I Found A Mysterious Box In My Backyard And It Changed My Life

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ACTUALLY HAPPENED - 3 months ago
Please let us know in the comments if you have also ever thought about how the world changes. Or maybe you’ve even left a time capsule of your own somewhere?
Marwan Essayeh
Marwan Essayeh - 3 days ago
I ❤️ u
Marwan Essayeh
Marwan Essayeh - 3 days ago
Madison Jefferson U r completely right, 100% agreed!
Molly 2.0
Molly 2.0 - 7 days ago
you too!:((
Theo - 13 days ago
+Jessica Gutierrez what did you put in and why was he embarrassed?
Jessica Gutierrez
Jessica Gutierrez - 14 days ago
I hid one, but my dad found it and I was really embarrassed
lisa harris
lisa harris - 5 hours ago
the wolf lover
the wolf lover - 6 hours ago
When I saw the title I thought of 13 reasons why
Ketua Dunia
Ketua Dunia - 9 hours ago
i don't know how it supposed to change her life :")
Mythical Val
Mythical Val - 10 hours ago
I like how some comments got more likes than the comment from “ Actually Happened”
Ali Al Riyami
Ali Al Riyami - 16 hours ago
how did this change her life
Mehral Nasibi
Mehral Nasibi - 17 hours ago
Mean comments???😃
Josh Imperial
Josh Imperial - 17 hours ago
Then she forgot that she's goin to make a bedding for her plants 😂
Mohammad Yar
Mohammad Yar - 18 hours ago
i did thissssss
[INSI] Tigriss
[INSI] Tigriss - 19 hours ago
Earth would have been destroyed by 9 million asteroids.
uk puk
uk puk - Day ago
the question is stils Darla alive ?
Alexis Heath
Alexis Heath - Day ago
Kareem_ShArp - Day ago
This Changed Her Life?
Daan van Gardingen
Daan van Gardingen - Day ago
I once finded a mysterious box but there where all bugs in it lol
Amy Wimer
Amy Wimer - Day ago
How did your parents not find out that you did all of this???
Art Spark
Art Spark - 2 days ago
My great grandmother was born in 41. Still alive too! :3
Kierra Aston
Kierra Aston - 2 days ago
The same thing happend to me
Justin Joseph
Justin Joseph - 3 days ago
I like it
Electronic Smasher
Electronic Smasher - 3 days ago
RootBeerFloater - 3 days ago
I found a mysterious body part when i was 2.

Its was my ding dong.
Actually Happend.
Sushi Cat 59
Sushi Cat 59 - 3 days ago
Wow thats so cool
Elstreem King
Elstreem King - 4 days ago
Im skinny and everywhere is putting on weight except my arms. So i've lived with my mum for many years and my dad lived somewhere else. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother and i've been putting on weight on my thighs, belly and legs but nothing with my arms
Beast123 YT
Beast123 YT - 4 days ago
Are these really real
Midnight Melody Wolfa Howls
That is so sweet and that is really cool 😎
saif minecraft gamings
saif minecraft gamings - 4 days ago
The humans can move to the moon in 10 years over a decade becouse colonisation happens in phases!
Supman DD
Supman DD - 4 days ago
Shut up meg
SHELLY 2003 - 4 days ago
I will do it too
Vince Euri Suaiso
Vince Euri Suaiso - 5 days ago
Is that actualy happed
Kittycatmeowmeow123 E
Kittycatmeowmeow123 E - 5 days ago
My friend and I eat a ant
Pokemon Pikachu1234
Pokemon Pikachu1234 - 5 days ago
So good 😊
Jarrod A
Jarrod A - 5 days ago
Might want dig it up and put note in just in case memory corruption happens to flash drive
Memory corruption set in after 20 years to flash drives
Aysha Bibi
Aysha Bibi - 6 days ago
I’m just kidding
I am your number one fan
Aysha Bibi
Aysha Bibi - 6 days ago
I hate your vid u assy
Vïøłêt Płåÿß
Vïøłêt Płåÿß - 6 days ago
To be honest, the world can be scary.
Eddy Gaming
Eddy Gaming - 6 days ago
I found a piece of cake and ate it.

Galaxy Gaming 22
Galaxy Gaming 22 - 6 days ago
its wired how my name is darla and I was thinking about doing a this my self
Gameing HQ Fortnite And pubg and roblox Minecraft
That was the best idea in the world
Memes4life 001
Memes4life 001 - 7 days ago
On 5:39 look on the upper right side they wrote “coment
Game Girl
Game Girl - 8 days ago
Omg my name is darla but dat anit me
Thatcher Hazel
Thatcher Hazel - 8 days ago
Find the n mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and the p mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and the big mac 🤣
YuriOnEros ._.
YuriOnEros ._. - 8 days ago
On the watch was Mickey Mouse
D4kToTheFuture 13
D4kToTheFuture 13 - 8 days ago
Gracyn Gledhill
Gracyn Gledhill - 9 days ago
I made a time capsule 10 years about and I'm hoping for people to find it
Kongking Reh
Kongking Reh - 9 days ago
The future will have about umm... 20 wars to 2050
Josip Ozimec
Josip Ozimec - 9 days ago
Now i want do time capsule. /:
Ali Al Remeithi
Ali Al Remeithi - 9 days ago
I put one when I was maybe like 3 or 4 year's old
Locoa Bean
Locoa Bean - 9 days ago
Why does basically every single video made by Actually Happened have this voice?!
Sunset Flames
Sunset Flames - 10 days ago
She is old because the film is old. No suprise.
logan hawkes
logan hawkes - 10 days ago
Plz stop
Llamacorn kri
Llamacorn kri - 10 days ago
im just wondering how this changed your life
Joe smith
Joe smith - 11 days ago
I’m begging for likes

