My Friends Help Me Fix My Hoarder Life

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Tasianador - 3 hours ago
I watch your videos and put myself through literal torture knowing we won’t ever be friends but secretly I really wanna become friends with you Garrett, and now that Ive read that out loud, thought I should let you know it sounded WAYY less creepier in my head. :)) follow me on Insta 😘 **changes subject** @taj_191tcm :))❤️
Kailey Foerman
Kailey Foerman - 8 hours ago
29:06 i like how his phone is just THERE
Jadelynn Lee
Jadelynn Lee - 9 hours ago
I am not lying when I say this. But I keep ALMOST LITERALLY EVERYTHING.
LittleSpace 101
LittleSpace 101 - 12 hours ago
I can relate with you personifying stuff. I have this cactus and I named it and I love it as my baby.
PikaGeek026 - 13 hours ago
I understand this, like I have a toy raccoon that I named Meeko I have personified him so much that if I lost him I'd have panic attacks. When I was young I gave him so many qualities and gave him a personality he has a age, I could never imagine giving him away my whole family knows how I feel about him and wouldnt dare throw him away. I really gotta give it to Garrett I couldn't imagine feeling that way with everything and for him to do that it really shows how he wants to change how he lives I'm so proud of him
F 4
F 4 - Day ago
Omg I love Harry Potter but how could you not have some type of a Harry Potter poster or wand????
Marcus Thomsen
Marcus Thomsen - Day ago
True I personified a stick
Marcus Thomsen
Marcus Thomsen - Day ago
And I still cry about letting my helium balloon float away
Heather TheDeadOne67
Omg.... I'm exactly like you. I need a Shane!
Astral Projections
Astral Projections - Day ago
When Garret said he was having a panic attack I like felt it. When I saw the amount of stuff he was giving away it legit scared me because I have a very strong attachment to my stuff like he does. Thinking of giving away all the things he did would scare me so much and I wanted to say to Garret, you are very strong for doing this and that doing this will make your life better in so many ways and watching this gave me the strength to go through my stuff and it made my life better. You are amazing and make so many people happy and if you are ever going through anything, you can talk to us about it. We love you, stay happy.
Ash Novak
Ash Novak - Day ago
What would Shane say about the onion under the couch 😅🤫
Jasmine Soto
Jasmine Soto - Day ago
I love this Marie Kondo shit 😂 y'all are all great!!
Gwenpops - Day ago
“Isn’t that ghoulish? Isn’t that fun??”

“I’ve gotta date more...” 💀
Christa Mattingly
Christa Mattingly - Day ago
OMG, I know I'm late to the party, but MEEEEEEEEE
Ixa On
Ixa On - 2 days ago
Get you a man who has ocd
Georgia - 2 days ago
Love you Garrett ❤️
trash boat
trash boat - 2 days ago
we love you garrett
Rebecca Morrison
Rebecca Morrison - 2 days ago
Ana Lucia Gildemeister
Ana Lucia Gildemeister - 2 days ago
Thank you so much for uploading this content! This video made me realize I also have problems with keeping things and being kind of a hoarder but now I feel like I could clean up my own space. Thank you, lots of love!!!
L.L. Jellyfish
L.L. Jellyfish - 2 days ago
Seniia_Marii - 2 days ago
I thought I was the only one who gave a soul to items lol I been doing that all my life lol so don’t feel weird
Sarah H
Sarah H - 3 days ago
Love you Garrett 💜
Maddison Dwyer
Maddison Dwyer - 3 days ago
My ocd is now cured now knowing Garret’s place is clean
Cool_Cat 176
Cool_Cat 176 - 3 days ago
11:16 yessssss finallyyyyy i could relate to this sooo much. now i deal with it by leaving it behind but, putting something i also want next to it. so i need to throw this away, but i cant, so i get something else im attached to then i throw both of them out TOGETHER. then i dont feel bad for it. i sound so much like a crazy person
Shelbie Bradford
Shelbie Bradford - 3 days ago
GARRETT there is a wand remote
Kelly Lloyd
Kelly Lloyd - 3 days ago
I clean exactly like Garrett. My room looks like Garrett's room. I'm watching this video instead of putting clothes away. I may need my own Shane.
