Dimash's Final World's Best Performance - The World's Best Championships

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Dany HL
Dany HL - Hour ago
Dimash qu'est-ce que tu fais dans des galères pareilles ? lol
Le protectionnisme culturel américain est connu.
Impossible de lutter à armes égales avec les bécasses qui t'ont devancé. Pauvre chéri !
Kevin Torres Albarran
Kevin Torres Albarran - 7 hours ago
me no entender 😂
no entendí
Hey, Stob it
Hey, Stob it - 10 hours ago
Rou paul is an egotystical ass. Pisses me off that he was willing to shit on someone's culture just for the sake of a show. Sounds like it hurt his pride too much. I'm sorry if I upset anybody with my comment, but it's very angering for me. Especially when he had the nerve to stay seated and give zero respect when Dimash was trying to give his respect despite everyone at his throat.
Magally Flores
Magally Flores - 11 hours ago
Cuándo vamos a tener el placer de escuchar esta canción COMPLETA y no editada.
No sean egoístas y denos el gusto de escuchar a la mejor voz del mundo. Por favor.
Jabz Ashes
Jabz Ashes - 20 hours ago
I respect the fact that he stepped out of the competition and let the children compete. I got mad respect for him
İrem G
İrem G - Day ago
He is wonderful and respectful no one can say the opposite of it to him 🤬🤬
Димаш loves from Tukey 🇹🇷🇹🇷
Danielle Ap
Danielle Ap - Day ago
Ah que nenê ♥️ ele saiu da competição pq tinha crianças competindo com ele 💕💕❤️❤️ aawnn ele é um amorzinho e um cantor excepcional, que não precisa ganhar um programa para provar isso ❤️❤️❤️
любовь савина
Mae Gy
Mae Gy - Day ago
Dimash probably saw the disappointed and hurt faces of the kids after they lose to him.. He sacrificed to give opportunity to the younger generation. From the start, we all knew Dimash will be the grand winner of this competition. I'm not saying the kids are not talented enough, but how the heck can they compare to Dimash? Let's be real here. 6-octaves man. Damn
Samreen Ahmed
Samreen Ahmed - Day ago
What gave the judges the right to disrespect Dimash? I understand it is a competition and there are certain rules but after he announces his withdrawing from the competition the least the judges could do as public figures was to show respect to the talent who travelled a huge distance just to be a part of this and not show their hideous behaviour towards him. Come on backing out from a competition is a huge thing as it is do you think it was easy for him to do so!??
Guillermo Pereira
Guillermo Pereira - 2 days ago
That androgyne has no respect for world culture. his ignorance overflows and offends a great artist like Dimash. I would like to not see “it” as a judge anywhere
how to survive in the gaming world
I realised James Corden was scrutinising Dimash's expression the whole time. Haha!
Martinchoo Gomez
Martinchoo Gomez - 2 days ago
alguien q ponga subtitulos en español???? de todo lo q dicen los jueves xfaaaa
bellagaia - 2 days ago
These two wonderful women were there and saw exactly what happened and it was not at all as it has been presented through the editing. What is truly amazing to me is that he had made his announcement before he sang...which makes his performance even more mind blowing.
If you want to know the full story from these two members of the audience, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQgCJBnRvVk
Swedish Marcus Viking
Swedish Marcus Viking - 2 days ago
Dimash is a man of honor and dignity ❤️🏁
Maria Teresa Alvarez Aguilar
Es demasiado maravilloso, increible¡
Wilsondavid Echeverría
Calidad humana, principios sobre el show, negocio de la música y aun por encima de su brillante e inigualable talento. Dios te bendice y fructifica tu corazón.
사랑해꿀주허니 - 2 days ago
Respect the mc 👏
John Christopher Natividad
Sad but it's ok, everyone know you're the champion and best of all, bravo!!!
boosskkk _
boosskkk _ - 3 days ago
James Corden has a really beautiful heart ❤️ I love him for respecting Dimash decision
boosskkk _
boosskkk _ - 3 days ago
The judge sucks , BE ASS ? you're ASS ! He just do what he had to do . It's their culture , duh .
