Giannis Antetokounmpo EMOTIONAL SPEECH - Most Valuable Player Award - 2019 NBA Awards

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Danny Thomas
Danny Thomas - 2 hours ago
Who tf disliked this video?
Itsnotme - 3 hours ago
Honestly How can you hate giannas just appreciate that we are here and we get to see him play Honestly I believe he could be better than Lebron
Latrelle Duncan
Latrelle Duncan - 5 hours ago
Did anyone hear KOBI when Adam silver was opening the envelope
tsopanis provaton
tsopanis provaton - 5 hours ago
Το μόνο ΣΊΓΟΥΡΟ ήταν ότι VBP ΘΑ έβγαινε ΕΛΛΗΝΑΣ στο NBA Γιατί οι περισσότεροι που παίζουν εκεί είναι μαύροι...
TheGreenSkulls 9 years ago
Anyone here because of pubg?
Some random white kid
Some random white kid - 6 hours ago
I wish it was harden
Kneeco - 8 hours ago
Giannis literally started from the very bottom
What's Today
What's Today - 10 hours ago
3:40 giannis's girlfreind was tryna kiss him😂
Mighty Wolf2
Mighty Wolf2 - 10 hours ago
U would think that he would be really cocky and stuff like that but really he’s like a kid winning something and have to say a speech and u get scared cause u win something big this is hows he is and guess what he better get better at it to because he is winning a lot more
Yung_Baller - 11 hours ago
Ewee were e wwwqq wee w we are w up
Yung_Baller - 11 hours ago
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Yung_Baller - 11 hours ago
Ewee were e wwwwqq wee w we are wwwqqw2e wrw
Blas the bunny
Blas the bunny - 12 hours ago
"always want more but never be greedy" amazing quote
Shiny Fire
Shiny Fire - 12 hours ago
Harden was the most valuable player by far.
ur boi laz
ur boi laz - 14 hours ago
kareem's team vs kareem's team 2020 finals
Golf Rush
Golf Rush - 14 hours ago
Imagine being a 18 year old who didn’t even know how to speak proper English and was a raw basketball player to being the most dominant player currently in nba and a 24 year old kid leading a team to 60 wins and at the end of season wins the MVP.
1000 subs with no videos challenge
+1 είσαι Έλληνας
Dylan Cavazos
Dylan Cavazos - Day ago
Here’s a real mvp
frvser - Day ago
am i the only one who cried?
AHMAD K - Day ago
i felt it i kinda cried
A5 Samsung
A5 Samsung - Day ago
Ααα ρε φτωχολογιά βγάζεις τα καλύτερα παιδιά ο Γιάννης δεν ήταν από τους βολεμένους ξέρει τι πάει να πει φιλότιμο μπράβο αδελφέ μου
414MrMilwaukee - Day ago
Brandon Konieczki
Brandon Konieczki - Day ago
Just imagine what hardens speech would have been
547aero - 2 days ago
Congratulations to the poor mans Ben Simmons!
Anthony Santana-Morcos
Anthony Santana-Morcos - 2 days ago
Lanre Akerele
Lanre Akerele - 2 days ago
I went just went through 2 of Giannis Antetokumpo brothers, Alexis and Thansis, and hope that they could mature enough to become legends in the NBA. Giannis and Kostas too!!!
Cee Marie
Cee Marie - 2 days ago
Giannis is amazing at what he does he really deserved it! 🙏🏿🤞🏾💛
SPY STAR GAMEING - 2 days ago
My boii Giannis got MVP
Anselmo Jose
Anselmo Jose - 2 days ago
Super humble
Ryad Hachir
Ryad Hachir - 3 days ago
That’s a good pick
Ilen Joy Muele
Ilen Joy Muele - 3 days ago
This guy is such a good player in the nba today.. Good luck Giannis and luka magic congrats
Kenadee Perry
Kenadee Perry - 3 days ago
So emotional but awesome
F0XY Gaming
F0XY Gaming - 3 days ago
How the hell can you dislike this?
F0XY Gaming
F0XY Gaming - Day ago
Tank Tank true
Tank Tank
Tank Tank - 2 days ago
Harden fans are upset
Logan Caron
Logan Caron - 3 days ago
Congratulations to my boy Giannis for getting MVP
God - 3 days ago
*bucks vs lakers 2020 finals.*
Bruskakiz 1312
Bruskakiz 1312 - 3 days ago
Aden Bills
Aden Bills - 3 days ago
Good player overall but need to pratice his shots
Nick Benis
Nick Benis - 2 days ago
Aden Bills are you illiterate?
P4n3K - 3 days ago
I was hoping for Harden ... but you know, when real men is crying it have to be worth it ...
Gualberto Rivera
Gualberto Rivera - 3 days ago
God bless you Giannis , Continue to inspire dreamers and athletes through hardwork, dedication, perserverance, gratefulness, and being humble among others. God bless you in your next goal !!
From the Philippines
Trendy Topic
Trendy Topic - 3 days ago
Everyone loves Giannis it’s impossible to hate him
MrKolaras - 3 days ago
I was born Greek , not far from where Giannis was born, to a well-off family and have been playing and following basketball for 40 years. I have seen numerous talented players squander their potential with their poor work ethic. I know how racist Greek society is. There is only one thing to say about Giannis: We just don't deserve this guy!
Dark_ Astrozz12
Dark_ Astrozz12 - 3 days ago
Good job Greek Greek boy you deserve it
ScOrPiOn_George1 Theogeo07
Congratulations Giannis much love from Greece you are my idol ❤️
Arel Felser
Arel Felser - 4 days ago
I dont even watch basketball, but this is my favorite player❤️❤️❤️
Harvester o'Sorrow
Harvester o'Sorrow - 4 days ago
What an emotional speech. It says a lot about Giannis the person, which is impossible not to respect. This speech says a lot about his humility, maturity and mindset, which will drive him to keep getting better. Scary thought! Congrats young man.
AcJ gaming 333
AcJ gaming 333 - 4 days ago
This is how many times he said umm ⬇️
MoTizeN_ qw
MoTizeN_ qw - 4 days ago
1+ οποισ ειναι ελληνασ
KillerBee_C45 - 4 days ago
Two words to describe this man. “Heart” and “Humble”
Joe Sigourney
Joe Sigourney - 4 days ago
Who is this whiter than sour cream guy giving the award?
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