Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Explains Why The Green New Deal Is About More Than Climate | All In | MSNBC

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Wospy - 10 minutes ago
Anybody read the green new deal or is everybody just watching videos? I heard it's only about 14 pages long.
ChikaCherry / Artist of Trash
Some dumb people will wait for disaster before they do anything
anna skorupinska
anna skorupinska - 13 hours ago
A question for oac what is the optimal level of CO2?
anna skorupinska
anna skorupinska - 13 hours ago
Bullocks. Cambrian explosion period 4000 ppm and Wikipedia a year ago stated it was 7000ppm( edited in my view)
Merk_Alot104 Hellion104
Merk_Alot104 Hellion104 - 15 hours ago
Phil Can
Phil Can - 15 hours ago
Fake News
Jay Bo
Jay Bo - 15 hours ago
It's hilarious and ironic at the same time that this bimbo has a degree in economics LMFAO
Jay Bo
Jay Bo - 3 hours ago
+matt guy it's really interesting to watch the left proper up as this champion of women's / environmental rights and just from watching this program you would think everybody really loves this person... But in reality everyone knows she's a socialist and a bimbo and her approval rating amongst everyday Americans are marginal at best
matt guy
matt guy - 4 hours ago
She doesn't. Its an honorary degree. Nobody receives a degree from BU and then ends up working as a bartender.
Jay Bo
Jay Bo - 15 hours ago
It's so funny to watch leftist flop and flounder atop their moral soap boxes
Jose Briceno
Jose Briceno - 19 hours ago
So she messed up and blamed a staffer for a bad draft coming out? Right but she’s a good politician, take the good and blame others for the bad
Ryan Jonas
Ryan Jonas - 21 hour ago
"Our economy is increasing financialized"
*edit* "Change these cow grains that they feed in these troughs"
Uhhhh... What?!
How bout you learn what a garbage disposal is before you try to fix the environment.
Metamorphosis - Day ago
Dude, AOC is physically, cognitively, and spiritually an American beauty.
Jay Bo
Jay Bo - 15 hours ago
This has to be a troll LMAO
Cody King
Cody King - Day ago
xr28y ge3fl1
xr28y ge3fl1 - Day ago
She is right, spend money on people not war. Tell me when you get Putin on board AOC.
xr28y ge3fl1
xr28y ge3fl1 - Day ago
Save the world:
zero world population growth.
1st world populace stop consuming.
4 billion people on the planet make less than $5 a day.
xr28y ge3fl1
xr28y ge3fl1 - Day ago
Hey Liberals, Western societies got together and solved the Ozone hole problem. For 15 years the hole declined. But now its on the rise again, where are the CFCs coming from? Guess what? China
is pumping 60% of CFCs and increasing the ozone hole.
Dee Lee
Dee Lee - Day ago
Fix climate change watch this video and learn how
Shoshana Thorpe
Shoshana Thorpe - Day ago
Everyone who follows AOC and takes her seriously has no commonsense. I say this and she did also. She has been ranting about this green new deal because according to her and her "scientists", the world is going to end in 12 years. She called all her followers morons for believing her.
Joe Ellis
Joe Ellis - Day ago
Cortez the Killer.
Paul Meier
Paul Meier - Day ago
The World has a SIN problem not a climate problem. We have sewn the wind and we are reaping the Whirlwind. If the World ends in 12 years it will be because of Rebellion to God's commandments not because of Automobiles or Fossil fuels. Wake up America and stop listen to Fools and Hypocrites
Paul Meier
Paul Meier - Day ago
I for one would love to see her debate the Leader of Greenpeace and people who do not coddle and baby this Jezebel, but treat her with the hard questions she is not smart enough to answer. They all afraid to face the opposition because they might be proved Liars and Hypocrites. Anyone with a Brain and have a lick of common sense knows that this is all politics and nothing more to find a reason to raise taxes for bull crap programs
Shannon Wooster
Shannon Wooster - Day ago
"A privileged and removed from reality attitude"= The Republican party. I've heard enough from old white men. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 2020!
Shannon Wooster
Shannon Wooster - 6 hours ago
+Jose Briceno your funny.
