ATOMIC HEART Gameplay Demo (FPS Soviet-Union Horror Game)

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Tyrenter Highfury
Tyrenter Highfury - Hour ago
Could only be more russian if he had taken a swig of vodka with that cig
Jah Enc
Jah Enc - Hour ago
Dame i thout it was real buts not
Deasy Puspitasari
Deasy Puspitasari - 3 hours ago
Still like Metro Last Light and Metro exodus for me, CYKA BLYAT
Yumi - 6 hours ago
_now this is _*_OUR_*_ game_
Akuma JJ Ma
Akuma JJ Ma - 11 hours ago
Bioshock 🤗
Kirby - 14 hours ago
Cheeki breeki
taiilenwa 45
taiilenwa 45 - 15 hours ago
russia speak have
noah williams
noah williams - 17 hours ago
Man the dude demoing this doesn't know how to loot anything
NJCARM - 17 hours ago
Выглядит отлично,наверно будет лучший русской игрой за последние время.Раздражает,это слишком много мата,я конечно сам матирюсь на каждом шагу,а тут на каждом шагу пиздец нахуй блять:D.Еще не очень сильно понравились некоторые анимации,мало так сказать "кадров", некоторые анимации немного топорные,но для демо прям класс.Вообщем горжусь нашими ТОВАРИЩАМИ!
Fayt Leingod
Fayt Leingod - 18 hours ago
This is going to has the AGONY game effect :p but still that cybermusic was really great :D 5:06 i need it full .
Schwitz - Day ago
lsd i tell you,L-S-D
Tori - kun The kid
Tori - kun The kid - Day ago
You are so bad at combat, that robot was beating your ass.
rozumari Barentain
rozumari Barentain - Day ago
Bioshock ruso
Oh yeah
Oh yeah - Day ago
Looks like a normal day in chernobyl for me
EyesBeWhite - Day ago
Me and the boiz lookin for nuts in [REDACTED]
DK - Day ago
Combat looks bumpy and unfinished
But overall the scenery and feel is amazing
Furi - Day ago
This gives me a bioshock on steroids feeling. And I love it
Silent00 - Day ago
0:00 that's a living nightmare
S Y - Day ago
Wtf im watching?
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin - 2 days ago
Damn Ivannn who leak our sekrit project, I told you everyday to Make a Garrison and Defences And see a Journalist leak our sekrit project
Tommy BRO
Tommy BRO - 3 days ago
Player looks like holding a german lugger.
J C - 3 days ago
0:00 THE FU..??
RoboGamer ™
RoboGamer ™ - 4 days ago
Igor Parshukov
Igor Parshukov - 4 days ago
Вот и вляпался, блять...
Keegan Donovan
Keegan Donovan - 5 days ago
Holy Motion Blur
Maks Kuskovski
Maks Kuskovski - 5 days ago
Who here is actually Russian?
Junrung Sritrakulchang
Junrung Sritrakulchang - 5 days ago
I can already this guy is going to be a good Protagonist just from the line
AlexSlamophiliac - 5 days ago
Such a weird game design, reminds me of Bioshock.
Skyline R34
Skyline R34 - 6 days ago
1:06 I'm sorry but this annoyed every bone on my body...
Dk Bp
Dk Bp - 7 days ago
I just found the metro's retarded hamster
trisenator - 7 days ago
3:51 ok but why is there Bruce Willis with a tache 😂
Mike Reyes
Mike Reyes - 7 days ago
The sound effects/ambiance, voice work and visual is beautiful, great work in sound design!
Treft Hergom
Treft Hergom - 7 days ago
This is what happens when Lysenko receives more funding.
El Yoda
El Yoda - 7 days ago
Sorry i cant speak tolsky
Godi - 7 days ago
Actually last song is Polish called "ta ostatnia niedziela".
Jeremiah Tompkins
Jeremiah Tompkins - 8 days ago
Who the hell is making this game??? I love the atmosphere of this, some subtitles a little polish and a plot that is just above god awful and they got a hit game here.
Finrel_ - 8 days ago
Anyone else got motion sickness from this?
HSC zero
HSC zero - 8 days ago
Muy ruso este juego camarada.
Kylo Ren :v
Kylo Ren :v - 6 days ago
Romaneble - 8 days ago
Este juego parece tan loco como los rusos
Elmar Lenior
Elmar Lenior - 8 days ago
troglodyte - 8 days ago
Fallout New Russia
Dary - 8 days ago
As a russian-speaker, I may say that voice lines are pretty accurate
Michael Serrat
Michael Serrat - 9 days ago
Good game
Gabriel Lopez
Gabriel Lopez - 9 days ago
Omg I want to play this game!!
Endless - 9 days ago
I hate it when mannequins start doing martial arts.
Harry Oudemaas
Harry Oudemaas - 9 days ago
Nice German crossair
Boxes - 9 days ago
Ok, but you clearly just made a cinematic trailer to make your game look good. This isn't pre-alpha footage.
Eve Death4
Eve Death4 - 10 days ago
Shoot the goop. I wanna see how it reacts. It looks so pretty. I wanna see it jiggle under projectiles pressure. SHOOT THE GOOP.
