Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Explains Why The Green New Deal Is About More Than Climate | All In | MSNBC

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Gany Meade
Gany Meade - Day ago
The GND is a huge fund that is too big and complex for any accurate accountability. It would cause very high taxes and collapse the economy.
Gany Meade
Gany Meade - Day ago
Most of the world's pollution comes from China, Russia, Indiana, and the 3rd World, not the USA. However, the facts do not matter to AOC; so who should believe anything she says.
sasobrown - 4 days ago
MSNBC is FAKE NEWS!!!!!....just like, fake news interviewing fake people..
InteryCreeper - 5 days ago
look at the audience
InteryCreeper - 5 days ago
look at the people
vince kelly
vince kelly - 5 days ago
aoc is a republican plant meant to destroy the democrat party
no one is that stupid
and it worked beautifully !!!!
John Vasquez
John Vasquez - 6 days ago
AOC needs Jesus...I will pray for her to repent and seek Jesus
Rocky Tucker
Rocky Tucker - 8 days ago
Ok seriously AOC the Republicans didn't make a fool of themselves they literally called u on facts. U made not only a fool but a mockery of yourself as well as our great nation.. Seriously go back to bartending!
Granblue - 9 days ago
To me this isn’t a political issue. It’s basic science. Also all the electric car. Inversions wouldn’t save 1% of emmissions that switching the nation vegan would.
wandering spirit
wandering spirit - 11 days ago
The cost: $70,000/yr per household. Sign me up AOC, Can't wait
to see construction on the bridge from LA to Honolulu.
Haley Von
Haley Von - 13 days ago
She cited no facts in her argument for green new deal. Her argument is based in emotions and passion, not fact and reason. #socialismsucks
r villa
r villa - 15 days ago
danm, poor lady, how dumb, making a fool of herself,,
Cri cho
Cri cho - 16 days ago
The title should be: "Why The Green New Deal Is NOT About Climate". It's the next bank rescue and a disaster for the climate.
angel garcia
angel garcia - 17 days ago

Pegasus Pegasus
Pegasus Pegasus - 17 days ago
I have a same vision to this girl. Mr president should support this issue this girl should be on republican side.
SuperJV4x - 17 days ago
$100+ trillion for a non-existent warming crisis - the irony is that the earth is cooling due to the sun and crops failing this year from it
DumpstercRATs for extinction 2020
The best thing about aoc (aka queen of idiocracy) is?!?! Her and her mental midget “squalor for all SQUAD” will be one term dingbats of congress and President Trump will be KAG for a 2nd term!!! 🖕🏻🐸🖕🏻all you Bolshevick Leftist Regressive’s!!!!
Internet Revolution
Internet Revolution - 20 days ago
Congress will NEVER give us the Green New Deal - Read about the ONLY WAY we'll get it done.
Broadswordable - 20 days ago
AOC will have a short lived tenure unless she presents some numbers on the Green New Deal. Getting a top tier Economist to present it would help. She cannot sell it on her own, she does not have the background or the political muscle for this.
Mo Khan
Mo Khan - 23 days ago
The "free" everything and climate deal has been talked about to death, however, no one is talking about how much it will cost. The MISES Institute recently calculated the cost at around $93 trillion over 10 years.
Richard Petek
Richard Petek - 22 days ago
You should ask yourself who made this calculation because it is totally wrong. You will be asked (and subsidised) to insulate your house - it will significantly lower your bill for heating and cooling. The same goes with a heat pump - it lowers your bills by another 30-50%. Another point - it is a 10 year plan, not all at once. For example, *most NEW cars* in 2030 should be electric. Older ones will get replaced as time goes by.
Ambokile Martin
Ambokile Martin - 23 days ago
The higher ups try to keep society in the dark when it comes to climate change. If you are àn advocate of climate change, the right will say y'all will disrupt the American way of life if you advocate climate change procedures. Which it will, but America got tired of giving great Britain money, taxing Americans when they did nothing to earn that American dollar, but change HAD to be implemented for the greater good. Same paradigm today.
