Giannis Antetokounmpo EMOTIONAL SPEECH - Most Valuable Player Award - 2019 NBA Awards

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Nic Nic nic
Nic Nic nic - Day ago
Saludos desde españa🇪🇦🇪🇦
Anteto te tengo en mi corazon
First name Last name
First name Last name - 3 days ago
James harden would have won easily if the rockets record was better
Francis K
Francis K - 2 days ago
Mystic - 3 days ago
I got Tears in my eyes bro...
Daniel Bonham
Daniel Bonham - 4 days ago
Silver a tall guy and Shaq making him look like a midget 😐
Frosty Prod.
Frosty Prod. - 5 days ago
Shaq at the end 😂
Pompoen12 - 5 days ago
What is song on 2:50
wenton Govender
wenton Govender - 5 days ago
Giannis is the newest Greek god
Jackson Blank
Jackson Blank - 5 days ago
When paul george dunked it the commentry was when myles turner dunked on hayward
Exen - 5 days ago
1k people who disliked just cried so hard they missed the like button
anthony trevino
anthony trevino - 7 days ago
You know what I’ve never had any team but my spurs but.... I want this guy to win a chip
Kagotom - 7 days ago
As a Greek ethnicist I think he should not be considered Greek,he was raised in Greece,he speaks Greek and loves Greece,but he's not Greek
Before you call me racist know that many people who say Giannis is Greek are probably racist too but made an exception for him which is childish and stupid
Francis K
Francis K - 2 days ago
You're fcking stupid
Kris Realone
Kris Realone - 3 days ago
You are nor an ethnicist. you're just a fucking moron thats all.
Kagotom - 3 days ago
Also great speech,this is what Greece does,makes humble people,maybe if we didn't have an immigrant and foreigners problem he would be accepted by everyone
Don Al Capone
Don Al Capone - 9 days ago
Giannis will be better then Jordan
Dylan Carr
Dylan Carr - 9 days ago
Giannis' girlfriend sat there waiting for her mention hahahaha
J P - 10 days ago
i hate the system of the nba.they have to adapt the european system with youth teams and free market instead of this dictatorship of this commissioner
Ambe Mathinus
Ambe Mathinus - 10 days ago
How can't you like Giannis so humble and respectful..looks up to his younger brothers as his role tears in my eyes man hopefully one day you'll get to win the championship man
Griffin Shortsle
Griffin Shortsle - 11 days ago
Greek is goat
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell - 11 days ago
Good job giannis
Robert Little
Robert Little - 11 days ago
My favorite player
Deeznuts - 11 days ago
Baby Mexico choppa man top shotta
El LumbagoV.2
El LumbagoV.2 - 11 days ago
Mans said: Giannis jsisnsisjwisnsiwjspopo
Drippy. - 12 days ago
I just love Giannis to hell and nothing will ever change that.
Duke Ewedemi
Duke Ewedemi - 12 days ago
Many basketball kings can't handle the pressure of being a king but GIANNIS doesn't have that problem
Jordan Sotiriadis
Jordan Sotiriadis - 12 days ago
Μπράβο Γιάννη μας έχεις κάνει περήφανους 👍
J G24
J G24 - 12 days ago
Why are all the white people smiling?
JKBeats - 15 days ago
flavor flav was walking past 3:56
Penuel Yahu
Penuel Yahu - 15 days ago
ShaQ is a Mason. From kings to cockroaches... When you think you've achieved something, what are you crying about Giannis???. Damn they've brought us really low. The Noble vine is still working in the plantation believing they are making some progress. Wake up Black people!!!
Francis K
Francis K - 2 days ago
WTF are you talking about? Omg you people really believe in the bullshit you write
Emmanuel Frimpong
Emmanuel Frimpong - 16 days ago
Cups and the roses
Dan - 16 days ago
lol Kawhi Leonard literally showed he was MVP
ye - 17 days ago
i'm looking at the 1k dislikes and wondering to myself "what the f-"
K. K .M
K. K .M - 17 days ago
All the dislikes wanted james harden or paul George to win the mvp
Hybridswimmer - 18 days ago
Remember he isn't Greek
Chris Tatsios
Chris Tatsios - 18 days ago
Μπράβο ρε Γιάννη πέρα από παιχταρα είσαι κ καλό παιδί, μπράβο σου και πάλι!
