I Found A Mysterious Box In My Backyard And It Changed My Life

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Please let us know in the comments if you have also ever thought about how the world changes. Or maybe you’ve even left a time capsule of your own somewhere?
II vMurder II
II vMurder II - День назад
If you read this I’m going to be sad 😢 so my step dad doesn’t love me because I’m not his dad and when ever I talk to him he’s olways scrims at me or at my sisters
Slime Master
Slime Master - 4 дня назад
melia Boivin
melia Boivin - 8 дней назад
Ashley Deane
Ashley Deane - 13 дней назад
I like this channel and this was a really cool story. I love how there are trolls here but the best thing you can do is just say absolutely nothing. Saying even the slightest thing just gives them the chance to keep going. No matter what they say, even it's personal.. ignore it. That's a surefire way to shut them down.
Ashley Deane
Ashley Deane - 13 дней назад
+Jeff Jeff 1234567 I get what you're saying but it's about the personal experience and the excitement. Finding something special that someone left for another to find. It's so cool how this girl went through all of this. It's more personal than RUvideos when it's a video of your own street and house more than half a century ago! You know? That's exciting and special. It's an adventure.
Elizabeth Wilkinson
Elizabeth Wilkinson - Час назад
We swapped planets with marshians and they found the time capsule
Develix - День назад
I was helping my father dig out a place for our pool and found a little bag and in the was a gun and a knife but the thing that scared me the most was the skull
Lary Tag
Lary Tag - День назад
I found iu Future message
Nicholas Cooper
Nicholas Cooper - День назад
Hello Actually Happened! I love the idea of the storyteller creating her own time capsule. However, using a flash drive is not an ideal storage medium. It is highly unlikely to hold up over 50 or 100 years due to entropy. Flash drives become unstable over time and can even be prone to oxidation over such a long period. If someone would like to make a time capsule of digital data, it would be best to use archival-grade optical media (eg. DVD, BD). There is a type of data storage called the M-Disk. It's a 25GB Blu-ray disk that will store your data for up to 1000 years. A 15 pack cost around $60. In addition to saving your content to the disk, it would be a good idea to also save it in a couple different video formats. I hope this will help anyone else out there considering making a time capsule of their own :)
Itz.Kaheala - День назад
What is in the box I wish I could see!!!!!
Random Shit
Random Shit - День назад
woww! sounds nice
Rica Yzaguinne
Rica Yzaguinne - День назад
When i was 5 i thout we ALREADY lived on the moon XD
SHERWYNIER - День назад
Lol I thought she was gonna keep her phone inside
Jayden Robinson
Jayden Robinson - День назад
It's a time capsile!
Lim Chanwoo
Lim Chanwoo - День назад
i clicked this video

Navreen's life
Navreen's life - День назад
i don't understand how it changed her life though.....
Freddsfunbear 5
Freddsfunbear 5 - 2 дня назад
My dog jumped at me