Jose Briceno
Jose Briceno - 6 hours ago
Shannon Wooster 🤷🏽‍♂️
Shannon Wooster
Shannon Wooster - 7 hours ago
+Jose Briceno I said I heard enough form old white and yes Republican men. Does that make sense?
Ron Dez
Ron Dez - Day ago
she needs to be removed.. removed from USA... even by looking at her and hearing her voice creeps me out.. she’s is NOT our future!!
Angel Luis
Angel Luis - Day ago
The New American Capitalism should not be wealth for the few base on greed. The old American Capitalism is still the right one.
Angel Luis
Angel Luis - Day ago
If America wants to do this, remember J.F.K. ambitious dream to put man on the moon and all the jobs that were created from the technologies of which we are still reaping the rewards of it today. Remember how and why we helped defeat the axes of evil during WW2.
Best Alpaca Ever
Best Alpaca Ever - Day ago
Its funny how the so called privileged can't stand that she is extremely intelligent and challenging a broken system and acting like middle class or lower class citizens can't be as intellectual as some one who comes from money or opportunity but trying to discredit her by bringing up she worked in a bar. Their fell-safe of having education and experience and also political contributions is totally negated by her asking them simple yes and no questions. I applaud her diligence in research. These opposing people wont be around long enough to see 2050 like we will. So it is in our best interest to vote elect put in office people who are young enough to help evolve our survival and our humanity.
Patrick Foley
Patrick Foley - Day ago
Wtf is this world coming too. People clapping for a complete knucklehead.
We have come from founding fathers....inventors, writers, lawyers, scientist, businessmen, to AOC.
FML. I fought for this country now I gotta listen to this BS everyday. My great uncles and grandfathers that fought in WW2 are probably rolling over in there graves. Im sorry to them for not doing enough to stop people like this, Omar, Pelosi, Feinstein, Obama. Biden, the Hillster, Harris, Nadler.
This sh!+ is a joke.
Allison Marie
Allison Marie - Day ago
Shut up
Brad Proc
Brad Proc - Day ago
4:13 MK Ultra
Too cool for the room
6:35 also, yikes. Ok can't watch/listen anymore...feel myself getting less intelligent.
Too cool for the room
Lol I saw it!
Craig White
Craig White - Day ago
Fear mongering on steroids.
Cancer Sauce
Cancer Sauce - 2 days ago
Funny how little this coffee shop worker knows about the climate and government...
Dominic Rincker
Dominic Rincker - 2 days ago
the first two minutes of him spinning have me dizzy
Donovan Cavazos
Donovan Cavazos - 2 days ago
She offers solutions not fear thank you AOC the truth will set us free 💖
Donovan Cavazos
Donovan Cavazos - 2 days ago
Yes baby! AOC 💓
Diana Banana
Diana Banana - 2 days ago
I’m all for fighting climate change but her plans are so idealistic that MAKEs it irrational.
1. Where is she going to get the money to force traditional companies that have a very high carbon footprint to shut down. The American people will pay that most likely.
2. How are you going to relocate the oil or coal miners to work for renewable companies without forcing them to move.
3. For these workers to move they will need money that they most likely do not have, so how are they going to move?
4. How long will it take to build green facilities to allow the workers to begin working
5. How will they feed their family during this time
6. It is easier said than done, these large companies will always find a way to get the money they want. So you remove their source of income, which for sure will cause problems between these people that fuel your economy essentially(whether you like it or not). They’re not going to sit around and let you take away what they care about.
7. There is not enough money or time to have this actually come true, the plan has many holes and this entire video addressed basically nothing about her GND.
So as someone who deeply cares for the environment and wants someone who cares about climate change to be president, her plan is backed up by emotions just like her speech. No statistics no numbers no estimates. Emotions, sympathy, playing the victim, and using unrealistic thinking to get others to side with her. I don’t doubt she has genuine intentions but it really seems like she’s not the best at this job. Many people nowadays just want this ideal America so bad that they loose sight of what they need to do.
