10 Ways Vegans Are Ruining The World

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Alltime10s - Year ago
Are you brave enough to share this with a vegan? ;)
altaf ahmad
altaf ahmad - Month ago
Gary Nicholas
Gary Nicholas - Month ago
@Jared Forrest "...decieved your audience..." pandered to, may be more accurate.
Gangster 3.0
Gangster 3.0 - 2 months ago
Lauren Krawczynski
Lauren Krawczynski - 2 months ago
Jesse Davis I’m sorry but do you think socialism or communism WONT kill us either Also I would love a video on how all of these are going to kill us some day
No One
No One - 2 months ago
How about the 500 Million birds that die from agriculture in the US alone? The billions of rodents and insects? How about the mono crop culture that destroys our soil? How about all plants being poisonous intrinsically? etc
Lucky Gacha
Lucky Gacha - 2 minutes ago
I am a vegan and proud of it
Lucky Gacha
Lucky Gacha - 2 minutes ago
Wtf are you serious ? Vegans are saving the world and the animals , you are so stupid ...
mlp uploader for free
Ha this is why I eat meat ha
seouled - 7 hours ago
I’m not even vegan but erm.... this video is sketchy
Nendo Tendo24/7
Nendo Tendo24/7 - 11 hours ago
I’m gonna eat toast right now
Nendo Tendo24/7
Nendo Tendo24/7 - 11 hours ago
Ya know...The best way to make the world a better place is too not be vegan or eat meat, All we need to do is all disappear right now and never come back! Trust me it works!👌🏻
RadRes1stant - 15 hours ago
number 11: Talking about their self righteous ideals all the time.
number 12: using our oxygen.
Nino Brunet
Nino Brunet - 15 hours ago
Too many LIES. I've been vegan for 21 years and THRIVING!!!
Alexis Winter
Alexis Winter - 20 hours ago
What shocks me are the blantant lies along with blaming 7% of the worlds population on what the other 93% do as well. Every point is a long proven lie. Example - 67% of the US population is B12 deficient - vegans are 3% of the country's population. Negative effects of soy only happen after 14 servings A DAY. Quinoa and shrimp is a popular dish in the US, proving meat eaters eat qunioa as well. Guac is served in every Mexican restaurant and in most US chains. A vegan wouldn't eat the ever popular honey roasted almond, yet we're blamed for them being sold. Lettuce vs bacon - too stupid to address. I'm sure meat eaters are eating this up.
theLonelyCultureShow - 21 hour ago
Next Video: 1000 ways Vegans are trying to save the world
Mr.K - Day ago
I hate to be that vegan but this is a load of bull ditty. Yes workers on some plant plantations get diseases but not nearly as much as those working in slaughterhouses, as for the almond statistic I failed to see a cited source. The thing about the bacon is just dumb because plant matter fills you up more than animal matter, regardless of caloric intake. It's about mass vs calories, 200 calories of lettuce has far more mass than 200 calories of bacon, duh. This so called B12 deficiency crisis can be solved with a simple supplement or certain foods and is more about ill-informed vegans than anything else. As far as vegans being weaker than omnivores have you SEEN ANY of the vegan body builders and athletes out there today??? You clearly are trigger happy with the internet so why don't you actually use it? The mistreatment of prisoners is not specific to foreign nations or even cashews, it's an issue that does need to be resolved but cannot be blamed on vegans ( who actually consume more walnuts because their healthier, thank you very much ).California's drought crisis happened before the boom of almond milk and it is only ten percent. Almonds also happen to be supporting the beekeeping industry in America, so there's that. And you're seriously saying that drug cartels are being problematic because of AVOCADO's?? WHAT ABOUT THE DRUGS?!? As for hormone changes in association with soy consumption, no I am not hornier than I was nor are my man tits any bigger. Finally, we turn to children. No children are not shorter, but yes they are leaner. On top of that their chances of developing diabetes are INCREADIBLY lower. On a side note diabetes decreases an average lifespan of 20 years. So even if vegan kid were a little shorter( which they aren't) they would still live twenty years longer. If you think I'm full of it nearly all of my points are brought up in How Not To Die by Michael Greger, M.D. In which he cites every since study for EVERY single point. Have a nice day.
harry_styles_wifey X
People are now drinking oat milk now so ...
Daniel Godinho
Daniel Godinho - Day ago
After watching this vídeo i can’t believe how am i still alive
GD AJN - Day ago
come on vegans, its time for you protein defficient snack!
ThomasJ - Day ago
Wow... it’s like a 10 minute example of poorly interpreted data
totskie12345 - Day ago
lmao triggered vegans
joshua albanese
joshua albanese - Day ago
ezriel 2008
ezriel 2008 - 2 days ago
arif hussain
arif hussain - 2 days ago
53k likes =non vegans
36k dislikes= vegans
Yeganeh Setayeshnia
Yeganeh Setayeshnia - 2 days ago
Don’t give that water to cows to grow, give it to Almonds to grow!!!
Zag_ Memer-YT
Zag_ Memer-YT - 3 days ago
Vegans mad
keeearrr - 3 days ago
@Alltime10s bruuh, crack a book... this video you uploaded is soooo misguided and stupid
Stephen Hill
Stephen Hill - 2 days ago
Idk man he makes some good points
nourishingalex - 3 days ago
Okay, okay.. Let's put it straight here 😑
I've been vegan for... 6 years now and I'm telling you this is a load of
JUNK I tell you, JUNK!!
Wow all thies are acctuly not true vegans and vegetarians are the right to the planet
Pluse, dude your forgetting about the animals to.. They get treated like a bubble gum wrapper on my shoe
Left for 20000 years, seriously like I'm not roasting you carnivores out there or anything I'm just the voice for the animals but.....
Get burned dude 😹😹😹😂😂😂
Stephen Hill
Stephen Hill - 2 days ago
Prove that it’s junk
Chelmicha Lee
Chelmicha Lee - 3 days ago
This is the funniest video I’ve seen today. So the FDA is paying people to make YouTube videos 😂 😂😂😂😂
Noah Johnson
Noah Johnson - 4 days ago
Ohhhh shut the f up
james touring
james touring - 4 days ago
congratulations on spreading confusion. dick.
Stephen Hill
Stephen Hill - 2 days ago
Congratulations on eating grass
Zerene the adventurer
Zerene the adventurer - 4 days ago
Many things that you say ruining are not ruining the environment it is rather ruining the people who are involved in their plantation...
Goozy Pokemon
Goozy Pokemon - 5 days ago
Well, i'm vegan actually, and i feel bad now that i ate all this meat. Just think of the animals man.
slovenian dude
slovenian dude - 5 days ago
This IS the video we didnt now we need it
Cleveland Aviation
Cleveland Aviation - 5 days ago
Illusions are painfully shattered
Right where discovery starts
go vegan :)
Cleveland Aviation
Cleveland Aviation - 5 days ago
Fuck this video. Discouraging peace, nonviolence, good health, and the biggest personal choice one can make to reduce their environmental footprint. 😷😷😷😷
Cleveland Aviation
Cleveland Aviation - 5 days ago
its Deluxe
its Deluxe - 5 days ago
I hate vegans
Tem-sama - 6 days ago
How the hell are an Vegans lifechoice ruining the world? More ruining their own than tye entire worlds, but that iS their decision!
Dama Ito
Dama Ito - 6 days ago
Can't wait to have my juicy steak tonight
Baked Onion
Baked Onion - 6 days ago
This is the dumbest video i saw :/
Macy Alred
Macy Alred - 7 days ago
nobody eats just iceberg lettuce. it’s made up of almost entirely water...
Never Had a life
Never Had a life - 7 days ago
Uhhh does this not know what meat eaters do.........l.......I.......I.....can’t rn

