Kevin Hart Spills on Jay Z (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

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Briana Gardener
Briana Gardener - Day ago
bebang linus taku
bebang linus taku - Day ago
'Kev is a big deal'
RealWestSideStory - 3 days ago
I still can't realize why they think KEV is funny...
icehouse melody
icehouse melody - 4 days ago
#chopcityrebels read the comments read the comments reading the comments #CCRZ1 🤟👀👀
Lewis Mcnamara
Lewis Mcnamara - 4 days ago
Your another black pyramid prick,tell the Truman showman to fuck off,and David Blaine evil magic,and tell the girls to keep following David Blaine religion,horrible evil cunts
Hampus Haglund
Hampus Haglund - 5 days ago
Jimmy is so fucking boring
White Asian
White Asian - 5 days ago
*smack!* hahahahaaa..... *smack!* haha- *clap!* hahaaa..... *clap!* ....hahahaha!
Korey Sylver
Korey Sylver - 8 days ago
Lol! $20 couldn’t pay for the amount of champagne Kev spilled, let alone Jay-Z’s pants. But, Kevin Hart is far from broke, so I’m sure the comedian is joking
wutdadeal3 - 10 days ago
😅😂🤣 OMG... I'm in tears
Ahmed Ahmed
Ahmed Ahmed - 11 days ago
Jimmy Fallon is uncomfortable to watch it’s so god damn cringy
Peter Lemonjello
Peter Lemonjello - 11 days ago
OMG... fallon is so fake
TheTree Eagles
TheTree Eagles - 11 days ago
I love the way Jimmy is laughing😂😂🇬🇭
Timothy H
Timothy H - 12 days ago
Obama was the worst president in recent history.
Donald Pace
Donald Pace - 5 days ago
Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall
I wonder how much he knows about evil obama now... And everything he did TO AMERICA instead of FOR AMERICA!!! HE ALMOST KILLED AMERICA!!! THANK GOD FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP CAME AND SAVED US!!! PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY!!!
Oldysrv - 16 days ago
overrated by idiots with 10 iq
Ankit Pasricha
Ankit Pasricha - 17 days ago
Lol I wonder if Barack Obama watched this
Anekant - 18 days ago
Just look at his eyes and expression when he says 'I cc ca can call him on the cellphone right now' 😂😂😂!!!
Hrishikesh Dutta
Hrishikesh Dutta - 19 days ago
The way he says his experiences is just awesome to listen.
Artemisprime Prometheusblack
Kevin Hart told a joke once. He kidnapped the joke from Eddie Murphy and when no randsom was paid he raped it almost 10 seconds and killed it. That was the funniest thing Kevin Hart ever did outside of a toilet.
Darren Mcclean
Darren Mcclean - 20 days ago
Good job kev ain't a poor black man , he might not be too impressed to met the fucking traitor obama
Anekant - 20 days ago
I fell down from my chair when he said 'Jimmy, m a big deal'!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Michael Mara
Michael Mara - 20 days ago
Jimmy Fallon is such a fake ass mf lmao I got to say it… he kills the vibe every time
danny Boy
danny Boy - 21 day ago
If we ever have a blackout, Kev is gonna me my night lamp
Harley Ortega
Harley Ortega - 21 day ago
This white dude is lowkey racist.. on some subconscious shit
sam g
sam g - 22 days ago
who the hell finds this prepubescent assclown entertaining/
Dertrick Winn
Dertrick Winn - 22 days ago
Stoney Anderson
Stoney Anderson - 22 days ago
Barak is A fuqing LIERRRR
william sewell
william sewell - 23 days ago
I mean...why is Jimmy so bad? Just relax
Derrick Abrams
Derrick Abrams - 26 days ago
I miss when there was so much positivity around the leader of the free world
Pranay Sheri
Pranay Sheri - 27 days ago
Well, Kevin is a big deal to be honest. For me he is a bigger deal than jay-z and beyonce.
Your Nostrolee O’ Lee O’ Lees
Very weak true story bout J Z FTP!!
Last Muchenje
Last Muchenje - 29 days ago
Rex Immortal
Rex Immortal - 29 days ago
Paul Aspen
Paul Aspen - Month ago
Kevin hart said suck it Trump at an awards show. Well as real incomes are rising and lowest unemployment in 50 years for everyone including blacks this means more money to buy Kevin hart tickets. Yeah I can see how that would annoy a really truly dumb guy.
