Dimash's Final World's Best Performance - The World's Best Championships

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Joce Comb
Joce Comb - Час назад
Unlike Ru[de]Paul, Dimash doesn't need this kind of freakin TV show. Fuck you RP, goddamn cocksucker!
liny l
liny l - 2 часа назад
Regret, judges/producers of this show, Regret: https://youtu.be/tXR1GCsLTSw
Alexandra Núñez
Alexandra Núñez - 2 часа назад
What BS means???
Anoushka MK
Anoushka MK - Час назад
Thats acoolone obsessed troll
Amp Corps
Amp Corps - 2 часа назад
BS means Bull Shit or+Thats acoolone
Thats acoolone
Thats acoolone - 2 часа назад
It's a frank and honest way of saying Dimash is making up a story for his withdrawal.
HOLY -T - 3 часа назад
Dimash i love you so much and i am so sad that you had to stand there and talk with that asshole who thinks that he knows everything. You are such a professional and i fell in love with your attitude and talent again. You are a gift from god and don't deserve to be treaten this way. I wish you get more popular and everybody will see this beautiful side of you. You light up my word with your beautiful voice. ❤️
Turyka - 4 часа назад
Everybody knows if Dimash stayed he'd have won but how can you be happy if you're competing with kids? 🙈🙉
How can a "judge" be this disrespectful?🤬 Well we're talking about USA, having morals and being honorable is something that is hardly seen in this country nowadays.
Maybe that's the reason why Asian singers are becoming more popular. Not only do they take music more seriously and gave you mind-blowing concerts, but they show such a respect for their supporters and fans..
I love JC, I'm sad he didn't defend Dimash. Since day1 CBS had show a shitty editing and I don't even know what RP is doing there, how much he knows about music?...🤷. WBP should have being and amazing program..🤦
Anyway, thxs YouTube for aloud me to know such an amazing singer.
HOLY -T - 4 часа назад
America you proved again that you are the WORST.
user N
user N - 4 часа назад
Dimash, Mademoiselle Hyde
낼라Nela - 6 часов назад
Its his culture so i think the american judges needs to respect that. I mean not all of us have the same believes and culture. How can the bald guy say that to Dimash. I respect Dimash for staying calm and polite to the judges tho. If i were Dimash i would just mock the judges.😂😂
Edited: i just watched some vid about this issue so i realise that its also the producers fault for editing and cutting out some clips. Actually if im not mistaken, Dimash asked if there is children competing before he agree on going in the show. So i assume he is forced or were being lied to so that the producers can make him participate in the show. So yea....this is only my assumption. Dont b mad if there is any wrong info bcuz i dont know much yet.😂😂
KY 2004
KY 2004 - 6 часов назад
To everyone who doesn’t know Dimash...
It’s hard being a dear, because you can’t sing along with him.

We literally can’t hit those notes.
Ana Diaz
Ana Diaz - 10 часов назад
You have my utmost respect. It ia an honorable decision. But some people just want business . You have a HEART DIMASH.... we love you....
Wagner Cruz
Wagner Cruz - 10 часов назад
Cadê os brasileiros aq rs
PNVx Zöān
PNVx Zöān - 11 часов назад
Disgsting producer..money making money
B B - 13 часов назад
Adults have their adult voice at 16 yo so why are you comparing a 12 yo to this young man ? It would have not been a problem if these people were 16-25 yo but they are 12 and 13 yo..
Ruth Cadena
Ruth Cadena - 13 часов назад
Nooo 😢😢😢
Катя кошечкина
Катя кошечкина - 13 часов назад
i - 15 часов назад
Dimash is just another level of performer. Dimash showed to be the better man walking off the competition because he is so more than the others in style, class and more human than them can understand. Ofc he will not compete against children and they dont understand. In other cultures respect and integrety is more valuble than fame and ego.
