Hello Neighbor Story Mod!! Who Kicked Duddy? (FGTEEV Gameplay / Skit)

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Melissa Bird
Melissa Bird - 39 minutes ago
Oh mart,s sweet but a psycho a bit psycho at night she saying umamamamind
Francisco Carrillo
Francisco Carrillo - 6 hours ago
Get it
Courtney Coleman
Courtney Coleman - 14 hours ago
Baylee Deason
Baylee Deason - 16 hours ago
Tiny mart is dead now
Black Kite Productions
Black Kite Productions - 22 hours ago
Hahaha Mart !!!!
Monang Siringoringo
shawn just sleep
Monang Siringoringo
this game cool
Monang Siringoringo
cool fgteev
Valerie Alder
Valerie Alder - Day ago
... cool jam
Dave Hartery-smith
Dave Hartery-smith - Day ago
Awesome fun to watch, I’m six years old and have been watching since 3
From frankie
Dave Hartery-smith
Dave Hartery-smith - Day ago
I love your videos there soooooo funny
Tyler Adams
Tyler Adams - 2 days ago
I broke my phone on Monday so I’m useing my bros tablet
Irene Gatewood
Irene Gatewood - 2 days ago
I love your family fgteev
Brittany Gahan
Brittany Gahan - 2 days ago
Ana Romero
Ana Romero - 2 days ago
Gary Yu
Gary Yu - 2 days ago
How is there for mart’s went is it real
Donovan Ramos
Donovan Ramos - 3 days ago
How can you do the mod!?
Uyen Bui
Uyen Bui - 3 days ago
It’s my birthday
Jonas Barnett
Jonas Barnett - 3 days ago
Betsy Claire
Betsy Claire - 3 days ago
Can we bring back Shawn punching fake ghosts? It was adorable
Little Caoimhe
Little Caoimhe - 3 days ago
Raja Der
Raja Der - 3 days ago
You’re name is jojo
Florecel Agudelo
Florecel Agudelo - 3 days ago
fgteev duli
Aryandeep Singh
Aryandeep Singh - 4 days ago
L,,,j k1ok.,jjjjuuuuujjm.lyhjtmut
Stephanie Urbina
Stephanie Urbina - 4 days ago
stop at 2:44 and rip tiny mart
PhyllisDfcvcrg Campbell
Play hungry shark please
Xavier Sanchez
Xavier Sanchez - 4 days ago
Shawn your challenges on too easy
Valerie Sims
Valerie Sims - 4 days ago
Rowan rallly Buddy rally
an0k4s - 4 days ago
Hromei Nicu
Hromei Nicu - 4 days ago
l wach yous erfy day
Hromei Nicu
Hromei Nicu - 4 days ago
l wach yous erfy day
Arelis Irizarry
Arelis Irizarry - 4 days ago
Tiny mart said " tiny mart for the win "
G orms
G orms - 4 days ago
Spongebob Boy
Spongebob Boy - 4 days ago
Hello neighbor kick daddy
Michelle Garthaus
Michelle Garthaus - 4 days ago
Fgteev me Eli love granny
#unicornsquad #unicorngirl
Hello neighbor did it
Abbie Barker
Abbie Barker - 4 days ago
Hey FGTeeV i love ape chase its amazing i love it
Lily Playz
Lily Playz - 5 days ago
When you said what the follow the eyes?
I thought you said What the f**k
Charlie Thompson
Charlie Thompson - 5 days ago
shawns ugly
Sylviadbj Villa
Sylviadbj Villa - 5 days ago
Is there
Sylviadbj Villa
Sylviadbj Villa - 5 days ago
Thank you for everything I do hope you enjoy it ❤️
Sylviadbj Villa
Sylviadbj Villa - 5 days ago
Thank you
Ani Yeremian
Ani Yeremian - 5 days ago
Hello neighbor hello neighbor 9 there was one
Rhyannan Hipkiss
Rhyannan Hipkiss - 5 days ago
Mart kicked buddy’s butt
Isaac Hernandez
Isaac Hernandez - 5 days ago
He going to make a hello neighbor song
Cat Girl
Cat Girl - 5 days ago
Plz fgteev dudy can sawn make a video by him self!! Plz
iamoef amfam madla
iamoef amfam madla - 5 days ago
Hun tubin
Dragoslav Karajovic
Dragoslav Karajovic - 5 days ago
Dragoslav Karajovic
Dragoslav Karajovic - 5 days ago
Dragoslav Karajovic
Dragoslav Karajovic - 5 days ago
Renee Wallace
Renee Wallace - 5 days ago
I love when you sing flour Mart can,t get us it is soooooo funny
El darlington
El darlington - 5 days ago
Drackfire2011 - 5 days ago
Marts a glicthy poo💩💩💩😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lorenzo david Martinez
Lorenzo david Martinez - 5 days ago
Oof tiny mart😺😸😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Cheryl Meechan
Cheryl Meechan - 5 days ago
Mishal Al-badri
Mishal Al-badri - 6 days ago
Haha haha
Dani Clinton
Dani Clinton - 6 days ago
On the head
Dani Clinton
Dani Clinton - 6 days ago
Mart hit hit you
Isabella Rodriguez
Isabella Rodriguez - 6 days ago
fgeetv duddy I found this youtube vid called facts about duddy and it said that your real name is Vinson or Vinny is it true if not or is I like that name.
