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PikaGamer 0519
PikaGamer 0519 - 3 days ago
Number 1: use a broom.
Number 2: you can’t get splinters on polished wood. (I think)
lije Lecini
lije Lecini - 5 days ago
You are soo beatiful💖💖😍
Mama Qalih
Mama Qalih - 10 days ago
J Up
J Up - Month ago
letest movies
letest movies - Month ago
DeathBringer IDK
DeathBringer IDK - Month ago
1:10 shes like aye yo you stole my milk dude
marshmallowXx PLAYZ
marshmallowXx PLAYZ - Month ago
marshmallowXx PLAYZ
marshmallowXx PLAYZ - Month ago
Hi you found a random human
nyan cat
nyan cat - Month ago
0:45 that freaked me out:(
Masuma Khatri
Masuma Khatri - Month ago
What are you eating in sensitive teeth
Luna Soledad
Luna Soledad - Month ago
, 🤣🤣🤣 un poco exagerado.. Pero divertido y práctico.
blcssom - 2 months ago
gets a cut from heel on side of foot
puts on tomato and cast
takes off and shows other side of foot
blcssom - 2 months ago
me : mom my leg fell off
5-minute crafts : hot glue the leg back on
Grace Brennan
Grace Brennan - 2 months ago
4:00 how does she immediately feel better??!!
stampy the shushu guardian
Ikr a cold takes longer to heal
Grace Brennan
Grace Brennan - 2 months ago
Yeah we all put pepper on our cuts and we all would love to try
Poke Hater
Poke Hater - 2 months ago
Lol I like the part when dat girl was like
Ahh what a good day
And then she got banged my the door
Then she was like AHHHH HOD DAM IT! FU#K OFF GIRL
and she pushed her in and closed the door XD
Christopher Mahabir
Christopher Mahabir - 2 months ago
I like these hacks 68%.
Angelina Angie
Angelina Angie - 2 months ago
Is that fake??????
Is that a splinter??????
Naba Alhessany
Naba Alhessany - 2 months ago
1:14 she still soaked the Oreo in the milk after she put a cotton pad in the milk😂😂😂
Flor M
Flor M - 2 months ago
At 0:26 the girl is messing with no Mosquitos lol
Papa Pawpaw
Papa Pawpaw - 2 months ago
Unsub this channel it is giving anyone false information
Charlotte Matthey
Charlotte Matthey - 2 months ago
"If you have been scratched by a cat"
5Minute crafts say: cover it with fabric
Hahaha you need to wash if first to prevent infection
TheThunderman YT
TheThunderman YT - 2 months ago
5:50 Song?
يوميات مضحكة
يوميات مضحكة - 2 months ago
Who is here from science memes 😂
Suri Yu
Suri Yu - 2 months ago
Scorpy _Antares
Scorpy _Antares - 2 months ago
0:48 Im grossed out
Silly_Girl - 3 months ago
U are so dumb ugh

Read more
Iamluca123 - 3 months ago
baby #452
baby #452 - 3 months ago
كتير حلوين هو النصائح شكراً كتير
Poonam Gupta
Poonam Gupta - 3 months ago
Raghav and Trisha show cutie baby
Very good
Lizzy Bock
Lizzy Bock - 3 months ago
Don't put alcohol on an open wound!!!! Use duct tape!!!! Don't worry!!!! It's only going to rip off half the layers of your skin!!!!
Lizzy Bock
Lizzy Bock - 3 months ago
Why do a lot of the home remedies seem like things an anti vaxxer would do? 😂😂😂😂
Vince and Ivan Awesome
Vince and Ivan Awesome - 3 months ago
Put cold milk on your eyes without messing up your make uo... Wow impressing
Roblox YouTuber
Roblox YouTuber - 3 months ago
Do not use black pepper to stop a bleed. That is so stupid and it will most likely get in the cut and infect the wounded area. Just do what every other normal person does and run it under water or apply pressure with a napkin/paper towel/toilet paper/wipes and put on a Band - Aid:
Shivesh Baskar
Shivesh Baskar - 3 months ago
Never drink alcohol
Eva Liu
Eva Liu - 3 months ago
DOesn't the black pepper make your cut sting?
NITHIANAND Chettiar - 3 months ago
Rosy: mom I want a tiger soft toy
Mom: what if it bite you

Rosy: cocaine or nhd
DMC Clan
DMC Clan - 3 months ago
Very smart idea if u cut yr self with a knife put stinging pepper inside ur body
Shobha Bavaliya
Shobha Bavaliya - 3 months ago
gnarly - 3 months ago
Ms Clownie
Ms Clownie - 3 months ago
How many channels do you guys even make?
La Daniels
La Daniels - 3 months ago
Really I accidentally got hot glue on me the other day and got a third degree burn I also have a scar
Ariana Granola
Ariana Granola - 3 months ago
Wtf does it say to me "age restricted"
Tinkerbella14 - 3 months ago
why is this age restricted??
TLB Expert
TLB Expert - 3 months ago
I hate this chanell so much
Jjg Jjj7
Jjg Jjj7 - 3 months ago
Ha Nguyen
Ha Nguyen - 3 months ago
faiha aisha
faiha aisha - 3 months ago
Huuuuu elek
Tiffany Nguyen
Tiffany Nguyen - 3 months ago
Real life hack : DONT DO ANY OF THESE “hacks”
melany cruz
melany cruz - 3 months ago
Some of them are USEFULL
絵Mikilira - 3 months ago
Don’t do most of these
Kymorg 08
Kymorg 08 - 3 months ago
Me: *Sees thumbnail*
Also me: " So did you just want me to glue my forehead, have my hair stick together, and not get stitches? " ( I had to get stitches when I 3 because I fell head first into a coffee table. :> )
Santi Gael Palomar Cortes
Santi Gael Palomar Cortes - 3 months ago
Suscribanse a santo gael palomar cortes
Lil’Voodoo Gurl
Lil’Voodoo Gurl - 3 months ago
XD this stuff is age restricted
Nisva Eva
Nisva Eva - 3 months ago
idal polat
idal polat - 3 months ago
Emila Manko
Emila Manko - 3 months ago
Lubię to
Emila Manko
Emila Manko - 3 months ago
Easton Almond
Easton Almond - 3 months ago
Crap I just cut myself with a knife mom we need to go to the doctor
Mom: no it’s okay we’ll just put hot glue on it and get a third degree burn😈😈
They can bounding over *inaudible noises*
Copied from me They can bounding over **inauidable noises** og owner
Ninetta Bonura
Ninetta Bonura - 3 months ago
Non è stato visualizzato ti allego il preventivo è di distruggere tutto il giorno della prossima stagione di un vostro sistema senza copiarlo divulgarlo anche a me sembra strano perché non è che
Артем Таймаскин
Кто русский
big chungus
big chungus - 3 months ago
You have to stop doing this thumbnails do you know how many people you kill with this shit?!
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