Ambokile Martin
Ambokile Martin - 23 days ago
She is too gorgeous.
John McRae
John McRae - 23 days ago
400 parts per million, that means out of 1 million parts 400 are carbon that's. 0004%
Richard Petek
Richard Petek - 22 days ago
Take 410 parts per million of your body weight in alcohol and you will be half the way of driving under influence. The limit is 500 or 800 ppm, depending on country. Lean physics before you talk nonsense:
Jamie Kloer
Jamie Kloer - 23 days ago
She saved New York from jobs time to save the planet. We all get along when we are poor and have no jobs.
Richard Petek
Richard Petek - 22 days ago
Incorrect. Activists prevented a bad deal with Amazon. Amazon will come to New York - no matter what. They (including AOC) saved 3 billion of the New York public budget. Money from their taxpayers Amazon wanted for free.
Hard Facts
Hard Facts - 28 days ago
AOC is awesome, she is working hard for us all !!!!
George Campos
George Campos - 29 days ago
Sad thing is that ,they are worst than climate change with their stupidity and the views that guide them..... IDIOT'S 🤪🤪🤪🤪
TheFlyingHogg - Month ago
Vote her out, do better NYC
Randall Palmer
Randall Palmer - Month ago
These people are brain dead. They are totally ignorant and useless as teats on a boar.
E James
E James - Month ago
Sandy from the block.
rocket 442
rocket 442 - Month ago
I LOVE her lips, her lips are just sooooo perfect!! I could just look at her mouth for hours!! Hott Lips AOC!! (I need a cold shower)
Will Ganness
Will Ganness - Month ago
Yes, we heard from your puppet master Saikat Chakrabati its much more than climate change.
griz063 - Month ago
RE: the Google ad-stream -- "Valiant "victims" risking danger" . . . they're crossing a frickin' stream! in a sub-tropical climate with professional assistance you noobs!!! This is what happens when hemorrhaging hearts prevails over intellect and reason! (BTW, you know the woman videoed is stock footage and will never see a penny of what your heart-strings have been plucked for??)
As for OAC and "The Squad", they are children elected too soon to a position where adults should prevail. They are only concerned for emotions in the shortest of short-term and have no longer vision for how the Nation can possibly fund (or even survive) their "social reforms". And adult looks not just to their emotions in the short-term but to the longer-term benefit of family, neighborhood, city and Nation of the future. And while "The Squad"s spending reforms are impressive, you very quickly run out of other people's money to make it so.

There is no adult vision for 10, 25, or 50 years down the road, not just for "the group-victims" (neo-Marxism) but for the entire society. Her immaturity in serving just the short-term emotive gains of "her core" with only nebulous plans to cover what she proposes to spend, is profound. It lends credence to age-old notions of why women are unsuitable for positions of power (which BTW, I don't believe)
(Offered as an impartial 3rd-party who will have no say in the US election outcome).
Jeff Harnack
Jeff Harnack - Month ago
monoecumsemper - Month ago
AO Cortez = THE COARSE BLOOM OF A SERVANT GIRL, if you ever saw such a thing ! No leadership, no charisma, no inspiration.
Jeff Yglesias
Jeff Yglesias - Month ago
How exactly does she have a bachelors degree in economics?
Juan Antonio Cordova
Juan Antonio Cordova - Month ago
Disparates comunistas a la orden.
Celto Roma
Celto Roma - Month ago
You know who doesn't believe in the Green New deal and sea level rising? Communist China. Why? They have built several artificial islands in the south china sea and turned them in military strongholds with aircraft runways about the height of 10 Mr Xi max. Don't swallow that AOC pitch, her brain is about the size of a nut.
Shiva Badruswamy
Shiva Badruswamy - Month ago
AOC has the energy that Obama brought into politics. She is caring and understands what the next gen politics needs. Hope she is liked well by a lot of people to get to hold the highest offices. I think AOC has to get off this green new deal thing - this does not resonate with current issues with a broad set of Americans. The US alone cannot reduce greenhouse gas emissions- countries lie China, India etc have to be convinced and that’s not going to happen until they get more developed. So getting into the green deal is a distraction for her. Work on student loans, healthcare, small business empowerment, legal system reforms, immigration, food security etc...when the US has so many issues, focusing on the green new deal will dilute her position.
