Smart Work vs Hard Work - By Sandeep Maheshwari I Hindi

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Sandeep Maheshwari
Sandeep Maheshwari - Year ago
Smart Work is all about achieving maximum results with minimum effort.
WASIM MONDAL - 21 day ago
I love this matter
Ghana Kanhar
Ghana Kanhar - 23 days ago
hello sir,how are you ? excuse me sir, if i don't hard work, how shall i finish my chapter or lessons.i understand from your sessions,your knowledge is come from bhagbat geeta. am i right ?
Alka Sachdev
Alka Sachdev - 23 days ago
Hello sir How can we know this is a smart way and that is a hard way
Allice Jeffry
Allice Jeffry - 25 days ago
@Sahil Munjal why he... need a platform like ted...if he.. is a owner and creator of his own platform🤫😑😑😑 Be smart
Arjun Chougala
Arjun Chougala - Month ago How I improved my WORK I take more time to complete the work Even a small task I complete taking more time I wondered how some people do more work in less time Then I started analysing my work pattern I found one biggest problem.... One thing which I learned from Steve Jobs and one thing I learned from Sachin tendulkar which helped me to improve my work What are those things you watch in Video
Ravi Singh
Ravi Singh - Day ago
Success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experience.
Gautam Charan official
Gautam Charan official - 3 days ago
Kitne log Hain Jo smart work karte Hain🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
vaibhav Srivastava
vaibhav Srivastava - 6 days ago
sir please please tell about how to control distraction from online games
N D - 7 days ago
Work hard at working smart
Yashraj Chhaikur
Yashraj Chhaikur - 7 days ago
mohd afsan
mohd afsan - 8 days ago
һєʏ śıя...I will you always inspire
Bastab Phukon
Bastab Phukon - 10 days ago
Sir study ke sath khelneke bare me vedio banaye please
Amreen Gehlot
Amreen Gehlot - 15 days ago
want to meet uh once sir im ur biggest fan
Daksha Kurhade
Daksha Kurhade - 15 days ago
Best and unique part was of leziness
Street Food Here
Street Food Here - 20 days ago
Shrikant Rathod
Shrikant Rathod - 21 day ago
Thanks sir 😇
Sam Biswas
Sam Biswas - 21 day ago
This guy is very minded sabko ullu bna ing
Sam Biswas
Sam Biswas - 21 day ago
This video Only for successful men and women not poor men, don't watch this men video dislikes this video guys
abhijit pal
abhijit pal - 21 day ago
How are you Sir?My name is ABHIJIT PAL.I don't know you are going to reply or not?!But I just want your suggestions that after many failures even leave my Dad's business I've started a fish- Aquarium & Pet shop business with a little investment.Now I'm 35 & Married.Still I believe practically not illusions that I'll Must be the no 1 pet or fish and also bird BUSINESS OWNERS in INDIA by doing something New. I BELIEVE it by heart.Hard work is required & I'm doing,but how smart work gives me the growth of my BUSINESS??One more thing that I've done 8 OPERATIONS for various reasons.Leave those matters.Now I BELIEVE that I'm MENTALLY-STRONG & PHYSICALLY-FIT.(THOUGH THERE ARE PROBLEMS PHYSICALLY)BUT I DECIDED THAT SOME PAINS ARE PART OF OUR LIFE WHICH WILL FORCE ME TOWARDS SUCCESS).AND AS YOU SAID NO-PAIN NO-GAIN.NOT HELP ME JUST ADVICE OR SUGGESTED ME TO BE THE BEST IN MY FIELD. AND ALSO I'VE DECIDED THAT THIS IS THE WAY OF MY LIFE(karna hae tho yeahi nahi tho kuch nehi because this is my passion also).AND VERY LAST Actually it's my dream that one fine-morning I'm able to help poor children & street-dogs as per my ability...That's all SIR...STAY BLESSED.
Prakash PSR Tiger
Prakash PSR Tiger - 24 days ago
Super pics 👌 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Prakash PSR Tiger
Prakash PSR Tiger - 24 days ago
md shafique 003
md shafique 003 - 24 days ago
Lovely speech sir 😎😎😎
Shekhar Sheoran
Shekhar Sheoran - 24 days ago
thanx sir i am very happy after watch this topic
Nayana Wagh
Nayana Wagh - 24 days ago
Sir u r no. One
Mohmmad vash Neta B.S.P
Mohmmad vash Neta B.S.P - 25 days ago
Thanks bhaijaan. For this video. no1h.bhai tum yrr
RUPAM DEBNATH - 25 days ago
Apka baat saahi hay but family ka loke nahi manta hay , unko kaysa
Samjhayega tell me please 😌
Er Rupêsh Røy
Er Rupêsh Røy - 25 days ago
Mujh se call karana
Er Rupêsh Røy
Er Rupêsh Røy - 25 days ago
Pahile khud samjho
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis - 27 days ago
What languages is he speaking?