KAILEY WALTON - 3 days ago
Yeah you are right how is he still single
TwoSecondsToHome - 4 days ago
i wish i could be less chaotic and messy — it just makes me down and tired all the time im siCk of it. and if im honest this video is pushing me to sort my life out. thank you garrett 💛
update: i sorted the shit out of my room and i already feel a lot better wow
Kristen Rae
Kristen Rae - 4 days ago
the noise he made when he told the lights to go purple was so stinkin cute ;)
Lizzie Dawson
Lizzie Dawson - 4 days ago
Is it weird that I’m sat watching this like being super proud? I freaking love this dude.
P.S The Iron Giant is my favourite film!
Chiara Kovar
Chiara Kovar - 4 days ago
this is so late but for all your papers and stuff put them in a journal!!! I have a journal full of leaves and sticks I've found and little bits of paper and sugar packets, its a really easy way to not only have all your memories in a little place but you can also be super creative with it
Laura Mcguire
Laura Mcguire - 4 days ago
I just freaked out because there are fruit flies in my kitchen and as a recovering hoarder i know that that usually means there is a peice of rotting misplaced fruit somewhereand i cant find the source and its giving me flash backs
Nicona Aaron
Nicona Aaron - 5 days ago
Fuck anyone i love u Shane and Ryland I'd love be ur friends fukkkkkk❤😭😍
Chlobo 17
Chlobo 17 - 5 days ago
26:17 yasss
Georgia Sehlmeyer
Georgia Sehlmeyer - 5 days ago
8:59 i read the book shane, i read the book
Cherry Bomb Roblox Bits
yesss im not the only one who personifies stupid things

gravelheart lol
gravelheart lol - 5 days ago
literally shorter and weigh more than garrett im ...
Alexandra - 5 days ago
I almost cried during this video. This isn't me just saying, "OMG same" just to be annoying. But like, I have the same thing with attachment so thank you so much for this video. It feels good to not be alone, and this video is helping me. Not only do i put attachment to things, but like I also have OCD and I feel like that if I get rid of something it will hurt someone or me, thanks garret for being amazing I love you❤😗❤
Jenny Nguyen
Jenny Nguyen - 5 days ago
give it a week.......joking :)
Mariam Abbasi
Mariam Abbasi - 6 days ago
I keep on fast forwarding to Shane 😂
Mireille Guertin
Mireille Guertin - 6 days ago
Nice to see you not goofy!
Jadelynn Lee
Jadelynn Lee - 9 hours ago
KasaiQueen - 6 days ago
4 minute 40 second intro lmao
mikayla art
mikayla art - 6 days ago
This week on Hoarders
Alex - 6 days ago
shane is such a nice guy.
Chris Gross
Chris Gross - 6 days ago
This really hit home. Thanks for sharing.
benn nonono nononon
benn nonono nononon - 7 days ago
2019 Anyone?
Joe-Ann Watkins
Joe-Ann Watkins - 7 days ago
Does anyone else feel as though Garrett Watts has ghosted them by not posting in 5 months?
Dakota Zimmermann
Dakota Zimmermann - 7 days ago
I'm literally the exact same as Shane. I purge everything, from my clothes to photos on social media. I'm glad I'm not the only one
Katie Croston
Katie Croston - 7 days ago
shane reminds me of the dad that cries when his daughter gets a boyfriend
Have a great day!
Have a great day! - 7 days ago
I want an update.
Javiera - 7 days ago
This video is so importantttttttt. Idk if you'll read this but if you do I just want to say thank you so much Garrett for sharing this! It's never easy to "expose" ourselves... and I'm sure this has helped and will help a LOT of people going through this or something similar. It sure helped me... I don't feel so alone right now :) I grew up in a family of hoarders (grandpa and mom set the example) and, well, I turned into a hoarder myself... and I realized that I was when I went to college and got my own place, and it ended up pretty much just like yours at the start of the video... to this day I still struggle with letting go of things sometimes (though I'm getting better!), but I am commited to never ever EVER letting it become as bad as it once was...
