David Dobrik Guesses How 1,016 Fans Responded to a Survey About Him | Teen Vogue

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David Dobrik
David Dobrik - 12 часов назад
Thank you for having me Teen Vogue!! Also, thank you for comparing me to Channing Tatum. I feel a lot more confident in my day to day life now!!
Censored Gurung AG
Censored Gurung AG - 24 минуты назад
Davey you are just PERFECT!!
Sidhantha neogi
Sidhantha neogi - 31 минуту назад
J tf no
Izabella Creadon
Izabella Creadon - 40 минут назад
David Dobrik I just wanted to say that I always thought you were tall like above 6ft but I just wanted to say that I’m 12 and I’m 5,9 we’re so close in height
Emily Booth2
Emily Booth2 - 41 минуту назад
David Dobrik I love you tooo muchhhhhhh❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rob Dean II
Rob Dean II - 57 минут назад
Im 31
Colby and Brennen
Colby and Brennen - 12 минут назад
8:39 david being cute
PIJAT URUT - 12 минут назад
wow akhir ya trending namber one
ELLA B - 14 минут назад
Theres a boy at my school that looks like y
sexy korean girl
sexy korean girl - 15 минут назад
his average
Colby and Brennen
Colby and Brennen - 16 минут назад
Climbing Mount Everest with the queen would be so iconic
Android Girl
Android Girl - 17 минут назад
Is the queen Liza or Shane?
Colby and Brennen
Colby and Brennen - 17 минут назад
6:09 I relate to this
Dana Cam
Dana Cam - 17 минут назад
*You sound like you dont wanna see the trick*
Colby and Brennen
Colby and Brennen - 18 минут назад
David is better looking than Channing Tatum ngl
Erika Tobon
Erika Tobon - 18 минут назад
I’m literally in love with David and I’m so over it
Colby and Brennen
Colby and Brennen - 19 минут назад
David is so a Brad Pitt x Channing Tatum
Katherine - 19 минут назад
It’s disgusting how likable he is
Атик Мул
Атик Мул - 19 минут назад
Не плагиат броена https://youtu.be/PJZnwnRsFLQ
KINGPOTPIE - 21 минуту назад
Myles Ervin
Myles Ervin - 23 минуты назад
Smoke a joint then watch this
Wavy Baby
Wavy Baby - 26 минут назад
David mom was giving him baths til he was 11 !?!? I lost my virginity and started smoking cigarettes at 12/13. Jeez man. Me and this kid lived in two diff worlds at that age. Man the 90/00s were an awesome time.
Jaskirat Lidder
Jaskirat Lidder - 26 минут назад
5:19 ... your mom bathed you while you were in the sixth grade?
Villah AO
Villah AO - 27 минут назад
Listen to Algor -Latley by Algor #np on #SoundCloud
li li
li li - 27 минут назад
Kessie Bell
Kessie Bell - 29 минут назад
My first job *job*
Peeps YT
Peeps YT - 30 минут назад
The 4 people that said lord forquad was Scotty Todd Zane and heath lmfao
OnlySun Seven
OnlySun Seven - 31 минуту назад
goodvibe Tv
goodvibe Tv - 31 минуту назад
Don't Reply
Don't Reply - 34 минуты назад
Clicked just to comment:
kellsey rocca
kellsey rocca - 35 минут назад
He looks like fix it Felix lol
KarnageX - 36 минут назад
Lukas Graham isn’t the single singer; it’s the name of the entire band, but the lead vocalist is Lukas Forchhammer
Katherin Padron
Katherin Padron - 39 минут назад
He’s so goofy I love it
Da_nnys - 40 минут назад
the ad before he said the soap was sauve lol
Joey c
Joey c - 43 минуты назад
Mind checking me out ? Would appreciate it 😭
Alvan Arib Khan
Alvan Arib Khan - 43 минуты назад
Do one on PewDiePie now!
kovacshuni - 43 минуты назад
David, you summarized pretty much 100% accurately why I am watching you and what do you mean to me. When you were saying that, I had to pause the video and look away and say it in the air. I love you.
Ty Johnson
Ty Johnson - 45 минут назад
this as just made more people stupid thanks
chary361 - 45 минут назад
THIS is the#1 video? Sad
Nomnom Jinnie
Nomnom Jinnie - 46 минут назад
David Dobrik: *holds up bunny pic*
Amiyah Kuntz
Amiyah Kuntz - 47 минут назад
#1 on trending! Yassss babyyy♥️🥳
it'sLiliWard - 48 минут назад
wait wait wait
5'8" is considered short? 😭
Lolo Loves
Lolo Loves - 49 минут назад
jack Dylan grazer looks like David
Rob Dean II
Rob Dean II - 51 минуту назад
The way PoOPEd came out
Queen Amazing!
Queen Amazing! - 53 минуты назад
*I know most of you people aren't reading this, but you'd really make my day if you checked my channel out and commented on my videos. Love you guys!*
Huỳnh Duyên
Huỳnh Duyên - 54 минуты назад
https://youtu.be/q2Dudo3zdBk thank u
Amy Emie
Amy Emie - 54 минуты назад
10:24 aw bub- 😭♥️
Gentrit Morina
Gentrit Morina - 54 минуты назад
They should've added Ted Bundy as David's doppelgänger 🤣
Gabe Sotto
Gabe Sotto - 55 минут назад
“ What type of soap or body wash does David use?”