Luiz Eugenio Saccani
Luiz Eugenio Saccani - 15 часов назад
Bravissimo, sei un fenomeno Dimash. Complimenti
panavita - 16 часов назад
Braelyn - 18 часов назад
RuPaul was extremely rude, if Dimash wanted the children to go through that’s not disrespectful to the show. What is disrespectful is calling him out for having a heart of gold.
rajkumar pinakana
rajkumar pinakana - 18 часов назад
This performance is just a warm-up for dimash ..... He can reach high notes ever we listen like D8 ..... I want to see the judges reaction when he hits D8 note
hung pham viet
hung pham viet - 20 часов назад
I hate americans somehow because of this video
Jeongguk Jeon
Jeongguk Jeon - 21 час назад
The judges think it’s disrespect but for Dimash it was a good decision. DIMASHHHH I RESPECT YOU AND YOU HAVE A HEART OF GOLD!!! I’ll support you always
Adam Bhirawa
Adam Bhirawa - 22 часа назад
This man, OMG, what I have ever seen???? This is best vocal range of man that I've seen in my life..... Please make some concert in Indonesia, Dimash!!!! You will be huge here
PTX 95
PTX 95 - 21 час назад
Watch his unedited performances on "The Singer 2017" from China.....and the videos on his channel. 🔥
Lokesh Gurajala
Lokesh Gurajala - 22 часа назад
I don’t know who is that male bald judge..I don’t know why I don’t like him 😒 Dimash..I love you..World is watching and with you..what you left at stage will stay as long as we live..and remember you. #GreatSoul #Humanity #MoralsandPrinciples #CulturalValues
Angelou Lacaya
Angelou Lacaya - 22 часа назад
He wanted the kid to win ....that's why he left
Lokesh Gurajala
Lokesh Gurajala - 23 часа назад
PTX 95
PTX 95 - 21 час назад
Watch his unedited performances on "The Singer 2017" and videos on his channel. 🔥
Hentai Sama
Hentai Sama - 23 часа назад
user N
user N - 23 часа назад
Dimash, "Mademoiselle Hyde"
Димаш с песней И.Крутого на слова Лары Фабиан "Мадмуазель Хайд".
LetLet G
LetLet G - День назад
I'm so sad about Dimash, But I respect his decision much better you leave this show! Shame on you judges specially the bald one guy is very disrespectful! Scripted show and uses Dimash to capture high ratings! Now I'm sure this got low ratings. Bravo Dimash love from Philippines!
step forward
step forward - День назад
When someone think they are the best then felt disrespected for someones humility

Dude give a break
Joselito Cellar
Joselito Cellar - День назад
I hate it! I still watching World Best because of dimash. This time I would like to say. GOODBYE THE WORLD'S BEST!
Lakshmi K
Lakshmi K - День назад
Big respect to this young man. He is right and he has no business competing with kids. The contest was won by a boy from my country India who is just a 12 year old. Even though the kid is a gifted child, Dimash is far above this boy in age and experience. It was the right decision. As an Indian I perfectly understand and appreciate the culture. I cannot understand why American judges behave the way they do. Music is a God given gift to be nurtured enjoyed and appreciated. Competition itself has no meaning when such rare gifts are showcased. Each is unique and special in their own way.
PTX 95
PTX 95 - 21 час назад
They misled him to get him on the show. Dimash is a talented young man with a gentle soul. Watch his unedited performances from "The Singer 2017" from China and videos on his channel. 🔥
Динара Диханбаева
Динара Диханбаева - День назад
Алла жар болсын өзіңе!
Алма Джумагулова
Алма Джумагулова - День назад
У Димаша очень высокое чувство благородности! Аристократ до кончиков пальцев. Гордость родителей и гордость всей страны! 😘 За воспитание Димаш отдельное спасибо его родителям! 😘
Бакыт Алимбаева
Бакыт Алимбаева - День назад
Қазақ тілін биік көтергенің үшін мың алғыс
Бакыт Алимбаева
Бакыт Алимбаева - День назад
Димаш өзінің Елін ,Тілін сүйетін нағыз ұл екенін тағы да көрсете білді."Әр адамның жүрегі Отан деп соқса егер..." деп айтқан сөз бекер айтылмаған. Димашты бүкіл қазақ елі қолдап отыр. Ата-анасына мың алғыс осындай жүрегінің бар түпкіріне Отан деген сөзді нық енгізген нағыз азамат тәрбиелегеніңіз үшін
Edmund Duterte Jr.
