Rust - The Sweetest REVENGE!

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Stevie - Month ago
The last 7 minutes are the best 7 minutes of the video. I hope you guys stay till then! ;)
Youtube For Funz
Youtube For Funz - 11 days ago
@Reese 0070 agree, cuz one rust u can get lost the track of time on it, and what that mean is its a good game. I think this fact is what games needed. Like if u just getting bored of the game its a bad game, but rust is one of the best game out there i would say
Reese 0070
Reese 0070 - 11 days ago
Honestly I made it thru the entire vid, if there was a game, that would make me get a PC, it’s rust, it’s game play is the best I have ever seen, and I think you make some of the best videos about it
Youtube For Funz
Youtube For Funz - 14 days ago
But i think the first 37 minutes is the best
NoGameNoLife - 14 days ago
The whole video is the best with your drawings to you rocketing your own bags lol great video i don't play rust but watching your vids are very entertaining.
yeetastic - Day ago
This dude is hella smart
Tony Wood
Tony Wood - 3 days ago
holy shit i didn't even realize it was a 37 minute video till you mentioned it. I like your content, theres always a story to it.
Russell Williams
Russell Williams - 4 days ago
Damn you guys suck. The 370k following you, should go and follow wetb-day... They demolished you guys, than you cried, got aggro, threw tantrums and quit. Lmao! Moral of this stupid, long story? Do not build close to a cliff like these dingle-berries. Best piece of advice they did not mean to give. Everything else is LOLn funny!
Brandon Xiong :D
Brandon Xiong :D - 4 days ago
never played Rust and i probably never will but im enjoying the content lol
theopeegamer - 4 days ago
Sean Eric
Sean Eric - 5 days ago
its a 2x server so it does not count as the gratest start ever or Sweetest comeback, when you play 2x you only play it for fun, there is nothing hard in 2x to have a bad start
Jake Thompson
Jake Thompson - 5 days ago
These are so awesome
Fuhq Ewe
Fuhq Ewe - 5 days ago
Why do you sound like a teenage kid who learned to speak from watching VSauce?
ReVolving GaMer
ReVolving GaMer - 5 days ago
Stevie: hmm weird not sure but I dont know you'll be able to spawn in your bag for some reason....
Bag:....really bro
Adam Massena
Adam Massena - 6 days ago
17:34 Patrick the star has left the chat room*
ab0od - 6 days ago
1. My computer is too sh*t to get this game.
2. I'm too broke to buy it.
3. Hi
jskully foe
jskully foe - 7 days ago
Bro love your videos
Novamods 13
Novamods 13 - 8 days ago
love you man
Ya Boy Hasty 16
Ya Boy Hasty 16 - 8 days ago
The music though.....
Nonesense Speaker
Nonesense Speaker - 8 days ago
"To the uphill guys, if you're watching this"
Me: fuck you.
Him: it's been fun!
Me: okay, or be mature. fine
jackdaknife - 10 days ago
"We called them 'the uphill guys' because.... they were up the hill from us".

Ninjai - 10 days ago
so much fail at the beginning just watch Bchillz lol always a good show heh
Budwiser - 10 days ago
I keep hearing the discord sound and instinctively look at my second monitor.
Moey Youssef
Moey Youssef - 10 days ago
2am and I watched through this and the previous video non stop, I absolutely love your content
James Levi Deligencia
James Levi Deligencia - 10 days ago
good job bro!
Billy Masterson
Billy Masterson - 11 days ago
Favorite part is at 15:21
“Is he stacky stacky?”
Stevie: Indeed. We will upgrade our base with this.
“Hehe. He stacky stacky!”
Lol I love it
Mad Science00
Mad Science00 - 11 days ago
On the last video it was genius how you got to the storage ship
PHIL SWIFT - 11 days ago
RUST: hectic as fuck

dayZ: calm
me to dayZ: are you delusional? do you suffer from a mental illness?
Don't Buy Made in China
Don't Buy Made in China - 11 days ago
wow i watched a 37 min video without realizing it, good video.
Sean Sullivan
Sean Sullivan - 11 days ago
Yo you guys should have had the 4th player be hJune ( the pvp GOD)
crouchingsin - 11 days ago
loved this video. loved the stories you tell. started off thinking why is he uploading 2 month old footage, but it all came together and i loved it!
zew - 12 days ago
All the dislikes is all the People you raided
zew - 12 days ago
All the dislikes is all the People you raided
zew - 12 days ago
All the dislikes is all the People you raided
famousfive - 12 days ago
I loved the video and equally loved the music I tried to recreate the song list on Spotify but diden't find many of the artists - where do you source your music?
Paddy Griffin
Paddy Griffin - 12 days ago
*you have initiated a gang war*
Alex Brennan
Alex Brennan - 12 days ago
are you irish?
NinJaZockt - 13 days ago
Fuck the Uphill Guys
Alfred Wu
Alfred Wu - 13 days ago
Not really a sweet revenge if they dont know your name
Fhiji - 13 days ago
This has happened to me before, and nothing is better than all your boys assembling in the Discord ready to help.
CypherCD - 13 days ago
i just got rust n i love it, def gonna join ur server sometime
VAGUE - 13 days ago
whats wrong with ur fucking voice
Kingdomruler10 - 13 days ago
We wanted to do some raiding so,

Me: you farmed for 3 hours straight

Stevie: we killed 2 guys farming.
Kdkdjf Nxkxjd
Kdkdjf Nxkxjd - 13 days ago
Omg, this was a super good video! It’s the first time I’ve seen your video Stevie! I liked and subscribed! Nice video and I already love you! No homo🤣🤣🤣
Doodle Vac
Doodle Vac - 13 days ago
Arachnicution A
Arachnicution A - 13 days ago
Leave out the fucking drama.. I just wanna see some gameplay.
lightning - 14 days ago
You're welcome 😊
malayatoor - 14 days ago
Is he staky staky
james hackman
james hackman - 14 days ago
Rust is my second favorite survival game ARK is my first cause you can be civil in it and not murder everyone but it's a nice change to see some all out war
Chief 2o9
Chief 2o9 - 14 days ago
Best Scene is when Stevie tells Snuffy. Yo man I kinda messed up. Ur bag is on fire. Lool I’m on fire haha used the rocket launcher on accident 🤣
Chief 2o9
Chief 2o9 - 14 days ago
Yes his work of art is classic and straight to the point
Isaac WM
Isaac WM - 14 days ago
How am I only just discovering this dude
ZFazzershroudvietcynide64 Eczxio
never felt 37mins as 37mins video before :) ggwp
Insanedeath6 - 15 days ago
Let's be honest, we all checked our discord
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