Carla Makes Blueberry-Ginger Pie | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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Carla Music
Carla Music - 6 дней назад
Anyone can make a pieI For real! And if you think you might have HotHands™, blast the AC, make sure the butter is really, really cold before you start, and put on some chill music. Get it, "chill"?
confusedwhale - День назад
"Where did everyone go?" Looks like more pie for you and The Unseen.
Ez DoesIt
Ez DoesIt - 2 дня назад
Christopher Milone
Christopher Milone - 3 дня назад
Carla Music 🙀
kjellakjella - 3 дня назад
Tips for use of cherry insted of blueberry?
Tisa's Pieces Pottery
Tisa's Pieces Pottery - 4 дня назад
Carla Music making this today!
Holly Henderson
Holly Henderson - 11 минут назад
Love you Clara!
BeardedDanishViking - 6 часов назад
Using a food processor to mix the butter into the dough makes the "warm hands" thing a nonissue.
Jarred Stagen
Jarred Stagen - 10 часов назад
I don't think i've ever found a cooking video so funny!
David Cinamon
David Cinamon - 10 часов назад
How much flour for the crust??
maira aisya
maira aisya - 10 часов назад
i feel like i'm gonna make this for my grandchildren in 40 years
EHz Colorado
EHz Colorado - 11 часов назад
Juicy or oily not moist. Moist is from external liquidity upon an object while juicy or oily reference the internal liquidity of the object being drawn out.
Sentence: The morning dew sits upon the Juicy oranges making them moist to the touch.
Darkvramp - 11 часов назад
That was cute
not cool
not cool - 12 часов назад
I have hot hands and it makes kneading yeast dough by hand an absolute nightmare
Michelle Yustira
Michelle Yustira - 15 часов назад
Michelle Yustira
Michelle Yustira - 15 часов назад
Carla! Loveee your nails!! Super in sync with the blueberry pie
Mag Pag
Mag Pag - 21 час назад
Cheat day
Vincent Ricca
Vincent Ricca - День назад
I liked this video as soon as she swore. Lol
Jonathon Ross
Jonathon Ross - День назад
Just tried making the dough was lost the whole time and now I think I Did half as much doe as I need
Vanessa Ho
Vanessa Ho - День назад
Saturated? The lime's essential oils have saturated the sugar
Just Josh Vlog
Just Josh Vlog - День назад
I love your personality so much hahaha
Dallas Sudden
Dallas Sudden - День назад
There's an amazing blueberry cherry pie with orange zest a local farm makes around here, and I want to recreate it using this method. I'm guessing I should substitute half the blueberry with cherry, and more orange zest in place of lime + ginger.
Jen Sing
Jen Sing - День назад
Perhaps: "the sugar is hydrated"
Andrew Beaumont
Andrew Beaumont - День назад
Why do some people have such a strong aversion to the word "moist"?
exceptionalish - День назад
"You're gonna bleep that out, right?"
Ricardo Correa
Ricardo Correa - День назад
I'm also in love with Carla. There I said it.
Rob Alinder
Rob Alinder - День назад
Carla, you're wonderful. I've never subscribed to an instagram so fast!
Isabel Lee
Isabel Lee - День назад
Carla! What are your feelings on shortening based crust? That's how my grandmother makes it here in Texas and its freaking amazing, plus I do not think it has to be chilled as often.
Z Z - 2 дня назад
Snake on the deck...classic excuse.
frecklematt - 2 дня назад
"If you're great at braiding dough I don't think you should be watching this channel"
Katie Peterson
Katie Peterson - 2 дня назад
Carla's nail polish reminds of the wildberry poptarts I used to eat as a kid. You know, the ones with the purple frosting and the bright blue swish? Anyways, I keep imagining this pie would taste like a professional culinary masterpiece version of that and I really want to taste it.
Guillermo Martinez
Guillermo Martinez - 2 дня назад
I find Carla cooking somewhat ASMR.
Krystal Wattles
Krystal Wattles - 2 дня назад
I made this last night!! Going to enjoy tonight for my birthday!!
حیــات وحش حیوانات
حیــات وحش حیوانات - 2 дня назад
Hello good night
Chi Asmr
Chi Asmr - 2 дня назад
Jehovah witness who shows up at the door now, would preach pie before saying bye to Carla 🤣🤣😁
KP - 2 дня назад
What are the measurements for the pie dough tho??
