Everything Wrong With Rio In 15 Minutes Or Less

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Jack Anthony Official
Jack Anthony Official - 10 hours ago
You should sin yourselves for the extent to which you've pointed out how HARD this kids movie Rule 34s.
frederickrabbit - 22 hours ago
3:22 that tail strike
The Procrastinators
The Procrastinators - 23 hours ago
You guys should do Spymate. Its fucking weird
Henry Gaskell
Henry Gaskell - Day ago
How was that singing a sin?
Brandon Litt
Brandon Litt - Day ago
*MA C A W K*
EmeraldGamer41 - Day ago
Before he took the sin...😂.... at the sin part “don’t you dare take away the sin”.... GOD DANG IT!!😠😠😠😠
Agent Manny
Agent Manny - Day ago
Hey Jeremy piss off the songs are awesome you're just a hater
Mozzie - 2 days ago
ThEy SaId ThAt We CoUlDn'T wEaPoNiZe AuTiSm, ThEy WeRe WrOnG.
James Gaming
James Gaming - 2 days ago
Ok if Nigel was a raptor it wold make sense with the poultry
Azlaan Azhar
Azlaan Azhar - 2 days ago
Jacob Masten
Jacob Masten - 3 days ago
DJB Playz
DJB Playz - 3 days ago
I have bird , it no love me , it refuse , but I love it
AQUA ANCHOR - 3 days ago
200x sins for calling football soccer
Imogen . Reviews
Imogen . Reviews - 3 days ago
MovieSins singing “you can call me al” is such a mood.
Celeste Cortez
Celeste Cortez - 4 days ago
i feel like i’ve been screwed more than jewel 💀
MUK 960
MUK 960 - 4 days ago
2:40... i wonder if the person that writes the subtitles have audio cause then they must be confused
Wolf Raptor
Wolf Raptor - 5 days ago
whats funny is ive onlysaw the second movie and i did not think the first was just talking about my home state
Fluf f
Fluf f - 5 days ago
The Rio Review. THE MOST *SEX DRIVEN* REVIEW IVE SEEN, and that’s saying something!
TAPEWORM GUTS - 6 days ago
I'm the one person who's never seen Rio
Goldfish Gaming
Goldfish Gaming - 6 days ago
Heyyyyy... What wrong Christ the redeemer?
Candy gloves Gacha
Candy gloves Gacha - 7 days ago
Jackson Green
Jackson Green - 8 days ago
How dare you insult my favourite kids movie! SCREW YOU CINEMASINS!
kitty youtuber
kitty youtuber - 8 days ago
So, nobody's gonna talk about how beautiful CinemaSins singing voice is?
Every Movie Hero
Every Movie Hero - 8 days ago
But it's not cannibalism, Nigel is one species of bird eating a different species of bird, that'd be like us being called cannibals for eating pork
archaic chaotic
archaic chaotic - 8 days ago
Túlio looks like Coraline's dad
I love Mortal Kombat
I love Mortal Kombat - 9 days ago
Extra sin how do dog talk to birds how do they understand each other
Zmax Productions HARRY
Zmax Productions HARRY - 9 days ago
i think u look wayyyyy too deep into kids movies haha
ladylibra1982 - 10 days ago
"Gotdamn, Midwesterners are tough as bla
Yes. Yea we are 😁
draw_tube-br 13
draw_tube-br 13 - 10 days ago
Im brazilian and this movie was kinda ofensive, but awesome sooooooooooooo yeah boii
ProtoStar51 - 10 days ago
1:11 “Linda Gunderson, age 14”
Only now have I realised what her last name was.
Rose P.
Rose P. - 10 days ago
The Paul Simon reference... 😂
CleverBlue 2
CleverBlue 2 - 10 days ago
Look man wheb my birds run THEY ARE FAST LITTLE RATES OK AND THEY ARE JUST PARAKEETS OR BUDGIES. I cants even think of how fast the Blue Spix or Hyacinth Macaw is....
Ashley Ramos
Ashley Ramos - 10 days ago
I like your singing. You sound nice
anniegamerplayz - 10 days ago
I already live in Minnesota;-;
gonchasedraw - 10 days ago
beep boop your opinion is poop
Charlotte Collins
Charlotte Collins - 10 days ago
Are we just gonna ignore 2:29 - 2:38 ? Really tho
Madeline Anderson
Madeline Anderson - 11 days ago
Surprisingly- there isn’t snow on the ground ALL THE TIME in Minnesota~
Antonio T Torres
Antonio T Torres - 11 days ago
Uh *ding*
Fitz and Fries
Fitz and Fries - 11 days ago
2:29 Paul Simon is the GOAT
Gehöre zu uns
Gehöre zu uns - 11 days ago
I know that is just for content, BUT I LOVE RIO and I don’t like this video .-.
But because its just for content, I give a like.
Sivan Aharon
Sivan Aharon - 12 days ago
He sinned the movie for not seeing the birds have $€X...
Wtf dude...
Samuel Dyck
Samuel Dyck - 12 days ago
Why the fuck are bookstores a sin?
Al & Al
Al & Al - 12 days ago
How was Linda and any veterinarian that took care of Blu never concerned that Blu couldn’t fly?
If there was nothing wrong with him that would prevent him from flying they should have looked into it more than just accepting that he couldn’t fly.
l3utterl3oy - 12 days ago
I was hoping for a "Guy did a peter pan right here off of this damn right here!" But I'll settle for a "warehouse, farm house, hen house, out house or dog house" hahaha
Davidwantshugs - 12 days ago
Therapist: ghost reader isn’t real he can’t hurt you
Ghost reader:
bananabulb - 13 days ago
*And* angry birds ruins this movie.
Via foxladysledgehammer Drewery
parrot Crystal
parrot Crystal - 13 days ago
1:50 this is one of the things I don't like about the moive cause really cookies and CHOCOLATE?!??
but every thing esle it's okay.
Tomos Linton-Ffrost
Tomos Linton-Ffrost - 13 days ago
a little bulky but passports are much safer to take clubbing etc.. do you really want strangers knowing where you live? (if showed a drivers license as proof of age)
Camryn Dorilma
Camryn Dorilma - 13 days ago
Rip, these birds just went extinct..l.
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