Shane Levreau
Shane Levreau - 2 days ago
true true, it is more than climate, it's about communism
Joe B
Joe B - 2 days ago
Still can't believe Donkey from Shrek got elected..........  :/
Kevin K
Kevin K - 2 days ago
China is the worst polluter in the world by far. What is AOC's plan for them ? Oh right she has none. She just wants to tie our own hands
Kevin K
Kevin K - 2 days ago
+Digital AnnaChina and Russia will surely overtake take us throwing trillions at a dartboard . Russia will take over more than the Ukraine. And the South China Sea is locked and loaded
Digital Anna
Digital Anna - 2 days ago
You really have to stop thinking you can control the rest of the world... Control yourselves first then talk to the rest of the world and convince them by leading by example.
polachee - 2 days ago
Working with nature instead of against nature is Jiu Jitsu.
awuma - 3 days ago
I would love to see AOC in public conversations like this with Canada's Ruth Ellen Brosseau, Poland's Barbara Nowacka and New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern. AOC expresses her thoughts so clearly and cogently, and is a natural leader with clear political skills. She clearly is taken very seriously by everybody, which is extraordinary for someone her age and level of experience. Whereas the young women I mention above have many years of experience, AOC is very much at their level much sooner. My only concern is that the mistakes every politician makes along the way while still in obscurity, she will make in the full glare of public attention.
TimeLapse La Jolla
TimeLapse La Jolla - 3 days ago
How will this be done? Fine, say it needs to be done, but how? How are we going to get to zero emissions by 2050? That is the frustrating part of all this. Good idea to stop polluting, but never do I hear or see any plan on how to do it.
ShawnShawn The Leprecaun
She is stupid af.
BeepBop Boop
BeepBop Boop - 3 days ago
Community work should be mandatory for all politicians. They are out of touch.
Big Hatter
Big Hatter - 7 hours ago
As long as a having a private market job (as an adult) and owning a company with employees is also.
BeepBop Boop
BeepBop Boop - 3 days ago
Why sat so close together and not at an angle?
BeepBop Boop
BeepBop Boop - 3 days ago
Does any film buff know why the camera circles him?
Yousavedbro Heaven Bound
Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life he controls the weather he offered salvation today he gives peace in the storm he is the future!

foolish are they who trusts in a person who claims not to even know where the garbage disposal is who claims the world's going to end of 12 years then acts like she never said it and blames people from taking her seriously. People without true faith and the real savior will follow false Messiahs who will mock their intelligence without having any interest in the truth and be a responsible with their words.

turn to Jesus Christ today's the day of salvation he's the way of love hope peace and victory life of Jesus Christ is the way of the future. truly there's an eternal climate that will never be changed. Those who reject Jesus Christ will find themselves in that place they can never escape.
Marie Ramby
Marie Ramby - 3 days ago
There is a look of madness in her eyes. In all seriousness, she doesn’t look stable.
Marie Ramby
Marie Ramby - 3 days ago
the805vegan - someone who doesn’t always have a look on her face like she’s just been goosed. Her body language is odd to say the least and the drivel that spews from her mouth is nonsense.
the805vegan - 3 days ago
Marie Ramby what does a stable person look like?
Lenore Gray
Lenore Gray - 3 days ago
MSNBC= fake news!
AOC= ignorant little girl
Mr Me
Mr Me - 4 days ago
This is total propaganda. All these restrictions on fossil fuels is to topple the coal and oil industries. Why? To put coal minors and oil workers out of jobs and create a dependent class of people susceptible to the socialism ploy. In addition it's to create new "clean energy" barons with comparable wealth to the oil shieks.
If you notice, this "movement" does a lot of this. That's why their pushing the bald head style to topple the hair industry for both barbers and hair stylists. Why? It looks similar to the same tactics as historically communist regimes, to create dependency and remove any specialized skill set or intelligence from the main stream.
Only difference is them using social media as the wedge; none of this is about bettering society or the environment or offering you a choice as opposed to giving you an ultimatum.
GXM Pyette91
GXM Pyette91 - 4 days ago
idk what's hotter... AOC and her brains or the effects of climate change...
matt guy
matt guy - 4 hours ago
LOL she looks like a donkey and she has the IQ of an average five year old.
