Goku vs. Naruto Rap Battle!

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SSJ9K - 4 days ago
FINALLY IT'S HERE! I'm sorry it took so long. Almost 2 weeks longer than I wanted but things happen. Good news is, only about a week until the next parody is out! Still 3 more videos to come before 2020! Thanks so much for your support and STAY POWERFUL!
Who had the best BARS!?
Kganya Roberto
Kganya Roberto - 6 hours ago
Dan playzz
Dan playzz - 7 hours ago
Kendrick Petty
Kendrick Petty - 7 hours ago
Naruto and black guy
Rafael G. Tagala
Rafael G. Tagala - 8 hours ago
PSN: elyzswagg
PSN: elyzswagg - 9 hours ago
gotenks gaming
gotenks gaming - 5 hours ago
Its over 9000!!
Fucctteyo Inc
Fucctteyo Inc - 5 hours ago
Shit was raw I want a black guy hoodie tho
Josh B
Josh B - 5 hours ago
Goku was rapping for fun till Sasuke came take him over with the Sharigan. Goku is basically a tailed beast at this point.
jayvix - 6 hours ago
Not Sasuke dickriding lol
Nao Iihara
Nao Iihara - 6 hours ago
Goku hentai love you
Jsean GAMING - 6 hours ago
Montel Thompson
Montel Thompson - 6 hours ago
It's your boy black guy I made chi-chi buss down in the leaf last night was a critical hit
Courage McArthur
Courage McArthur - 6 hours ago
Add part 2 that was actually fire
Ricky Gracia
Ricky Gracia - 6 hours ago
They shoulda but the 8 tails, I forgot his name but yeah 😭 it woulda made sense
William Carroll
William Carroll - 6 hours ago
Ok Fuck that you gotta make another one
nerd What a nerd
nerd What a nerd - 6 hours ago
What the fuck
Wendell Tyson
Wendell Tyson - 6 hours ago
F*** you and Sasuke!
F** em
青山空央 - 6 hours ago
From japan
ViperHallow - 6 hours ago
Killer b would be the winner if hes here
Trajitey xz
Trajitey xz - 6 hours ago
What about do a video about vegito rap vs majin super buu it will be great
Vejas Nupustas
Vejas Nupustas - 6 hours ago
Someone notice goku, vegeta and piccolo mountain?
Goku 2.0 Gaming
Goku 2.0 Gaming - 6 hours ago
Dxrk_Blxde - 6 hours ago
There should be a part 2 where goku goes super saiyan
MrSlade YT
MrSlade YT - 6 hours ago
Make part 222
Yth.Izz.215 - 6 hours ago
DEADASS!!! BELIEVE IT🤣🤣🤣 Being from NYC this shit took me out💀
chris pine
chris pine - 6 hours ago
Bruh goku was still better and funnier 😂😂😂😂
thePokemonmaster141 - 6 hours ago
Man I wish Sasuke came for naruto with some Amatrasu heat
Ashley Borino
Ashley Borino - 7 hours ago
Can I mention the way sasuke says naruto 😫😫😫👌👌👌👌

Sorry😂 I’ll shut up now
Mobius - 7 hours ago
I don't get the end joke explain please lmao I really tried
Hijam Macolash
Hijam Macolash - 7 hours ago
Dang it was fun 😂
adam gaming
adam gaming - 7 hours ago
NARTOOO!!! theres goke and takes your spotlight hokage behind uuu
NovaWolfie YT
NovaWolfie YT - 7 hours ago
Dude Goku`s rap was freaking LIT

Naruto, you`s a biiiiitch. Hinata playin you, Nintendo swiiitch
Jillan 33
Jillan 33 - 7 hours ago
When are you gonna post part2 pls do it soon
Nolimitrobii - 7 hours ago
I’m sorry but this is so sus wit the cheek clapping😭
Jackie Gamer
Jackie Gamer - 7 hours ago
Hmmm I bet he gotta lose giorno
Alexander Santiago
Alexander Santiago - 7 hours ago
Good thing goku didnt sneeze that rap battle
Bulleyesight - 7 hours ago
Now make Goku vs Saitama Rap Battle!
Kendrick Petty
Kendrick Petty - 7 hours ago
You heard prince charming we need a part 2
TheAnnouncer - 7 hours ago
Ssj9k is disturbingly good at the Guy voice
Gacha Pearl
Gacha Pearl - 7 hours ago
Boi im fucking dead i cant breath😂😂😂😂
Lucas Martinez
Lucas Martinez - 7 hours ago
Goku has bars
Sid King
Sid King - 7 hours ago
"Its him, the black one." Idk why i started cracking up when saskue said that.
Nao Iihara
Nao Iihara - 6 hours ago
end engineer 110
end engineer 110 - 8 hours ago
why didnt killer bee become narutos hype man
Pyrotechnic81 - 8 hours ago
If goku powered up to just ss he would kill 50% of shinobi
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