D Storm
D Storm - Month ago
AOC is a none-too-bright young leftist...
Tim Scott
Tim Scott - Month ago
Now we understand why someone with a degree is still a bartender 5 years after graduation. 2 minutes with this bimbo and you would not hire her.
Juan Juan
Juan Juan - Month ago
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio -cortez,
Is very intelligent, beautiful, and
A breath of fresh air.
Supreme Bape
Supreme Bape - Month ago
she is so full of hate
floundermsu - Month ago
This woman is amazing.
Logic & Reason
Logic & Reason - Month ago
Oh yeah... the world will ends in 12 years right???
Richard Petek
Richard Petek - 22 days ago
The world *as we know it* will end (for the next generations) if we don't fight climate change in the next decade. Correct.
catlarry - Month ago
The end is near, vote for me.
Mr. salty gumdrop
Mr. salty gumdrop - Month ago
Oh gosh another politician that people believe in lmaoo the left is far left now makes the right look decent
Kurt Haas
Kurt Haas - Month ago
Life experience... upper middle class, college and a bartender... yeah, vast experience.
Robert Mayer
Robert Mayer - Month ago
economics degree with honors, national science award winner, lots of community organizing, ...
Nicholas Sway
Nicholas Sway - Month ago
True leaders will answer the tough questions, not softballs like these. If she were a real leader, she'd go on Fox. But she's not, she's just a puppet for the Justice Democrats.
Richard Petek
Richard Petek - 22 days ago
You obviously don't know who Justice Democrats are. They are nothing else than organisers for new community leaders, helping them to become politicians. Two of them are just progressive political commentators, RUvideosrs. Kyle Kulinski and Cenk Uygur. Google them - and listen to.
Justin Case
Justin Case - Month ago
AOC explains exactly why she is just another political puppet #UN #CentralBank
William Smith
William Smith - Month ago
AOC is scared to go on Fox news because she will get destroyed
Punchbag 100
Punchbag 100 - 17 days ago
No because they’re idiots and you can’t change a viewpoint of others
FightClub Alum
FightClub Alum - Month ago
This is a globalist agenda, just ignore this folks
Katie Roberts
Katie Roberts - Month ago
this is exacly what we need to do!
You Tube
You Tube - Month ago
yeeaahhh did you miss those stupid pills?
Michael Kalbo
Michael Kalbo - Month ago
can you say dizzy ??
Ryan Galaviz
Ryan Galaviz - Month ago
Please report this to the police, FBI and Military... it would help me immensely while I get through this hardship.

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The Pentagram
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Samantha Giovengo
Samantha Giovengo - Month ago
The bartender
Richard Petek
Richard Petek - 22 days ago
With an economics degree with honors, national science award winner, lots of community organizing, ...
Jon Doe
Jon Doe - Month ago
So scientists can't come up with a way to accurately predict the weather 24 hours into the future, but we are to believe they have it correct 10 years into the future? Wow, this is a whole new kind of stupid!
Jon Doe
Jon Doe - 21 day ago
@Richard Petek and the dumb keep getting dumber. Seriously, that is your argument? Bahahahaha!!!!!! Well, I guess you can't fix stupid! First, you are comparing fuel versus miles, and second, you are comparing something that is supposedly fairly consistent versus something that is constantly changing! The only word you mentioned that applies is uncertainty. What "some" scientists are claiming is just their prediction. That is also what is going on every day with weather reports, is a prediction. The point is, they are wrong so much that we joke about it all the time. The weather is often the opposite of what they say. So again, if we don't have the technology to get the weather correct 24 hours into the future, how do we say a 10 year prediction is correct? Unlike you stupid example, 10 years into the future equals MANY levels of uncertainty! I heard an interview with a scientist that talked about that. When you consider ALL of the variables over a 10 year period, there is no way to say for certain what will happen. Keep in mind this is not the first time someone has come out and claimed the world is about to end. Yet, here we are still alive! It's sad that we have people dumb enough to believe anything Democrats say. Oh well, stupid is what stupid does!
