John Carpenter - Christine (Official Music Video)

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Colin Valleli
Colin Valleli - 2 days ago!
Gamer Luna03
Gamer Luna03 - 2 days ago
If they do a remake of this movie, which I SERIOUSLY hope they DON'T, they better use this theme because it's ten times better then the original and I'd be pissed if they used an entirely different one-
João Vieira Da Silva Jvsjohnny
Eu não guto filme de horror mundo mais filme japan que horror
Morten Rolfson
Morten Rolfson - 5 days ago
Carpenter should direct another feature, at least.
диз контент
диз контент - 5 days ago
Эм, и это всё?
JaxTellerMorrow - 5 days ago
Big John looks so much like Revolver Ocelot here. And he is a MGS fan so...
Daniel van de peppel
Daniel van de peppel - 6 days ago
nice feeling the real cristine in it great!
DivineEye Observer
DivineEye Observer - 6 days ago
Rita volk has the most stunning legs and rear end i have ever seen and those eyes
Александр Иванов
После последнего Терминатора пошла мода на обсирание культовых фильмов?
Elyorbek Abdullin
Elyorbek Abdullin - 9 days ago
The return of a machine, return from the dead, return from hell, return for the evil, it's the return of CHRISTINE!!!!!
Jorik Charge
Jorik Charge - 13 days ago
I would love to see a Christine 2
мuйека UwU
мuйека UwU - 14 days ago
Thanks a lot S.K 🙏
Ludovico Silva
Ludovico Silva - 14 days ago
How to make a car look menacing
itz ya boi nuggetz
itz ya boi nuggetz - 16 days ago
*2:34** epic revs*
Christopher T Munro
Christopher T Munro - 19 days ago
Spencer Born
Spencer Born - 19 days ago
This is my favorite movie after Star Wars
Skybolter - 20 days ago
Christine in Los Santos, San Andreas
Xehanort10 - 20 days ago
Carpenter looking like The Undertaker at the end there.
Gregory Picklesimer
Gregory Picklesimer - 24 days ago
Christine rides again, and John is driving! lol
Ana Lúcia
Ana Lúcia - 26 days ago
this comment might be random,but I was on Google and according to Google,this music video is a "sequel" to the 1983 masterpiece
Ana Lúcia
Ana Lúcia - 26 days ago
modern cars: were the best!
Christine:I define terror,logic, Stephen king, John carpenter and I was totally mangled, crushed,burned and I'm still okay.
modern cars:😨😰😨😰😨😰😨😰😨😰😨😰😱😱😱😱😲😲😲😲😲
Jhownee DJ
Jhownee DJ - 28 days ago
This movie NEEDS a sequel! Now that "Halloween" is back, why can't we get the return of horror's most beautiful girl, Christine?
Capri 82
Capri 82 - Month ago
Remake this...or rolling vengeance?
Armando Figueirêdo
Armando Figueirêdo - Month ago
Pascal Payant
Pascal Payant - Month ago
one of my all time film and this is pure gold
Pizza The Hutt
Pizza The Hutt - Month ago
Nothing beats john carpenter....except maybe pussy;)
Maria De Jesus
Maria De Jesus - Month ago
Love that classic car.
Chelsea Fan
Chelsea Fan - Month ago
Rest In Peace John Carpenter. I loved your movies.
Chelsea Fan
Chelsea Fan - Month ago
Oh hang on, he’s not dead!! Sorry John!!
itz ya boi nuggetz
itz ya boi nuggetz - Month ago
Makaii Pickett
Makaii Pickett - Month ago
Ed Hemsley-Barrett
Ed Hemsley-Barrett - Month ago
this music video is cool.I would always replay it when i would draw the car
Валера Бурдейный
Please remake film...
Brian Tolley
Brian Tolley - Month ago
I'll throw you out on your fuckin ass!!!!!
Gandalf LOTR
Gandalf LOTR - Month ago
If like this movie or fan of Lego please support the Lego ideas Plymouth fury
G Dawg
G Dawg - Month ago
I wonder what car theyl use if they make christine 2?challenger?
Chocolatecat Gameplay
Chocolatecat Gameplay - Month ago
Christine was such a scary movie. Much better than Steven Kings other vehicular manslaughter movie which wont be mentioned.
Veli Karppinen
Veli Karppinen - Month ago
You mean the one where roller runs over a boy? King was coked up big during that time.
Gonzalo Lopez P
Gonzalo Lopez P - Month ago
Jonh carpenter cameo
Box y
Box y - Month ago
When I saw her running down the road I thought ahh shit here we go again
Movie Nerd
Movie Nerd - Month ago
"No shitter ever came between me and Christine."
michael eckert
michael eckert - Month ago
Hands down favorite stephen king adapted movie.
Victor Opaleiro
Victor Opaleiro - 2 months ago
AKOP TOROSYN - 2 months ago
Gerry Br
Gerry Br - 2 months ago
simple body lines and curve's that I'd "die" for. the whole car compliments everything Chrysler put into it at the time: passion, looks, and much more.
Magnus Cholok Mauser
Magnus Cholok Mauser - 2 months ago
I'm 28 years old and i have to live knowing that i will never be as cool as this old man. Such legend he is!
Hal L
Hal L - 2 months ago
Johnny's still got it
Joan Sanrey
Joan Sanrey - 2 months ago
Who can tell me if this is the new version?
Joan Sanrey
Joan Sanrey - 2 months ago
This is a classic!
Nathaniel Cruz
Nathaniel Cruz - 2 months ago
Christine is truly the car from Hell.
Jimmy Kerast
Jimmy Kerast - 2 months ago
that butt though
Nick Navaro
Nick Navaro - 2 months ago
What's that sound the car makes in this video almost like a turbo sound. She didn't used to make it. It sounds wicked.
Brian Griffin
Brian Griffin - Month ago
Sounds like a supercharger.
rinkrat 360
rinkrat 360 - 2 months ago
One of my dream cars
Matthew Hahn
Matthew Hahn - 2 months ago
Tyler Looney
Tyler Looney - 2 months ago
love that they made a christine music video a year ago and this year it chapter 2 shows christine easter egg in the steven king cameo with Christine's licenses plate above his head in the garage. why havent they made a sequal or a remake at least for christine yet, im dying here please bring christine back shitters lmfao.
valeria regina alegre cruz
gueria eu ter um carro assim e uma loura assim
STAR BLADE - 2 months ago
This reminds me of Stephen Kings riding the bullet
Baragys - 2 months ago
Хммм а зачем она бежит по дороге от машины, когда легко можно уйти направо и там через гаражи огородами?)
Franco Occhipinti
Franco Occhipinti - 2 months ago
Why do i get this NOW?
cannibal KING101
cannibal KING101 - 2 months ago
I would hop in and smoke a fatty with John LOL
Rayne Kraven
Rayne Kraven - 2 months ago
Only John Carpenter can look creepy and still get the girl!
Booca79 - 2 months ago
Anthropomorphic murderous car... okay, sure. Women that get into cars with strangers that have just stalked and chased them down the street... alright, no problem. Squealing tires on wet streets... now that's just expecting too much out of my suspension of disbelief. I call bullshit. 🙃
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