lowbugethamilton - 2 дня назад
This is sooo cute awe
LITTLE MAN - 2 дня назад
*My parents and I had an idear of how to make it look great*
Reshma pratap
Reshma pratap - 2 дня назад
Insanely superb idea
Jessica Messica
Jessica Messica - 2 дня назад
Lol to be rich enough to bury your Apple watch in a time capsule
zeckzrozack master
zeckzrozack master - 2 дня назад
yes very much
Jade Lacombe
Jade Lacombe - 2 дня назад
A time capsule! I want to do one with my best friend!
Tombstone - 3 дня назад
Why do you sound like a computer voice
Christopher Reed
Christopher Reed - 3 дня назад
My name is cloey and my dad drunk bar and my mom moked and had peils and drunk bar and they ducorsed
Lobsnag Tsering
Lobsnag Tsering - 3 дня назад
I will dig that out tomorrow 😂😂
Jonhan winter
Jonhan winter - 3 дня назад
This story is very nicely and interesting
that one guy
that one guy - 3 дня назад
*i founded one, it was full of old coins and a watch but it was in 1930 so the person was already dead!
Zeinab Moradpour
Zeinab Moradpour - 3 дня назад
this is so sweat!
Prabhleen sandhu
Prabhleen sandhu - 3 дня назад
Ohhh woww thats amazing
Raeka Repato
Raeka Repato - 3 дня назад
You put the time capsule back and forgot about the garden bed ;-;
oreo EXTREME GAMER - 3 дня назад
She throw an expensiv smart watch in her back yard
Rohan Banerjee
Rohan Banerjee - 3 дня назад
That's cool
Lila Gomez-Smith
Lila Gomez-Smith - 3 дня назад
Eh, you stated that the box that you found, had changed your life though I do not believe that it truly did. idk, just a statement that I decided to state.
ThatOneAfroGuy Youtube
ThatOneAfroGuy Youtube - 4 дня назад
you have probably brought much joy to this old lady
Tiger 8699
Tiger 8699 - 4 дня назад
Then her house gets bombed and no one finds it
quick gamingxx
quick gamingxx - 4 дня назад
The Quran is a lot beter.
urban l
urban l - 4 дня назад
Favorite story
Navaratnam Ratnam
Navaratnam Ratnam - 4 дня назад
Is this true
Baltazar Molina
Baltazar Molina - 4 дня назад
You found a box i found bones in backyard
Divine _17
Divine _17 - 4 дня назад
it’s a curse
LoudAswin GT
LoudAswin GT - 5 дней назад
And how did this change her life?
Aena Aqil
Aena Aqil - 5 дней назад
That was so interesting, I also want to bury a time capsule so for tomorrow I got a new task.
I hope I am going to enjoy.
xxx McHDgamerulRo_YT 07
xxx McHDgamerulRo_YT 07 - 5 дней назад
0:48..? what if it was a rock
MUSIC YT - 5 дней назад
Why do they have those random Cartoon drop sounds
ღShadow_Wolfyღ - 5 дней назад
I wrote a letter to my future self.
Lego Friends Emma
Lego Friends Emma - 5 дней назад
I did tame capsules as stone with sam ting right on it and I cast it in wither
Ninja Soul
Ninja Soul - 5 дней назад
Hi Meghan!! You don’t exist
Questions of the World
Questions of the World - 5 дней назад
If she left her smart watch? How does she see the time?
MALAHAT Ali - 6 дней назад
I went to school and failed all my exams
MALAHAT Ali - 6 дней назад
JustRandom - 6 дней назад
what about her parents and how did this change her life
Dogey Doge
Dogey Doge - 6 дней назад
So this actually happened?
Phoenixgamergurllover Miah
Phoenixgamergurllover Miah - 6 дней назад
Charlotte Pentelow
Charlotte Pentelow - 6 дней назад
That’s sweet
Jan Arsola
Jan Arsola - 6 дней назад
I bet your parents did all of the work.
Amelie Cattanach
Amelie Cattanach - 6 дней назад
That’s really cute. I want to make a time capsule now!
SIN CHEAT - 6 дней назад
I found the box
Address: Your house
harsha thaker
harsha thaker - 6 дней назад
I really like her voice
JustRandom - 6 дней назад
British i think
Taehyung trying To be cute
Taehyung trying To be cute - 6 дней назад
And you doesn't know that your future grandson/granddaughter will find it
Anupom Ghose
Anupom Ghose - 6 дней назад
Who knows. Lots of time capsules are still buried on ground
Person who plays Deltarune
Person who plays Deltarune - 6 дней назад
Sans “befriended” my mom!
Hi Im Shoshawy akwuard
Hi Im Shoshawy akwuard - 7 дней назад
Tell that girl to read the giver it is kinda like that 😋
Shannon Coburn
Shannon Coburn - 7 дней назад
😂😂😂😂😆😆Megan is my name
Hated Kate
Hated Kate - 7 дней назад
About a year ago me and my dad was digging because he wanted to plant a flower when I found a metal box that needed a key we lifted it up and found a key underneath we opened it up and found a video tape just like you luckily we had a camera thingy (don’t know what it’s called) and watched the tape we saw two kids a boy and a girl we found a note saying that their names were Nile and Nilah they were twins we kept on watching it and saw our house it looked different the door was pink and when they showed us inside it was much smaller the video tape ended and read the rest of the note it said that they were both 10 and had a mother named Livia they said it was 1949 I was going to try and meet them but they were dead I heard that Nile died in 1950 they know this because there Great Grandma used to be friends with them both but she was 4 Nilah died in 1959 because she got very sick we still don’t know what she got and we have no idea how Nile died...I’m still thinking about it till this day
Idk Wut to do
Idk Wut to do - 7 дней назад
Did you get the ray gun
viktorija Wolfthorn
viktorija Wolfthorn - 7 дней назад
louds of claps for this beutyfull story
DaNgEr Shadezzs
DaNgEr Shadezzs - 7 дней назад
One of the best story
Vilius Pocevičius
Vilius Pocevičius - 7 дней назад
hey i find the box that you buried in the same backyard
Kawaii panda
Kawaii panda - 7 дней назад
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Stranger Ashlyn
Stranger Ashlyn - 7 дней назад
“grandma darla” MY HEART-
Iman Naveed Haque
Iman Naveed Haque - 7 дней назад
this is such a cute story
Koodie Xo
Koodie Xo - 8 дней назад
I would’ve been to lazy to do
all that
\(;3;)/ - 8 дней назад
初心者MMD - 8 дней назад
Kanta Agrawal
Kanta Agrawal - 8 дней назад
This video was just awesome 🤩
Patrick Ong Yuan Hong
Patrick Ong Yuan Hong - 8 дней назад
Most people move to *houses*
Whenever I move my “House” more like apartment ;-;
But my is *apartment* ;-;
Spooked Bird
Spooked Bird - 8 дней назад
Beginning of the video: hi
Me: Siri, is that you?!?!
GACHA _ AXEL - 8 дней назад
I wanna do this but.... my back yard has too much PLANTS! XD!
lydia schwab
lydia schwab - 8 дней назад
bird box
loveheart shu
loveheart shu - 8 дней назад
melia Boivin
melia Boivin - 8 дней назад
Smalls - 2 дня назад
melia Boivin wut
Charlie Esteban
Charlie Esteban - 9 дней назад
I thought it was a dead animal.
BloodMoon Duo
BloodMoon Duo - 9 дней назад
Umm... Pendrives memory dont last 100 years. I mean not in the cold ground...
Island Girl
Island Girl - 9 дней назад
Ur smart watch!?!?!???!??!!?!!!??!!
Naomi Yeet
Naomi Yeet - 9 дней назад
B R U H - 9 дней назад
MoonWolf -Chan
MoonWolf -Chan - 9 дней назад
I ate carrots...