Torch Muni
Torch Muni - 10 days ago
Hi I m from Ru and can say 1 badly things abaut this game - so many offensive language say herou
Zero Day
Zero Day - 10 days ago
Ben Cetrov
Ben Cetrov - 10 days ago
4:06 fuCk off from me bitch
4:14 FucК yourself
ChickenPanda129 - 10 days ago
Anybody who thinks this game is post apocalyptic or anything like that you're wrong. This is the average day in the life of a Russian
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic - 10 days ago
Anyone knows the name of the songs 9:42 and 10:21 ?
The Republic Of Ireland
Cyka Blyat
choudhry ali
choudhry ali - 10 days ago
Looks cool....not really scary tho
Danny Meadows
Danny Meadows - 10 days ago
Can't wait for the crowbcat downgrade video
aquach bomf
aquach bomf - 10 days ago
Пошёл нахуй! :D
LIZA RAIT - 11 days ago
Kto Russkiy ctav layk
JMG71586 - 11 days ago
Set in the Soviet Union, and the cross-hair looks like the cross from a Luftwaffe plane. Maybe I'm just seeing things.
Michael Zeb
Michael Zeb - 11 days ago
Что за дичь?
McTaminus - 11 days ago
According to some articles I've been reading a lot of this trailer is CGI 'bullshot' stuff. From what I've read the game has had a tough development and has restarted a couple of times. I really hope it all pulls through in the end I love atmosphere and setting they're going for
Papa Chan
Papa Chan - 12 days ago
Besides the fact that not everything goes on your shoulder, this looks great. Very surreal in its depiction of the world
Kolba Remote Interpreting
I listen to ULTHAR's 'Cosmovore' to this! Highly recommended old-school dm.
geo man
geo man - 12 days ago
Isn't this a scam?
Kolba Remote Interpreting
This is REALLY AWESOME! I need that game!
One thing though, I would make robots and creatures not die instantly. As they take damage, they start to walk clumsy, glitchy, more and more deteriorate.
Augusto Gomez
Augusto Gomez - 12 days ago
Damn graphics reminds me a lot cryengine
Kensword - 12 days ago
Lol are the crosshairs built like the Wehrmacht symbol intentional?
Marcus Segura
Marcus Segura - 12 days ago
This is like bio shock and fallout had a baby
Ironuniverse 1230
Ironuniverse 1230 - 12 days ago
I was never informed of this
DP3138 - 12 days ago
Похоже на фейк. Если не будет реального сюжета,игра будет как Метро Эксодус.. Даже хуже..Поделка
HP K - 12 days ago
looks awesome! but that crossair is so ugly and distracting...
Ankh Neko
Ankh Neko - 12 days ago
I love how unsettling it is, but then hearing the guy yell cyka and blyat pulls a 180 on the ambiance and I just end up laughing
Nicholas Willcox
Nicholas Willcox - 12 days ago
Overall looks pretty good.
Hope they improve the gun run animation and that health bar has to go. It's really off putting.
MsOleg199 - 13 days ago
Bradley Morgan
Bradley Morgan - 13 days ago
Ants in pants simulator, according to the dude playing.
supmayn yo
supmayn yo - 13 days ago
Wish it was coming to VR
Ben S
Ben S - 13 days ago
When the “gameplay demo” is so scripted that it looks more like a cinematic that’s when you know the real gameplay will be garbage.
Skootz Mabuns
Skootz Mabuns - 13 days ago
person playing sucks
balvanovic4 - 13 days ago
Looks so interesting, but we all know that this is not gonna look any where as good as this. Remember to keep your expectations low!
Aqw aq
Aqw aq - 13 days ago
Love the russian style much better then the american disney crap..
ME GUSTA - 13 days ago
Where are the bears on unicycles
MzrSpeed - 13 days ago
Looks like 30fps
StealthBubble - 14 days ago
I didn’t know incredible were in this game
lol xd
lol xd - 14 days ago
Soviet SOMA?
Milly - 14 days ago
Is this an actual game!? CAUSE I WANNA PLAY
Milly - 12 days ago
supernice_auto this made me sad ;- ;
supernice_auto - 14 days ago
No this is footage of a fake game
Ninja Cat
Ninja Cat - 14 days ago
Пистолет резиновый?
papa squid
papa squid - 14 days ago
not gonna lie from how it looks playing it looks a tad difficult
twat twatter
twat twatter - 14 days ago
Fake, not enough tracksuits.

Or mullets.
darsW - 14 days ago
Why does this feels like we happy few + DOOM?
Weeb- Desu
Weeb- Desu - 14 days ago
Bro why do you shoot dont you know the meaning of stealth???=)=?)=?=()P/(&())/&(=
Uncivil Chain
Uncivil Chain - 14 days ago
Putra Ramadhan
Putra Ramadhan - 14 days ago
9:34 Omnidroid, what are you doing in Russia?
Leeminbert - 14 days ago
hawk4225 - 14 days ago
hope this isnt you playing cause that looked god awful
noname - 14 days ago
Пиздец развели ,бляять....
Priderice Rice
Priderice Rice - 15 days ago
looks to good to be true
Eric Silbaugh
Eric Silbaugh - 15 days ago
Why is kick open door not an option?
Cullen - 15 days ago
Half ass attempt at a speed run, or is he just not exploring to piss us off?
Kineticwizzy - 15 days ago
Not my cup of tea
Unsoundrook - 15 days ago
The new dlc for metro looks great
blood king
blood king - 15 days ago
Oh yeah this game going to be good.😎
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