*gets soap and body wash ad*
taykarrin - 57 минут назад
ells bells
ells bells - 58 минут назад
“My mom used to bathe me in it when I was 11”
Billeeblu19 - 59 минут назад
this music is so Stranger Thingsy I love it
Aracoixo - Час назад
4:05 let's cut to the chase.
itsdestineealeah - Час назад
he is the most precious. my heart is so soft for this man, I would literally throw hands for him
Bella Mays
Bella Mays - Час назад
He looks like pj dreams.
Jamie - Час назад
6:04 Is that why you always try and sneak into movie theatres?
Erik Zuniga
Erik Zuniga - Час назад
Why is this guy everywhere? Isn't he the one that was involved in some cheating scandal?
Alex Gerber
Alex Gerber - Час назад
I am 12 and I am almost taller than you lol
Jasmine Gandara
Jasmine Gandara - Час назад
Can't stop watching this 💙
XxInquisitivekidsxX - Час назад
Roses are orange
Violets are yellow
I had my favorite dessert
It was jello lol
“my mum used to bathe me in it when i was 11” ....... wat
Appendicitis Dolan
Appendicitis Dolan - Час назад
David is my favorite influencer ever
loi phung
loi phung - Час назад
loi phung
loi phung - Час назад
Rubie Rojas
Rubie Rojas - Час назад
If you listen to the podcast he’s already answered almost all these questions
David Fun
David Fun - Час назад
You are locked in R. Kelly's basement, like to undo
张伟 - Час назад
Love Time
Love Time - Час назад
kuzy kelvin
kuzy kelvin - Час назад
I love this
Miranda B
Miranda B - Час назад
I wanted to see the card trick
mysterious goose
mysterious goose - Час назад
I felt that chipotle burrito analogy . 😂😭
Juicy Suave
Juicy Suave - Час назад
Roses are red violets are blue that what she said in 1:52,jk I just wanted to rhyme but its actually 1:57.
Your Little Dreamboat
Your Little Dreamboat - Час назад
Your mom is 37?!? Wtf? 😭
Teyah Vollendroff
Teyah Vollendroff - Час назад
aesthetic mom edits
aesthetic mom edits - Час назад
lol i’m the person that said channing tatum
Teyah Vollendroff
Teyah Vollendroff - Час назад
"Imma pocket this one too" *sits on it*
KotaSan - Час назад
when i read the thumbnail, in my head im saying "WHO CARES ABOUT THIS KIND OF STUFF"
Skyline Fabrication
Skyline Fabrication - Час назад
I've almost got 1000 Subs! So close Wooo!
lenna maqenzi
lenna maqenzi - Час назад
is everyone ignoring the fact that he is Just like jim, personality And looks both??? I ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT
Jared Garcia
Jared Garcia - Час назад
Does Pam know about this?
Hann Leigh
Hann Leigh - Час назад
David features that many animals on his channel why did no body say David Attenborough??
Jason Alvarez
Jason Alvarez - Час назад
Is this really #1 on trending? Lol lameeeeeeeee
Hello People
Hello People - Час назад
Nice I learned a lot more about David
alisha - Час назад
david looks like the first mateo in jane the virgin 😭
Aman Raj
Aman Raj - Час назад
Don't click on "Read more"

You have bad luck for the rest of 2019. Like to disable.
jonathan Sanchez
jonathan Sanchez - Час назад
Who the fook is this guy?
grace elwick
grace elwick - Час назад
i'm taller than david wtf
Yaeli Hyams
Yaeli Hyams - Час назад
Why is no one talking about the fact that he said he likes comic sans??? Honestly that's the first font I thought if, actually kinda fits him idk why😁
brandy torres
brandy torres - Час назад
no one said Paul Rudd. David literally looks like Paul Rudd
poof - Час назад
10:47 he literally had puppy eyes as he said that, is this a coincidence?
Natalie Fox
Natalie Fox - Час назад
Polly Crypto
Polly Crypto - Час назад
The Leo Wolf
The Leo Wolf - Час назад
Vanessa Olivo
Vanessa Olivo - Час назад
I looooved the vibes this video has
Lachlan MacDonald
Lachlan MacDonald - Час назад
I literally got a suave commercial right before he said he used suave! 😂
Lucasjay - Час назад
The chipotle burrito thing killed me
Vickie Vang
Vickie Vang - Час назад
I never realized how regular and average he looks??
Willy Bee
Willy Bee - Час назад
Who is this?
Reina Kageyama
Reina Kageyama - Час назад
*hello there angel*
Detktive Black pants
Detktive Black pants - Час назад
Who’s this guy I keep seeing him everywhere?!
Roxieh27 - Час назад
I like how David’s team have been trying so hard to do damage control since the whole Trisha Paytas video lol
Tsetsi - Час назад
Дейвид е много сладък и секси!
tahia banu
tahia banu - Час назад
Why is this guy everywhere?? 🤔
Anais De Jesus
Anais De Jesus - Час назад
He looks like Justin Dobies
Kennedy Boyer
Kennedy Boyer - Час назад
Hold up...
Is nobody going to mention David's super fast reflex at 10:35 ???
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