Steen fuglsang Jespersen
🤯Stupid Black man in reed🎨😠😠😠🇩🇰
XxAtomic646xX - 3 days ago
between danyella and dimash, I never know kazakhstan had such a variety of races. Though I suppose thats because my only knowledge of it is from the movie Borat lmao
Марина Донская
Someone who made this Borat movie must have heared about Kazakstan only in primary school lol he made something totally unrelated to this country, he must have confused it with something other. I mean, it's like someone confuse America with Australia just because they both start with "A", and make a film about America with kangaroos and other Australian stereotypes.
Maria Eduarda Carvalho
Maria Eduarda Carvalho - 3 days ago
I love the song and he has a great voice, it’s amazing 🇵🇹💚
ReverenXero - 3 days ago
What a humble and selfless act. True, unadulterated, class. 100%
hugo alejandro aedo alfonso
la voz mas hermosa y perfecta del mundo¡
Meutia - 3 days ago
he's not just extremly talented but also very humble and full of respect also he holds strong faith towards his culture.......damn this man has succeed in life for sure
Gulb P_
Gulb P_ - 3 days ago
Голос необыкновенный,просто бриллиант! Настоящий мужик,уступил место детям,поступил по человечески,не все так могут! Респект казахскому воспитанию!
Naixuj Liu
Naixuj Liu - 3 days ago
The moment the disrespect came up, I paused and felt so stunned??? And then I pressed play and tears started welling in my eyes because of the fRUSTRATION?? i- uGH
I'm so overwhelmed by this entirety of this video. I can't even.
Abcd Aaa
Abcd Aaa - 2 days ago
Yep just watch the video given by the person above. You’d be shocked what American show can do to people.
how to survive in the gaming world
Hv u watched this video from 2 members of the audience who were present during the recording? It seems like the berating remarks he had endured were even more than what was shown here. ruvideos.org/XQgCJBnRvVk-video.html
dwirahmad ikhtiar
dwirahmad ikhtiar - 3 days ago
Go go Dimash show you Roar
wiwiss wissem
wiwiss wissem - 4 days ago
Respect for james for standing up for him that judge wearing red is just a bully that's all
Hashem Haza
Hashem Haza - 4 days ago
Rupaul is rude
Алина Степашка
Поступок Димаша, это поступок ВЕЛИКОГО человека. В шоу бизнесе я не помню таких поступков, их там просто нет. Браво ТЕБЕ ДИМАШИК, ТЫ человек с большой буквы, ТЫ ЧЕЛОВЕЧИЩЕ. Ты лечишь мою душу, и таких душ очень много. Низкий тебе поклон от меня я тебя очень сильно люблю. 💕😍🤗😘😘😘😘🌞🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Pearl Lee Rodgers
Pearl Lee Rodgers - 4 days ago
I agree with Dimash's reasons for withdrawing from the competition and he has shown the world that he is not only kind and generous, but a person of integrity. I can't understand why those judges couldn't respect his decision. People should admire him for what he did. I wish there were more people like him in this world.
瑪桑多 - 4 days ago
Dimash Kudaibergen is the best and he's done the right thing ♥
God...I'm going to cry
how to survive in the gaming world
2 audience members told the truth of what happened during the recording ruvideos.org/XQgCJBnRvVk-video.html
ondaride777 - 4 days ago
Вы не поверите, но он мне чем то напоминает Лепса.
Jane Mulvenna
Jane Mulvenna - 4 days ago
Much respect for Dimash
TacoNoodle _Gamer
TacoNoodle _Gamer - 4 days ago
I don’t understand how rude the judges can be. He isn’t comfortable competing against children. Plus it’s his culture. After what they said to Dimash I stopped watching the show. I know I’m being a little rude to the show but it’s true. The judges were to harsh.
hartfyre - 4 days ago
Here is a video from two people in the audience: https://youtu.be/XQgCJBnRvVk The live show was NOTHING like how they edited it in the video.
