My Friends Help Me Fix My Hoarder Life

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yeahno Nothing to see here
yeahno Nothing to see here - 21 минуту назад
*Sees Garret Watts having a Youtube channel... starts listening instead of studying to school*
Frosty - 49 минут назад
What I want to get better at life is:
Being organized
Less lazy
Mackenzie Weber
Mackenzie Weber - 2 часа назад
I love this vlog squad so much better ♡ You are all so precious and pure ♡
Grace Animallover7
Grace Animallover7 - 2 часа назад
I haven’t cleaned my room in 2 years cause I do the same thing you do. I finally cleaned my room. There’s one thing I couldn’t get rid of.......stuffed animals. I have like 200 stuffed animals IM 13. None of my friends have any but I just can’t get rid of them cause there like family and I don’t know what to do. I need help. I don’t have friends like this so they can’t help me.
Brea Russell
Brea Russell - 3 часа назад
Shanes Gucci slides ♥👌😂
Steven Adams201
Steven Adams201 - 3 часа назад
I think morgan was high
Lily Walter
Lily Walter - 4 часа назад
I don’t see his mice?🤨
TwstdGypsy - 4 часа назад
So happy for you Garrett and all the changes and positive response you noticed in your life from it. And I LOVE The Iron Giant! It was the very first thing I noticed when your vid opened! I hope that one day I come across one of him for my own space too...
Shadow Wolf28
Shadow Wolf28 - 4 часа назад
Garret is the best
Laura Lyon
Laura Lyon - 5 часов назад
At 8:30 when Shane said flame thrower it sounded like Oloaf from Frozen......
Bakey Bee Benson
Bakey Bee Benson - 6 часов назад
i totally relate cuz i have a lot of random stuff and i give personalities to everything i gave names to my spacers, i can relate and i love it
Nathalia Loves Reborns
Nathalia Loves Reborns - 6 часов назад
Why am I Garret? Our personalities and the things we like are so similar even though I am a 16 year old, Puerto Rican girl who is average height with black hair and dark brown eyes. I love Harry Potter (I had crushes on Harry, Draco, the twins and my number 1 was Hermione) I love cute toys/dolls and creepy ones too and I love food and hate having people in my house (room) because of how messy it is since I can't part with anything. I LOVE U GARRET!
Katheryn McNicholas
Katheryn McNicholas - 6 часов назад
Okay but Shane is OG Marie Kondo bringing Garrett some joy
Nathalia Loves Reborns
Nathalia Loves Reborns - 7 часов назад
Please tell me that you still have your wand and I was gonna say Benjamin too but I saw him in the background so just the wand
Xochitl Garcia
Xochitl Garcia - 7 часов назад
10:00 why does that lowkey look like hyuna ??
Natalie Vargas
Natalie Vargas - 8 часов назад
Yo why am I Garrett
Brianna Bruce
Brianna Bruce - 8 часов назад
My dad and I really need to clean our house because my parents had a divorce and my mom's stuff is still here and it keeps bugging me, but we just keep procrastinating it because they have been married for around 15 year + my dad has been living in the same house before he met my mom, so there is A LOT of stuff that we need to sort through. But this video really puts a new perspective of how this mess is affecting us and hopefully I can motivate my dad to start cleaning around the house
wizardofozzy - 8 часов назад
wizardofozzy - 8 часов назад
I want to give you a hug
wizardofozzy - 8 часов назад
I love Garrett so much
•pastel• - 8 часов назад
Me: •reads title
Also me: me when people walk in my room
Caitlin Bollenbach
Caitlin Bollenbach - 8 часов назад
ur thick what
dandelionromxnce - 8 часов назад
You were so happy at the end my _son_
Decent ASMR
Decent ASMR - 8 часов назад
You're inspiring to clean my room. I deal with the same things and it's so hard to throw things away and I get so distracted. Thank you all for inspiring me
venefica aure
venefica aure - 9 часов назад
Aww Garrett! You are amazing for being so open about all this!! I love it💖
Amber Long
Amber Long - 9 часов назад
