Playing HIDE & SEEK In A School! (Fortnite)

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All about Koop
All about Koop - 10 hours ago
At 10:46 there was someone in the corner
Susan Marise
Susan Marise - 18 hours ago
Wow the maps are cool
aleksandra kwaczynska
I Love hide and seek jelly is The best❤❤🦄🦄🥇🥇😍😍😘😘
de beste vriendinen miauw
Hi im dutch i looking jour vidio's end i like it ❤❤
Gamercraftt Pro
Gamercraftt Pro - 2 days ago
Jelly can you use more TikTok
Fluffy Rabbits
Fluffy Rabbits - 2 days ago
At 10:46 i saw someone legs
Leo Aguirre
Leo Aguirre - 3 days ago
Did any one notice that Hawkins school is from stranger things lol
Mason D
Mason D - 3 days ago
So you know the school is from stranger things
Terrible T
Terrible T - 3 days ago
Who saw Hawkins school
oyun kralı
oyun kralı - 3 days ago
İt is straing Things map
Zihin 4981
Zihin 4981 - 3 days ago
I used your creater code cuz ur my favorite youtuber
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones - 4 days ago
can you make a new
Robert Williams
Robert Williams - 4 days ago
I love it
Brenten Miller
Brenten Miller - 6 days ago
He walked right past a dude in an attic
Trang Nguyen
Trang Nguyen - 8 days ago
pause at 10:59 you can see a bug
Cory Benjamin
Cory Benjamin - 9 days ago
I saw someone in the at if with a lot of windows
The Sniper
The Sniper - 9 days ago
jelly jelly doo where are you
Brandi Vega
Brandi Vega - 12 days ago
This is a map off of Stranger Things Hawkins town
Tiffany Scott
Tiffany Scott - 14 days ago
Jelly’s laugh is so funny 😂
Armandas Uleckas
Armandas Uleckas - 15 days ago
Jelly is best
shafiqul islam
shafiqul islam - 16 days ago
Jelly I saw a person in the house
Caitlin Gorman
Caitlin Gorman - 17 days ago
I use your Carrader code jelly
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez - 18 days ago
Only people who love their mom and their family with all their heart will turn this blue
Hayley Croft
Hayley Croft - 19 days ago
I love 💘you
gabby__girl González
gabby__girl González - 19 days ago
I'm yousing your code like
Chantel Negoshian
Chantel Negoshian - 20 days ago
Roses are red
Vilot are blue

Go fu*k your self ok
Diana Taylor
Diana Taylor - 21 day ago
Who else saw the person in the attic! Lol
James Jordan
James Jordan - 18 days ago
James Jordan
James Jordan - 18 days ago
FireKeaton - 21 day ago
Next map should be tiny Fortnite island
And could I be in a video too
My acount name:FireKeaton
Spell it just like that
Srivasanta Dannala
Srivasanta Dannala - 21 day ago
12:25 raven skin popping out of the rectangle bush.
Jassimpro Qtr
Jassimpro Qtr - 22 days ago
Jelly you should do Roblox hide and seek
Dustin Parsario
Dustin Parsario - 22 days ago
Wait what *hawkins School* from *stranger things*
Sa ns
Sa ns - 23 days ago
Slogoman:”And there’s so many old tires.”
Jelly:”I’m really TIREd of those.”
Sophie Liddell
Sophie Liddell - 23 days ago
Emmy G
Emmy G - 23 days ago
Okay..... roses are red violets are blue my heart is dead you should be too cuz jelly is the most awesomest YouTuber
Emmy G
Emmy G - 23 days ago
Yeah roses are red violets are blue jelly is awesome and everybody is too everybody loves him and I do too
mystery_ synk
mystery_ synk - 23 days ago
Teeny Rex
Teeny Rex - 24 days ago
10:45 does anyone else see that green? Is that a tree or human?
Ganui Songulala
Ganui Songulala - 14 days ago
Teeny Rex yes
Cool Mather
Cool Mather - 25 days ago
I have watched you so much and subscribed that all the recommended videos are yours
Emi Parker
Emi Parker - 26 days ago
How come in the beginning of the video you had 1 health? X3
DKin E
DKin E - 26 days ago
There’s someone in the attic
Ian Mok
Ian Mok - 26 days ago
I saw something moving
Carla Shaffer
Carla Shaffer - 27 days ago
I can not play football Fortnite
Eliza Cordle
Eliza Cordle - 27 days ago
jelly is awesome
Challenge Time
Challenge Time - 28 days ago
Did anyone notice this is the stranger things map
Rocky Paulson
Rocky Paulson - 28 days ago
hiding in a school from a shooter...
rdcs11 - 28 days ago
Jelly I love you. I nonstop watch your videos.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
MCisthebast mc
MCisthebast mc - 29 days ago
How about snitch prop o magic hide and seek
Trey Bastin
Trey Bastin - Month ago
Is that a stranger things map?
brian gray
brian gray - Month ago
i've subscribed
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