Black Mamba
Black Mamba - Month ago
Richard Prior, Eddie Murphy, Dave Chapelle, Chris Tucker Keeevv naaaaaaaaaaaaa !
hedunlap - Month ago
Fallon needs to shut the fuck up and let Kevin Hart tell his story.
Algebra Lover
Algebra Lover - Month ago
What does b boogie mean? Sorry im not english speaker
Bklyn A x
Bklyn A x - Month ago
Worst comedian ever .. so slap stick
Amirul Haziq
Amirul Haziq - Month ago
jimmy was so fake. it's annoying
17 LF
17 LF - Month ago
I swear i hate this interview because of this fake ass host... 😒
Vidhyesh Shetty
Vidhyesh Shetty - Month ago
Silly girls
Peter Omeke
Peter Omeke - Month ago
Dont read the comments, don't read the comments, don't read the comments...
How many times do i have to say it?
Dobbs Mill
Dobbs Mill - Month ago
Todd Clark
Todd Clark - Month ago
Jimmy, I'm sorry I missed him and you too buddy
Madara Who only wanted peace
Conan OBrien>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jimmy Fallon
Madara Who only wanted peace
Conan OBrien>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jimmy Fallon
wetalk - Month ago
B-Boogie better than D-Dicky!!
Dopa Hkiin
Dopa Hkiin - Month ago
prolly the only thing obama did for black man
charrington253 - Month ago
How do people think this guy is funny?
stefan andrei
stefan andrei - Month ago
Hart is last on my comedians list. He's not funny,he just looks funny
Johnny Tseng
Johnny Tseng - Month ago
Good lord Jimmy... just be quiet and let your guests speak. Don’t try to tell jokes over their stories. Just... stop.
MrAlexhey - Month ago
Oh he talking about faggotbama
Avoid This Compmay
Avoid This Compmay - Month ago
Ride along was good!!
Black Moses Beats
Black Moses Beats - Month ago
If I was a billionaire I'd be mad at $20 too 😂
Jane Do
Jane Do - Month ago
Obama is a gay crackhead
Gerald Clark
Gerald Clark - Month ago
TheAzurinboyz2012 - Month ago
Conan should have never left, NBC really f up on this one.
Candice K Mitchell
Candice K Mitchell - Month ago
OMG that made me cry it was so funny love Kevin
micheal lawrence
micheal lawrence - Month ago
Been Following a years no back up
Poorbabyboomer Poorbabyboomer
Are you rich and happy?
Joyce Mccoy
Joyce Mccoy - Month ago
I wanna here beyonce side of the story in Jay z
Mr. Tee
Mr. Tee - Month ago
Watch this without even laffin..... he just not funny to me sorry
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mary bartee
mary bartee - Month ago
DON'T really care about phony people...raised in the project's but don't help where they come from, my opinion...freedom of speech and all that.....
Brandon Ahmed
Brandon Ahmed - Month ago
I would like to meet Donald Trump at the White House
Loc Kri
Loc Kri - Month ago
Jimmy's reaction when Kevin says 'Look jimmy I'm a big deal' is hilarious!
Ben Arambula
Ben Arambula - Month ago
I hate when Jimmy try to be funny in front of kev. He needs to stop.....
shanware2 - Month ago
Jimmy fake laugh 😂
Youngelzuk - Month ago
B boogie 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂😭😭
E.R. Edwards
E.R. Edwards - Month ago
KH is a koon
iLiveOnFijiTime - Month ago
It's easy to see the double standard we have with calling the president names. B-boogie is questionable for Obama, yet Trump gets an approved library of slurs.
Frank Discussion
Frank Discussion - 2 months ago
That sucked, punchline sucked.
Sorry. Not funny.
Shubham Manna
Shubham Manna - 2 months ago
Obama would be laughing to see this 😂
Junior Sambo
Junior Sambo - 2 months ago
I humbly ask that you view this shot video clip, I strongly believe that more lives will be transformed by you viewing this
siddpr - 2 months ago
Fallon is so fake
Royalty motivation. R.M
Royalty motivation. R.M - 2 months ago
That room is filled with penergy!
Ashven krrishnan
Ashven krrishnan - 2 months ago
Over the years, I've learnt to look at Fallon's interviews, without looking at or listening to him.
mgangmyra bx
mgangmyra bx - 2 months ago
BlueAngel - 2 months ago
Jimmy keeps drinking ha!
Kyle Muñoz
Kyle Muñoz - 2 months ago
1:35 jimmy fallon trying hard to get attention. smh lol.
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