i stole a pen from my teacher and found a secret message inside - part 3

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Antisxcial YT
Antisxcial YT - 16 hours ago
Next video: I believe my brother is gay because he is a boy.
Antisxcial YT
Antisxcial YT - 16 hours ago
Dont like please
Sydney Star
Sydney Star - 18 hours ago
The floor is lava in
Like if you didn’t move
Bob Farm
Bob Farm - Day ago
This is how many people think she is a psycho.
Wyatt Lucas
Wyatt Lucas - Day ago
U r literally a criminal and a thief it doesn’t matter y u did. Literally the a 1st thing u did was steal candy from a store. Which some people get arrested and put in jail for
Owen Davis
Owen Davis - Day ago
"not a criminal nor a theif just doing it out of Bordem" stealing makes you both of those things
EllieLove Altman
EllieLove Altman - Day ago
I stole a squishy from my fren I stole a cake shaped eraser and my brothers money but that’s it
strae_ galaxy
strae_ galaxy - 6 days ago
*V I B E C H E C K*
Max Senecal
Max Senecal - 8 days ago
Wonder what that website she went on was actually called
Michelle Magolhado
Michelle Magolhado - 10 days ago
She didnt want to reveal this to her dad, to the scbool etc. But she revealed it to thw whole world
Lilly V Gutierrez
Lilly V Gutierrez - 10 days ago
U felt u got caught, that's y ur not excited
e-z gamer beast
e-z gamer beast - 14 days ago
Swiper no swiping
Sung Hong
Sung Hong - 14 days ago
Girl, if you stole something from me, I would tell my friends, and do something else! Thank goodness I never got something stolen! I hate people who steal stuff.
hectorhecava - 14 days ago
Me too I was stealing from other people then I gave it back(that was in 3rd grade)
Im.syd.or.whatever - 15 days ago
So thats why my perfume disappeared for a few days
Chall and CHLOE D
Chall and CHLOE D - 16 days ago
You don't need to do it but you did gaah
Harivardan Muthu
Harivardan Muthu - 16 days ago
My addiction is disciplining Pricks
Little Nipper Network
Little Nipper Network - 17 days ago
Unicorn Forevenr
Unicorn Forevenr - 17 days ago
Brielle Garrison
Brielle Garrison - 18 days ago
Her: The note had only 3 words written on it
Me: *counts 5 words* HmMmMmMmM..... 🤔
Something seems a little off here...
YoliLupita - 18 days ago
I was a kleptomaniac 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
YoliLupita - 18 days ago
I feel bad now🥴😐
Sumo Obi
Sumo Obi - 18 days ago
I have.... MULTIPLE bad habits.
I bite my nails, I forgot... A LOT, don’t get mad at me but I sometimes forget to flush the toilet after I am done... XD Dont yell at me!
YoliLupita - 18 days ago
YoliLupita - 18 days ago
HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO COMENT 😾👎🏾🤬🤬🥴x100,000,000,000,000,000,001
Kelly Nichols
Kelly Nichols - 19 days ago
(❁´◡`❁)╰(*°▽°*)╯(^///^)(●'◡'●)(*/ω\*)☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆:-)^_^:-D
Lamara Zizova
Lamara Zizova - 19 days ago
Her : I’m not a criminal,
Her : Nor a thief
Me : Okay, so you stole a chocolate bar from a store, you stole some strangers earphones, you stole you’re teachers pen, you stole you’re relatives items, And you say that you’re not a thief? Get some help.
Domi - 20 days ago
yeah lad,i am addicted to midget porn and eating my underwear fabric
JEON Bunny Jungkook
JEON Bunny Jungkook - 20 days ago
Ah...! My cousin used to do the same thing when she was little
.... and all this time she was having a disorder....
But she stopped stealing when she was caught by her mother red handed and her mother beat the shit out of her and said her to return the things to their owners......
After that My cousin Don't even touch or even look at someone's else's things!
preda046 - 20 days ago
A 3-parter
Nobody would like this
Mariah Harris
Mariah Harris - 21 day ago
Girl: I’m a grade A student.

