Playing HIDE & SEEK In A School! (Fortnite)

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Michael Rohrer
Michael Rohrer - 13 hours ago
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Aliyat Ganiyu
Aliyat Ganiyu - Day ago
When u guys was on the rooftops of the hospital there was someone where jelly was shooting
Gacha Comics
Gacha Comics - Day ago
Take a shot every time he says “Josh”
Yahli Vaknin
Yahli Vaknin - 2 days ago
when you do your would you rathers can you do them in real life
Johnathan Miller
Johnathan Miller - 2 days ago
Who Saw the guy in the attic by the chair
Robin Mosby
Robin Mosby - 2 days ago
I like YouTube channel that don't spoil the vid
Vaught _
Vaught _ - 2 days ago
I guess you can call it a school shooting.....

Ok, I’m going to leave now
Rachel McLeod
Rachel McLeod - 2 days ago
In the trees and green things they could of at least used a bush and not move!
Kakai Ramos
Kakai Ramos - 3 days ago
Karen Crabtree
Karen Crabtree - 3 days ago
Can you give me a skin curbdaddy is my name
Ms Martinez
Ms Martinez - 3 days ago
And it is a boy
Ms Martinez
Ms Martinez - 3 days ago
Jelly can you send me a skin on fortnite my name is FumingWindow930
Bored Gamer
Bored Gamer - 3 days ago
Remember last time when someone had a gun in a school🤦🏼‍♂️😭
Red Panda Jr
Red Panda Jr - 4 days ago
I love jelly. I hope you have a great spring break.
Mansoer Power
Mansoer Power - 4 days ago
Jelle wanneer ga je Nederlands praten
Jurjen V
Jurjen V - 5 days ago
Jelly got fat
marion Claypoole
marion Claypoole - 5 days ago
I use yours
brittany bayer
brittany bayer - 5 days ago
Guys jellies name is jake josh says it
Francine Concepcion
Francine Concepcion - 5 days ago
hawkins school? strangerrr things
FazeTaze - 6 days ago
8:04 bruh LOL
Edna Coronado
Edna Coronado - 6 days ago
Can you like if you noticed that this was Stranger Things themed
j t
j t - 6 days ago
ELeMeNtAL HyDRO - 7 days ago
Did anyone saw Hawkins school from Stranger things.
Fred Hall
Fred Hall - 7 days ago
School shooting???
Brianna Lopez
Brianna Lopez - 7 days ago
I am your bigss fan
Brianna Lopez
Brianna Lopez - 7 days ago
hi jelly
tony whitesell
tony whitesell - 7 days ago
is there someone hiding in the tree an bush at 12:26 in the video
Vijval Jain
Vijval Jain - 7 days ago
10:46 didn’t you see that glitched person in the corner
fortnitemason the beast
It wasn't a person it was a tree
Sabrina Jane Solaña
Sabrina Jane Solaña - 7 days ago
I love that the Marshmello person was the last one thou HAHA!!!
Sabrina Jane Solaña
Sabrina Jane Solaña - 7 days ago
*Gasp* THE DOOR IS OPEN!!!! mmmm......
Deleon Iliadi
Deleon Iliadi - 8 days ago
Yea i thought there was someone there (the angel one )but i wasnt sure
yousuf Aaraj
yousuf Aaraj - 8 days ago
Jelly you are were cooooool
Xhyper Pro
Xhyper Pro - 8 days ago
Did you accidentally fell out of the map
Kevin Widrynski
Kevin Widrynski - 9 days ago
Jak wy macie 12 milianuw subuw to ja nwm
Potter Fam
Potter Fam - 10 days ago
Omg your fear I sore someone and you didn’t
Professor Cucumber
Professor Cucumber - 11 days ago
milnesryan8 - 11 days ago
This dudes cracked up
emotionalmoment - 11 days ago
I have to pick up ou pthis u pthe was the first day trip for the 12345678910
Jake The King
Jake The King - 12 days ago
Zaina Khatib
Zaina Khatib - 12 days ago
10:02 muselk fan😉
clare donovan
clare donovan - 12 days ago
Is it me or is someone in the attic at 10..46
Dystroier System
Dystroier System - 12 days ago
Map code?
