ATOMIC HEART Gameplay Demo (FPS Soviet-Union Horror Game)

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luchoxx 34
luchoxx 34 - Hour ago
Al final parece tango xd
MrViral20 - Day ago
so where is the scare factor in this game cause i havent seen it yet....
FAYALET - 2 days ago
In Russia we didn't play game, but game *play us*
Egor First
Egor First - 3 days ago
Объясните, что происходит?
stelios byzantium
stelios byzantium - 5 days ago
man your fps is killing me eyes
Salavan73 - 6 days ago
чего только озвучка стоит хахаха
Salavan73 - 6 days ago
ну демка четкая согласитесь
Dr Leak
Dr Leak - 6 days ago
Also the person who was playing could have probably gotten the enimies down quicker if they weren't letting them hit them 20 times
SwethLight :D
SwethLight :D - 6 days ago
Да отьебись ты сука!!
33 33
33 33 - 7 days ago
Сижку за раз скурил 3:17 🤣
Viktor Maleev
Viktor Maleev - 8 days ago
Что за жопа?!?! Что это?!
Илья Агапов
Илья Агапов - 8 days ago
мдец... 27лет в рф живу... но такой клюквы даже я не мог представить! чуть не уснул на 5 минуте
Gareth Pitchford
Gareth Pitchford - 8 days ago
Apparently this trailer is entirely just created for hype, nothing you see here is gameplay. The company is a shambles and seems like this wont ever actually be released.
Tommy P
Tommy P - 8 days ago
Russian Wolfenstein!
Tommy P
Tommy P - 8 days ago
Oh vliyapalsia bliyat', DA OT'EBIS' TI, VOT SUKA!
nonokolo - 9 days ago
Озвучка топ
FUTURE - 9 days ago
this game is like 90 percent ray tracing and honestly now I dont think it will look that great without it.
I'm an evil potatoe
I'm an evil potatoe - 9 days ago
What a game!!
Ise King
Ise King - 9 days ago
Ну бля и срань с каждым трейлером все хуже а эта озвучка
Sergey Rimsky
Sergey Rimsky - 9 days ago
"Да отъебись ты!" :D
Samarth Kuhar
Samarth Kuhar - 10 days ago
The contribution of German military is quite evident.
I have no legs I have no legs
another generic first person shooter game insert here_
NikolayS - 11 days ago
озвучка топ 15/10
hugo ferrari
hugo ferrari - 11 days ago
en donde lo puedo descargar
dushes666 - 16 days ago
это ахуенно
Cyrus - 20 days ago
* Heavy Slavic Breathing *
Ray Schwarz
Ray Schwarz - 21 day ago
I have to learn more russian :P
Elias Gonzalez Ojeda
Elias Gonzalez Ojeda - 22 days ago
*SOVIETIC UNION* horror game
It's beateful
Code Masters
Code Masters - 22 days ago
тупая скатина 4:17 :-D
Fernando González
Fernando González - 22 days ago
So this is Russian Toy Story, I like it
Аква Вита
Аква Вита - 22 days ago
Выглядит качественно.
Sean Turner
Sean Turner - 22 days ago
There was fallout :new vegas
This is metro :new pripyat.
Jony Balam
Jony Balam - 23 days ago
2:36 oh sht bro 8/ casi me cago
1nf3rnal D3str0y3r
1nf3rnal D3str0y3r - 23 days ago
Ta cuatica la situacion en quintero
Данижан Нусипов
Ставь лайк, если удивился с русского мата)4:12
Moon Zay Moon
Moon Zay Moon - 23 days ago
I se many retards writing just one commentary: Suka, Vodka.
Listen to me lads, this isn't funny. You just prove you are retard.
Keeper Spirit
Keeper Spirit - 23 days ago
Fuck soviet
Comp Wiz2007
Comp Wiz2007 - 24 days ago
This game for lack of a better term, looks retarded.
Lord Pigman
Lord Pigman - 24 days ago
Barabbas - 25 days ago
Wow! Very realistic game.
Minum50 - 25 days ago
3:52 oioi blyat
Minum50 - 25 days ago
And bet that there is a russian dude being drunk somewhere
What a Shame
What a Shame - 26 days ago
gotta love that crosshair lol
Асподей - 27 days ago
Ебанная кукла, мать твою
селведж спрингтрап
Пф обычный денёк в России
1000 subs sin videos?
1000 subs sin videos? - 28 days ago
0:45 me and the boys sneaking into the bathroom after escaping from class
Antonio Ruffin
Antonio Ruffin - Month ago
That robot put Palms on that man the robot what's like you can't run away from me Fam
Carlos N
Carlos N - Month ago
Its is the comunism
Goblin Tacos88
Goblin Tacos88 - Month ago
this has to be the coolest looking game. I'm definitely getting this one.
Viktor dimitrov
Viktor dimitrov - Month ago
The Russians, saved us once. If this happen, we'll help them. They are our brothers.
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