Samuel L Jackson On Kicking Drugs Before His First Role, Social Media, New 'Shaft' Film + More

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SoapboX Speaks
SoapboX Speaks - Day ago
Mr Jackson is incorrect
SoapboX Speaks
SoapboX Speaks - Day ago
Goddess Great
Goddess Great - Day ago
my absolute FAVORITE actor
P Mac
P Mac - Day ago
Thank you Mr. Samuel for NOT allowing Hollywood to make Shaft into a comedy. 🙏🏾
shakie Pete
shakie Pete - 2 days ago
That mf is one of the greatest ever. Talk about the change he went through. Hope he has even more success and may God bless him in all aspects of life. 💯
Johnny Mack
Johnny Mack - 3 days ago
What a lucky faggot. Literally, the most overhyped actor in hollywood. Sure, gimme, the quinten, especiale....sam is the EPITOME, of mediocre....try again bitches. IF you cunts can pry yourself away from an anti-trump rally....lmao fuckin cucks...
ItsMissChas5 - 7 days ago
This was a great shw!
Sandman552 - 7 days ago
Ok, Boomer
Katerina S
Katerina S - 9 days ago
He’s such an inspiration!!!
PTX - Functional Training
He can say what he wants but he either got paid extremely well for snakes on the plane or he just acts really well that he doesn’t regret any movie he made cause this one was really shit!
CCGINJA Henny - 9 days ago
I ❤️ this man! Samuel L. Jackson is a Brilliant actor and hilarious! I just recently watched on Netflix the movie Dolemite is my Name! I couldn't stop laughing through the whole movie it's hilarious!
GJU GJU DARLING - 12 days ago
Just when you think that same REPRESENTATIVE/COMMANDER IN CHIEF you can be disappointed like never before
GJU GJU DARLING - 12 days ago
Mfer@29:25..don't know me"
GJU GJU DARLING - 12 days ago
Angela Lee....why we hardly.see your face & who told you to dress like somebody's .mother with Scarlet O'Hare hairdo after running from Clark Gable?
Your beautiful!
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor - 12 days ago
Turned shaft into a comedy while villains are still shook of James Bond?
Seemo Sofi
Seemo Sofi - 13 days ago
Envy is soo annoying, beige nigga just laughing for no reason lol
ThisGuyJamal - 17 days ago
"I hadn't been to new york yet, I was still in atlanta..Harlem looked like this mystical dark dangerous, sexy place"
John Flores
John Flores - 20 days ago
sammy boy has nice fingernails
hazel haz
hazel haz - 21 day ago
He looks awesome at 70.
Sherine P
Sherine P - 21 day ago
"What is that sh*t? ... mmm mm, that sh*t looks f*cked up" Real tears!
Joe Roque
Joe Roque - 21 day ago
Angela yee will be my baby mama one day!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤
Alexie P
Alexie P - 22 days ago
His role with Marvel definitely connected him to the younger fan base. I hope we see more of SLJ on more super hero films going forward.
Ray Jones
Ray Jones - 26 days ago
What he was talking about growing up in his own community and how they take care of their own and nurturing and educated thier own is what we as black people missing because no one going to love you like your own
Robert Delgado
Robert Delgado - 26 days ago
This man has positive vibes ✊🏽
phyllis johnson
phyllis johnson - 27 days ago
Charlamagne tell your daughter white people did that to us for money, free labor =( money) cotton =( money) People got rich off of cotton and it only made them richer cause they had free labor. Not to mention free child rearing and housekeeping duties. Plus the white man had sexual access to black women. A peculiar institution indeed.
Luke Andrews
Luke Andrews - 27 days ago
SuavéG TV
SuavéG TV - 27 days ago
wassup w his nails ?
Justin Collins
Justin Collins - 29 days ago
Black Snake Moan is a very underrated movie of his.
Finding Good Times
Finding Good Times - Month ago
Him and Dave Chappelle have similar interview cadences.
Hennessy Faust / Darque Side
1.6k ppl need a mofckn punch in their mofckn throat...smh...haters...
The Implacable Authoritarian
Taki Ryan
Taki Ryan - Month ago
I love his voice!!!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
danysha sims
danysha sims - Month ago
yoc land
yoc land - Month ago
Hearing him talk about the crew and how hard they work and its a team thing shows how humble he his and that he doesn't take himself to seriously. Seems like a chill dude. Such a good interview.
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams - Month ago
My favor actor
StintheKid - Month ago
One of my favorite actors of all time! Loved this.
Jeanie Alley
Jeanie Alley - Month ago
My brother in law looks like him and had Dee the same attitude as him! Lol
They should meet someday
C.Lovina - Month ago
Anyone clocking the faces he was pulling at Angela. I was cracking up 😂
Nura Sams
Nura Sams - Month ago
Legendary OK!!
Channing Chavous
Channing Chavous - Month ago
Charlemagne: "How has knowing what white people did to us not turned your heart cold?"

Mr. Jackson: "Knowing they are trying to keep us down for a reason, knowing we offer a richness that makes the world what it is...and they mad because they dont have it." 🙌🏾💖🙏🏿
kickingitwithtimmyb - Month ago
sam is the best! that shaft joke had me howling haha
TravionMusic - Month ago
Tbh I put him above Denzel, Sam is the GOAT.
Andre L. Johnson
Andre L. Johnson - Month ago
"My Mofo Dude!!"
Clay Freeman
Clay Freeman - Month ago
For someone seventy maga has one meaning im sure but for someone that grew up in the first era of segregation from 1st grade to college it means something else. For me it means full employment, the age of American manufacturing might and ending the cold war as the sole super power. To me at least. Never even thought of Jim Crowe or racism until the press started accusing anyone that voted for Trump of being a Nazi
Clay Freeman
Clay Freeman - Month ago
Look it's Lawrence Fishburn !
Diego Pisfil
Diego Pisfil - Month ago
Samuel L. Jackson and Lena Headey should do a movie together
Jose Melendez
Jose Melendez - Month ago
Can you talk about allegations of jlo for hustlers being sued for getting storry wrong
Alex90andru - Month ago
I’m tired of these motherfucking questions at this motherfucking interview 😂
Jose Gray
Jose Gray - Month ago
LOVE that HEAT cap.
Brandon Bauer
Brandon Bauer - Month ago
charlamagne the cuck
Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz - Month ago
Sam Jack has been in every 3rd movie that gets released for the last 20 years!
Joseph mut
Joseph mut - Month ago
Beast from the East
Beast from the East - Month ago
They need to start giving their guests collar microphones. I can’t understand them when they turn their head and talk.
Dain - Month ago
"My kids see Django and ask why white people did that to us and I don't have an answer!"
You really don't have an answer to why slavery was popular? Like those slaves were sold by Africans, that's confusing to you?
Rey - Month ago
This man is not a special guest, he is a legendary guest.
Wani Oliver
Wani Oliver - Month ago
Samuel L Jackson : Mothafuckers Don't Know Me 😂😂😂😂🤣
Sterling Rock
Sterling Rock - Month ago
" Not being envious and knowing my turn will come", tell it Samuel Jackson
Rooke VT
Rooke VT - Month ago
can someone explain to me what his look at 14:56 towards angela yee was for? I don't understand it and would like to know. thanks
Rabie Guella
Rabie Guella - Month ago
Guys, find a solution for the mic man!
Efrayn Cardenas
Efrayn Cardenas - Month ago
Stressed free is from weed
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