Also, I actually do something really similar to what you do with my things... like buy and keep things that feel special somehow, or things that I feel have some kind of history that I want to preserve... and the fact that you do this makes me feel so much better about it!! I always felt so weird xD Anyways... watching this really made me feel good about the process I've been through and just...This was so relatable it's crazy... idk, just thank you so much Garrett. And I hope that you also continue in this journey of letting go of excess so you can actually enjoy the things and people that make you happy :)

ps: reading Marie Kondo's books has helped me SO MUCH, she has this whole thing about only keeping things that truly give you joy (much like what Shane said) so maybe give them a go if you want :) ok, this commet is already too long aaaa bye
missy xoxo
missy xoxo - 7 days ago
Your all great 💕
Monica Martinez
Monica Martinez - 7 days ago
When is your next YouTube video coming out? Miss you
KeepTheMemesAlive Please
kanai rose
kanai rose - 7 days ago
Why doesn’t garret post
Tamilka BubbleGum
Tamilka BubbleGum - 7 days ago
Why that makes me sooo happy
Xx Amy xX i have 18 subs
I love tomb raider I play it on my xbox all the time
Xx Amy xX i have 18 subs
*im so proud of you I actualy cried*
Xx Amy xX i have 18 subs
Where are you
Savage Mua
Savage Mua - 8 days ago
Garrett, I just want to thank you for sharing this! I have a lot of trouble with holding onto stuff and being in chaos. I wish I had shane to give me an intervention. You are so blessed to have some amazing friends and I just want to thank you for being so transparent. This gives me hope and the drive to get my place done. You don't realise how much it dominates your life until you have a good look at it. You rock
OZZY - 8 days ago
Haha Morgan "we didn't have any popcorn parties"
Leah Cohen
Leah Cohen - 8 days ago
22:40 I meant what i said and I said what I meant an elephant 🐘 is faithful 100%
Leah Cohen
Leah Cohen - 8 days ago
But that’s what I thought sometimes our inner dialogue and our phythicle environments don’t match up 9:30
Phoenix Jewel
Phoenix Jewel - 8 days ago
Your spirit is amazing!!!
Hjørdis Gerup
Hjørdis Gerup - 8 days ago
I keep coming back to this video I think it's probably my favorite one on youtube
nina’s hearts
nina’s hearts - 9 days ago
we love you garrett. we love you so fucking much.
MERMAN MURF - 9 days ago
Omg I’m like that with my stuff too you are not alone 🧜🏻‍♂️🌊🐬
Brian Rees sr
Brian Rees sr - 9 days ago
Garret looks like Harry Potter whith his glasses i love it also i am a Hufflepuff as well
Mark S. Roop
Mark S. Roop - 9 days ago
Poor guy! Hording is a sign of Mental Illness. Garrettt needs to realize just how amazing he is! His depression is obvious! He needs to take a step back and see just how amazing and loveable he is. Take time to take care of yourself! Shane just showed you how much you are loved! He really helped in clearing the clutter! I hope Garrett gets some professional help to help him realize just how awesome he is!
wendy pridmore
wendy pridmore - 10 days ago
He has the very best of friends who genuinely and care for him. Blessed
wendy pridmore
wendy pridmore - 10 days ago
Genuinely care
Sophia Podgorski
Sophia Podgorski - 10 days ago
It’s not a squad video without an Andrew laugh
sandy Tinapay
sandy Tinapay - 10 days ago
You guys are soo lucky to have each other
leah lebeau
leah lebeau - 10 days ago
We are moving in a month and my plan is to purge our belongings. We're a family of 4 so it's a bit harder with kids but they have so much stuff. I found this video to be inspiring & what are the odds I stumble on it at this moment. 🤯
Love Kate
Love Kate - 10 days ago
He needs a rug, just saying...
Pelin Lacin
Pelin Lacin - 10 days ago
nawwwwwwwwwwwwwww so proud of you garrett !!