Noterdam - 4 days ago
Shahirul Syafie
Shahirul Syafie - 5 days ago
Those judges already blinded with MONEY!!
When we die,we didn't bring money or bank atm to transfer our money to our grave....
Please judges be more respectful...
Bob Snow
Bob Snow - 5 days ago
This orange suit guy or whatever the fk it is, I felt like spitting on him.
Neslinur Han
Neslinur Han - 5 days ago
RuPaul is a one bitter bitch, he was unnecessarily rude.
Derma Amore
Derma Amore - 5 days ago
Are you kidding me? What an embarrassment!!!! This is not a drama reality show to act the way Rupaul's did, nor while being menopausal acting like I'm still relevant miss Hill?! Nor which one of us "judges" more insecure? This is about World's greatest, about extaordinary talant and extraordinary People... Including Humanity as one. And yes, today Humanity is lucking as a quality and talant. Perfect Proven example starting from the judges. Dimash doesn't have nothing to prove. He's already World's number one. I'm absolutely positive if he knew that he's going to compete with kids he would never be on that stage. And coming from the culture he came from I totally understand him not being comfortable even to be in discussion of chosing between him and kids. What a maturity and a great example for young artists. That's what I call grace, bigger person, extraordinaire and standing high.
Great job James Corden ❤
Buy the way America... what a horrible undeserving judges choice for this particular format. You can do better.
Lika Falcon
Lika Falcon - 4 days ago
This show was broadcasting in 2019. But all the episodes were filmed in 2018. The situation could was corrected. There was a time to think and even to re-shoot some footage. But the organizers simply cut out parts of Dimash's songs, knowing that he refused to participate in the third round... They was very rude towards a very humble and talented guy. I still can't figure out why ...
cedric 7
cedric 7 - 6 days ago
Stupid format ! What's the sense to have so short time for interpreting such a song. Ridiculous. Bravo Dimash !
Hazqier - 6 days ago
Dimash is muslim, I respect him.
pipeiros do romana
pipeiros do romana - 6 days ago
Dimach canta muito bom ♥️♥️👏👏
HEDELEX - 6 days ago
I disagree on his visions about quitting in favor of young children to "open the door for young kids", because children have their whole lives ahead!! but I respect his vision an decision. I think the judges were a bit harsh but I guess they are there for the drama besides giving feedback on the performances.
Varun B
Varun B - 6 days ago
Singing is a very common talent. You might be great but you cant become a beethoven. You cant compare with a Pianist who are true geniuses
Varun B
Varun B - 3 days ago
+Lika Falcon No. Children chose what inspired them most. But I agree that it depends on your interest. Charisma is magical and will catapult your talent for sure but is that what the judges are really there to judge and not pure talent? I agree there should have been age categories. Appreciate Dimash backed out for the younger ones.
Lika Falcon
Lika Falcon - 3 days ago
+Varun B The children chose the child. Although ... I communicate with a group of children who do vocals and music. They all chose Dimash. They were unanimous that manipulating instruments and tricks with katras (there was such a participant) is a talent of the same level. Charisma - this is what attracts people. Without charisma there are no leaders, no successful people of art. talent without charisma is doomed to be mediocrity. Charisma has nothing to do with looks, sexuality, etc. But the point is not even who chose whom. It's a matter of taste. There should be children's and adult competitions. I am glad that Dimash left this show. He did the right thing and with dignity. Those who organize international competitions should respect the culture of different nations and be sure to take into account. IMHO
Varun B
Varun B - 4 days ago
+Lika Falcon I beg to differ on the circus statement. Circus is when you learn something by repetition. The boy even played some music which he picked up like a night before! That cant be a circus trick would it?! Did Dimash listen to a song a day before and sing it without a paper?! I am not sure. The show was about showcasing your talent. Dimash chose only singing. The boy showed many aspects of his piano talent plus combining it with Drums as well.I am sure he could have done more instruments but he chose his strenghts like Dimash did. Was the show about Charisma? No. Charisma is subjective and will always lead to biases. I can understand lot of young crowd esp. women supporting Dimash because he is charismatic and is young n sings well ! I showed both performances to my children and they picked the boy as they were more inspired watching him.