Brenda Orr
Brenda Orr - 4 days ago
Why doesn't anyone mention the logging going on reducing the amount of trees that used to be here before they cut down half the rainforest and trees around the world. We needed those trees!!!
Tyler Mitzner
Tyler Mitzner - 4 days ago
WOW most of use need to take a basic science course again.
Okay let's start
In Science there is theory, law, and fact.
FACT- is an observable event. When you go outside during the morning at it is bright outside. Then we can form a hypothesis. The hypothesis if it is bright outside and it is daytime then the sun must be out.
A hypothesis is something you test. Not something you prove. After the hypothesis is test many times and has been proven to be true then it becomes a THEORY.
THEORY- Is a way we know something works after being proven by many tested hypotheses. We can use it to prediction on how things are but also about how they might be.
Then you take a THEORY and make new predictions; which are FACTS. You test the FACTS with a new hypothesis to add or change the THEORY you used to make your prediction.
I'm assuming here is where people get lost you throw out hypothesis that don't work. It bright outside than it must be cloudy and raining; this hypothesis doesn't work. Does not change the original THEORY.
LAW- is a detailed description usually using math. Such as gas molecules move at different temps. But a LAW doesn't say why something happens. A THEORY does.
The LAW of gravity is the mathematical Newton's LAW of gravity. But the THEORY of gravity is why is the object falling to earth i.e. force, magnets, or structure. Even Einstein THEORY on gravity using general relativity is incomplete once we found quantum mechanics and how things work on the smallest gravitational scale. However, general relativity is still a good example of how gravity works on a scale we typically deal with it. Doesn't mean Einstein THEORY should be thrown out but that we need more FACTS to form new hypotheses to keep testing and expanding the THEORY.
jay fox
jay fox - 4 days ago
In a perfect world, she would be the president of the united states she fights for the common person. little that she knows she has a long work ahead of her because our country is racist sexist and classist.
NWOpolice nope
NWOpolice nope - 5 days ago
Sara Marie
Sara Marie - 5 days ago
I'd vote for her, guess that turns me into a socialist swine😎 enjoy paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars on education and health care, while us (Norwegians and everyone else really) pay our taxes because we know it benefits us all. I guess everyone in Norway are just socialist swines and would support Stalin and Hitler🤷🏻‍♀️
So. Yes. I'd vote for AOC if I could.
Digital Anna
Digital Anna - Day ago
+0 0 oh yeah the classical "you have to live here to understand" coming from an American who think he knows how every other countries work without even looking into it.... Yes yes yes. So long.
0 0
0 0 - Day ago
+Digital Anna You have to live here to understand the wonder of America...I say the "wonder" in spite of idiots like Cortez, Sanders, Pelosi, Obama and every other Socialist who would seek to bring the country down. So long toots.
Digital Anna
Digital Anna - Day ago
+0 0 I looked it up. I'm fine where I am. I'm better knowing I have to wait to access a doctor than knowing people lose their houses or even sometime choose not to get treated because they are not insured.
0 0
0 0 - Day ago
+Digital Anna Like I don't know any better. You really must change your news source. The U.S. economy is soaring like it hasn't in decades. Whom here doesn't have access to medical care? Name one person or group. Hospitals are required by law to treat all comers. How long do you lucky Canadians have to wait to even SEE a doctor? Tax cuts for the rich? I'm very middle class and paid much less in taxes this year and got a substantial raise in my pay. You don't have to admit publicly that you're on the wrong track, but be honest with yourself. BTW: Look up live under it but don't know what it is.
Digital Anna
Digital Anna - Day ago
+0 0 oh please... I'm im Canada... Right next to you. I'd rather not experience your "economic freedom" seeing how it's turning out for you... I'd rather work only one job and not use my taxpayers money to give tax cut to big companies. I also rather pay a little more tax and make sure everyone have access to medical care. We're not perfect but at least we don't give huge tax cut to rich people and pay it with poor people money.
James Purcer
James Purcer - 5 days ago
Chris Hayes opens with his birth in the city in which this interview is taking place. When he did that, I tried to imagine him as a baby - and of course, without the glasses. I think that he must have been very adorable.