Also ever listened to slaughter house recordings yeah try it
Hormone imbalances happen with every diet
Plants support the envoirment

Plants are eaten by everyone, meat eaters NEED vegetables
Stephen Hill
Stephen Hill - 2 days ago
Do you really think I don’t eat vegetables
aA_Gamerrr_aA Ahhahaha
aA_Gamerrr_aA Ahhahaha - 7 days ago
Yeah I agree saving animals lives is horrible and inhuman

And yes I’m being sarcastic lol.
InfectedMush - 7 days ago
Kill all vegans, save the planet.
Ornan - 7 days ago
Lol this is a correct representation of what my last minute research paper looks like
Taylor Gibson
Taylor Gibson - 3 days ago
me too 💀
Sharifah Atikah
Sharifah Atikah - 7 days ago
Ok Alltime10s, I am a Vegan and I am unsubscribing you.
Aqua man
Aqua man - 5 days ago
Sharifah Atikah You seriously think he cares? 😂 how cute, can’t accept facts.
Ashley C
Ashley C - 7 days ago
i don't think you need to look at the comments to realise how stupid and inaccurate this video is.
this guy just read like 5 articles and got really excited to make a video
Cleveland Aviation
Cleveland Aviation - 5 days ago
Ashley C it’s sad bc omnivorous diets are far worse environmentally, ethically, and I mean...sausages, bacon, hamburgers, pork, beef, lamb...all of those are known to cause cancer by the World Health Organization (WHO) classified as the two most deadly types of carcinogens (as cigarettes are)
GlitchingGod 115
GlitchingGod 115 - 7 days ago
And that’s why your all fat 😂or unhealthy In some way
Gilbert Mendez
Gilbert Mendez - 8 days ago
This dude's a complete idiot !!!
Kenny McCormick
Kenny McCormick - 8 days ago
Excuse me did u just mention men and women?

You Man 34
You Man 34 - 8 days ago
I wanna shre this to a vegan channel.
Alltime10s - 8 days ago
Feel free, most of them have already complained about it 😂
Bob Oznek
Bob Oznek - 8 days ago
At this point it seems like everything is carcinogenic in some way
Patrick Hofmann
Patrick Hofmann - 9 days ago
Not even an vegan but i never heard so much bs in one video...
"people in prison are more likely to be criminals"
Taylor Gibson
Taylor Gibson - 3 days ago
I'm cackling 😂💀
L0rd C0mmi3
L0rd C0mmi3 - 9 days ago
I fucking hate almond milk
Beyonce Obsessed fan
Beyonce Obsessed fan - 10 days ago
But vegans want to eat healthy not save the environment. We can't live off a diet of only meat u need a balanced diet
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