This is my favorite video! It feels like we're seeing the real Garrett! Also I adore the Iron Giant figurine! 😍
To answer the question: I am working on a series of sci-fantasy books that talk about and show real life and mental issues in a creative way. I want to get better at taking time to sit down and actually type them out. I work on plot, by acting it out every day, but everytime I sit down to type it out I get nervous. This video has inspired me to try... Thank you Garrett 💖
XxVampiregirl17xX - 10 часов назад
XxVampiregirl17xX - 10 часов назад
Dad's the best xD
Lily Radford
Lily Radford - 11 часов назад
I wish I could live like this, well no not in an entire mess 😂 but I cant keep anything if I don’t want it. I have barely anything, I think it’s like when I was younger I had to have everything tidy, not because I was told to, because I couldn’t stand it. It’s easier to keep things tidy if, if they’re not there. Idk I’m confused by it myself still. I mean I even have the neatest drawers, I went through a phase where I couldn’t tidy things if I knew I wasn’t bothered to put it away properly, I remember once we were leaving the house to go on holiday, so I was tidying my room and we had to leave so my mum cane in and threw my junk into the drawer it was supposed to be in, just unorganised and I had a mini panic attack.
I don’t know I’m not a physiologist
Kalli Johnson
Kalli Johnson - 11 часов назад
"If you hate seeing me in a bathtub, YOU BETTER GET USED TO IT! Cause its not changing for a full minute!" *15 minutes pass and it finally changes*
Vanessa Lopez
Vanessa Lopez - 11 часов назад
To feel like a wizard😅 turn lights purple🤭mmmffhffhmhahahaa🥴😂
queen ashiss
queen ashiss - 12 часов назад
This makes me want to clean but then I remembered I am way to lazy for that.
Emma Jensen
Emma Jensen - 12 часов назад
me too Garrett, i didn't get it together until my boyfriend helped me
jenisis anna
jenisis anna - 12 часов назад
Self love
Bumblebitch - 13 часов назад
Let's just say that every single one of us needs their own entire shane squad.
Tyrone bear
Tyrone bear - 13 часов назад
Yall, Garrett is the most pure thing in this world, and we must protect him at all costs.
Tyrone bear
Tyrone bear - 13 часов назад
Oprah who?? I only know shane dawson- the queen of making lives better
Drew House
Drew House - 13 часов назад
Excepting my gender
ciarra thompson
ciarra thompson - 14 часов назад
Youre seriously the cutest 💕
raven stiches
raven stiches - 14 часов назад
I want to be not so self conscious about my body when I go out with my boyfriend somewhere, I also want to be less clingy I have a bad habit of doing that I hate being alone
Laura D
Laura D - 14 часов назад
Love this vid! Ive been inspired to clean my whole room out today !
SOA O. - 14 часов назад
My God, Garrett is so damn fuckinggggg *CUTE* likee, how is he still *SINGLE* ? Guys can't actually date such a cutie in many ways?
And andrew saying *"wait, what"* it's the sexiest thing *EVER*
Suz242 - 14 часов назад
I admire you for doing this so much, and for doing this on camera! That is huge. Thanks so much for sharing this part of yourself with so many!
Mirelurk - 15 часов назад
You don't need to explain everything...
DJ Bee
DJ Bee - 15 часов назад
Ya I personify lots of things too
ICΞY ΞNTΞRTAINMΞNT - 15 часов назад
omg wow it looks as if you could actually breathe inside
Sara Victoria
Sara Victoria - 16 часов назад
I wish I was able to let go of all the things I have because I am a serious hoarder like I can't even be in my room without being surrounded constantly by all the things I just can't get rid of. Like I will clean and organize than everything will be a mess the next week because I will buy more and more things that I just don't have room for. It feels so amazing to know that other people actually have the same problem as me and that you were able to let go of these things. This actually legit is inspiring me to go and just throw out basically everything. Lol, Wish me Luck!!!