Richard Petek
Richard Petek - 22 days ago
You probably cannot predict how much fuel you will need in the next month. There is always a level of uncertainty. But you probably know quite well how many miles you will drive per year. Correct? It is (basically) the same.
JL Diaz
JL Diaz - Month ago
filthy perra puta =AOC
nrawayne - Month ago
Left-wing nut-job fantasy land -- a place where being "factually correct" is of no importance.
nrawayne - Month ago
WOW. Listen to all of the fools applauding the IMBECILE with the mind of a 7yo.
You Tube
You Tube - Month ago
nrawayne - Month ago
AOC's green new deal appears to have been conceived on an elementary school playground. We have a child in Congress.
Robert Mayer
Robert Mayer - Month ago
@nrawayne meanwhile, while conservatives play the violin while Rome burns...
nrawayne - Month ago
@Robert Mayer her supporters are as braindead as she is. To demonstrate her level of stupidity her green new deal failed miserably even amongst the DemocRats in the US House of Representatives. I don't think a single DemocRat voted in favor of it because it was so ridiculous. I think the coloring crayon pictures inside and on the cover were representative of its content.
Robert Mayer
Robert Mayer - Month ago
Sounds more like the fact that things can only be perceived at the level capable by the viewer.
John Williamson
John Williamson - Month ago
WOW she really is dumb
John Williamson
John Williamson - Month ago
@Kevin Kljyan ha-ha ha-ha. Smart. Got it. Oh my oh my.
Kevin Kljyan
Kevin Kljyan - Month ago
Unlike some, she actually knows her stuff. So that makes her smart.
Don’t-hate- Appreciate
Food 30%of climate change issues
Jimmy Jones
Jimmy Jones - Month ago
How does AOC plan on producing all this electricity to run her utopia? She wants to eliminate all the fuel for its production. I guess we could burn all the money we take from the billionaires. I know, we will harness all the hot air and gas from the politicians and media.
Richard Petek
Richard Petek - 22 days ago
The whole world could be powered by solar panels of a sqare of less than 200x200 miles. In other terms: in almost most places solar panels on rooftops are enough. Germany already did that. 1/3 of their houses have solar. A few years ago, on a sunny day, they had to switch off all power plants since there was too much renewable energy - they had to export it to France. Imagine what would happen if all houses had solar.
God she's hot
johnathan smith
johnathan smith - Month ago
I guess the only qualification this woman has is …. speaking a bad Spanish. All those years in University, wasted. That is Affirmative Action for you!
gorgeoushammer - Month ago
She is amazing. Wish there were more like her.
She Once a discussion bone Ben Shapiro wants to make a discussion and donates $10,000 toward her organization she denies it and says no your cat calling me
Richard Petek
Richard Petek - 22 days ago
It makes no sense to make a debate with Ben Shapiro. He doesn't debate, he doesn't listen, he just jumps from one nonsense to the next in turbo speed to sound smart. Just listen how he gets grilled once he gets called out. Watch this video at 75% speed and you will see how dumb Ben Shapiro is:
Ëë Mage
Ëë Mage - Month ago
@WESTZIDEDROP Of course she is, the only smart guy here is you. By the way, your analysis about her stupidity is quite compelling, keep it up!
Ëë Mage she stupid tho
Ëë Mage
Ëë Mage - Month ago
Shapiro doesn't make policy neither address or propose legislation. AOC have no interest to lose her time taking to him.
netmeistr329 - Month ago
Best bartender ever to hold a seat in congress.
netmeistr329 - 13 days ago
@Richard Petek has she ever had a job where she was paid for her intellect or education ? It doesn't take much smarts to jigger up a gin and tonic or be a community organizer.
Gary Lee
Gary Lee - 22 days ago
@Richard Petek You are poorly educated and lazy. The free lunch you seek will not be available. The Bad Green Deal was even rejected by Democrats. The Trump economy has created hundreds of thousands of jobs. Take a break from your left-nut rage and whining and get one.
