Kylie Jenner | The Youngest Billionaire | Billionaires Motivation

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Life Time Winners
Life Time Winners - 29 days ago
Hey Winners!
Thanks for your support guys.. Love You
Tell me, Whose lifestyle do you want next?
Animesh Chakrabarti
Animesh Chakrabarti - 22 days ago
Bill gates
Wasil - 25 days ago
Just keep up the good work! Your channel is Amazing and will go places!
Whats In the name
Whats In the name - 3 days ago
Little dicky anyone
Vivek ahir111
Vivek ahir111 - 11 days ago
I like it ❤️💯✌️
Vivek ahir111
Vivek ahir111 - 11 days ago
Hi all friend 👋
How are you?
KenCan - 16 days ago
hi I did Kylie jenner photoshoot edit if you wanna see it !
Injured Compass
Injured Compass - 20 days ago
Even they made good faith in last era, therefore god gifted them good life.. 😃
shem horo
shem horo - 23 days ago
Not from rages to riches 😏
alex viroh
alex viroh - 25 days ago
Wow her body
Jenus - 23 days ago
It worth billions
HolyGamer PH
HolyGamer PH - 26 days ago
Does she have a rich family?
rehman accord
rehman accord - 26 days ago
Ravi gupta
Ravi gupta - 27 days ago
Any one the music name from starting 🙏🙏
LORD SOUL - 20 days ago
Search it with Shazam
Ardit Yt
Ardit Yt - 27 days ago
Where i can find the song , anyone can help me ?
Ardit Yt
Ardit Yt - 24 days ago
@Amit Bahl i tried but its not in youtube
Amit Bahl
Amit Bahl - 24 days ago
JP215 - 27 days ago
Dat Ass!!! 😜😍🙏🧐🍑🥇
DINESH - 7 days ago
It's like a sex doll
Derman Tolbert
Derman Tolbert - 19 days ago
If you like plastic
amit kumar
amit kumar - 28 days ago
Winner this type of video really inspire us and make us feel to work more . I know who is Kylie jenner don't go on her insta post I think this is the way she do marketing of her products very wisely.
Isaac Raore
Isaac Raore - 29 days ago
Second song please
Ank - 16 days ago
@Reshob Borah nope its melody by cadmium
Reshob Borah
Reshob Borah - 27 days ago
@Isaac Raore welcome bruh
Isaac Raore
Isaac Raore - 27 days ago
@Reshob Borah thanks
Reshob Borah
Reshob Borah - 27 days ago
I can only imagine by alan walker✌🏻
poyel sagor
poyel sagor - 28 days ago
I don't know, can you tell me plz?
Let x
Let x - 29 days ago
She is not rich. I think I have a happier lifestyle
Rebellion TY
Rebellion TY - 26 days ago
Most people have happier and better lives than celebrities
Pummy Chamel
Pummy Chamel - 29 days ago
Sorry winner this video isn't inspiring! Please make videos type like shahrukh dilegence and other good words as well as good song like in rock part2...this songs seems to like just showing type have feeling.... Hope I winner you take my words in this ocean comment
xBloyer - 29 days ago
00:00-3:37 MUSIC??
Jasmin Begic
Jasmin Begic - Month ago
There's nothing self-made about here, except plastic. :)
Aneme Faba
Aneme Faba - 26 days ago
Jasmin Begic jealously makes you nasty
Ŕocк - Month ago
totally wrong Rashid bel hasa is the youngest billionaire on the world.. do some research before upload a video..
Flolus - 25 days ago
Rashid is not a billionaire, i doubt that he even have a least 1 million to his name. His father has a Networth of $2.2B according the Wikipedia.
Ŕocк - 29 days ago
Ŕocк - 29 days ago
@CARNAGE ZZz check the wiki both of themselves
Ŕocк - 29 days ago
@CARNAGE ZZz srry to say now she is 22 and belhasa is 17 in 2019
CARNAGE ZZz - 29 days ago
Sorry to say but, alexendra anderson is currently the youngest billionaire out there.
Raja Gupta
Raja Gupta - Month ago
Jaxon Petersen
Jaxon Petersen - Month ago
Not the Youngest Billionaire - Just the only Billionaire dumb enough to keep her financials public.
HolyGamer PH
HolyGamer PH - 26 days ago
you guys are just a jealous lol
Niklas Krft
Niklas Krft - 28 days ago
@Jaxon Petersen You are a Bit stupid, sorry
Filip Buczyński
Filip Buczyński - 29 days ago
Jaxon Petersen the youngest from not carful group of rich people I would say
Jaxon Petersen
Jaxon Petersen - Month ago
@STATUS KING LOL! "Lying - the newest in Marketing Strategies"
STATUS KING - Month ago
Just a marketing strategy
Isaías Alvez Marinoni
Very good videos Broh! Disculpa mi falta de inglés
kambing - Month ago
I can't imagine being a millionaire at such a young age. Big house and ride on exotic cars. This has been my dream since childhood. I am currently unemployed and only see millionaires on Youtube and in my residential area. It's so wonderful that if I were a millionaire, I wouldn't be showing my wealth in public. I just want to live a peaceful and happy life.
DINESH - 7 days ago
Instead of wasting your time on RUvideos go build a business, read books and talk to rich people or work for them in a way u can learn from them . Sure u won't be rich overnight but if u keep continuing u will be rich in next 3-5 years.
Arshdeep Singh
Arshdeep Singh - Month ago
Unemployed !!!! And want the same luxury lifestyle at zero investment . DM me ........
Juan Castillo
Juan Castillo - Month ago
Quan EB
Quan EB - Month ago
Good lord
Real American Muscle
Real American Muscle - Month ago
the rich definitely know how to pray on the week.
Real American Muscle
Real American Muscle - 28 days ago
@Daniel Rios o-yea put them together then you might see beyond yourself.
Real American Muscle
Real American Muscle - 28 days ago
@Daniel Rios respell both of them and you might get it i put it that way thanks's another one to to respell dont forget that one.
Daniel Rios
Daniel Rios - 28 days ago
Real American Muscle
Real American Muscle - 29 days ago
@Samuel Barden thumbs up everything is coded in higher places just got to read between the lines.
Samuel Barden
Samuel Barden - 29 days ago
@Real American Muscle I see that now
Rolfhe St-Hilaire
Rolfhe St-Hilaire - Month ago
Yes first
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