Edmund Duterte Jr. - День назад
It's right. It's unfair to compete with kids.
Maksat CHAKI
Maksat CHAKI - День назад
Круто! Азамат!!!
Nishit Raj
Nishit Raj - День назад
Humility is something these judges aren't aware of. Learn it from Dimash when there is a chance.

That black judge is absolutely ridiculous. Always acts so high and mighty. Trash guy
Nathan White
Nathan White - День назад
This made me respect Dimash so much more, and honestly the only "BS" thing here is this show.
Momo Smile
Momo Smile - День назад
k Pach
k Pach - День назад
That was not a disrespectful thing at all...he could just bail out and not performing his last song for them,inspite he performed and respectfully asked the judges to push him out of the competition so that the young artists could have a bright future.How can a person be so selfless like that!!! And for the male judge "How dare you speak to our Dimash like that" 😠😠
Dalpoh Kuki
Dalpoh Kuki - День назад
If he wants out he's out.judges why do u have such -ve thoughts. He is not being disrespectful.You guys and ur stupid ego.He is paving the way for christ sake .
And YOU nobody asked you whether got performed with Adele and whitney Houston .
Dyslexic Teletubby
Dyslexic Teletubby - День назад
In all the shots that we can see the audience they are standing and clapping the judges should have kept their mouths shut
Princess pink152
Princess pink152 - День назад
why the hell would you make a multicultural show and invite people from other cultures just to disrespect and berate them for their beliefs and for standing up for what is right? This is the worst show I've ever saw. Master Chef, Hells Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares(All of Gordon Ramsey's shows and many other different shows) Is better than this garbage! The World's best? No more like the the world's trashiest, unprofessional, lousy, and disrespectful show in the world! Why the fuck do we need a TV show to prove who is world's best? everyone is amazing and talented in their way! Just look at Dimash, he didn't need a damn trophy to prove he was the best... hard work, dedication, and determination got him to where he needed to be and he's still going strong! Congrats Dimash, you're going to be a winner in my book!😊☺️😁💙💚💜
Aliasgar Saria
Aliasgar Saria - День назад
James Corden handled it well.
Laura Abenova
Laura Abenova - День назад
1234 Ма
1234 Ма - День назад
Well it’s all about cultural differences
Arely Villanueva B.
Arely Villanueva B. - День назад
El mejor del mundo😻❤
Edgar RECCO - День назад
au "World's Best" ! ...
DIMASH, en offrant sa place de "meilleur artiste du monde",
il a gagné la place de "meilleure humanité du monde" ! ✌️
Et il le sait !
Rien d'autre à dire !
Edgar RECCO - День назад
на "Лучшем в мире"! ...
ДИМАШ, предлагая свое место «лучшего художника мира»,
он занял место "лучшего человечества в мире" ! ✌️
И он это знает ! ☝️
Больше нечего сказать !
Edgar RECCO - День назад
at "World's Best" ! ...
DIMASH, by offering his place of "world's best artist",
he has won the place of "world's best humanity" ! ✌️
And he knows it ! ☝️
Nothing else to say !
Lance Rafael
Lance Rafael - День назад
Who is he supposed to battle to if he didnt leave?