Edward Paterson
Edward Paterson - 5 days ago
government control of the means of production is the definition of fascism
Kevin Roach
Kevin Roach - 5 days ago
Cow fart girl bad.
Tywin Lannister
Tywin Lannister - 5 days ago
She always looks slightly insane
BeepBop Boop
BeepBop Boop - 3 days ago
Leaat she is skin coloured instead of orange.
Leonardo di parma
Leonardo di parma - 5 days ago
The best part of the new green deal is....
You get to keep your cows lol
Rose Wild Bill
Rose Wild Bill - 5 days ago
Sime people think she is so shallow but in this video she really comes off as classy.
Troy I
Troy I - 6 days ago
AOC, the soon to be, most famous stripper in America.
Jason Thomas
Jason Thomas - 6 days ago
Did she even graduate from elementary school? Wow people will vote for anyone these days
Roger Hughes
Roger Hughes - 6 days ago
Is Joe Biden supportive of the Green New Deal? Only as much as he is forced to be. Say no to Joe.
Fernie Vasquez
Fernie Vasquez - 6 days ago
She can talk and talk and talk!!!!!
cooksmary - 6 days ago
We must do this or say good bye to it all. No more time to waste.
Eric Bland
Eric Bland - 6 days ago
Speakin that truth girl!
Mark Willcutts
Mark Willcutts - 6 days ago
In 1816 the Midwest USA had no summer. Too bad facts get in the way for UN “scientists”.
Mark Willcutts
Mark Willcutts - 6 days ago
Glaciers in Glacier National Park have been receding since photography was invented in the 1850’s.
Mark Willcutts
Mark Willcutts - 6 days ago
Think global warming is man made? The Sahara desert covers dried up rivers.
Smazstick Pohutukawa
Smazstick Pohutukawa - 4 days ago
Wha what??
Mark Willcutts
Mark Willcutts - 6 days ago
Want to reduce CO2? Replant the South American forests that were irresponsibly cleared years ago to raise beef cattle.
Mark Willcutts
Mark Willcutts - 6 days ago
Like all leftists, she is incapable of debating Ben Shapiro or Candace Owens. She is a media exploited product.
Sabra Bourey
Sabra Bourey - 5 days ago
Mark Willcutts Oh sweetie did Fox News tell you that?
Tommy mcvee
Tommy mcvee - 6 days ago
She is a puppet for the globalists. This guy is a bullshitter.The scientific community that has been silenced by the left is now speaking out against this nonsense.The audiance ,sorry to say are brainwashed and if people were to look into things for themselves they would find they have been lied too. She is such a liar ,her family are very well off.She is also a bartender that can not do simple math and this is who you want to get your info from,what the ?????? MSNBC the globalist propaganda machine,your days are numbered and when all the truth comes out i would not want to be this clown.
Andrew Flowers
Andrew Flowers - 6 days ago
I'm gonna move to New York and open up a restaurant, and call it, "The Golden Cafe"
Andrew Flowers
Andrew Flowers - 2 hours ago
+matt guy speaking of serious questions... Who's out of a job?
matt guy
matt guy - 2 hours ago
+Andrew Flowers - of course you'd think that. Any politician that is in any position of power and is as ignorantly radical as her would garner the same level of attention. The average American, however, has never heard of her. She "scares nobody," she's just hated by many because of her stupidity. Her "approval rating" reflects this. You're also clearly one of the idiots that follow and support her. Did you ever graduate from high school? Serious question.
Andrew Flowers
Andrew Flowers - 2 hours ago
+matt guy Oh? Then why is she getting so much attention? (Hint: She scares the crap out of Republicans.)
matt guy
matt guy - 4 hours ago
Maybe AOC will bartend for you. Its all she's good at and she will need a new job in less than two years
jennifer perez
jennifer perez - 6 days ago
jennifer perez
jennifer perez - 6 days ago
Tony D
Tony D - 6 days ago
if you would know what the scientists and the ones that absolutely know about climate change knows you would think Ocasio-Cortez was the stupidest person you ever listened to, she is nothing but a troublemaker that is getting everybody's head screwed with her BS, she apparently don't research anything before she goes shooting off her stupid mouth
Walter Knight
Walter Knight - 7 days ago
These folks think your a sea sponge if you believe what they say. I assure you I am no sea sponge.
