The Critics Have Seen Endgame And This Is What They're Saying

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Looper - 4 months ago
Are there any critics' reviews you still trust?
Sora’s keyblade Adan Adan
This was a bad movie how the hell is it good just cause people die come on
T Stadelmayer
T Stadelmayer - 3 months ago
My Side of Youtube
My Side of Youtube - 3 months ago
The problem with critics today is that they're all fan boys and love all these nerd movies. For real these Marvel films are ok but are not really even as good as these fan boys that call themselves critics say. Most of them are so dumb they have to watch a movie 4 times just to catch everything and then they act like they're smart. If its not a super hero movie, Star Wars or any other nerd film these so called critics AKA men stuck with the mind of a 13 year old; then they treat it like its a lesser movie to their so called films for 13 your old kids that they all seem to love.
Julianne Hernandez
Julianne Hernandez - 3 months ago
@Javontae Eaddy Great
Alan Wilder
Alan Wilder - 3 months ago
@idontcare99999 8 or to high of standards and can't enjoy anything
Sei Ei
Sei Ei - 17 days ago
People saying that this movie is great is a sign of the end of times
Antares117 - Month ago
Tbh Endgame has too many biased fan service goin on
RIFICA777 - 2 months ago
oh you got to go to the premier?
RIFICA777 - 2 months ago
It was good but something was missing.
Thanos the Mad TITAN
Thanos the Mad TITAN - 3 months ago
Olzvoibaatar Battsoglog
Olzvoibaatar Battsoglog - 3 months ago
Hate me or not but the movie was just meh, I didn't feel any particular impact and emotional feeling except the ending part. Just big meh
Ray Chan
Ray Chan - 3 months ago
It’s kinda boring, I took a cigarette break during this movie, this endgame all talk no action, waste time waste money, pure bs
Antonio Betts
Antonio Betts - 3 months ago
“Why are you up “
“Shit “ adorable asf 😭
roshane erskine
roshane erskine - 3 months ago
only the last 20 mins was worth watching
le dung
le dung - 3 months ago
full of plot holes and fan-service. Trash movie
The Random Broncos Dude
The Random Broncos Dude - 3 months ago
"You trust me?"
"I do."
Lunes de comida
Lunes de comida - 3 months ago
Ok let me clear this up, if you dont like a movie doesnt always mean its bad. If the mayority hate it including critics then its bad.
Cesar Godoy
Cesar Godoy - 3 months ago
The worsssst movie ever.. hulk the strongest is now the weakest and gamma rays hurt him.. what a joke... thanos without the gems is stronger than with them.. sooo stupid.. the worst movie ever.. hulk used to be the most feared and respected foe.. now his a joke.. awful movie
fhhsvnggbh - 3 months ago
I asked a lady at work if shed seen it, she said yes three times now and going back again... I saw it and protested and actually got my money back, its SOOOO FUCKING GAYY.
heres some tips for boyfriends or partners dragged along to see it Id take a book... so fucking boring.
Seriously i liked nic cages fucking assraping with a glassbottle adaptations movie more.
Beth Lily
Beth Lily - 3 months ago
bored too much talking. there should be only one who can have a hammer just thor . . not much fighting. i expected more power from thanos and thor and captain marvel.
MrTrevorsChannel MTC
MrTrevorsChannel MTC - 3 months ago
I think you have to be under 30 to think this movie was that great. It was okay, it was enjoyable. Great job by the actors, special effects, but the writing? Nah. Because it had to wrap up so many things, as a stand alone movie, which is what every movie really should be, it wasn't all that great. I say you could cut out the first 2 hours of crying, and make it a normal length movie, and it would have been better. And it also would have been better if they built up the main emotional plot of the movie earlier on. So, for example, if people cry for the first 2 hours of a movie, you don't build any sympathy. And any sympathy built, should be built for the truly KEY characters in the movie. Nebula was definitely the star of this movie, and the crux of the entire plot. So a larger set up or clearer set up for her quantum entanglement memory system, would have been a good idea.