Sahid Rahman
Sahid Rahman - 26 days ago
Dabau Peer
Dabau Peer - 27 days ago
Plz give tips for smart work
Er Rupêsh Røy
Er Rupêsh Røy - 25 days ago
I will provide tips for smart working
Er Rupêsh Røy
Er Rupêsh Røy - 25 days ago
Call me 8264478595
hum.techno vale baba
hum.techno vale baba - 29 days ago
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Ranjit Ghosh
Ranjit Ghosh - Month ago
Awesome sir 👌👌👌👌
Suraj Bundela
Suraj Bundela - Month ago
Sir ek ESI please pr work krta hu vha m
Sujit Kumar Srivastava
Plzzz tell how can do smart work in study
mayur magadalwar
mayur magadalwar - Month ago
Let me tell you smart work doesn't work
Amarsing Pandey
Amarsing Pandey - Month ago
Wowowowo kya baat he maha danger video sandeep sir
MG DON 27 - Month ago
One of the best videos i have ever watched
vishal bhushan
vishal bhushan - Month ago
Smart work wo hi kr sakta h jisne kabhi na kabhi apni life mai hard work kiya ho.
Rajesh Thareli
Rajesh Thareli - Month ago
best video for inspiration for the new student or new business man
manisha rawat
manisha rawat - Month ago
U r sbbbbbb sir ji.. thanku so much
Dharmpal yadav
Dharmpal yadav - Month ago
But sir APJ Abdul kalam said that one can be achieved success by doing hardwork.
Gaurav Gulati
Gaurav Gulati - Month ago
saare log aise bethe rehte hai jaise ki kuch pta hi nhi hai jo yeh keh rha hai kuch naya thodi keh rha hai bs ghuma firake keh deta hai to tum bc ko bade maze aate hai abe apna dimag dudau aur aage bad jao
RJ RJ - 2 months ago
Sir aapke sessions kabhi khatam hi nahi hoge...,Because logo ki PROBLEMS khatam hi nahi hoti hai😳😳............ek ke bad ek......non-stop...!!!!😧😧😧
jMe ahMEd
jMe ahMEd - 2 months ago
Megha Gautam
Megha Gautam - 2 months ago
Sir plz mujhe yeh bataye ki 19 ki age mai kya smart 👍 work kr skte hai
Rohith Krishna
Rohith Krishna - 2 months ago
Valiya undam pori👍
Asma Akbari
Asma Akbari - 2 months ago
H r u sir...
Asma Akbari
Asma Akbari - 2 months ago
Hello sir
Asma Akbari
Asma Akbari - 2 months ago
Hello sir
Mallappa Nayak
Mallappa Nayak - 2 months ago
Thanks sir
Subash Bhandari
Subash Bhandari - 2 months ago
Hi sir please make a video about how search the way which is bigger than the another way
FACTS AND FILES - 2 months ago
sir smart work badhia hai
Ali Malik
Ali Malik - 2 months ago
Dr ujjwal patni is the best
nandini dash
nandini dash - 2 months ago
This video is apt for current time. Thanks.
Luv# Drawing
Luv# Drawing - 2 months ago
Ur Genius Sir
Don't study hard ,study smart😊
Lots of love❤️❤️
From Nepal
Er Rupêsh Røy
Er Rupêsh Røy - 25 days ago
Er Rupêsh Røy
Er Rupêsh Røy - 25 days ago
Smart work garnu chh bhane aau
Er Rupêsh Røy
Er Rupêsh Røy - 25 days ago
Kaha bat ho bhai
Sarang Gharge
Sarang Gharge - 2 months ago
Thanks sir .your explanation is very motivational
Classic Motivation
Classic Motivation - 2 months ago
“फोटो लेने के लिए अच्छे कपड़े नहीं बस मुस्कुराहट अच्छी होनी चाहिए।”
Nisha Raman
Nisha Raman - 2 months ago
Sir maan lijiye mera aim upsc crack krke ias officer banne ka h .......ab rush to usme bhi h work ham usse bhi to bol skte h ki bheed wali jagah m smart strategy bnakr best kr dikhana ......bohot saare log iss exam ko dete h lekin kuch hi first attempt m clear kr paate h
Amit Garena free fire gamer
Sir tomorrow is my speech I am in 8th std in English your video is nice I translated it in English and tomorrow I will saý.

Yeah I won I became star of the week thank you so much
rain rain
rain rain - 2 months ago
Please reply me ......What are the types of hardwork to study without understanding for a very long time or,,,, to study with understanding and take a very long time ... I don't know which are good or bad ... I want to know which type of hardwork we should do.... Please make a video on this ... And please reply me...that u will make video
DHANRAJ KUMAR - 2 months ago
Bihar me apka seminar kab hai sir
WILLBE SUCCESSFUL - 2 months ago
Bhai kuch bhi bolta rehta hai...where's the logic 🙄
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ANKIT SINGH - 2 months ago
Thank you Sir
Yuvi Chauhan
Yuvi Chauhan - 2 months ago
Aap ki mind set kaisi he
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