - 20 days ago
The opening movie i would TOTALLY watch it looks cool they should make an acuall movie like that
Rose Weldon
Rose Weldon - 21 day ago
This movie is trash. But like Showgirls, it is beautiful, entertainingly inept trash.
Tim Badger
Tim Badger - 21 day ago
You know I'm beginning to think he's intentionally going out of his way to trash movies that I like, hell he actually considers one of my all time favorite movies from childhood as one of the worst movies ever made. Drop Dead Fred. Also the only dead mode I entered critic was after laughing death at how hilarious the breast scene was. I love you man but sometimes I wonder how you can't find something funny. Cause you clearly have a good sense of humor
dnmstarsi - 12 days ago
Dude, don't be pissy because Doug dislikes movies you seem to enjoy. You don't see me criticizing him for shitting on Rover Dangerfield. It's just his opinion and it's not like he's attacking the fanbase plus he's not the only person who dislikes this flick.
Fan de John Huston
Fan de John Huston - 22 days ago
16:51 made me spit out some of the tea I was enjoying.
Perfect Cell
Perfect Cell - 22 days ago
You know id actually watch that trailer movie
Hey Trey
Hey Trey - 24 days ago
the something original fake movie wasnt very original
Amanda S
Amanda S - 24 days ago
My dad was a kid in the '50s and '60s and grew up on the original show, watched it in reruns later, and genuinely really liked Will Smith and thought he was charming af (you know, like every other human being on the planet), so he was pretty stoked for this movie.
I saw it in the theater as a young teen and went home like, "Dad, trust me. You don't want to know."
"Oh, but that Will Smith guy, he's smooth and would make a great Jim West."
Dad watched it when it eventually aired on TV.
I've never seen a man's hopes and dreams crushed so swiftly.
GCT10/31/1990 - 25 days ago
I really enjoyed this film
Tom Bennett
Tom Bennett - 26 days ago
Also, also, their plan is to force the entire United States to surrender by holding the President hostage! What’s to stop the U.S. Army from refusing the order and continuing to fight?! What if the government decides their people’s freedom is worth more than one terrible politician?! Also, it’s 1869! The most heavily armed civilian population at the time didn’t even like their own government, and they’re battle-hardened from the civil war!
Tom Bennett
Tom Bennett - 26 days ago
Also, when the Europeans do take control, do they seriously think the ENTIRE heavily armed American populace plus natives will be on board?!
Tom Bennett
Tom Bennett - 26 days ago
As an intelligent human being, I have a question: What were the European Superpowers thinking when they supported Loveless?! I get they wanted the United States chopped up and divided among themselves, but what if the coup failed?! What would happen with public relations?! Where would they get cotton now?!
Nightmare Eclipse
Nightmare Eclipse - 29 days ago
Intro DJ 101
Intro DJ 101 - Month ago
Oi i loved Cowboy movies. How we gonna expect for a city boy to watch a country comedy.
Typhoon - Month ago
My theory is that the movie itself is original but there was a coincidence that the movie and the 60s movie share the same name.
Typhoon - Month ago
Although of that theory the movie itself is pretty bad.
The almighty s slave Executor
you obviously dont know what is or isnt a good movie
dnmstarsi - 12 days ago
@The almighty s slave Executor .Dude, don't be salty because he dislikes something you enjoy. Clearly you don't understand what opinions are and you can't accept that this movie is arguably bad for a PG-13 film. Quit being defensive for this film that A LOT OF PEOPLE INCLUDING DOUG DISLIKE. If you like this film, more power to you. But you need to have some respect for other people's opinion and your point doesn't work here since this film is still overall not well received. But clearly, you will never understand.
The almighty s slave Executor
@dnmstarsi IT IS A FUNNY MOVIE for "kids?", and he makes it like itˇwasent while trying to be funny, unsuccessfully may i add. people can hate it or dont like it, cuz of the stupidity in it, but it was made to be that way. Niches are not for everyone, when people dont like a movie it dosent mean that its not a good one, cuz people have deferent tastes. A good opera is not liked by most people. nonetheless it still can be a good opera. you understand?
dnmstarsi - 12 days ago
@The almighty s slave Executor Technically he is doing both. He's giving his thoughts on a movie while being funny at the same time. But like many, Doug did not like this movie and it shows outside of this review. While there is a fanbase for this film, there is more disdainment than admiration for this. It's only "irrelevant" because you don't agree with him despite him being an internet critic who's thoughts are usually just an exaggerated version of his actual opinion (and is still a big name despite last year's controversy). And as I said, this movie got a bunch of Razzies so it looks like he ain't the only one who knows what is or isn't a good movie.
The almighty s slave Executor
@dnmstarsi you donť have to be an expert to know that his reviews are just to be funny. he is not doing real reviews, he is just like the guy who make those vids "everything wrong with ...." . His opinion of a movie is totally irrelevant just like the everything wrong with guy.
dnmstarsi - 12 days ago
Tell that to the multiple Razzies it got.
RJ -
RJ - - Month ago
I will never hate this movie
Ryan Springer
Ryan Springer - Month ago
Anyone else hear Kevin Smith's producer that wanted a spider in the movie story?
Nick Slouka
Nick Slouka - Month ago
I don't think the audience for this movie was the same as the show because what kids are sitting around watching westerns from the 60s? ZERO and the people who gave it a bad rating where these kids parents who grew up with the original 60's tv show and assumed this was a movie about it and probably walked out of the theater 30 min in and just went to Wendys.
Mikey Morales
Mikey Morales - Month ago
Honestly this was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez - Month ago
"the amount of dead air between could fill the space between stars!" XDDD my favorite line
Dark Cipher2367
Dark Cipher2367 - Month ago
Still I would pay money to see a movie version of The Skit something original
Dark Cipher2367
Dark Cipher2367 - Month ago
Wouldn't Tamara just make Malcolm super strong and just died after she gets sick
Tarezz - Month ago
this review is more painful to watch than the movie
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