Anyone else here honest about this?
I know it's an impossible task to wrap up a zillion movies AND make a stand alone movie good, even if you never seen any of the others - but, it's still the real point of a movie. For a movie to work all on it's own, no matter what.
I've seen most, if not all, of the movies that came before this, so I understand, but, when going in the theater, you need that 'sympathy reminder', not just a call back to a previous movie, or knowing what happened, you need 'show' not tell, not exposition in the form of long dialogues, you need some events to build up that sympathy for THIS film you're about to see. If everyone is sad immediately and for the first half or more of the movie, it just, doesn't have that impact.
Good movie? Yes - even this is arguable, I actually might even say maybe. Okay movie, passable, fun to watch? For sure. Great movie? No, unfortunately. But hey, not saying I know what they could have did about it. Huge cast, many characters, lots of things to wrap up.
Isaac Meyer
Isaac Meyer - 3 months ago
What is the song in the background
Check My Description
Check My Description - 3 months ago
I cried, such an amazing ending.
dabong420 - 3 months ago
Lionheart 59
Lionheart 59 - 3 months ago
Loved the movie....hated what they did to Hulk...Thor was funny in beginning, but they reduced him to a babbling buffoon
fin james
fin james - 3 months ago
Lionheart 59 don’t you mean Thor?
aesthetically barfing
aesthetically barfing - 3 months ago
I just watched it and am proud to say that me,and my bladder survived the entire movie.
Ziggy Doom
Ziggy Doom - 3 months ago
Nike should come out with some Air Max Avengers with different colorways for each Avenger. Green for Hulk, or course.
Ziggy Doom
Ziggy Doom - 3 months ago
If you've been with the MCU since the beginning and watched all the movies, you will at least tear up. The emotional impact and payoff at the end can only make the soul less not be affected.
Ghool Goth
Ghool Goth - 3 months ago
I just saw it today, quick warning, the final battle will give you goosebumps for a good 20 minutes.
Aziz Al Anezi
Aziz Al Anezi - 3 months ago
Am i the only one in the world who thinks its a shitty movie ?
Knight of God
Knight of God - 3 months ago
Endgame Rotten tomato award! Waste of money!
no name
no name - 3 months ago
Endgame is crap, why because 1. how did they get the mind stone, 2. there was a lot of ways to kill thanos and no one went for it, 3. Dr strange decided to open multiple portals and didn't decide to split thanos in half, 4. Thor attacked and was strangling Thanos but didn't blast a lightning on to Thanos' head and then chop his head off again, 5. Cap. Better fighter couldn't kill Thsnos with hammer and lightning so why try it anyway when he retires at the end of movie. Why reveal this? A lot of shit didn't make sense and Falcon got the shield, I mean whos gonna go and watch Falcon the next Captain America. Had a few forced jokes, second time watching completely clueless to why it was funny in the first place. It's simple, it's about stealing money from the fans. After getting them hyped up for shit. Lastly the six stones where cremated in the future, and that's why going to the past to retrieve these and back to the futuring them works in bringing half the universe back. Why didn't they stay in the past and snap the fingers and hoped Thanos be dust there and then before infinity war? Because six actors came to the end of their contracts and that's that. Marvel fans lose their heads when a film debuts with their favourite characters regardless how silly the story is and the continuity is. Oh yeah, and marvel critics are mostly sell outs anyway. Fell a sleep 2nd time watching for a good 10-20 minutes.
Unknow i4
Unknow i4 - 3 months ago
What people react about this movie,this is a final,i think peopl expect more, peopl reaction .......! I think you r real 🌍🏆🎖(world winners💝👏👈)
Hectic Swizz
Hectic Swizz - 3 months ago
The movie was utter garbage
Great Iron Fist
Great Iron Fist - 3 months ago
Seattle should have run the ball.
Mondo - 3 months ago
So bad that it almost ruined all the previous movies leading up to it. SERIOUSLY IT SUCKEDDDD
interritum - 3 months ago
Endgame was mediocre until the end.