Lika Falcon
Lika Falcon - 4 days ago
+Varun B Perhaps you overestimate the boy. What he showed is more circus than music. But he is, indeed, the most talented of the children on this show. By the way, Dimash also plays 7 or 8 instruments ...)))) We heard significantly reduced versions of songs on this show. The children of my friends live in the USA, they were on this show and told that the audience (they listened to the performance completely) was delighted. Not only singing talent was noted, but also the singer’s charisma and his very worthy behavior. In any case, comparing the achievements of children and adults is stupid. There must be age categories, as in most countries. Adults should not compete with children. This is an axiom for many nations. It is a pity that in the US it is not everyone understands. If Dimash knew in advance that he would have to compete with children, he would not have signed a contract.
Varun B
Varun B - 4 days ago
+Lika Falcon Probably I may be understating Dimash but I or anyone around me did not feel any reason to cry or feel over joyous watching or hearing Dimash's low pitch high pitch singing talent. I like what soothes my ears really and that did not excite me too much. He is good I am sure no doubt but I or anyone around me did not share the same excitement as I saw with some people in the audience...we were actually like really???! It could be that in India there is loads of singing talent already and its all pervasive from poor people singing in trains or on TV shows to bollywood that we have become atuned to a particular music. Now that boy definitely has talent for that age. He plays drums, guitar, tabla, harmonica and few more instruments and probably sings too. I dont know how easy it is to play two different songs with two hands at the same time but that definitely looked like a work of an ambidextrous genius to me. Ofcourse he has a long way to go and no one knows how he will channelise his talent in future but he looks very promising. Same goes for Dimash. He may well be a world sensation and the whole world will recognise him.
georgiana darcy
georgiana darcy - 6 days ago
It was about his ego, no doubt.
Adeline koh
Adeline koh - 2 days ago
It wasn't
Dragonfly - 2 days ago
It wasn't,😀
Lhinda Kudaibergen
Lhinda Kudaibergen - 5 days ago
It wasn't
how to survive in the gaming world
It wasn't
Amp Corps
Amp Corps - 6 days ago
It wasn't.
Joker_ BIK
Joker_ BIK - 6 days ago
Кто нибудь кто знает английский на уровне, пожалуйста можете перевести, что он сказал судьям ???? Т.е дословно перевести процитировать его слова
жазбайматымды сол
Он сказал, что в финале остался с детьми и уйдет с проекта, так как не может состязаться с детками
Zygimantas Adomavicius
Zygimantas Adomavicius - 6 days ago
Think about it. You are an already successful adult who enters a competition. The production tells you that there will be no children, however, later on you find that you are to compete against kids. That's just deceitful. In their culture, as far as I know, you cannot do that.
Zygimantas Adomavicius
Zygimantas Adomavicius - 6 days ago
Why do Americans have to always ruin everything and everyone? Honestly. All they deserve is Bieber tbh. FFS.
Gisselle D
Gisselle D - 7 days ago
Realmente creo que Dimash es un artista increíble pero esto nos demostró que va más allá, que incluso como persona es increíble y magnífico. Me siento totalmente avergonzada y ofendida por la opinión de los jueces. Tanta falta de profesionalismo, de moral, demostrando que solo están por las apariencias y el dinero buscando presentar un “show” para conseguir ingresos cuando en realidad la verdadera esencia es demostrar los talentos del mundo. Dimash hizo lo correcto y siempre estaré apoyándolo. El mejor cantante no solo por su voz de ángel sino también por su ser
Damianos George
Damianos George - 7 days ago
I am with Dimash, what an awesome talent!