But there’s 5 words, not 3.
Jada Clarke
Jada Clarke - 21 day ago
I have it to kleptomania
Skull - 21 day ago
she really felt all that guilt for stealing school supplies , perfume , and earphones . tf?
Natalie Bexon
Natalie Bexon - 21 day ago
Basically she's a theif with a problem.
Edith Lebakeng
Edith Lebakeng - 22 days ago
The is no justifying ur stealing
Everything Ninja
Everything Ninja - 24 days ago
who else googled "kleptomaniac"
Everything Ninja
Everything Ninja - 24 days ago
0:49 just because you're doing it out of boredom doesn't make you not a criminal lol
Kelly Poirier
Kelly Poirier - 25 days ago
mine is actually the same and this video has really helped thank you 
-Kaitlyn Poirier *im on my moms computer*
Butter Cake
Butter Cake - 25 days ago
Don’t judge she could have got in jail for this! She’s was brave enough to do this!
Hol' up! How is that a secret message ?
Ariana devil
Ariana devil - 26 days ago
Guilt stops us from doing the crime that we are
Thuvisha Arrthi
Thuvisha Arrthi - 26 days ago
The dance she did while typing 2:30
Windseeker 345
Windseeker 345 - 26 days ago
Is she gonna start being Michael from gta 5

Just wanna know
Blue Flower
Blue Flower - 27 days ago
"I know what you did. "
Myah gray
Myah gray - 27 days ago
"i wasn't a criminal or a thief. i was doing it out of boredom"

who tf is her teacher. she needs to study the law, most people STEAL out of boredom, its like she is trying to say she did nothing wrong -.-
Mr Billybobjoe
Mr Billybobjoe - 27 days ago
Police: So you killed 5 people?
Girl: Yes but I did it because I was bored.
Police: Okay you're free to go.
Girl: Really?
Police: Yeah you were bored so it's not a crime.
Cl4pp3d YT99
Cl4pp3d YT99 - 27 days ago
Juliet Olivares
Juliet Olivares - 28 days ago
Her:"I was neither a criminal nor a thief "
Also her: "borrows" (steals) from other people
Natasha Burnett-Parker
Natasha Burnett-Parker - 28 days ago
my habit was eating some sort of thing that was sweet sometimes chocolate at pretty much any time sometimes I would be hungry I wouldn’t know what to eat email that there are so many things I loved in the fridge the only thing I wanted was something sweet and I finally got over it if anyone here it says thank you for listening to my very very short story
Lily Ellington
Lily Ellington - 28 days ago
im a kleptomaniac
GB Gacha Life
GB Gacha Life - 28 days ago
there are usually no more than 2 parts
me when I saw part 3: HoW MaNy PaRtS aRe ThErE!?!?!?
Ayla Appleby
Ayla Appleby - 28 days ago
The moral of the story...

Don't eat chocolate!
Alicia Lara
Alicia Lara - 28 days ago
It's actually 5 words
Fashion \Princess
Fashion \Princess - 29 days ago
She's kleptomaniac. I can't blame her though, it's hard to have a brain illness like that. I was once a kleptomaniac and I just love to steal anything that I wanted (my parents' money, my friends' things, etc anything that satisfies me) and it gave me pleasure. Being a kleptomaniac means having that mentality even though you know it's wrong and you can't just stop yourself from stealing and wanting. It was really hard. I was awaken to my senses when my mother caught me stealing a huge amount of money from her wallet and she cried because she believed in me and I lost her trust. But I'm a changed woman now, I'm not like before. I have restored my mom's trust to me. And also, I get want I want through hardwork.
Feather Warrior
Feather Warrior - 29 days ago
This is actually fairly serious so I'm glad she got over her kleptomania. This story was very time consuming. I'm pulling an all nighter! Woo!......IIIIII..... Need some coffee...... ☕
Ov3rdose - 29 days ago
If you tap my profile picture then press subscribe then you’re a superhuman
Anthony Christian
Anthony Christian - 29 days ago
this is how desprate and unoriganol i am and the people below are flexing on me. pls give me likes

RevenantSavior 426
RevenantSavior 426 - 29 days ago
She says she's not a criminal or a thief. Let me ask this;
(1) Did you buy these items?
(2) Did you ask for these items?
(3) Did someone gift you these items?
No you say? Then you're a thief!
The Real Tea
The Real Tea - Month ago
how did she return the chocolate bar?
Jacindah Cainward
Jacindah Cainward - Month ago
Me:getting triggered for no reason lol
But I guess it be like that
Isabella Casibang
Isabella Casibang - Month ago
I’m sorry but the note did not have three words on it it had five
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