Animasi 4brother indotriksi
Why did MARSHMELLO here
Angie Pojoy
Angie Pojoy - 12 days ago
This looked so much like Stranger Things
CD Gaming
CD Gaming - 12 days ago
VGP Ranger
VGP Ranger - 12 days ago
10:46 look in the Corner like if u see
Bradley Ray Paul Williams
Do not use code jelly
Charles Linski
Charles Linski - 13 days ago
I am one of the players jelly I like your channel jelly it is awesome and so funny you inspired me jelly
Wave Transportation
Wave Transportation - 13 days ago
Nice video
Shola Oluwole
Shola Oluwole - 13 days ago
Kelly Senecal
Kelly Senecal - 13 days ago
Max Rickey
Max Rickey - 13 days ago
10:46 there is someone in the corner.jelly completely missed him like if you saw
ScZ - 13 days ago
That isn’t a person
Anand Surana
Anand Surana - 13 days ago
When you where on the roof I saw there someone
Bertha Moreno
Bertha Moreno - 13 days ago
I dare you to do a mystery wheel challenge
Jeff Jera
Jeff Jera - 14 days ago
You past someone
Etienne Maritz
Etienne Maritz - 14 days ago
I saw someone right after Josh said “this is the highest point of the map
PMP Chungus
PMP Chungus - 14 days ago
School shooting
Goodday - 14 days ago
Top 10 School Shootings
Owen Gibson
Owen Gibson - 14 days ago
Dyson Richards
Dyson Richards - 14 days ago
You and josh should hide with them
Corda Jeeter
Corda Jeeter - 14 days ago
My phone was on phone and phone was on the phone phone and phone was on phone phone was on the phone phone and phone was on phone phone r was on phone phone and phone was on phone phone was on the phone phone and phone was on phone rr was on phone phone and phone was on phone phone was on the phone
n4RuTo Gaming
n4RuTo Gaming - 14 days ago
You dont see him
JerzeeRose Jaso
JerzeeRose Jaso - 14 days ago
Hi. Jelly my. Colte
Jacob Bush
Jacob Bush - 15 days ago
Jelly I want to
play hide and seek
Philipp Scherl
Philipp Scherl - 15 days ago
Play prop hunt
Mithran Kesavan
Mithran Kesavan - 15 days ago
No jordy
izzy - 15 days ago
you were in stranger things
Ash Van Beek
Ash Van Beek - 15 days ago
I used sportier creater jelly
Thor Thunderfreal
Thor Thunderfreal - 15 days ago
At :10 46 what is that
Laura Lazarov
Laura Lazarov - 15 days ago
Jelly. I am a big fan of you...
Laura Lazarov
Laura Lazarov - 15 days ago
Jelly I really want to join you in fortnite but I can't
Uci Olaja
Uci Olaja - 15 days ago
I like that marshmallow skin
GD Ollie
GD Ollie - 16 days ago
Pause at 10:59
Savage 5
Savage 5 - 16 days ago
I love your videos from Ali grace kersey
ki king
ki king - 16 days ago
Thay should make a gun game
Phsyco Cabbage
Phsyco Cabbage - 16 days ago
Can I friend u jelly and 1v1 u pleeeeaaaasssseeee
Kristin Knott
Kristin Knott - 16 days ago
The fesgvovduotqfwryeovyoteviyffiufciurdyesewawaewaewsEwayeazyeazacatiddb. DO MORE
Revenge Clan
Revenge Clan - 16 days ago
Who else thought the robot was bionic YouTube
Nivin Bakri
Nivin Bakri - 16 days ago
Zodils kid,idjdxkdiic,she,e,cldl
Sora Hamasaki
Sora Hamasaki - 16 days ago
Omg stranger things
Murvel - 16 days ago
5:45 he miss someone
Justin - 16 days ago
5:22 took the L
Xzavier Rodriguez
Xzavier Rodriguez - 16 days ago
Is that a stranger things map
Jordyn Yax
Jordyn Yax - 17 days ago
I saw someone
John Inch
John Inch - 17 days ago
Xavier Vargas
Xavier Vargas - 17 days ago
Xavier Vargas
Xavier Vargas - 17 days ago
Sorry no offencr
Xavier Vargas
Xavier Vargas - 17 days ago
Is your name jelly because your big
Mai Tran
Mai Tran - 17 days ago
Not my picture btw its my dads
Mai Tran
Mai Tran - 17 days ago
Braden Dean
Braden Dean - 17 days ago
furiousgamer 21
furiousgamer 21 - 17 days ago
School shooter
DEN ER LILLA! - 17 days ago
fortnitemason the beast
fortnitemason the beast - 16 days ago
That was Josh because he has a robot skin on
Chance Barnett
Chance Barnett - 17 days ago
There school shooters in the bathroom 😂😂😂
Οδυσσέας Κ
Οδυσσέας Κ - 17 days ago
8:05 WTF
Struggles Real
Struggles Real - 17 days ago
Walks out of school with a scar and a shotgun “Well we pretty much cleared the school”
OG-bAsKeN _
OG-bAsKeN _ - 17 days ago
The place is from stranger things
I think so
aref hossaino
aref hossaino - 10 days ago
OG-bAsKeN _
OG-bAsKeN _ - 16 days ago
Lynn watt wtf learn to speak
Lynn Watt
Lynn Watt - 16 days ago
It is the map is for stranger things it’s a map
OG-bAsKeN _
OG-bAsKeN _ - 17 days ago
X0xWolfie_ Girlx0X
X0xWolfie_ Girlx0X - 17 days ago
Finally someone else noticed
Jackasaurus - 17 days ago
Jelly plays more seek and hide the hide and seek he's always seeker XD
Dmitri Grigorenco
Dmitri Grigorenco - 18 days ago
in the trees a bush
GDS Clan
GDS Clan - 18 days ago
Josh sounds like DanTDM
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