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Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso - Month ago
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The Red Special rat
Carlos Vergara
Carlos Vergara - 11 days ago
Rudy you are so cool and the music you play ,song 🎺🎷🎹🎤🎸🎙🎵🎵🎵🎶🎶🔊😃👍👍👍🎬👍
Brian Ringisai Muzondo
Brian Ringisai Muzondo - 11 days ago
i love your viede good luik rudy have a nice life
johan hernandez
johan hernandez - 12 days ago
johan hernandez
johan hernandez - 12 days ago
yo thats video is asome
Shakeel Hameed
Shakeel Hameed - 36 minutes ago
Next level video , bro😍👍
Abhishek Pandey
Abhishek Pandey - 2 hours ago
I'm speechless dude 👍
Hảo Trần Minh
Hảo Trần Minh - 3 hours ago
the best video
HayHay Smith
HayHay Smith - 3 hours ago
Did not see that last part happening. So Rudy is a robot my mind hurts and I'm real confused but great vid
Ньургун Тарасов
Hey, Black mirror, oh eee
Alicia Jenkins
Alicia Jenkins - 4 hours ago
i like your muic
Tanvi Ozarkar
Tanvi Ozarkar - 7 hours ago
am i the only one who cried....?
Dakhi nath Soren
Dakhi nath Soren - 8 hours ago
You all are outstanding 🤗
Monil Gurung
Monil Gurung - 9 hours ago
Detroid become human in a nutshell
Suren DOOBAREE - 9 hours ago
I. Like a. Videos.
Sue沐汐 - 9 hours ago
so creative
Khan Sajid Ali
Khan Sajid Ali - 10 hours ago
kath playz
kath playz - 11 hours ago
Wow i love it!
Agnes - 11 hours ago
Is this detroit become human?
Muhammad Obaid
Muhammad Obaid - 12 hours ago
Rudy, you are amazing, anwar you are marvelous
kim kajol
kim kajol - 12 hours ago
الروتين بيتغير بس هو هو الروتين
Gnsy Key
Gnsy Key - 14 hours ago
Why am I so crying.
Felipe Berrios
Felipe Berrios - 14 hours ago
this video is like a black mirror episode
DragonballNation - 15 hours ago
WTH great tho
Trending TTS
Trending TTS - 16 hours ago
this was reallllllllyyyyy good....made me wish it was an actual movie
Julián Núñez
Julián Núñez - 17 hours ago
la cura para la sledad es la crisis existencial que me dejó este video xD
Aya Yahia
Aya Yahia - 18 hours ago
drogxer btw
drogxer btw - 19 hours ago
Fuck you youdrop Quran bitches
Pink Hole
Pink Hole - 19 hours ago
Close to Detroit become human
Ziad El Amin Zedam
Ziad El Amin Zedam - 20 hours ago
666 , hmmmmmmmmmmm ?
yungr - 22 hours ago
wow.. plottwists
Ming Si
Ming Si - 23 hours ago
THat ending
miss nawar
miss nawar - Day ago
I don't get it 😥
Lucy May7
Lucy May7 - Day ago
So they weren't even humans? Wow and Jesus, Anwar is an amazing actor i felt bad for him
Axeol - Day ago
Black mirror
Dr Abbas khan
Dr Abbas khan - Day ago
Oh poor anwar😭😭
Belen Ortiz
Belen Ortiz - Day ago
This was cute and sad
This is sooooo deeep.. 😍😍😍😍
Mehmetcan Mutlu
Mehmetcan Mutlu - Day ago
Imray Fury
Imray Fury - Day ago
The ending was a plot twist
X-Entric 1
X-Entric 1 - Day ago
Black mirror : the musical
Gacha Mini Movies 1517
Bob likes pizza rolls
Damn I was about to say where’d you get that clock from
The gaming Pals
The gaming Pals - Day ago
when i saw hannah though i was like NANI??
Bubblii - Day ago
Wow, this is a heartbreaking mini movie. This really puts life in perspective 😰
Valerio Saccone
Valerio Saccone - Day ago
Jayalee Pandya
Jayalee Pandya - Day ago
Nobody _1
Nobody _1 - Day ago
I really didnt expect that loool 8:05
TUAN PHAM - Day ago
How i could forget to like this..
233 pisco
233 pisco - Day ago
Really cool!!!
ISuck - Day ago
Me: Well, at least those 2 humans have it good for them~
Movie: '100% Human'
Emily Moo
Emily Moo - Day ago
9:23 jajaja 😢
Karan GM
Karan GM - Day ago
This is great , so powerful
Shivani Kashyap
Shivani Kashyap - Day ago
In the end i said wtf
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