Little Mix - Move (Official Video)

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The Zuccubus
The Zuccubus - 5 hours ago
This isn't eurobeat...
Kat M
Kat M - 13 hours ago
Who the hell was calling jesy fat?? She aint fat at all
xd Clippz
xd Clippz - 17 hours ago
I so confused how are any of them fat???
smarky jan
smarky jan - 17 hours ago
Little mix
Diamond Lewis
Diamond Lewis - Day ago
Heidi charles
Heidi charles - 2 days ago
Talented girls! Simple!!
Mike Barber
Mike Barber - 2 days ago
arjie mendoza
arjie mendoza - 2 days ago
gotta to make a good
haha love love?move
Maryama Farah
Maryama Farah - 2 days ago
i love jessy is bit
FoxerPhantom Jordan
FoxerPhantom Jordan - 2 days ago
The only reason they made fun of Jesy is because they didnt have her Beauty
Lemari Golding
Lemari Golding - 3 days ago
Little mix have the perfect friend ship and chemistry to be a good band that’s what makes the songs so good 😊 love you little mix 💕 🔥
alice pannell
alice pannell - 3 days ago
I love the songs
Halle Hajas
Halle Hajas - 4 days ago
jesy is so awesome
Bethan Griffiths
Bethan Griffiths - 4 days ago
This was the first Little Mix song I ever heard.
Still bopping today!
ゆーせー - 4 days ago
Queen Queen
Queen Queen - 4 days ago
Jesy looks so different now..
Feels so sorry for all the trolling she had to go through
sehwa shipper
sehwa shipper - 4 days ago
September 2019 anyone?????
Ford2219 - 4 days ago
I actually believe Jesy has the best body of all the girls. She’s curvy and sexy. Like how can people call her fat? Wtf
Oruge - 4 days ago
Tbh I remember when I first saw this music video thinking that Jesy was definitely the stand out from everyone else, I thought she'd go on to be the more popular member, but all the members have such flawless and unique voices
Gavin McNerney
Gavin McNerney - 5 days ago
I love Jade. She’s gorgeous. Best voice of all of them too.
Mamma Skiouraki
Mamma Skiouraki - 5 days ago
Ive been hearing your songs since 2012 aka since i was a 1 year old
Jellani Clunis
Jellani Clunis - 6 days ago
Jesy, weight*
Jellani Clunis
Jellani Clunis - 6 days ago
Bitches be so discriminating. I can’t understand why someone would want jest to feel bad about her wait n looks. She’s a beautiful girl inside and out and she deserves better respect n treatment
Mute - 6 days ago
Jessie is gorgeous
NiGHTSaturn - 6 days ago
It's crazy to think how much hate Jesy got during that time. She basically is the best part of the video... Especially right after the first bridge (0:55). 
And her lower voice accents are bomb (2:25)! 
(This comment is coming from a singer by the way)
Katie Watkins
Katie Watkins - 6 days ago
My favourite Little Mix song 😍
misha music
misha music - 6 days ago
Their voices 😍
sky flowers
sky flowers - 6 days ago
It's been years since I heard this..why did I forget about this 😍🔥
sariah mae
sariah mae - 7 days ago
their fashion sense was so ahead of its time i swear these QUEEENS
D MacGregor
D MacGregor - 7 days ago
I like perries out fit in this
Maria Gonzalez Puente
Maria Gonzalez Puente - 8 days ago
2019 september anyone? ok only me..... :v
Loekie Bosch
Loekie Bosch - 8 days ago
Jesy is so beautifull!
The Starman
The Starman - 8 days ago
Great song
sof ia
sof ia - 8 days ago
This song gives me 2ne1 vibes
Lauren Gonzales
Lauren Gonzales - 9 days ago
This song is still a banger ❤️
Chantal Seguin
Chantal Seguin - 9 days ago
apparently one was criticized for being overweight... which one? they all look gorgeous to me... i think there was a flash of a girl who really could use a round of toast.
Chantal Seguin
Chantal Seguin - 6 days ago
@Katie Watkins i think they are all stunningly beautiful
Katie Watkins
Katie Watkins - 6 days ago
It was Jesy
No Tears Left In Butera
3:30 perries lil dance😊
matterof time
matterof time - 9 days ago
Who is here after the #oddoneout? Jesy said that this was the worst time of her life... We really don't know shit about what it's happening in their lives
smarky jan
smarky jan - 17 hours ago
•BananaLifesMatter •
It’s really heartbreaking knowing that she had to always act like she was alright
•BananaLifesMatter •
Mamma Skiouraki what?
Umar Hussaini
Umar Hussaini - 4 days ago
Mamma Skiouraki
Mamma Skiouraki - 5 days ago
Its deprasion thats whats going on
Dilan HC
Dilan HC - 9 days ago
K-Sooyaa Love
K-Sooyaa Love - 10 days ago
Omg, Leigh Anne are so slim 💖
papa berlianelizabethisaseri17 8295
Manhattan bergoyang
princess peach
princess peach - 11 days ago
your crush will ask you out.
Like to activate.
Milk Tea
Milk Tea - 12 days ago
Little mix are still the best!💜
•Jerrie ThirlWards•
•Jerrie ThirlWards• - 12 days ago
We are close to 200M views!!!
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung - 12 days ago
Do ya'll think if LM have official positions, It'll be like this??
Jesy- Main Dancer,Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Leader
Leigh Ann- Main rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist.
Jade- Main Vocalist, Visual
Perrie- Lead Vocalist, Face of the Group, Youngest
Just a thought.
Mya Roblow
Mya Roblow - 13 days ago
I’ve probably watched this a 1,0000 times
Mariana Gonzalez
Mariana Gonzalez - 13 days ago
Waiting for the new fans to find this piece of art 😍
Leticia Silva
Leticia Silva - 13 days ago
Que. Linda. A. Música. Estou. Impressionada
gerlie moratillo
gerlie moratillo - 13 days ago
Morgan Wells
Morgan Wells - 14 days ago
Asuna Yue
Asuna Yue - 15 days ago
2019 ?
Carly Odell
Carly Odell - 15 days ago
don't like it
Rasverma Verma
Rasverma Verma - 15 days ago
I love little mix
luvsalissa _
luvsalissa _ - 16 days ago
this song is so amazing i am so proud of them
Only S&D
Only S&D - 17 days ago
Who says Jesy is fat? OMG are you guys blind, she looks perfect❤ Look her moves...she is such a queen
NighcoreGirl ll
NighcoreGirl ll - 18 days ago
AHHH the very first song I heard by them😭
donuts production
donuts production - 18 days ago
Thanks to produce 48 that brought me here
Kiya Davies
Kiya Davies - 18 days ago
why do i know all the words
Maya Rosa
Maya Rosa - 19 days ago
2019???? Anyone else 🙋🏾‍♀️ 😂
ivan lorenzo
ivan lorenzo - 19 days ago
Who came from produce 48?
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