Maddie Animates
Maddie Animates - 10 days ago
26:11 to 26:19 I can’t stop laughing the giggle shows how much of a smol (he’s actually tall nvm) bean
Shane squad Thisisafanaccountdontsueme
kalynn xdfv
kalynn xdfv - 10 days ago
omg he is so proud and I love him ps and precious
Marcus Anthony simpson
Marcus Anthony simpson - 10 days ago
Same I personify EVERYTHING no lie even my door handle her name is jade that's why I don't pull the door handle hard I don't wanna hurt her
///////////// - 10 days ago
If Joey and chandler had a son it would be garret
Jaewon S.
Jaewon S. - 10 days ago
I love Garrett and I think hes straight!!! just super nerdy!!!!! He once said a drawing of a naked woman (printed in B&W) in the book was too spicy for him back in high school, and still is too spicy LOL, either way, i love him!!!!!!!
Jayden Hillman
Jayden Hillman - 10 days ago
Garrett is so beyond sweet
Sarah Bourgoin
Sarah Bourgoin - 10 days ago
5 months since this video ! No new video ! I would love to see a house 🏠 update video ⭕❌⭕❌💟
julia Rocco
julia Rocco - 11 days ago
So relateable, I legit have a t shirt collection that I just can't give up.. some have holes and paint stains but in my mind I always think Ill probably either fix them or use them in another project.
FanOf ManyThings
FanOf ManyThings - 11 days ago
Aurora Golden
Aurora Golden - 11 days ago
No pressure but please make a new video soon😍 you are so awesome
Edit: I need to get better friends. I'm an introvert Garrett help😌
X_supreme212 xxl
X_supreme212 xxl - 11 days ago
Stop playing ps4
Angelicca Kenny
Angelicca Kenny - 11 days ago
I am literally the same way. And honestly this video came at the perfect time for me, I'm about to move in a week and literally have done nothing. I know there is so much that I need to get rid of because I haven't touched or wore it in months but I cant bring myself to get rid of any of it. So I really appreciate this video, even though Shane wasn't giving the advice to me it what I really needed to hear as well 💜💜💜
Addy Cain
Addy Cain - 11 days ago
Ummm where's Shane iconic shirt!?
Sushi Cat
Sushi Cat - 11 days ago
Everyone: wow it's dirty
People who are messy: yeah I'm a rat
Months later
People: we cleaned for you
People who are mess: mmmmmmmm I hate it
How not 2 Utube
How not 2 Utube - 11 days ago
Honestly that’s my bedroom
Three Cheers
Three Cheers - 11 days ago
I want to be better at accepting myself. I know that’s quite dark but I’ve been struggling with it for a while and want to change it and as a result be happier. I’m not 100% sure how to do it yet but I’m going to start working on it. I’m proud of you and you’re so lucky to have friends that love and respect you
Karina Land
Karina Land - 12 days ago
Good for you Garret!
Darsana Varier
Darsana Varier - 12 days ago
Shane invented the Konmari method.
Southern Hospitality
Southern Hospitality - 12 days ago
I'm sure everyone says this but I am so in love with Andrew 😍 He is so genuine and sweet and so cute 🥰
Andrea R. Trujillo
Andrea R. Trujillo - 12 days ago
I just discovered your channel today looking for motivation to organize and clean my house (have been realizing that I am a hoarder as well!) and I love you already! Good job for your realization and awesome transformation! I am in the process of still unpacking (after 9mths) and organizing our two story, 3 bd rm house and I have two pre teen kids... So basically I'm doing it by myself! But you totally inspired me! Thank you! ❤
Luna112233 0011
Luna112233 0011 - 12 days ago
Tbh i get more exited when you post than every single fucking youtuber i love u
Luna112233 0011
Luna112233 0011 - 12 days ago
Garrett you are really sweet and i love you so much😍
Skitsun - 12 days ago
I’m so thankful that he has good friends! It makes me very happy! Haha I am actually 5.
Allison Meeks
Allison Meeks - 12 days ago
The "little ghosts" are called tree spirits and they're from a Studio Ghibli film 😂 hes so adorable
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