Kevin Hart Spills on Jay Z (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

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siddpr - Day ago
Fallon is so fake
Royalty motivation. R.M
That room is filled with penergy!
Ashven krrishnan
Ashven krrishnan - 3 days ago
Over the years, I've learnt to look at Fallon's interviews, without looking at or listening to him.
mgangmyra bx
mgangmyra bx - 5 days ago
Angel - 7 days ago
Jimmy keeps drinking ha!
Kyle Muñoz
Kyle Muñoz - 7 days ago
1:35 jimmy fallon trying hard to get attention. smh lol.
Claudina Lewis
Claudina Lewis - 7 days ago
Vvmopz - 8 days ago
Jimmy's fucking fake laugh I swear man..annoying
Jo Jo
Jo Jo - 8 days ago
Whats wrong with B-boogie??? Whats Jimmys problem in this interview?
king esseen
king esseen - 9 days ago
"What you want me to do Jay?.." Funny!
scott bern
scott bern - 10 days ago
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Ryan Harrington
Ryan Harrington - 10 days ago
Jimmy has Suchhhh a fake LAUGH
Roses Gustavsson
Roses Gustavsson - 12 days ago
LOL Kevin Hart is a Crayz Crayz Dude LOL LOL
1 Hunnit
1 Hunnit - 13 days ago
It’s not a laugh if you can just stop straight away
Betty Hotz
Betty Hotz - 13 days ago
JUSTICE 4ALL - 14 days ago
metaphors galore! what really happened w those 3?
Answer IsYou
Answer IsYou - 15 days ago
Coming into the spotlight!!🤣
R G - 15 days ago
All of a sudden everyone is a body language expert. I dont watch his show but he is a talk show host. You want him to stay serious all the time instead?
mso008 - 15 days ago
Jimmy is a terrible host. His fake laughs are cringy as fuck.
Azizan Sidek
Azizan Sidek - 15 days ago
The President NICKNAMED me. And we're like this!!!!! 😂😂😂
A Modern Poet
A Modern Poet - 16 days ago
B Boogie lol
Slot King Dream
Slot King Dream - 19 days ago
m tajalle
m tajalle - 20 days ago
Josh Matthews
Josh Matthews - 20 days ago
2:10 - no one laughing at jimmy's joke...or well..whatever that was
Joseph meep
Joseph meep - 20 days ago
jimmy fallon is such a bad host srsly
Crispen Gari
Crispen Gari - 21 day ago
😂😂😂 Jimmy I'm a big deal man...... Obama called me Kev this means we're friends his my buddy😅😅😅😅😅 Kevin always make me lough
cool guy
cool guy - 22 days ago
Cconan>Kevin>Fallon>Paint !
tylerbelgrade - 23 days ago
obama. bombed a lot of people and americans are fired up. nice to like war criminals.
Joshua - 23 days ago
Well hopefully it made him a better rapper or give him more talent is Jay-Z sucks balls!!!
Zero O
Zero O - 25 days ago
where memes come to die
Ice Cap
Ice Cap - 27 days ago
This is the best click bate video title I've ever seen! 🤣🤣🤣
Moyin Olowoniyi
Moyin Olowoniyi - 27 days ago
Who else is here in 2019 and was like wtf when he said are you excited for ride along
Alex Sunderland
Alex Sunderland - 28 days ago
Arsalon X
Arsalon X - 28 days ago
Ppl are so weird lol not everyone fits your idea of “genuine laughter”. Y’all ever think that that’s just how he fucking laughs?
sydneymaxitaxi - 29 days ago
I wonder what medications people are on
Dead fucking pool
Dead fucking pool - Month ago
Okay I've paused the video in 2:03 and so far I didn't hear anything from jayz being part of anything
Hi Hi
Hi Hi - Month ago
20 dollar Kev? Ahahahhaha
slash slash
slash slash - Month ago
i like kev very much But fuck Obama a piece of shit a Motherfucker murder he have blood on his hands from Afghanistan , Libya and Syria
Hope he burn in hell If hell exist
WeAreOnCode - Month ago
Jimmy is soooooooooooooooooooo fake! Talented guy, but just kisses A all the time. It takes away from the interview.
Terry Barreneche
Terry Barreneche - Month ago
Barak was raised white
leeuwin1962 - Month ago
nasty fallon trying to be funny too, but does not work
Aftab Khan
Aftab Khan - Month ago
Why does jimmy so hard to fake laugh, its really sad lol
Kansas 4life
Kansas 4life - Month ago
Why are u peepz so sensitive???? I ain't black grew up in the Hood of K.C. and kool-aid man has nothing to do with racism. So much MORE SHIT TO WORRY ABOUT OTHER THAN A LAME ATTEMPT ABOUT THE KOOL-AID MAN COMMENT. THIS IS WHY IT'S 2019 AND WE JUST CAN'T SIMPLY GET ALONG. African Americans, call each other the N-Word, I mean if that was so hurtful, why would u call each other that? U don't see us Mexicans or white people, calling each other spics or honkies? That's why other races don't get why u so mad, about the word BUT Ya'll CALL 1 ANOTHER THAT. SMH!!!
UNCLE SAM - Month ago
Fallon is fake
Sherpooh66Reborn Linsley
Hi,Hahahaaa & Jimmy adds You like the Kool aide guy Bustin through LOL 😁🤗🐽✌❤,Sheryl
mena F
mena F - Month ago
Wow this story it so hilarious wow
leo king
leo king - Month ago
Pasang fever
Pasang fever - Month ago
Addicted G*59
Addicted G*59 - Month ago
The mist famous comedian on Earth getting out-joked by Jimmy lol
Harshit Mevada
Harshit Mevada - Month ago
Truly the funniest man alive 😂
oche adeka
oche adeka - Month ago
That jay Z story is so funny.