IceyPlayz - 10 дней назад
I tought i died but i was sleeping in my yard.

Actualy hapenef
Uday Dadhwal
Uday Dadhwal - 10 дней назад
Pro Gamer ML
Pro Gamer ML - 10 дней назад
wow that is so cool
Vanisha Krishnani
Vanisha Krishnani - 10 дней назад
OMG that watch is of Robert Langdon
jaquelin c
jaquelin c - 10 дней назад
Wow ... That's so cool!!I really want to do that!!
captian knuckles
captian knuckles - 10 дней назад
You found a time capsule and gained a new grandma thats a good day if you ask me
a SuPeR sMaSh BrO
a SuPeR sMaSh BrO - 10 дней назад
I found a new roll of toilet paper on my doorstep.

Sophia Bohrnstedt
Sophia Bohrnstedt - 10 дней назад
I read it as “I found my boyfriend in a mysterious box” (yes, I’m slightly dyslexic)
Turner gamer
Turner gamer - 10 дней назад
Am alive
Valerie Marlatt
Valerie Marlatt - 10 дней назад
*i survived a actually happened joke*
Flora M
Flora M - 11 дней назад
This is lovely! I'm gonna go and dig up my whole garden now! And see what I can find!
D djole
D djole - 11 дней назад
I actually wrote a message to myself 4 years ago and i need to wait 10 more years to open it i really forgot what i left inside
JackKnight GAMING
JackKnight GAMING - 11 дней назад
1:58 7 days.......
LastOtter - 11 дней назад
“What if I found a skull? Or a chest”
Or, idk bitch, maybe u just hit a rock
inbox home
inbox home - 11 дней назад
I will like to get a free smart watch from your backyard
Long Haired Lioness
Long Haired Lioness - 11 дней назад
I don't like time capsules
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