Are economy is great. I can’t believe she tells so many obvious lies. Unemployment is at its lowest ever. The total fool is anyone who believes this young liar.
We need to change our cow grain. What is cow grain? Change the Cow Grain. What a joker, oh she is not joking.
Save the world make artificial cattle feed. Good idea. Cow Grain, why a joke.
Stijn Slim
Stijn Slim - 3 days ago
another fox news brainwashed moron
Bunker Bunt
Bunker Bunt - 7 days ago
Trust the thrust 8:18
Andrew Herman
Andrew Herman - 7 days ago
oh, yes! the green new steal is about waaaayyyyyy more than climate. It's about the Socialist take-down of America. It's UN Agenda 2030. So...what to Do, America? You'll need stored food & water, weapons and ammo,

gold & silver coins.
Andrew Herman
Andrew Herman - 7 days ago
oh, yes! the green new steal is about waaaayyyyyy more than climate. It's about the Socialist take-down of America. It's UN Agenda 2030. So...what to Do, America? You'll need stored food & water, weapons and ammo,

gold & silver coins.
Andrew Herman
Andrew Herman - 7 days ago
oh, yes! the green new steal is about waaaayyyyyy more than climate. It's about the Socialist take-down of America. It's UN Agenda 2030. So...what to Do, America? You'll need stored food & water, weapons and ammo,

gold & silver coins.
Yousavedbro Heaven Bound
that's right and we must stand for the liberties bestowed upon us by God who has blessed us with the understanding of the free market to utilize Our God given talents and time to work hard to be diligent and reap from our efforts. there are those who simply desire to not get out of their beds they desire that easy road they don't desire to break a sweat they don't understand the importance in the value of hard work. many suffer because of self-inflicted problems and that's what socialism is about rewarding laziness misery loves company that's what socialism is about. socialism discourages people from hard work socialism leads people from their need to turn from sin to Jesus Christ. you must stand up and fight and say no in Jesus Christ's name we must fight tooth-and-nail about what the enemy is using this girl to preach which is a false matches with false hope speaking from a place of spiritual ignorance.
Teabagonyou - 7 days ago
She said the world was going to end in 12 years anyways. Who doesn’t have 650k per family for this plan? Meanwhile she’s taking planes still. 🤦‍♂️🖕
Cult Of Malgus
Cult Of Malgus - 7 days ago
I bet AOC is a big time moaner in bed and gives good head. That's about where the positives end for her sadly....
CapeTown002 - 7 days ago
Observe the trajectory of the eyes throughout her responses. Probable mental illness. Both her and Trump need therapy for different , yet overlapping diagnoses.
Lees706 - 7 days ago
So ridiculous!! Ms. Cortez should be speaking in China the biggest polluters in the World!
Lees706 - 3 days ago
beTTy1O1 What is the point of America investing trillions of dollars to combat climate change if Countries like China are polluting the atmosphere more than ever. Every Country must participate combating climate change to make a difference.
beTTy1O1 - 3 days ago
It does not help if you point your fingers at others and be like „oh but they are bigger polluters then we are. They should change first“... with this mindset we will never change & someone has to start somewhere! Did you copy your commentary from one of Trump‘s speeches?
Kyle Rider
Kyle Rider - 8 days ago
800000 year vs the age of earth is nothing.
Fungi Bu
Fungi Bu - 8 days ago
AOC for 2032!
Trillock 1945
Trillock 1945 - 8 days ago
From a few videos I have seen of her, one minute she is getting all 'moist' about the green deal, and in another she condemns it.
This bird is like an excitable puppy, and goes all wild eyed and looks like she is unstable.
Mind you, here in the UK we have our bunch of idiots in Government.
Trillock 1945
Trillock 1945 - 7 days ago
+Woke Gentleman Well, this is the video of clips of her not making a lot of sense: Maybe she just confuses me in what she says.