Ley 4
Ley 4 - 16 часов назад
I wanna be your friend :')
ICΞY ΞNTΞRTAINMΞNT - 16 часов назад
id move to america just to give garrett a hug tbh
daim days
daim days - 20 часов назад
Marie kondo has left the chat
Barbara Fox
Barbara Fox - 22 часа назад
I want to be less anxious
Shutter Lover
Shutter Lover - День назад
Sammie Bautista
Sammie Bautista - День назад
my room gets messy because of laziness but i just deep-cleaned it for two hours
MountainMama - День назад
I clearly need better friends.
Breeann Steed
Breeann Steed - День назад
I will never fire you Garrett. This makes me feel like I know what is going on in your life, makes me feel like I know you ;)
madison nichole
madison nichole - День назад
i really love shane and garretts friendship. i think everyone needs a friendship like this.
Always Ell11
Always Ell11 - День назад
Bruh y am I actually female Garett I’m not even kidding💀💀
Sophia Coyne
Sophia Coyne - День назад
garret watts is so soft and deserves the world and if u don't agree u need help because he is my favorite person ever he is so cute and sweet ahhh he's so adorable and an angel♡
Angel Baby Blues
Angel Baby Blues - День назад
I have OCD tendencies - so I get the constant need and obsession and the hole you get in. I know it's the opposite.. I do hoard books though. This is inspiring. We love you ❤❤❤❤
Autumn Siney
Autumn Siney - День назад
honestly I'm really glad I found your video bc I've recently been harassed out of my living space and I was really stressed and upset about moving but the way your house is set up is so inspirational and I'm now excited to get rid of all my buLLShaz and have a nice studio to myself where I can stay up comfortably until the sun comes up
Leslie Allen
Leslie Allen - День назад
Okay so the first 3 or 4 minutes is exactly why I love Garrett. I didn't before, but now I do. He understands that some people can get frustrated when a video schedule gets wonky. And instead of posting something vague on twitter, he sat down and talked about it. Why it was delayed, why it was difficult, and why he's going to try to be better. And I LOVE that. Good Job, Garrett
Candid Cass
Candid Cass - День назад
Anyone else get FRED swimming in the kiddie pool vibes from this ?
Belle Byatt
Belle Byatt - День назад
Awh! i really liked this video keep up the good work, guys!
Jordin Hay
Jordin Hay - День назад
I’m a procrastinator which makes my depression even worse. Im trying hard to fix it cause I’m a mom and I wanna be the best mom I can
Savanah McKenna
Savanah McKenna - День назад
I love the last scene when the baby was in the back that was like literally everything
Savanah McKenna
Savanah McKenna - День назад
Wait what the fuck did I see a skeleton in a tiny kitchen if so that is adorable
Savanah McKenna
Savanah McKenna - День назад
I know u probably won’t see this but if u do like it so I know u saw it. I love how gay u act
Heulwen Rhosyn
Heulwen Rhosyn - День назад
I'm so glad you created this video. I think so many people aren't affected by hoarding and think they're alone.
Marissa Kelley
Marissa Kelley - День назад
aww i love this
Ivy Munro
Ivy Munro - День назад
I adore the Iron Giant ❤️
Arwen & Caliyah
Arwen & Caliyah - День назад
I want to be better at being comfortable in front of a camera so I can make YouTube videos with my friend on our channel
Arwen & Caliyah
Arwen & Caliyah - День назад
This inspired me to clean my room lmao
Ji-hee Yang
Ji-hee Yang - День назад
This video is really inspiring and i honestly have the same problem.. i dont like to admit it but my entire room is always such a mess amd ill spemd a day and clean it well and then you can see the floor again, but like im not even exaggerating when i say this, literally 2 or 3 days later it will be back to a mess.. but i dont know where to start because everything i own has such a emotional connection to me. Huff 🙃
And its not like i have an entire house, i live with my mom cause im only 18 and so everything is just piled into my room and its like so much..