unknown me
unknown me - 12 days ago
I find the chocolate chocolate
unknown me
unknown me - 12 days ago
In my room
Hailey Y
Hailey Y - 12 days ago
Like I would be that interested in finding a box 😂
Shania’ s Wonderland
Shania’ s Wonderland - 13 days ago
I also did this except I left a message in an Easter egg 🥚....maybe 4 of them then I buried it
Makenzie Rubatino
Makenzie Rubatino - 13 days ago
How did it change yer life?!
ZiePH - 13 days ago
This is from buzzfeed
What if
What if - 13 days ago
How did this changed your Life?
Science is good!
Science is good! - 14 days ago
Megan mega evolve
Hannah Duggan
Hannah Duggan - 14 days ago
I would like to do a time capsule. What should I put in there?
Armino Lucas Rupert Matteo Randrup
I like your story
c c
c c - 14 days ago
This is so sweet.
Ragga rock Tv
Ragga rock Tv - 14 days ago
Actually happened
Alex Gacha love Youtube
Alex Gacha love Youtube - 15 days ago
PizzaLicious - 16 days ago
I have a time capsule full of notes and military knives.......but I don't know where it is burried
Flavoc YT
Flavoc YT - 16 days ago
I found it
Itzkavin yolo
Itzkavin yolo - 17 days ago
Same, guess what i found

Rohama Gishen
Rohama Gishen - 17 days ago
Lyndsay Ovejera
Lyndsay Ovejera - 17 days ago
I want the world to live forever
jenaya awanz
jenaya awanz - 18 days ago
Nyc story. 😍🤗👌
Olivia loves But Cheddar does to ! Together!
*Finds box in backyard *


*AcTuAlLy HaPpEnEd*
Kristy E
Kristy E - 18 days ago
She buried a smartwatch? Wheres the addy,mama need me an apple watch
Orngorn Thanachollagorn
Orngorn Thanachollagorn - 19 days ago
Megan​ what​ school​ do​ you​ learn in??
Madison Duve
Madison Duve - 19 days ago
How would you plant a garden if you put the box back and do your parents know that you did this and did you ever play The Garden in a different place
》Cryptic Succulent《
》Cryptic Succulent《 - 20 days ago
She sounds like Michelle from another video.
Priya Srivastava
Priya Srivastava - 20 days ago
Get a job girl...... Seems to have lot of time
Thegirlinthe Moon
Thegirlinthe Moon - 20 days ago
*Movie logic*
Marc Daniel Fermin
Marc Daniel Fermin - 20 days ago
Can i share my story😔
The gaming Satcol
The gaming Satcol - 21 day ago
FLIPPIN GENIUS!!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤓
Brian Van Kirk
Brian Van Kirk - 21 day ago
i wish i could solve a mystery like that. the tension, puzzles, and the research
Ikyo Jamilla
Ikyo Jamilla - 22 days ago
2019 ⌛⏰⏰⏰⏰⌛⌛ 2042
Ria Malik
Ria Malik - 22 days ago
Changed your life?
Megan Leck
Megan Leck - 22 days ago
My name is Megan lol
te1u1ah - 24 days ago

Actually happend
Flying Pig 0-0
Flying Pig 0-0 - 25 days ago
I've only done a time capsule twice for myself and it was only for the length of a year. I think that this story is very inspiring.
farah naser
farah naser - 25 days ago
I love this idea !!
Sophia Lovaiza
Sophia Lovaiza - 26 days ago
Im painting my nails while doing a marathon of these... 🤣🤣

Ninja Kitty
Ninja Kitty - 26 days ago
Mysterious box
Julia B.
Julia B. - 26 days ago
That's sweet 😄
Alea Brown
Alea Brown - 26 days ago
You said ider
Naina Padda
Naina Padda - 26 days ago
Prameow Meow
Prameow Meow - 27 days ago
Wow amazing story
Taco Productions USA
Taco Productions USA - 27 days ago
All these comment have ACTUALLY HAPPENED

Taco Productions USA
Taco Productions USA - 27 days ago
I was forced to go to school

Mathias1048 danfan
Mathias1048 danfan - 27 days ago
*Sxshi* *Aesthetics*
*Sxshi* *Aesthetics* - 27 days ago
Well, I’ll take it lol
Sjorn Lim
Sjorn Lim - 28 days ago
it is a noble task
XxXcriminalXxX - 28 days ago
All you had to do was plant the damn flowers girl
Oniongalaxy 08
Oniongalaxy 08 - 28 days ago
I played minecraft.

Leslie Rich
Leslie Rich - 28 days ago
I love saying ider
Sujal - 28 days ago
I watched this video and commented on it

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