Amp Corps
Amp Corps - День назад
Two kids, fellow Kazakh singer daneliya and Indian pianist lydian
Soo ma
Soo ma - День назад
Dimash already be the best in the world with his voice. Trust me, he don’t have to compete because he voice is unique in every certain ways. Other competitors are good as well but their voice already are hundreds of singer who born with a same voice and key it just in a different tone. I love how dimash had such a big heart. Imagine you fly over from your country, go on the big stage. And seeing other who do the same and some of them didn’t get the recognition eventho their were talented but just.. not UNIQUE enough
Nice Day
Nice Day - День назад
Dear Dimash, we appreciate very much your awesome culture and we apologize to you on behalf of those judges and majority of our people in USA. We are a country of bullies. Just look at our president. Our culture is famous for "Wild Wild West". We came here as gunfighters and slave drivers. We have no respect for our children's feelings. Our people enjoy to see our young kids who do not win, cry and get sad, which will affect their life until they die. We have lost our humanity long time ago. Dimash, it has been about 90 years that we have been bullying all of those 3rd world nations and assigned dictators on those nations in order to take away their natural resources. That was how our country men brought up. We have lost those feelings of passion, kindness, greatness, humbleness, respect, and all of those respected characteristics. That is why when people from other countries come here they get culture shocked. Dimash, More power to you, do not let any ignorant people change your mind. You have been blessed by being a pure human being.
Lhinda Kudaibergen
Lhinda Kudaibergen - День назад
He is an angel 👉 https://youtu.be/iiuCUWSRzJY was spectacular. 💗💗💗💗
Rose Bell
Rose Bell - День назад
NO.. how dare YOU disrespect Dimash like that, you don't deserve him
Lady Mesmerize
Lady Mesmerize - День назад
Esteban Espinosa
Esteban Espinosa - День назад
Dimash, what an artist!!!! He’s the best to step down, he doesn’t need to prove anything... no offense to any contestant, but he was REALLY OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!! Such raw talent is unique 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 BRAVO!!! BRAVO DIMASH!!! And please come to sing in Canada!!! And Ecuador!!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Beata Cholewicka
Beata Cholewicka - День назад
B.Ch. Każda cegla w Twoim muzycznym domu ma inną barwę i cięzar! a dom stoi i rośnie!.
I drzwi otwiera na ościerz, częstując szczodrze rozkoszą, nie pozwalając nikomu odejść głodnym!
A, ja nadal jestem głodna i wracam po więcej!!!!!!!!!
Pink Punk
Pink Punk - День назад
I'm so proud
Vera Vei
Vera Vei - День назад
WAIT! WHAT?!!!! 😭
weILL - День назад
Bagdat Musaev
Bagdat Musaev - День назад
Мына американдықтар баланың қолындағы нанның тартып жеуге дайын. Біздің Димаш сендер сиақты ақымақ емес баланың көңілін қалдыратың.👏👏👏👍👍👍
Dngeirhw Bnosihf
Dngeirhw Bnosihf - День назад
Was Dimash asked to leave the championship so somebody else can win?
Heard it happens a lot :(
Dngeirhw Bnosihf
Dngeirhw Bnosihf - День назад
+PTX 95 Thanks for the info! :)
PTX 95
PTX 95 - День назад
No....He left because they misled him to get him on the show. He stated up front he would not compete with children. There is a video from audience members at the Worlds Best explaining what really happened, what was said, how he was treated, and what was cut and edited for TV. Watch the video from audience members called "Patrice and Anita Discuss Dimash at the Worlds Best".
Amp Corps
Amp Corps - День назад
Live concert https://youtu.be/8gqKqU12xJ4
Amp Corps
Amp Corps - День назад
Live https://youtu.be/UiVqAQ2bEig
Jason W
Jason W - День назад
You better be thankful it's a free stage
Дарья Кайдалова
Дарья Кайдалова - День назад
I'm crying 😭
Amp Corps
Amp Corps - День назад
Айко Камзаева
Айко Камзаева - День назад
Жаным !!!!!!!+++++++
Elvira Kalamkaliyeva
Elvira Kalamkaliyeva - День назад
He is the only Star in that the World's Best Stage and the only Human being among judges. He does not seek money, human values are more important for him.