It’s fissy
It’s fissy - Month ago
2:57 for what you want.
Kk Tafari
Kk Tafari - Month ago
Kevin is a boring not funny with his paper cup hollywood butt boy
#RAPSFAR freestyle
#RAPSFAR freestyle - Month ago
Wow!... what a man. Pure talent
Tha Broski
Tha Broski - Month ago
Jimmy should just be real about it like Ice Cube and admit that he dont find kev funny its literally better than faking the shit!
Mike Gianfrancesco
Mike Gianfrancesco - Month ago
Obama is a dick and killed America
מישהו אחר
מישהו אחר - 2 months ago
Ohhh Boy 20 D
Pho King
Pho King - 2 months ago
Kevin Hart is funnier than Dave Chappelle
kenchimanok - 2 months ago
The cute "white" little rabbit.
SpacXEnt IANFH GodFlow
SpacXEnt IANFH GodFlow - 2 months ago subscribe to my channel HardBody Illuminated Divine Godflow
kunal Sharma
kunal Sharma - 2 months ago
Kevin Hart will go down in history as the only person on Earth who'd consolidate a billionaire with a 20 dolla bill 😂😂😅
Tony - 2 months ago
Was not funny. Richard Pryor was a story teller.
Stephan Gabriel
Stephan Gabriel - 2 months ago
This nigga to funny
Abron Slaughter
Abron Slaughter - 2 months ago
Luka DIMITRIJEVIĆ - 2 months ago
Interviewer: *asks a question*
K. Hart: *goes into stand up mode*

Gotta love it :D
Mr Wise1982
Mr Wise1982 - 2 months ago
Jay probably wanted to get him shot on the spot
JJ BABY JJ BABY - 2 months ago
The real truth about Jussie Smollett
Berry - 2 months ago
2019 anyone?!?!?
draqul i am
draqul i am - 2 months ago
Remind me not to have a drink with kev, without a spare pants
curtis walker
curtis walker - 2 months ago
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Stevie Hennacy
Stevie Hennacy - 2 months ago
MercyFlex DeLuise Mazmida
MercyFlex DeLuise Mazmida - 2 months ago
This man is my favourite. .Kevin is soo funny
Tonya Small
Tonya Small - 2 months ago
This video has 18m views. I'm pretty sure about 17m are just me 😂😂😂 I've watched this clip so many times and I still laugh embarrassingly loud every time
Mario Castaneda
Mario Castaneda - 2 months ago
jay z sucks Chinese dicks everyday
Dude Alias
Dude Alias - 3 months ago
Why do ppl watch this show?!?!?
Jimmy is the most awkward host ever!!!!
His cool aid comment was cringy
Rajiv Jadhav
Rajiv Jadhav - 3 months ago
Never do a show after a fight with the wife.. hence the fake laugh
Alec - 3 months ago
Jimmy fallon doesnt still host this show right? He is so bad...
Doggo - 3 months ago
I really don't find kevin that funny (he tries a bit too hard sometimes) but this story is just hilarious lol he's funnier on casual chill story telling than on actual stand-up.
Gilbert Cuellar
Gilbert Cuellar - 3 months ago
This video had me crying 😂😂👏🏼👏🏼
Cowboys Jobu
Cowboys Jobu - 3 months ago
Jimmy fake laughing like usual it’s lika he’s never changed lol
Zachary Caltrider
Zachary Caltrider - 3 months ago
I would rather kms then meet Barack
Leigh Peel
Leigh Peel - 3 months ago
He’s too much, doesn’t stay humble
Jae Lawrence
Jae Lawrence - 3 months ago
Kat - 3 months ago
I don't get the fake laugh when Kevin's story is genuinely hilarious!
#Shadow and DareDevil
#Shadow and DareDevil - 3 months ago
Katalyne Cummings
Katalyne Cummings - 4 months ago
I'm a big deal Jimmy!
Beauty Mamaehis
Beauty Mamaehis - 4 months ago
So interesting
Dread Ras
Dread Ras - 4 months ago
B-boogie! .. hahahah
japn Japan
japn Japan - 4 months ago
this had me dying laughing 😂
David Muriithi
David Muriithi - 4 months ago
Too frikkin funny..... I Love Kevin Hart. Genius man..
Adellya Lakshita
Adellya Lakshita - 4 months ago
I always love when kevin hart tell his true story😭
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones - 4 months ago
Born Leader
Born Leader - 4 months ago
Leave Fallon alone folks, just because it looks like he’s faking it, it doesn’t mean he’s actually faking it. And if he was, he’s fulfilling the say “ Fake it until you make it” so leave him alone.
Brian Rodriguez
Brian Rodriguez - 4 months ago
Jimmy is so fake af lmao easy reads
Truth Will Set You Free! 777
Just lost all my respect for kevin hart learning his praise for obama!
Carlos Velez
Carlos Velez - 4 months ago
Their is something off about jimmy.
Ryan F
Ryan F - 4 months ago
Can't believe this is 5 years old
King Willis
King Willis - 4 months ago
I love this show ✨🎈🎎 cube Visio 🎺
Billy The Kid
Billy The Kid - 4 months ago
b boogie Is Obama
djmac productions
djmac productions - 4 months ago
$20??? And Jay was probably wear $1,497 pants 😂
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