Woke Gentleman
Woke Gentleman - 8 days ago
+Trillock 1945 Yeah, don't bother. Doesn't sound right that the congresswoman who promoted the deal would be ever "condemning" it. Hard to believe sorry
Trillock 1945
Trillock 1945 - 8 days ago
+Woke Gentleman On another video with clips of her making statements, and then on the same subject contradicting herself. Can't be bothered to find it now,
Woke Gentleman
Woke Gentleman - 8 days ago
She "condemns" the green new deal? Where?
SFX Gore and More
SFX Gore and More - 8 days ago
Climate change isn't real. Change my mind
Woke Gentleman
Woke Gentleman - 8 days ago
+SFX Gore and More Not convinced to get educated? You wanna stay stupid? That's your problem not ours. NEXT please
SFX Gore and More
SFX Gore and More - 8 days ago
Woke Gentleman not convinced please
Woke Gentleman
Woke Gentleman - 8 days ago
It is. Get an education, you'll change your mind real quick
Jerry Marasco
Jerry Marasco - 9 days ago
Oh my bad. I thought this was SNL
Karien Steyn
Karien Steyn - 9 days ago
"This is a real hostile crowd, this is going to be tough," he says jokingly. EXACTLY!!! Call us when she enters into an intellectual debate with someone like Ben Shapiro!! All she ever does is preach to the socialist choir.
Woke Gentleman
Woke Gentleman - 8 days ago
"enters into an intellectual debate with someone like Ben Shapiro" Don't you first need another intellectual, in order to have an intellectual debate with someone? An intellectual congresswoman + a dumb racist virgin boy who talks fast will be very disappointing. Why would she hurt her brand by even responding to him? Guy is a loser with no career, and she's a successful leader... not even close to fair. He'd be destroyed
Samuel Garcia
Samuel Garcia - 9 days ago
I can't wait till he asks the question of "What if it doesn't get passed" and she responds with, "Overthrow the government in a violent revolution and have the people literally tear apart the oil rigs nut and bolt"

I also, un ironically, want this to happen
Woke Gentleman
Woke Gentleman - 8 days ago
One can dream
Emily Cordero
Emily Cordero - 9 days ago
AOC , Thank u for speaking up for us, the people!
Emily Cordero
Emily Cordero - 9 days ago
I love her principals!
Beats of Saturn
Beats of Saturn - 9 days ago
I threw up twice while watching this
Beats of Saturn
Beats of Saturn - 9 days ago
Everyone is now stupider for having listened to this.
Brayden Ritchie
Brayden Ritchie - 10 days ago
Farmer here.
What exactly is this "cow grain" that you speak of? I've never heard of it
OUT.OF.THE.BOX.ROBOT - 5 days ago
+Woke Gentleman 🤣🤣🤣 Muito bem! I'm impressed! ;-)
Woke Gentleman
Woke Gentleman - 5 days ago
+OUT.OF.THE.BOX.ROBOT Fair enough :) Mas ás vezes é divertido chatear or brutos
OUT.OF.THE.BOX.ROBOT - 5 days ago
+Woke Gentleman "Contra brutos não lutes" (Don't fight the stupid/blind man). That's what we say from where I come from...for them you can be the most accurate person that you still are dead, don't waste your time...blessings...
Brayden Ritchie
Brayden Ritchie - 8 days ago
no it doesn't. you are a liar.
Bob Marten
Bob Marten - 10 days ago
Lmao! I never thought I would see the day when politicans are trying to call upon the people, because " no more hamburgers or milkshakes" 😂😂😂 I'm dying 😭😭😂😂😂
lori swafford
lori swafford - 10 days ago
LUCY LOVE - 10 days ago
World ending in 12 years. ? Wow
TryingtoKnow - 10 days ago
Is the Green New Deal really AOCs brainchild? Like no one thought of these things before?
It's a United Nations Agenda 2030.
Here's USA version. Click on it and go deep
captain howdy
captain howdy - 11 days ago
Moron with terrible ideas claims moral superiority. How predictable.
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