Everything Wrong With Rio In 15 Minutes Or Less

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Zoe Crampton
Zoe Crampton - 17 hours ago
question, why are you ruining every one's favorite childhood movies (or even still favorite) with a bunch of swears and fast-talking. these movies are awesome! (exept for tall gitl if you reviewed tah yes)
Sarah Kemp
Sarah Kemp - 18 hours ago
Random fact: at Disney you can see weird tourists feed birds chicken

It’s realllllly weird
ScareToons Studios
ScareToons Studios - 18 hours ago
Haha lol
deadpool productions
Jayden Hussey
Jayden Hussey - Day ago
Nigel surviving hitting the transformer hard enough to make it explode that's definitely a sin
WJF3 - Day ago
“Suck macaw-k” is a level of comedy i didn’t know i needed to experience
•Cookie Cat•
•Cookie Cat• - Day ago
*Why does he look like Flint Lockwood*
*Seriously, Tulio looks simil-*
Kuwupt - 2 days ago
*Its blank*
Mario Arteaga
Mario Arteaga - 2 days ago
Actually those birds can eat chocolate and be fine so -1 sin
Hey it’s me1055
Hey it’s me1055 - 2 days ago
I always hated tulio
Amber Jackson
Amber Jackson - 2 days ago
"Midwesterns are tough as balls"

Me standing downtown chicago in December wearing nothing but a light jacket: Ya darn tootin buckaroo
andrew alcala
andrew alcala - 2 days ago
9:14 what about that toucans can't fly?
Brant Croucher
Brant Croucher - 3 days ago
How long did it take you to think of “ suck my macaw-k
BATTRONIX z1 - 3 days ago
id like to see this guy make a movie 😂
Um Abdullah
Um Abdullah - 4 days ago
You should make a other channel called cinemavertu
Cupcake and Diamond
Cupcake and Diamond - 4 days ago
This is my favorite movie :’3
565 Studios
565 Studios - 5 days ago
Cinema sins asked why they were feeding Nigel chicken. That is because Nigel is a cockatoo which do indeed eat other birds.
Shadow Sora
Shadow Sora - 5 days ago
What if there all speaking bird and we some how got it translated to English
Random videos/ baseball
Wait do I get a sentence cause I already live in Minnesota
Waki Kat
Waki Kat - 6 days ago
The music is pretty good to be honest
[SCP] Gr33nL1ghtn1ng6
[SCP] Gr33nL1ghtn1ng6 - 8 days ago
Sentence: Minnesota, wait this isn't my world. Me who lives in Minnesota: ._.
Spicy Lemon
Spicy Lemon - 8 days ago
This movie makes me sad now because the star species is extinct.
Pedro José
Pedro José - 2 days ago
@Jayden Hussey but they are extinct in nature
Jayden Hussey
Jayden Hussey - 3 days ago
Not really there is a building somewhere in the world that has been keeping in captivity to keep them from going extinct
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole - 10 days ago
I thought this was the lizard movie and I was super confused why it’s starting with a bird haha
Yeet Man
Yeet Man - 11 days ago
That’s racist.
Eliza Spriggs
Eliza Spriggs - 12 days ago
Can we sin humanity for actually letting the Spix macaw go extinct in the wild?
kidhood - 13 days ago
6:53 angry soccer players
Ella Lewis
Ella Lewis - 15 days ago
Tbh ur a pretty good singer (^ν^)
Sandra Lewis
Sandra Lewis - 15 days ago
The reason that she dissent get a bird sitter because u know he’s one of the last of his kind
Jaime Mead
Jaime Mead - 15 days ago
"This is like watching an entire porno but missing the money shot!"
*Wat* 😂
Gelatina_Royal - 15 days ago
I gotta praise them for the songs tbh
Gigi toy kawaii
Gigi toy kawaii - 16 days ago
I'm Brazilian .-.
And i don't speak spanish ;-;
Tori Mather
Tori Mather - 16 days ago
2:50 this man has never been to a small town bookshop i guess
Razertor Gamer
Razertor Gamer - 17 days ago
A sin to CinemaSins for making bird puns.
Ryan O'Rourke
Ryan O'Rourke - 17 days ago
3:14 just click it
RAKIII - 17 days ago
You missed one

Birds can't speak
go2hell746 - 17 days ago
QY SC - 17 days ago
Seriously, what if people stop making logos?. Will you not sin the logo then?, and if so. Will you sin the movie if it has no logo?
Cheese Burger
Cheese Burger - 17 days ago
I like how the narrator is funny, depressing and relatable
Also narration +1 sin
Rainbow Kitten
Rainbow Kitten - 12 days ago
Pg3d Try hard
Pg3d Try hard - 18 days ago
Can I ask why does some movies like Rio either have them singing songs in the intro and in the middle part of the movie
Wolfie Chan
Wolfie Chan - 19 days ago
*na na na na na na na na na no*
Motiejaus Valiūno Animacijos
My favorite movie sinned :|
J_I Wallis
J_I Wallis - 21 day ago
I'm spinning cinemasins for disrespecting the black eyed peas
Matt Hacker
Matt Hacker - 21 day ago
Hey Jeremy! Shut up about Minnesota being a bad place. This is CinemaSins, not a channel about dissing places!
Thegn P.
Thegn P. - 21 day ago
“Midwesterners are tough as balls”
Gold Byte
Gold Byte - 22 days ago
Gold Byte
Gold Byte - 22 days ago
Gold Byte
Gold Byte - 22 days ago
If a male said "have you seen my bird"
It could sound badly.
xCookieFilms - 23 days ago
Also blue is a 18k dollar macaw if the truck dropped that I think they would've tracked down the bird
skinpunk93 - 23 days ago
Ok I love you guys your videos are ace but pls for the love of all that is holy stop calling it SOCCER!! And football is not a sin hence why it’s played globally unlike NFL
• Ă ř i a ń ă _ L ø v l ě ý •
Do the 2nd one next
IanTayon - 24 days ago
Not going to lie this is one of my favorite childhood movies, but this is hella funny
Faisal Sarwar
Faisal Sarwar - 25 days ago
you motherflipper stop this sh**
Dakota Colton ginueys
Dakota Colton ginueys - 25 days ago
Logos: exists cinemasins: *A N G E R*
Akito Anonymos
Akito Anonymos - 26 days ago
Sinning the movie and CS:

Parrots and chickens are NOT closely related, their last common ancestor lived way more than 50 million years ago.
(compared to the human/chimp last common ancestor living 6 million years ago)

Ergo it's NOT cannibalism by a long shot

MrHatman26 - 8 days ago
I think it's less of being related like that and more being related by being types of birds...
The Real Queen of Owls
The Real Queen of Owls - 26 days ago
I personally enjoyed this movie, I found it very enjoyable however I do agree with these sins.
Ryder Van Wey
Ryder Van Wey - 26 days ago
You don’t really have to balance on a dirt bike. It’s hard to tip of not leaning over the side
Thomas Millar
Thomas Millar - 27 days ago
Me looking at that drooling dog just makes me think, this is spit, it's over
evan maus
evan maus - 27 days ago
ItsKaisle - 27 days ago
7:21 this had me dying
Kaylee Ritchey
Kaylee Ritchey - 28 days ago
I was actually watching Rio while i found this, why?
MrHatman26 - 8 days ago
Maybe you searched the Rio film while watching it?
Maxwell Hernandez
Maxwell Hernandez - 28 days ago
eciN 13:56
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