Presley Wegman
Presley Wegman - 5 hours ago
His nape is Joey okay.
Roblox_GamerYT - 6 days ago
Shawn is 6 or 7 i dont remember but 1 like = 1 year for shawn!
Roblox_GamerYT - 6 days ago
Oh no, Looks like daddy got kicked! 1 like = 10 Respect for fgteev duddy Lol
Roblox_GamerYT - 3 days ago
No Replys?
Jojoe Robloxieng
Jojoe Robloxieng - 6 days ago
I stop being subscribed at 600 K
Jojoe Robloxieng
Jojoe Robloxieng - 6 days ago
I miss you guys
David Eckhardt
David Eckhardt - 6 days ago
shawn is braver than chase and mike and lexie
Yet Kieu
Yet Kieu - 6 days ago
Hassan Gad
Hassan Gad - 6 days ago
I don’t care if tiny mart is 💀
Master Bendy
Master Bendy - 6 days ago
The Neighbor kick your but.. 3 Marts and 1 tiny mart die from duddy
Madison Thomas
Madison Thomas - 6 days ago
I'm Madison and I just want to say duddy I have a crush on you
XxĆòõkîexX - 7 days ago
Yah Yah D.
Yah Yah D. - 7 days ago
He talk's so good now and cute as well
Erin Pickett
Erin Pickett - 7 days ago
Do you know how you said dude that's bananas that's on my friend my friends shirt
جني علي
جني علي - 4 days ago
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Paula Hernandez
Paula Hernandez - 7 days ago
Kyle Soriano
Kyle Soriano - 7 days ago
Atty E Murana SHERIFF
Atty E Murana SHERIFF - 7 days ago
H ) $
Cathy Stout
Cathy Stout - 7 days ago
Throw stuff in hello neighbor
Me and Me
Me and Me - 7 days ago
This was out until my birthday and I love this vid:D
TheMouldsy - 7 days ago
Matthew Argueta
Matthew Argueta - 8 days ago
COOl intro Shawn
Golden Lynx
Golden Lynx - 8 days ago
The goats from the last vid Poor goats :( i would keep them in side
Golden Lynx
Golden Lynx - 8 days ago
We could not text so i did this one because it was the next one hear
Rainbow Bubbleblast
Rainbow Bubbleblast - 8 days ago
Haha that’s funny when it said”tiny mart for the win” duddy:I don’t think so.😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Laith Chamat
Laith Chamat - 8 days ago
Fgeetv is de best a-t-il hello neibord
Laith Chamat
Laith Chamat - 8 days ago
Y player Hello Neighbor i love hello neibord yere de best player
Rodrigo Bustillos
Rodrigo Bustillos - 8 days ago
play spider man hello neighbor mod!
Bella Ameen
Bella Ameen - 9 days ago
I'm subscribe
darrensgal1 - 9 days ago
That was funny Mart😂! And stop kikking it is not nice.
Rayleen Rodriguez
Rayleen Rodriguez - 9 days ago
R I p tiny mart
Bailey Hulme
Bailey Hulme - 9 days ago
Funnel dad what is your real name.
Jonathan Sanchez
Jonathan Sanchez - 9 days ago
Pitcher floor mart hahaha
radracer8851 - 9 days ago
JESUS CASTILLO - 9 days ago
Jocelyn Pamplona Manipon
Whay 5 minens 😠😜
Permelia Bree Abastillas
Permelia Bree Abastillas - 10 days ago
I think it was 13 not 5 minutes
Banana Boy
Banana Boy - 10 days ago
Yes a new song
PeregrineFalconGirl Falcons
Hey FGTeev there is a COPYCAT and there pretending they’re you
Christopher Erwin Yap
Christopher Erwin Yap - 10 days ago
2:22 shawn said boop
Sonoo Zajia
Sonoo Zajia - 10 days ago
Wow guys I like your channel.c
Sonoo Zajia
Sonoo Zajia - 10 days ago
Norma Alvarez
Norma Alvarez - 11 days ago
,okm mijjnihnjok
Jay and Leila Garcia
Jay and Leila Garcia - 11 days ago
Rip tony mart!!!!!!lol🤣
Justin Samson
Justin Samson - 11 days ago
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