Nikita jha
Nikita jha - 2 дня назад
Love how you took so much time to just say "dont leave it and if you do keep it in the fridge"
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog - 2 дня назад
The transitions are a little much
shaun chisholm
shaun chisholm - 2 дня назад
If Bill Burr can make it then anyone can
ThyBallisticLui 57
ThyBallisticLui 57 - 2 дня назад
Hey thanks for the shout out!
Bassem Boustany
Bassem Boustany - 2 дня назад
Carla's the best!
lilttlekevin89 - 2 дня назад
"If you're really good at braiding dough.. then I don't think you should be watching this channel" LMAOOOOOO
k p
k p - 2 дня назад
When you begin a tutorial with "all purpose flour" you lose 1000 views
JTJ - 2 дня назад
Thank you back pack lady. Motivated now to make a pie👍
Hawleigh Turner
Hawleigh Turner - 3 дня назад
I’m way this with my six year old little sister and she just says, “She’s really good at making pie.” 😂😭
Lifted_Above - 3 дня назад
Not quite perfect. Needs whipped cream topping.
Whole heavy whipping cream. Melt some pollen honey in a stainless cup over the stove, pour into the whipped cream when it's setting up. Continue to whip until stiff.
Put a good WHOP of the stuff on pie. It's the best.
Tia - 3 дня назад
Ok I've been inspired! I'm going to take a stab at making pie dough!
Christopher Young
Christopher Young - 3 дня назад
I absolutely LOVE Carla!!
gizanked - 3 дня назад
Just went and picked 6 lbs of blueberries with the family today. There will be pie.
kjellakjella - 3 дня назад
Can I use cherry insted of blueberry? I have a cherry-tree, with sour cherrys, hvow can I use them in a pie?
Putra Shazwan
Putra Shazwan - 3 дня назад
Is anyone reminded of that Spanish teacher from That’s So Raven when they watch Carla?
ro pro
ro pro - 3 дня назад
You guys need to edit your videos.
Sunny Jack-O-Lantern
Sunny Jack-O-Lantern - 3 дня назад
Carla's the best :)
katina yarde
katina yarde - 3 дня назад
Shouts out to Guyana for the Demerara sugar 😄🙌
Alicia Easaw - Mamutil
Alicia Easaw - Mamutil - 3 дня назад
Oh no! Why didn't you eat it with ice-cream! Inches away from perfection!
oscar s
oscar s - 3 дня назад
My oven only goes to 250c, can I still make this?
CatsInTheBelfry - 3 дня назад
I'm going to make a pie
CatsInTheBelfry - 3 дня назад
I have seen things today... that make me thankful for her cussing
Rory Jakobs
Rory Jakobs - 3 дня назад
Definitely use fresh NOT frozen blueberries, I followed this using premade pastry and frozen blue berries and it was sloppy as hell, flavour was great though, should have used more cornstarch and less sugar
✩ allie ✩
✩ allie ✩ - 3 дня назад
Carla, do you have any tips on how to keep pesky hands away from a hot pie so they dont eat it when its not ready?
Mythic_god91 - 3 дня назад
It is harder then you think to mess up pie dough
Naz95K - 4 дня назад
my two favorite things.... in a pie.. OMG WHY DID I NOT THINK OF MAKING THIS!!! :3 i love ginger and blue berry's...
Elke Wheeler
Elke Wheeler - 4 дня назад
OMG. I just found out about the Bon Appetit podcast. Am I the only one not to know about this? How did I not know about this? I’m starting with the ice cream episode. Another hour listening to
Carla and Brad (and Adam) while I make lasagne and drink wine with my hubby. Life keeps getting better.
Natasha - 4 дня назад
Where are you, where snakes just pop up on your deck?
Kathryn Kahn
Kathryn Kahn - 4 дня назад
I made this pie the other day and took it to work and it was amazing! I will definitely be making this again!
Danny Rivera
Danny Rivera - 4 дня назад
My favorite part was her reference to jehovah witness’ 😂🤣🤣🤣
jesse Yanez
jesse Yanez - 4 дня назад
I wish these barfbags would just bake/cook,n just be professional n cut out the trying to be cool while baking,I hate her.I'd fire her,n tht fat biker dude with the tattoos they are bad for t.v.
noam hason
noam hason - 4 дня назад
max krause
max krause - 4 дня назад
She don't even know how to make food culinary school waste of time
Charms - 4 дня назад
Love Carla, I want more Carla
Daniel jackson
Daniel jackson - 4 дня назад
“You’re gonna bleep that out right?”😂
Marta Cardozo
Marta Cardozo - 4 дня назад
I want to try this but blueberries are really rare and expensive in Paraguay ☹ I know I could use something like blackberries but it wouldn't be the same
Ode A L’oubli
Ode A L’oubli - 4 дня назад
I’m gunna try to bake this pie for my girlfriend’s mom so that she loves me
Luis Cardona
Luis Cardona - 4 дня назад
I’m falling in love Carla!