Мурат Умаров
Мурат Умаров - День назад
Ангел спел в сельском доме культуры...
knsd knsd
knsd knsd - 12 часов назад
Bansheezie baneezie
Bansheezie baneezie - День назад
Big respect to Dimash...
Ahmad Iskandar Ahmed
Ahmad Iskandar Ahmed - День назад
Yes. Finally, this fav song all the time. Go dimash!
chicken popers
chicken popers - 2 дня назад
i think he did a good job but the guy with the glasses needs to calm down he works hard enough he can back out if he wants too
Fighting Rooster
Fighting Rooster - 2 дня назад
He looks half asian ...
Jason W
Jason W - 2 дня назад
Faith is so beautiful
Людмила Горлова
Людмила Горлова - 2 дня назад
Юная казахстанская певица Данэлия Тулешова прошла по красной дорожке второй международной музыкальной премии BraVo в Москве. Она вошла в число почетных гостей, наряду с мировыми звёздами, такими как Джон Траволта, Тимбалэнд и Хелен Миррен, передает корреспондент МИА «Казинформ». 12-летняя казахстанка разместила короткое видео в Instagram. Продюсерский центр ЮНА это видео подписал так: Наша Данэлия Тулешова на красной дорожке премии #Браво2019. В Кремле она исполнила знаменитую песню «A Million Voices»Полины Гагариной, принимавшей участие в шоу «I'm a Singer» в Китае. «Для меня огромная честь быть вновь приглашенной на премию и, конечно, чтобы перед профессионалами такого уровня исполнять песню артистки с невероятным талантом как у Полины Гагариной в мои годы можно только мечтать. Я счастлива!», - поделилась впечатлениями Данэлия с пресс-службой Aurora Lifestyle PR Agency. Накануне вручения номинаций в области популярной музыки состоялся Гала-ужин премии «BraVo» 2019, где Данэлия как специальный гость исполнила 3 композиции: «Colourblinde», «Fuego» и «Send my love» и была горячо встречена звездными участниками pre-party, среди которых артисты российской эстрады, а также приглашенные гости Майкл Болтон, Крис де Бург, Тимбалэнд, Бионди, Алессандро Сафина, Джон Траволта, Хелен Миррен и многие другие. Стоит отметить, что Данэлия в прошлом году стала обладательницей этой премии в номинации «Взгляд в будущее».
Vokk Kkov
Vokk Kkov - День назад
Людмила Горлова спасибо
arms chuparan
arms chuparan - 2 дня назад
giving up does not mean you loose. sometimes giving up for something is winning for others. he has a great heart.
happy whitecoco
happy whitecoco - 2 дня назад
Dimash! Watching your humbleness and your selfless loving thoughts towards the youths talent made me cry, very happy to know a kind soul exists, singing not for fame or money!
A beautiful heart produces everything beautifully🤗i love you💕💖💕
spoodles50 - 2 дня назад
The kids an arrogant asshole
WILSON JR RETUTA - 2 дня назад
That is an asian is. "True heart".
proffessor proffi
proffessor proffi - 2 дня назад
your english badly but ...only you now bestly....
İrem G
İrem G - 2 дня назад
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 best kindnes he has
İrem G
İrem G - 2 дня назад
You are the best 💘💘
A.Krishna - 2 дня назад
4:37 that wtf facial expression tho
Jason W
Jason W - 2 дня назад
Lol he doesn't care
Вячеслав Кузьмин
Вячеслав Кузьмин - 2 дня назад
Большинству американцев непонятно как можно отказаться от ляма баксов ради талантливых детей!
Айнаш Жолымова
Айнаш Жолымова - 2 дня назад
Жаным сол.Тектілік, мәрттік деп осыны айт.Жаны дархан азамат .Атасы мен әжесіне мың алғыс ....