Ji-hee Yang
Ji-hee Yang - День назад
Update: i tried cleaning but it only happened for like.... 10 minutes and then went to my closet and got distracted in there becauss i found a bunch of old stuff and now my closet is so much more messy than it was before 🙃
Zoe Rohner
Zoe Rohner - День назад
Garrett x Chris Ship will sail one day! Otherwise we will all turn to page 394 and study about Werewolves and Animagus because if he doesn't love Garrett he must not have taken his potion
Kelly Ruyle
Kelly Ruyle - День назад
Caitlin Ewing
Caitlin Ewing - День назад
literally me, I am a total hoarder and I have an emotional connection to all my belongings 😭🤣
gaby michelle
gaby michelle - День назад
Alyscia Mercer
Alyscia Mercer - День назад
I want to beleive in myself more and encourage myself to be productive also, love you so so much Garrett ❣️❣️
Cell 3000
Cell 3000 - День назад
Where did you get the cash stampede curtain thing?
kourtney wilson
kourtney wilson - День назад
we need an update!!!
Emma Marshall
Emma Marshall - День назад
Eating heathy
Sandra Vermeulen
Sandra Vermeulen - День назад
Shane missed his calling as a therapist. I am someone who does value everything I own way too much. But I realised it a long time ago and can tell myself to snap out of it. Otherwise I would now have a huge pile of jeans that I don't fit, that are torn and half a closet of tops that say 'teen queen' when I'm in my late 20's and obviously will never wear any more. The idea that you can donate it really makes it feel a lot less hard to get rid of it. You know someone else who needs it will be using it. I cleaned out my old car last week and I found a bunch of stuff that I have to throw out. So while I did get rid of the problem in my room it was still in my car. I hope I can do better with my new car.
Artemis 7
Artemis 7 - День назад
Garrett is too pure for this world. We don‘t deserve him
Lauren Massey
Lauren Massey - День назад
I struggle with the same thing, Garrett! It is a complete nightmare. Sending so much love, this video was amazing 💕💕
Ysabel Dino
Ysabel Dino - День назад
garrett looks ripped af to me idk why
team rocket - _ -
team rocket - _ - - День назад
Im literally the girl version of Garrett.
evian elio
evian elio - День назад
He's so sweet and genuine i cant
Bailey Adams
Bailey Adams - День назад
jennifer gonzalez
jennifer gonzalez - 2 дня назад
I can soo relate to this video literally what I'm mentally and physically going through!! feels like your downing and anxiety Is through the roof!
Letisha Spinks
Letisha Spinks - 2 дня назад
Thanks for this video! 🌻
Ana Laura Valenzuela
Ana Laura Valenzuela - 2 дня назад
where do u get all those cute tiny things ???
Superwoman18 Paulina
Superwoman18 Paulina - 2 дня назад
MaK - 2 дня назад
omg I have always had the same problem with having emotional connections to every inanimate objects I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that
Isabelle Olson
Isabelle Olson - 2 дня назад
I watch this video a lot and it's just the best
Genesis - 2 дня назад
These types of friends 💙
Genesis - 2 дня назад
Also you can see a whole mood change
Michelle Escalera
Michelle Escalera - 2 дня назад
Omg .... I am now realizing this is me, my room is always a mess 1 day later .... I need to throw things away
Niki Smith
Niki Smith - 2 дня назад
I want to improve my self esteem.
brodie graham
brodie graham - 2 дня назад
we must protect garrett at all costs.
KRYS S.Philly
KRYS S.Philly - 2 дня назад
Garret we miss you make more videos
Michelle Tabinski
Michelle Tabinski - 2 дня назад
Garrett you are the cutest! I love you and your personality. We all have our issues. You make everyone smile and feel happy. Just keep being you!
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