YDA with luv
YDA with luv - 7 days ago
Romania & Turkey bow infront of you! We love and we cheerish you Dimash!! ❤❤❤
Lisa Strickland
Lisa Strickland - 7 days ago
That was extremely disrespectful of the Judges. Do you not know how Dimash works? Everything is an honor to him. Ya'll wont be getting any ratings from me. Boooo
Алина Степашка
Я очень, очень сильно,сильно люблю Димаша. Димашик, это глоток воды с Божьева ручья.💕😘😘😘🌞
Алина Степашка
Жаль, что нет русского перевода.(( Так хочется понимать о чем идет речь.((
жазбайматымды сол
+Алина Степашка , как было на самом деле, субтитры включите ruvideos.org/WKSyCdFsq3o-video.html
жазбайматымды сол
+Алина Степашка 🙏🙏🙏
Алина Степашка
+жазбайматымды сол Спасибо Вам большое! Будьте здоровы и счастливы вместе.💕😘 🤗🌞
жазбайматымды сол
Димаш в финале остался с детьми, и сказал, что уходит с проекта, так как не хочет с ними состязаться, в общем ,он даёт дорогу детям
Selena Gallardo
Selena Gallardo - 8 days ago
I was super excited about this show until i found out who the judges were!! Drew and Rupaul do not belong on this show what so ever, they know nothing about talent. Rupaul is known for his fithy mouth and i think they were trying to get at another “simon cowell” but he had NO right to get mouthy with Dimash. HE’S disrespectful and i think they really messed up with this one.. why would they choose a fashion designer or whatever he is (i could care less) hopefully this show doesn’t go to complete trash but after this i’m no longer watching !! DIMASH YOUR DOING GREAT SWEETIE👏🏽 as a american i feel embarrassed.. he probably hates us now.
Amp Corps
Amp Corps - 8 days ago
Don't worry, I think he's performing in new York this October. Check out the channel 'Janet dmx' , most of Dimash's schedules are announced there (in the 'community' tab/section) .
David Chettiar
David Chettiar - 8 days ago
Beautiful soul ❤️ he is beyond competing imo. I mean, the world already knows you #dimash ! We stan you !
me too
me too - 8 days ago
Judges have crab mentality
Martinchoo Gomez
Martinchoo Gomez - 8 days ago
una misera traduccion al español??
Lily Lalicata
Lily Lalicata - 8 days ago
Dimash the best
Lily Lalicata
Lily Lalicata - 8 days ago
O sempre la pelle doca troppo bravo
marianelly gil r.
marianelly gil r. - 8 days ago
Dimash Es de otro planeta. Indiscutible ganador de este programa. A pesar que sin ningún respeto recortaron todas sus presentaciones. DIMASH sublime. ❤️🇨🇴🇨🇴
Ad B
Ad B - 8 days ago
Rupaul can pack his trash up and leave
Ad B
Ad B - 8 days ago
A man with talent, a man with principles - Dimash
Rainbow Alien Fries
Rainbow Alien Fries - 9 days ago
Such a humble heart❤We love you Dimash
Nikko Krantz
Nikko Krantz - 9 days ago
The real truth is he know deep down he could not beat the little kids because they out sang him. He took the way out and wanted to make himself look like the good guy but it turns out he was just chicken. Stop using your culture as an excuses to quit. Like they said you knew coming into the show there will be people of all ages. You just did not realize how good they were. You were not that good and you know it....bye Felicia.
how to survive in the gaming world
A vast majority of the singers, even great singers, can't even touch his toe, how could he be afraid of kids? This is absurd.
Baloteli D
Baloteli D - 7 days ago
I understand why you think like that. First, you obviously not familiar with him and his capability . Second, its hard to believe that people like him still live on this planet, believe it or not.
Amp Corps
Amp Corps - 8 days ago
Did you even watch the whole episode. The children were good, but cannot be compared to him, come on.
Adeline koh
Adeline koh - 8 days ago
NIkko Krantz- You got it wrong. Before Dimash sign the contract he did asked if he will be competing with kids because his culture and beliefs does not allow him to do that but TWB knew that they need Dimash for vewing rate and so they lied to him and told him he will not be competing with kids. It was just before the final when he met Daneliya (1 of the kid he will be competing) at backstage and that was when he got to know that he will be going against 2 kids. That triggered Dimash to make the sudden decision to quit this BS show.