OhSnap SnakesOnAPlane
OhSnap SnakesOnAPlane - 4 дня назад
You rock Carla! Love this pie!
CFCninja - 4 дня назад
Carla time 😜🍆💦
Rachel Manheimer
Rachel Manheimer - 4 дня назад
the sugar hydrates
Darksouls Chalupa
Darksouls Chalupa - 4 дня назад
“Edges of the dough crack”
😐🤔the dough is round....
Circles have no edges😩😂
frizzfest - 4 дня назад
Oh Em Gee -- she needs her own show -- STAT!
Sarah Campbell
Sarah Campbell - 4 дня назад
Could you tell me some more unique fruit pie flavor combinations?? blueberry ginger sounds fantastic, I’d love to make maybe a cherry and peach too but with something extra special :) This video is so inspiring to me, I wanna go whip up a slew of pies and impress all my loved ones!
Also I find “dewy” to be a please alternative to the word—well, you know
SundayMatinee - 5 дней назад
That looks so easy even I could do it!
Liz X
Liz X - 5 дней назад
Carla, Claire, and Brad together please!! some sort of mashup between claire gorurmet recreations and It's alive with Carla's classic recipes somehow???
MsSovereign loveChild
MsSovereign loveChild - 5 дней назад
Claire and carla have to be sisters
Robotiguy - 5 дней назад
I've never been much of a cook or baker, and I'm notoriously very clumsy in the kitchen; but this video made me really want to try my hand at pie baking! I tried a different filling, since I'm not a fan of blueberries, but it turned out amazing! The process of making the dough was fun and I'm honestly hooked. I'll definitely be baking more pies in the future! Thanks for the great practical advice!
Determined2bDetermined - 5 дней назад
lol her stories about when not to leave the dough
Jordan Rosendale
Jordan Rosendale - 5 дней назад
“They all went to a chocolate tasting” dream job
Alexia - 5 дней назад
soupdawhoop - 5 дней назад
absolutely sending carla pie pics when I make one
Jacqueline Garcia
Jacqueline Garcia - 5 дней назад
This full recipe isn’t even on the website???? How much butter?? How do you expect people to make it without basic information
Bon Appétit
Bon Appétit - 5 дней назад
Oh but it is!
soyfilib - 5 дней назад
Carla is the new Brad
Fotograma ibarra garcia
Fotograma ibarra garcia - 5 дней назад
i wanna make a pie now. but i don't have an oven :(
sofía g.
sofía g. - 5 дней назад
i absolutely adore carla’s personality omf
Annie - 5 дней назад
Oooooh tricky. Carla says 5 tablespoons water (for the dough) but the recipe online says 3 tablespoons...what to do!?!
Eloeri - 5 дней назад
Carla is just the cutest chef ever.
Brittany Johnson
Brittany Johnson - 5 дней назад
I looooove Carla!!!!! The Jehovah Witness show up 😂😂😂😂
Abbey Bishop
Abbey Bishop - 5 дней назад
no soggy bottoms here. gotta love pie 🥧
Steven Universe
Steven Universe - 5 дней назад
I'd eat her moist pie. 👌😎👌
Alberto Figueroa
Alberto Figueroa - 5 дней назад
Why the hate on MOIST? how about sebum? hate that one instead.
Jeremy Ng
Jeremy Ng - 5 дней назад
Jehovah witness knocking on the door
karandeep singh
karandeep singh - 5 дней назад
She is soooooo innocent and simple. Love watching her !!
DouglastheDragon 01
DouglastheDragon 01 - 5 дней назад
If you have hot hands like me, use a pastry cutter!
Felicia Smith
Felicia Smith - 5 дней назад
YES! I'm going to try this out this weekend!
Dahlia Walton
Dahlia Walton - 5 дней назад
I love your examples
Caley Ettinger
Caley Ettinger - 5 дней назад
My grandma would always put the dough in a plastic Tupperware and shake it until it formed a ball. It was like magic haha.
OGpjm King
OGpjm King - 5 дней назад
How much flour do you use?
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