My Parents Never Told Me who I am

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Mollie B
Mollie B - Day ago
What’s wrong with autism
SML Nerd Fan
SML Nerd Fan - Day ago
When she thought she had Autism and overreacted about it, I was like... really, I have autism, it's not really that big of a deal. I say that because It's not deadly, and it's very common.
Pristinesnufflove - 2 days ago
Don’t self diagnose yourself kids.
Silly Siblings
Silly Siblings - 3 days ago
I have autism to, but I don’t have it THIS bad...
Cosmic Customer
Cosmic Customer - Day ago
Silly Siblings me three
Beren Yildirim
Beren Yildirim - 5 days ago
She’s probably just in the spectrum ugh this makes me so mad
G ✌❤
G ✌❤ - 5 days ago
Im Autistic and i dont think its bad
Bionca Bondulich
Bionca Bondulich - 7 days ago
I feel lonely as her, but with no ending
Karol Sauie
Karol Sauie - 7 days ago
Yes you are right I am also kind of like that 😉🙃😄
Olimpyia - 8 days ago
Its fine if she autistic my brother is
Jojo Gonzalez
Jojo Gonzalez - 10 days ago
If ur parents never told u who u r then how r u Caroline
Lilith Johnson
Lilith Johnson - 10 days ago
I usually hate people
milkix2 - 13 days ago
Art I my life
Carmen Fernandez
Carmen Fernandez - 13 days ago
I’m just like you
meh life
meh life - 14 days ago
I have it two it sucks
meh life
meh life - 14 days ago
This just is the definition of my lifw
Meg Reads
Meg Reads - 14 days ago
Umm ex’s use me but my two cousins has autism. And trust me they have way different personalities than you.
Fern The NightFury
Fern The NightFury - 14 days ago
She has Social Anxiety just like me!!!!!
Except, when I'm around people i just keep quiet!!!!!!
Jawaher Aljuaidy
Jawaher Aljuaidy - 14 days ago
I also love art and there is more worse things than autism
A-Young You
A-Young You - 14 days ago
My brother has Autism....
That’s why we moved from South Korea to Germany because here in Hamburg there is a school extra for Autistic kids.
I’m thankful for that school.
My brother is now more outgoing 😊
Dylan Maddison
Dylan Maddison - 16 days ago
I have autism adhd epilepsy but I don't know what I am
Jade22441 - 17 days ago
Me: I'm sick,so SICK
Mum:it's fine I'll take you to a doctor

Doctor:your so stupid HAVE A HAPPY LIFE BECAUSE YOU'LL DIE :))😄

Me and mum: WHAATTTTT? 😠😨
SW FZ - 21 day ago
I watch 3 videos in a row and all their name is Caroline
harrie alexine
harrie alexine - 21 day ago
Plot Twist:
Selene is just her imagination
Mrs. Riddle
Mrs. Riddle - 22 days ago
"She didn't say you were on the ARTISTIC spectrum! She said you were on the AUTISTIC spectrum!"
Like if you get the reference
Power up Kids
Power up Kids - 25 days ago
I have autism
Mira Smit
Mira Smit - 25 days ago
Can't say what she has, but not letting her socialize with others much at an early age like pre-school and kindergarten probably didn't help.
Roree's Stories
Roree's Stories - 26 days ago
If there's one thing that's just common human knowledge it's to never Google your symptoms. It seems more like severe anxiety rather than autism though it could be both.
May Garay
May Garay - 26 days ago
I also went to the hospital because I didn't eat
Attic Blood
Attic Blood - 27 days ago
I freaked out when I was in school too. My mom or dad had to be there everyday my first year of school
Lily Life
Lily Life - 27 days ago
Omg she is me I have Autism and I keep on having panic attacks
HiddenAway Music
HiddenAway Music - 27 days ago
I feel like she has aspurgus synodrom
Why are You reading this
Why are You reading this - 28 days ago
You should’ve gone to a doctor they tell you if you have autism or anti social anxiety but you most likely have anti social anxiety :/
María Rosa Ontiveros
María Rosa Ontiveros - 28 days ago
hello could you make this video in spanish???
Jessica Cassidy
Jessica Cassidy - 29 days ago
I have that's too
Adjoa Lomoki
Adjoa Lomoki - 29 days ago
the title of this video is OTT (over the top)
Delaney Negron
Delaney Negron - Month ago
My best friend has aspergers
Amanda Greenleaf
Amanda Greenleaf - Month ago
I am sure this isn't your intention, but it sounds like you are saying people who have ASD are "weirdos" and that is not true. Having Autism also doesn't mean spmeone is unhealthy.
Lovelylily the Mystical elf
Me:I hate myself~
Mom:BoI no you dont u sing and talk to yourself♡
Me:I love music and nobody listens to me so I talk to myself....
Mom:well I'm sorry....
Me:Y'know what they are bullies...
Me:and I hate my life... edit- "I didnt wanna do anything at all in life " me"Thats me right there...." another edit-"My self is hurt cuz I dont belong like people point out how I'm fat weak and I'm a nerd always calling me a nerd and a weak fatty," but....My life is tougher than you think you see at the summer festival after the fest I went back to my grandparents my family couldnt pick me up neither could I walk home with my Sis or bro becuz they dont care about me so I went back home that day grandma went away I fell asleep on the couch watching cartoons afterall I was 9 or 8 and/or almost ready to cry,But Then I woke up pretended to sleep cause I knew grandpa would do something,He was always drunk,Smoking,And doing things like Fixing cars,Play with his you know what,And I would always look away scared it's because I knew what would happen And that time if I was 9 I had my period,So i could've gotten preg so still to this day i know what happened but my name is Trinity and this is my story
So the river fest happened and,I was getting most candies my grandpa and grandma got some too i gave some candies to others because I'm that nice -
Orin W
Orin W - Month ago
I hate when people just talk to u
Orin W
Orin W - Month ago
Oh yea
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