Richard Petek
Richard Petek - 22 days ago
@Gary Lee oh, Gary ... A) check who made the calculation, B) the money isn't going from the private sector to the government. What are subsidies for electric cars? Public or private? They don't go to Tesla, they go to buyers of electric cars. Currently it is $1,875 per car, so this isn't really a game changer for a $40,000+ car - but it helps a little. And once we ask about solar power, you should listen to how this system actually works. You don't like taxes? Neither do I. And that's the point of it. It is about setting up a system where everybody wants to avoid taxes. Once CO2 is taxed, everybody just starts doing tax avoidance - until there is no need to do it anymore. Insulate houses. Put solar on rooftops. Use heat pumps. Use cars that consume less fuel. If you buy a new car, buy one that has no emissions. That's basically what Norway (and to some extent California) are doing. In meantime, taxes *that are* raised are used to subsidise systems that produce less CO2. And that's the basic idea of the New Green Deal. And where do you see socialism here? Oh, you talk about universal healthcare, decent wages and a free public education system? This isn't socialism, this is capitalism as an economic system with social democracy as policy on top. This ain't Venezuela, this is Canada, Australia and every country in Europe. Or *do you think that Canada, UK and Germany have "socialism" ?* That's a new one.
Kevin Deck
Kevin Deck - Month ago
I was working shoulder to shoulder with UNDOCUMENTED people WINK WINK WINK
Richard Petek
Richard Petek - 22 days ago
And? When there is 10% unemployment, you take any job you get. And if you want to blame somebody on undocumented people, don't blame them or AOC, blame their employers.
Dave Gordon
Dave Gordon - Month ago
9.3 thousand people obviously do not live on this planet so they must just not care because anybody who lives on this planet should actually worry. You watch your action movies and you watch cataclysmic disasters and you think yourself while I'm I glad that's not facing that but in time that will happen and you might still be alive when it happens so wake up people that's all you need to do it's just take a little bit more appreciation things aren't edit Source because they will be if things continue
Jon Doe
Jon Doe - Month ago
Question, if scientists can't come up with a system to accurately predict the weather 24 hours into future, how is it they are accurate 10 years into the future? Also, most do not disagree with still doing better, however, any intelligent person knows that the things she has proposed will only cause other issues. At that point, so many people will be suffering and wishing the planet would just end! Also, the US is not the biggest problem so if the other countries do change, then maybe instead of ending in 10 years, its more like 15. Oh well, stupid is what stupid does!
Happy Merchant
Happy Merchant - Month ago
Long story short: she represent a bunch of rich jews that milks the system on such a topic. Look the destination of the Federal Resources.
zedlips - Month ago
see you in 12 years, I hope you enjoy crow you moron!!!
Wali Hamid
Wali Hamid - Month ago
She’s talking about solutions very vaguely, because she’s not and expert in the problems she’s trying to solve.
Richard Petek
Richard Petek - 22 days ago
No. Precise policies are to be negotiated. Which limits, how much carbon taxes, which subsidies on which systems and programs and so on.
Wali Hamid
Wali Hamid - Month ago
I hate how biased the left and right are. They seem like they don’t even see it. Come join my new political party.
Bradley Shimels
Bradley Shimels - Month ago
Yeah but did conservative talkshow host Rush Limbaugh say?
M Munroe
M Munroe - Month ago
AOC is wonderful. God bless her for caring so deeply.
Jon Doe
Jon Doe - Month ago
Seriously, are you really that stupid? Remember this is the same person that just recently made up lies down at the border after she ran a protest to stop Wayfair from sending beds to the border!!! What a hypocrite! Thousands of Americans are homeless in her district and she does NOTHING!!! Yea, sounds like a very caring person.
Vic Stein
Vic Stein - Month ago
I just vomited. How can anyone take this bimbo seriously?
Bee Bob
Bee Bob - 2 months ago
the only green is growing beneath her underpants.
Tien Nghe
Tien Nghe - 2 months ago
AOC she had pea brain .
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