Blake Burdette
Blake Burdette - 18 days ago
The commissioner look like an alien with his bald ass
ETHAN FERNANDEZ - 18 days ago
Giannis is my role model me and my family are not lucky with money and work many hours in the day so the one thing that is my passion is basketball and I hope that I can make it there one day so I can play my natural sport and buy my mom dad brothers grandparents and cousins many gifts when I grow up I don't care about the money I care about treating my family like they treat me.
Just an Average Human
Just an Average Human - 18 days ago
I like Giannis but harden got robbed
Just an Average Human
Just an Average Human - 15 days ago
@Jacob McSweeney he really wasnt. The main reason Giannis won mvp was because his team had the best record. Giannis had a pretty good team so it wasn't like he did all the work and they are in the eastern conference. Harden carried a injured rockets team to the 4 seed in the west. The rockets looked like they wouldn't even make the playoffs in the beginning of the season but then harden put up incredible numbers throughout the entire season. The way harden carried them he without a doubt should've been mvp
Jacob McSweeney
Jacob McSweeney - 15 days ago
Nah he didn’t. Harden had a good streak but giannis was clearly more dominant
F03CE - 18 days ago
Thank god they didn’t give it to harden
Just an Average Human
Just an Average Human - 18 days ago
YoungGeezer_ - 18 days ago
This shit got me teary eyed
Gina Meron
Gina Meron - 18 days ago
Giannis your the
"Great Greek Freak"
Darlene Harrison
Darlene Harrison - 18 days ago
He is amazing he just is so caring and thinking of everyone that has supported him, and also has thanked everyone who cared and helped him keep it up dude and keep ur smile on
London Ross
London Ross - 18 days ago
dont say um too much
elevation - 19 days ago
Adam silver looks like a fetus
Francis K
Francis K - 2 days ago
Dam Area 51 alien ass
Brite Gunner da god
Brite Gunner da god - 19 days ago
Grammar Police -
Grammar Police - - 19 days ago
Woow. I'm crying myself. Lizalis idinga lakho thixo Nkosi yenyanisa.. AFRICA IS PROUD G
SplashOn DuMouf
SplashOn DuMouf - 19 days ago
That dude scary, can back down centers, be fast like guards, such a great leader, so humble, insane wingspan, I hope he becomes top 5 of all time. He will get that shot, he is determined.
Z!ON - 19 days ago
How do 1k people dislike this?!
Khaledcurry Dimacisil
Khaledcurry Dimacisil - 20 days ago
we proud of you Giannis..keep it up.we hope u will join in our team..Gsw
lokii gaming
lokii gaming - 20 days ago
Harden was supposed to win it his the best nba player
Oliver Hahn
Oliver Hahn - 21 day ago
Every one loves you
First name Last name
First name Last name - 22 days ago
We need a new nba commissioner Adam silver look he bout to rape someone
Corey - 22 days ago
*English has left the chat*
Killer Nubz
Killer Nubz - 22 days ago
Did anyone else get confused when they heard Myles Turner's dunk in the Paul George segment ???
Sam Had
Sam Had - 22 days ago
From a Greek without a nationality to an NBA MVP!!!!!! This man got MAD HEART!!!!
MB Eli
MB Eli - 23 days ago
Yeah Giannis 💪🏾 414
Gien  Pelegrin Jr
Gien Pelegrin Jr - 23 days ago
im not a bucks fans neither gianis fans but i really appreciate it he deserved to be an mvp and hes really good at he's young age hope you enjoy a lot more giannis happy for you you hve a long long journey to ride and still waiting for you to win a championship man
07:51 Pm
07:51 Pm - 23 days ago
It got sad when he said how he’s thankful when they took a chance on him when he was in greece
I don't know why but he make you feel as if it's you up there! It hits you right HERE👉❤ This guy is special! He's a credit to this game we play, an his parents. ✊
JayKeepItOnEm -
JayKeepItOnEm - - 25 days ago
“Always one more but never be greedy” 💯
The Dying Duke
The Dying Duke - 26 days ago
Thank you Shaq- *looks for him when he left*
Akobian Kid
Akobian Kid - 26 days ago
This speech puts tears in my eyes everyday
Kristina Balins
Kristina Balins - 27 days ago
Who else cried bruh 😢
Victoria Rose
Victoria Rose - 27 days ago
Best player ever
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