Clay_Gladiator - 3 months ago
Hulk and Thor are degraded to two douchy wimps...dont like it...🤐
Milhouse - 3 months ago
Was anyone else waiting for Ant man to crawl up thanos but??
godfrey phiri
godfrey phiri - 3 months ago
Thank God I just wasted 800mbs on this. The worst Avenger movie ever🤦‍♂️
Delzin _
Delzin _ - 3 months ago
I’m not very emotional and still cried
Eve Lyn
Eve Lyn - 3 months ago
I actually didn't really like it tbh
NBD Dominance
NBD Dominance - 3 months ago
This is one of the most epic movies in history period
86Corvus - 3 months ago
Its a terrible TERRIBLE movie. Dont trust the shills, have a brain and dont just follow the hype. Its all gross, cynical marketing and propagandising. Its artistic value is mediocre, and it is destroyed by trying to manipulate the viewer.
86Corvus - 3 months ago
gabage movie, first 30 to 90 minuites could be cut from it and nothing of value would be lost. The last 30 was a special effects reel but a poor movie ruined by propaganda. The plot has ZERO sense and is not as much full of holes as its made entirely out of plotholes. The entire thing is built out of broken logic on broken logic.
Henry Lazo
Henry Lazo - 3 months ago
Infinity War > EndGame
savage - 3 months ago
Feel like infinity war a bit better
So So
So So - 3 months ago
I cried like 3 times
Will G. Forrest
Will G. Forrest - 3 months ago
5:26 must be referring to the female ensemble
Scotlands Tonic
Scotlands Tonic - 3 months ago
I thought it was a let down. I wanted to see hulk smash shit out of thanos but no cigar
JZ - 3 months ago
Endgame sucks, and I'm baffled why so many liked it
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla - 3 months ago
Bulls***t. Utter bulls***t. The ending didn't shock me. An idiot could tell you how the story would end. It's how the movie got there that was disappointing. It wasn't bad, but, most assuredly, it wan't good.
Yui Magliocco
Yui Magliocco - 3 months ago
>>> 2:16
adam khan
adam khan - 3 months ago
Bit boring
Eddy Tamayo
Eddy Tamayo - 3 months ago
Endgame had it's brilliant moments but one could tell the writers are not Marvel fans because they got some big things wrong.
The movie was overall good
apple cider Vinegar
apple cider Vinegar - 3 months ago
Eddy Tamayo they didn’t “get things wrong”, they purposely didn’t make it like the comics because something’s wouldn’t work well on the big screen
Snypz - 3 months ago
entire movie talking and only action for last 20 mins at the end. infinity war had lot of action n hype through out the movie was 10x better. endgame bit boring tbh shudve given thanos more fighting time in with avengers also. 6/10
Only Platinum EDM
Only Platinum EDM - 3 months ago
Crying can be cathartic and cleansing, but its a true testament to good acting and writing to make you feel invested enough to care about these characters. The more I think about the how well Endgame this Epic Scale Movie was pulled off so well, the more I think this Movie should be an Oscar contender in multiple categories.
trick johnes
trick johnes - 3 months ago
and the critics bunch of paid fakes
drvicks7 - 3 months ago
Mediocre movie... Paid reviews sucks 👎👎👎👎
ThatMarvelNerd - 3 months ago
Watched it last night. Needless to say, I am now tormented.
Thanos fans 4ever
Thanos fans 4ever - 3 months ago
I cryed at the beginnnig and at the End
Thanos fans 4ever
Thanos fans 4ever - 3 months ago
I cryed at cinema, but then i didn't at home. Because is just a movie, not the real life.
Kaiyum Hossain
Kaiyum Hossain - 3 months ago
End Game or The Start of the Game
Dan Dan
Dan Dan - 3 months ago
Captain America: I can do this all day
Future Captain America: yeah, I know
OA lopez
OA lopez - 3 months ago
This movie was crap idk what the fuck happend i love marvel studios but no this movie just sucked .. This was my last marvel movie huhhh 😵😩
Manisha Wavhal
Manisha Wavhal - 3 months ago
Please answer what about Steve Rogers ???
