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Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso - 5 months ago
Enjoy. Watch more Stories From Our Future here
Itz #AliindaGacha
Itz #AliindaGacha - Day ago
Keep going bro... Keep going 😎
Nekeba Hendrix Hendrix
Nekeba Hendrix Hendrix - 5 days ago
This is actually a cute story
Anwar Tanwar
Anwar Tanwar - Month ago
Awesome 🙏🙏🙏✌✌
Jasmine Mix
Jasmine Mix - 3 hours ago
In our future we watch old movies
Alyssah Baldwin
Alyssah Baldwin - 8 hours ago
after he got his girlfriend he compleatly forgot about his robot friend
O tal do Ferox
O tal do Ferox - 8 hours ago
michael fisher
michael fisher - 9 hours ago
micah bell
micah bell - 10 hours ago
See the music actually speaks some hear sound others here noise but i hear confusion sympathy loss but then there is that one flicker of hope and faith that there is something for everyone when you just feel like there is nothing in store for you just look even when you feel like it's the worst day of your life look forward to everthing in life whether it's small or big its for you

Have a good day and there is someone who loves you
Anne Genari
Anne Genari - 12 hours ago
Anwar is amazing ❤
Emerging Artist
Emerging Artist - Day ago
I am definitely not sleeping tonight...
Nadia Dupala
Nadia Dupala - Day ago
It was pretty sad in the end and I cried a little bit!
0:37 look at the right most side of the screen..its creepy af
Dominik Kominík
Dominik Kominík - Day ago
Great video bro. From Czech republic.
Itz #AliindaGacha
Itz #AliindaGacha - Day ago
Who left a tear to go after this is my sibling
Cedric Omwansa
Cedric Omwansa - Day ago
Is that Anwar
Noodle Monster
Noodle Monster - Day ago
Has anyone realized that all the sounds in this video makes the music?
Fakie - 18 hours ago
Nooo shit Sherlock
rabi k
rabi k - Day ago
Garlapati Naga Babu
Garlapati Naga Babu - 2 days ago
Just killed it hats off to you bro... You will received one subscribers is added that's mine
Stéphanie Moura
Stéphanie Moura - 2 days ago
Que Black Mirror isso
Rhiyan Al rikabi
Rhiyan Al rikabi - 2 days ago
Hannah looks gorgeous
avinash bakash
avinash bakash - 2 days ago
The future 😍
Camila Gomez
Camila Gomez - 3 days ago
F. F for. F f for. Vic. C c a zX
Miah Anton
Miah Anton - 3 days ago
Aww Anwar 😭💔
mohamed . j . bakry
mohamed . j . bakry - 3 days ago
Boltstream 589
Boltstream 589 - 3 days ago
You're so good at this, you have to become a movie star
Master Gamer
Master Gamer - 3 days ago
The whole videos was cool the beat was perfect
DannySabastian Joseph
DannySabastian Joseph - 4 days ago
This guy deserve to be a Hollywood star
Aaftab Iqbal
Aaftab Iqbal - 4 days ago
Wow wow wow
Just an amazing no word to describe for this video for showing how much humanity is in human.
Zealium - 4 days ago
Their both robots
Cedrick Solis
Cedrick Solis - 4 days ago
It was imotional wheb anwar was left behind
NAB,s NOMI - 4 days ago
One eye is the symbol of Illuminati ☠️
NAB,s NOMI - Day ago
@BLACK GOKU this is scary........😬
BLACK GOKU - Day ago
Samiuela Lolohea
Samiuela Lolohea - 4 days ago
The views on this video have more than it's channel
AbDoOx GaMeR
AbDoOx GaMeR - 4 days ago
He`s Fucked Up
Anele Mlaba
Anele Mlaba - 4 days ago
this the typa shit that be happening in the matrix
Brandon4YAHUSHA - 4 days ago
Illuminati eye
Guilherme Augusto Stella
i had so much better endings :/
Fire Team
Fire Team - 4 days ago
RAVBAT - 4 days ago
This feels just like our future.
Anita Baraik
Anita Baraik - 4 days ago
This is so real Just so touchy
Zahra Singh
Zahra Singh - 4 days ago
Guys seriously does this remind anyone of black mirror. Like it gives you that vibe with all of the technology
Zineddine Chahid
Zineddine Chahid - 4 days ago
What the actual fuck did I just whatch
Petru SohldeE
Petru SohldeE - 5 days ago
Can I just get on of them pls? 😔
Mehrab Apurba
Mehrab Apurba - 5 days ago
Anwar is the best! ❤
Shenjii - 5 days ago
*when the robots die*
me : what the FU- *chat has ended*
anwar deen
anwar deen - 5 days ago
Jace _671
Jace _671 - 5 days ago
Hahahahah i know that robot 😂😂😂😂 the girl
nazmul huda
nazmul huda - 5 days ago
That was a great video of you guys and message also. Out of a deep thought and exclusiveness.
¡GᄇᄃHᄇ! 《KᅵᄇNN ᄐ》
This video is so deep and sad our future can be better than this...... Right?
¡GᄇᄃHᄇ! 《KᅵᄇNN ᄐ》
I really just hope our future is better than this😳
100% GachaTuber
Haruhiro Walker
Haruhiro Walker - 5 days ago
Éééééé... Mds ;-; triste, porém genial
Ashutosh Kalta
Ashutosh Kalta - 5 days ago
This is the best video I ever watched ❤️❤️❤️❤️
fury 9213
fury 9213 - 6 days ago
Wow it's a beautiful story
William Cruz
William Cruz - 6 days ago
Amazing Video .... 👌👌👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Mustafa Hassan
Mustafa Hassan - 6 days ago
That is the opposite of an overpopulation cure
gacha wolf queeni girl
gacha wolf queeni girl - 6 days ago
Wait are you telling me every person in this is a robot
Esther Padua
Esther Padua - 6 days ago
This was so freaking Amazing 🔥
abadi_bs - 6 days ago
So He never showers 🧼 ?
michelle aguirre
michelle aguirre - 6 days ago
why is rudy not a movie director

its what we need
Muhammad Abdullah Imtiaz
Best video for singles so order now😅
Muhammad Abdullah Imtiaz
Awww what a realty 💔💔💔💔
QUADLO - 7 days ago
Man that was so deep but sometimes sadly true... Well done guys
juliathe bunbun
juliathe bunbun - 7 days ago
I kinda don't get it is the robot sad for the couple
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