Maryjane Mckenrick
Maryjane Mckenrick - 2 дня назад
This is hilarious , wrong analogy FAITH...were you saying dimash was worried about losing to the kids...if thats the analogy...you were definitely not the Dimash in that group! He was guaranteed he would not compete with children...cbs lied and disrespected him! Oh and rupaul go back to judging drag queens! YOU ARE THE DISRESPECTFUL ONE! You dont get that honor and culture because your spoiled and put small children! Shame on we Americans!! $$$$$ all that matters to you people! I sincerely hope you have no 2nd season!! You edited and cut performances and tried to make Dimash compete children! You sicken me !
Necia Smith
Necia Smith - 2 дня назад
How dare Rupaul disrespect Dimash, and disrespecting his beliefs. Firstly, Dimash is an artist beyond this world . He has morals, manners and respect for everyone and also a very humble person .
What in God’s name is rupaul even being on such a show . He has no right to judge anyone, because he has now talent . He needs to step down off his pedestal and because the talentless dick will never be the person Dimash is .. He needs to shut his mouth and give his ass a chance for once ...
kiwigirljacks - 2 дня назад
I’m pleased the majority of comments here are supporting Dimash, especially since we have since learnt he was lied to. How DARE the producers of this show not include his respectful reply to RuPaul’s comments!!! That’s completely unacceptable! And just goes to prove that he was in fact misled. Wrong, very wrong!
Beatriz Briones
Beatriz Briones - 2 дня назад
Thank you Dimash for teaching the world what integrity is, my respect towards you. ❤️
ardi azwandi
ardi azwandi - 2 дня назад
Shadie Halya
Shadie Halya - 2 дня назад
Encantada por Dimash..quanto talento.Deus o abençoe e o proteja . lindo ..perfeito!
Red Reyes
Red Reyes - 2 дня назад
I just wish that sohyang can join here😭😢😭😭😭😢😢😢😢
Tshiab Vue Tran
Tshiab Vue Tran - 2 дня назад
No, not this show. This show sucks. This is an immature show...high class singers or just singers shouldn't come here to compete.
jack flash
jack flash - 2 дня назад
Such an ugly voice color.
jack flash
jack flash - 17 часов назад
Rožiukė and you are just ugly 😂
Rožiukė - 18 часов назад
+jack flash The only monkey here is probably you . The miserable one ;)
jack flash
jack flash - День назад
Sibylla mimimimi 😂😂
Sibylla - День назад
+jack flash you sound racist... don't be jealous of amazing talent. you can't even hit the notes that Dimash can reach. you should check yourself before speaking
jack flash
jack flash - 2 дня назад
yu qian gao is that even a language 😂😂😂Ching chang chong
Belinda Melissa
Belinda Melissa - 2 дня назад
Oh wow, you need to watch the teaser for his new music video that he'll release in April. It's SO epic! :-O And, of course, he's handsome. ;)
klaudija jankovic
klaudija jankovic - 2 дня назад
Piotr Szyba
Piotr Szyba - 2 дня назад
Damn, It's gonna be such a pleasure to listen to him singing in 10 years when his voice matures.
Piotr Szyba
Piotr Szyba - День назад
+PTX 95 no
PTX 95
PTX 95 - 2 дня назад
Agreed.....he is creating a new genre of fusion music. Have you watched his unedited performances on "The Singer 2017" in China or his concert videos on his channel (the Bastau concert in 2017 video is amazing) ? He will be performing with Andrea Bocelli and Lara Fabian in Moscow in the fall....and as a guest in New York. He also has solo concerts...this week in 2 sold out shows in Moscow and June in Arnau, Kazakhstan.
Lid ka
Lid ka - 2 дня назад
Пожааалуйста ,переведите их разговор.🙏Я вроде смысл поняла,но так хотелось бы более подробно узнать.
Lid ka
Lid ka - 2 дня назад
+Наталья Натальева О,спасибо!❤
Наталья Натальева
Наталья Натальева - 2 дня назад
На канале VOICE TALENT есть русские субтитры
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