Will Steve Rogers be there in the upcoming marvel movies???
Is falcon the new captain america????
What about Tony Stark????
Will these two ironic heroes be there in the upcoming marvel movies???
Is this the end of marvel heroes????
What about marvel now????
Please please I request you to answer these questions as soon as possible. I'll be waiting for the reply. Now my all hopes are on you. All these questions might have flashed in the minds of other marvel hardcore fans. I'm marvels hardcore fan too. I cried a lot while watching the Marvel Avengers the endgame. But the most important questions are what about captain america???
What about iron man???
Please reply to this????😢😢😢 I request you brother. Please.
Lina Hidayati
Lina Hidayati - 3 months ago
1000 % marvel would still make avengers movies is just that the characters would be different. I think they would make gotg 3, doctor strange 2, black panther 2, captain marvel 2, possibly thor 4 or maybe asgardian of the galaxy, and manyothers characters. Iron man is dead, so no iron man movie. No captain america movie, but he can still make cameo
savage - 3 months ago
No captain America is dead he lived his life with his woman and created a alternative time line same for iron man but yes falcon is the new captain America but in the comics Bucky carried the legacy first but falcon is captain America in my opinion infinity war is better
joseph frank
joseph frank - 3 months ago
Could care less about Critics!! I just came here to say this and leave.
OT Gwalla
OT Gwalla - 3 months ago
best movie out there btw
bigbabysld - 3 months ago
This movie is CRITIC PROOF, it doesn't matter what they say.
Matthew Desrosiers
Matthew Desrosiers - 3 months ago
I cant believe the amount of positive feedback! I hated the movie so done with marvel throw it out with flipping star wars!
Apache Sakai
Apache Sakai - 3 months ago
If you go back time and take away the infinity stone, Avenger Part 1 will not happen because you have change the future, You know Time Travel Kill your Father paradox? This story is not logic at all
art에반 - 3 months ago
I think it was too much and was overkill
Mint Berry Crunch
Mint Berry Crunch - 3 months ago
The most emotional part of this movie for me was imagining Stan Lee watching it in Heaven.
0 Elli 0
0 Elli 0 - 3 months ago
I honestly thought it sucked. Its overhyped and I'm a huge fan
yellow92591 - 3 months ago
I feel like the whole word is going crazy. The movie was such shit compared to infinity war.
OGTV - Original Gamesters
OGTV - Original Gamesters - 3 months ago
I don't really like Avengers endgame
Epiphanie Reddick
Epiphanie Reddick - 3 months ago
I went into the theater so excited to watch it and left completely annoyed. The movie didn't flow as well as infinity war and there were so many holes in the plot. I will say I was happy to finally see professor Hulk and the exploration of the comics.
mike wheeler
mike wheeler - 3 months ago
I just saw it. It is easily one of the best suphero movies ever
u gei
u gei - 3 months ago
Man, out of all games, why are they playing fortnite? WTF.
Joseph Films
Joseph Films - 3 months ago
Pepper Potts: you're gonna be okay tony
Death: am I a joke to you?
Klumsy Kameleon
Klumsy Kameleon - 3 months ago
We love you Iron Man.

And Captain America, and Black Widows, and Hawkeye. And all of the other amazing Avengers who started it all!
titibaba Titibaba
titibaba Titibaba - 3 months ago
you get it that they are fictional characters
Cripss - 3 months ago
I just realised...

We are going through a modern day dark knight trilogy
Sharptic 0fficial
Sharptic 0fficial - 3 months ago
I'm a kid and after all of the crying warnings I don't know if I'm ready......
Wowie Boy Pogi Boy
Wowie Boy Pogi Boy - 3 months ago
Black Widow died for the Soul Stone. Ironman died after he snap & won the final battle.
Kirohh Does TCGs
Kirohh Does TCGs - 3 months ago
You'll take away their chance to love the movie 3000
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