Rust - The Sweetest REVENGE!

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Stevie - 4 months ago
The last 7 minutes are the best 7 minutes of the video. I hope you guys stay till then! ;)
ThatOneGamer 777
ThatOneGamer 777 - 14 days ago
last one was action packed this one has more of a story line just as entertaining
stephen trujillo
stephen trujillo - 17 days ago
Stevie I love your taste in peaceful harmony type music as your blowing stuff up and killing ppl. LoL. Classic bruh
lord domynico
lord domynico - 29 days ago
Yes it was absolutely amazing
reallyNICK - 15 hours ago
"So I was chilling, eating a sandwich"
Benson Chuang
Benson Chuang - 21 hour ago
Ok soooo I’m new to this channel so who is ur friend? Or is he ur friend?
YungOG-DaRK - Day ago
You got building privilege
Husnain Ahmed
Husnain Ahmed - 9 days ago
Super exciting and great time passing video! Keep it up bro :)
Explicit Ray
Explicit Ray - 9 days ago
Hey stevie really like your content man its hard for me to find someone I watch their videos FULLY but you are one of the few!
Zachary Ward
Zachary Ward - 11 days ago
XD buddy Stevie I8r here bro
Alex samain
Alex samain - 12 days ago
looking this again after 4months ans still love the sweet revenge cant get enouf from it
Gabee Soliva
Gabee Soliva - 13 days ago
Whos watching this at 2019 because this is the best content like it if ur watching this in 2019
Shizuroki Tadashi
Shizuroki Tadashi - 15 days ago
Stevie this is why you shouldn't tell the server beacuse those scaredy cats of sh*t only just done that because they know where you are
I don't wanna be offensive
stephen trujillo
stephen trujillo - 17 days ago
I love how he has that peaceful and harmony sounding music playing while there blasting rockets and raiding a base. LoL. Classic
echo - 19 days ago
37 minutes well spent indeed
Laurie praiser
Laurie praiser - 20 days ago
U know what I noticed about this tuber and Aqua. They never look behind them and die. So bra back to you. Look behind you.
Garrett Royle
Garrett Royle - 22 days ago
Love the videos man keep it up
carmelo Chaney
carmelo Chaney - 23 days ago
There were 5 of them
TheMalethor - 23 days ago
Good job!
Roman Snitko
Roman Snitko - 23 days ago
Greta video dude, I watched all the way it was really fun and interestin!😊
PlanetJeroen - 24 days ago
I no longer watch television series, instead I watch Rust footage like this. I love this. I suck at the game, I am the perpetual bow guy building his tier2 base over and over again, but I love watching others play. I wish I wasnt solo or so fucking bad a PVP. Thanks for the story like footage man.
ItsChurch - 24 days ago
Thank You Stevie for the great content making my day time after time thanks again and keep up the great work with those amazing drawing skills
- Dod0B1rd -
- Dod0B1rd - - 24 days ago
37:18 DUDE, U R SO FRCKIN WELCOME BRO!!! Ur videos r *insane* I always thought rust as just some junk kinda old school lookin boring survival game but nah, it’s so much more. And seeing the way u play and u strategize, it’s like a PvP survival game version of like chess!! If I were to get caught in like a gun fight, ur the kind of person I’d want to be on my team!!!😂😋👍
1k subs with 0 vids ?
1k subs with 0 vids ? - 25 days ago
i dont even play rust but i love ur content
Elmo 420
Elmo 420 - 25 days ago
Fn Zoe
Fn Zoe - 25 days ago
is that game on steam if not plz tell me
A-ok Flo
A-ok Flo - 25 days ago
Vanuel Baker
Vanuel Baker - 26 days ago
If the content is good I don't mind how long the video takes
Harry Wu
Harry Wu - 26 days ago
Stevie has the best drawing ever!
xFALL3Nx93 - 26 days ago
Vickie Del haro
Vickie Del haro - 26 days ago
Look don't till me hop you enjoy i will allwas enjoy your video bro
Josh Weil
Josh Weil - 27 days ago
I love these videos so much jeeeez
Yes - 27 days ago
Was hoping they would be in the comments somewhere at the top but no :(
jemuel wong
jemuel wong - 27 days ago
nice !! storytelling type of gameplayer
itzshamoo !!
itzshamoo !! - 28 days ago
Morgan freeman quality narration 10/10 loved it
colorpanda YT
colorpanda YT - 28 days ago
What is this game called?
Waner Felix
Waner Felix - 28 days ago
That was so cool
Andre Morris-Brown (156AndMorr)
You should play Ark!
Absol on the internet
Absol on the internet - 28 days ago
Stevie: Hold the door with your S.P.A.S
Snuffy: _No, i don't think I will_
GM Kof hard
GM Kof hard - 29 days ago
Stevie calls blooprint for backup but he was more like a meat shield lmao
Scrodo - 29 days ago
can we get a count on how many times stevie gets killed while looting per video?
Christian Whitney
Christian Whitney - 29 days ago
Watching this at 2:00 in morning is a great way to fall asleep
DeeKay - 29 days ago
If VSauce made rust videos, it would be this lmao
Beast60 - 29 days ago
This wants me to play rust but im not an attacking guy and know ill always get killed.
l_Syper_l - 29 days ago
that was the best rust video ever
Logan S
Logan S - 29 days ago
I dont have rust but i like your vids and wish i could get it
crystelillc - 29 days ago
You should do a massive collab with some rust yters, like a clan base of just you tubers. For example Rchan, Welyn, and etc like 6+ for one wipe. It would make some good content.
bo1k1ller - 29 days ago
BRO i Fing loveeee your vids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And your editrs are holy F.
GamingWithBilly - Month ago
at 24:00 did you guys get more people in your party?
Jack Dunne
Jack Dunne - Month ago
Rust is one of my favorite games and ur the best I have ever seen
The780555 - Month ago
I didn’t even know it was a 37 min vid😂😂😂
James Cope
James Cope - Month ago
Fair Played Stevie, we shall fight again soon. its WetMyAppetite , you are a good player!
Michael Tardivo
Michael Tardivo - Month ago
ohhhhh such a satisfying finish!!
Loki - Month ago
Stevie: hears fight
Stevie: yes yes yes
Jimmy Toxic
Jimmy Toxic - Month ago
I watch 2 if these per week, so I technically watch 1 movie per week, you got bad guys, good guys, a plot, a decent story line, and its 30 min to 51 min long EVERY video, it's just perfect
You From another universe
anyone watching in 2120
Ratchet - Month ago
Sweet revenge
Ratchet - Month ago
QuickKid Kinetic
QuickKid Kinetic - Month ago
great videos keep it up
1 ad in a 37 minute video bow down to the hero
Milan Stamenkovski
Milan Stamenkovski - Month ago
15:38 sound track
FadeSnipez - Month ago
999k views lol
Amos leeming
Amos leeming - Month ago
your welcom
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