Кунанбай - 9 days ago
What a stupid thoughts. This guy has taken part of enormous amount of competitions. He has met with very strong professional singers face to face. What may he be afraid of? Of children??? Is your head right? Afraid of children that couldn't be as professional as him, while he is never afraid of mature strong singers as a rivals? There's no any logic. He is just so good person. Believe or not, but he is just so good man There's the real truth, not your imagination ruvideos.org/XQgCJBnRvVk-video.html
Jose Magalhaes
Jose Magalhaes - 9 days ago
Well done!
Lhinda Kudaibergen
Lhinda Kudaibergen - 9 days ago
Jovakin Joseph
Jovakin Joseph - 9 days ago
Respect maanh
NADA ES PARA TANTO - 9 days ago
We love you, dude.
minkseefox - 9 days ago
I respect Dimash, have no respect for those judges.
Czarna Owca
Czarna Owca - 9 days ago
Dulce Pinto
Dulce Pinto - 9 days ago
Nao há palavras para isto....nao há palavras..👍👍👍👍
Dana Moisii
Dana Moisii - 9 days ago
He stepped on that stage, the whole World saw him, now everybody know him. It is not allways about the money, he gave US (us) a great lesson!
Mirella Cravotta
Mirella Cravotta - 9 days ago
Il boit dans une ligne blanche
Mirella Cravotta
Mirella Cravotta - 9 days ago
Toile d'araignée
Mirella Cravotta
Mirella Cravotta - 9 days ago
Regardez la tête coupée
Mirella Cravotta
Mirella Cravotta - 9 days ago
Troisième podium en bas ...
Mirella Cravotta
Mirella Cravotta - 9 days ago
Mirella Cravotta
Mirella Cravotta - 9 days ago
Ils ne doivent plus avoir l'occasion de te voir ni de te toucher
Mirella Cravotta
Mirella Cravotta - 9 days ago
Dans les coulisses de celui qui joue au balcon et corde
Mirella Cravotta
Mirella Cravotta - 9 days ago
Prof de konfu ??
Mirella Cravotta
Mirella Cravotta - 9 days ago
Dans les coulisses de celui qui saute à la corde avec un ballon
Mirella Cravotta
Mirella Cravotta - 9 days ago
Latoya Jackson ??
Mirella Cravotta
Mirella Cravotta - 9 days ago
Elle c'est la chorégraphe avec les couleurs de Charleroi
Mirella Cravotta
Mirella Cravotta - 9 days ago
Savez-vous que ce jeu veux dire deuil ??
Mirella Cravotta
Mirella Cravotta - 9 days ago
Son noeud et ses mains
Mirella Cravotta
Mirella Cravotta - 9 days ago
Homme vip Eurovision et dans voie sur ton chemin
Mirella Cravotta
Mirella Cravotta - 9 days ago
Regardez son coup le dessin ... c'est une lame
Mirella Cravotta
Mirella Cravotta - 10 days ago
Encore arqué blanc
Mirella Cravotta
Mirella Cravotta - 10 days ago
Arceau noire
Mirella Cravotta
Mirella Cravotta - 10 days ago
La porte ...
Mirella Cravotta
Mirella Cravotta - 10 days ago
Mais lui c'est un movaizes je l'avais repéré dans ton public une autre soirée il était déguisé en femme et tenais son téléphone ...et le type à côté c'est un bip de l'Eurovision
Mirella Cravotta
Mirella Cravotta - 10 days ago
Une où deux lignes blanches
Mirella Cravotta
Mirella Cravotta - 10 days ago
Dans la photo il y a une pâte de lion ... ? ESt ce que cela a un rapport avec les arts martiaux ?? Et producteur ?? Je ne sais pas petit cœur 💜
pspice linear
pspice linear - 10 days ago
I like ur attitude, that's right man, life isn't a one day thing or a one competition.
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