2019 TDTM | R1F9 | McBeth, Koling, Johansen, Goodpasture

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JomezPro - 28 days ago
What do you guys think should be the commentary name for these two?
Nick Braun
Nick Braun - 17 days ago
Perma Frost
Perma Frost - 22 days ago
Get Sexton in there and then you can call them Germ-Ex :D
Fredrik Lax
Fredrik Lax - 22 days ago
I think it should be called Big Crush Commentary <3
Neil Aucoin
Neil Aucoin - 25 days ago
Jerm n German
Peter Cram
Peter Cram - 26 days ago
EchoplexGhost - 16 days ago
Were they in a bathroom recording this commentary? What is with the acoustics? o_o
Filip de Bésche
Filip de Bésche - 19 days ago
Big Jerm:
You're absolutely right that Kastaplast is a swedish brand. The name itself translated would be Throwplastic. "Kasta" in swedish means "throw" and "plast" translates to "plastic". The name of the disc (Berg) means "mountain" and your pronunciation (not sure how that word's spelled...) was awesome ;-) I hope you see this comment so you know that you were 100% correct! ;-)
Michael Jay
Michael Jay - 22 days ago
Good job as usual guys!
John Willis
John Willis - 22 days ago
I said it in a previous video but I feel it has to be mentioned again: Notice that Simon didn't say(19:25) back-to-back birdies but back-to-back SloMez!!!
Forest Moon Endor
Forest Moon Endor - 23 days ago
Anyone know what song was used for the Austin Hannum Discraft plug around 10:32(ish)
Zack Pagac
Zack Pagac - 23 days ago
Jerm is SOOOOO minty!
Zak Stoltz
Zak Stoltz - 23 days ago
I don't know if I'm just getting used to it or if you guys are giving a little more time to the start of the putts in the Slomez replays, but if you did adjust it, thank you!!! It's feeling pretty great now.
noname given
noname given - 24 days ago
Thanks for posting and the great coverage commentaries! MJ's no look putt technique so classic LOL!
Enjoy watching all JOMEZ coverages...thanks again!
dr05guitar - 25 days ago
Jerm, don't worry, I agree--that was an amazing upshot on hole 9!
Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers - 25 days ago
MJ!!! Thanks for filming, boys!
Jake Chmielewski
Jake Chmielewski - 25 days ago
That was an awesome intro!
Patrick Barnett
Patrick Barnett - 25 days ago
Simon is a great to listen to and funny. Hope we hear more from him.
Baysinger's Disc Golf Channel
"If the course were a microphone, he just dropped it" haha. Hilarious
Dave Allen
Dave Allen - 26 days ago
Big Jerm's lay up on hole 9 taught me how to love again.
Shibby mcgee
Shibby mcgee - 26 days ago
sfincione2000 - 26 days ago
p.s. Great putt on 5, Jerm! Nice jump putt.
sfincione2000 - 26 days ago
Yeah, it's a Berg and Kastaplast is from Sweden (home for me too). I was told recently that the US market accounts for something like 70% (ish) of the Kastaplast sales. I'm not a fan of the plastic too much but I will say that the Berg is a cool little utility side-arm disc for up to 70 or 80m. Holds the line very well too since it's quite overstable.
Nugget Doozy
Nugget Doozy - 26 days ago
Awe I miss that weird into music from last year lol
Nugget Doozy
Nugget Doozy - 26 days ago
Ayeee! Tyty
JomezPro - 26 days ago
We use it on our social media clips 🤝
Tyler Wells
Tyler Wells - 26 days ago
Turn on captions for Simon's intro translation...
Yava-Coco Production
Yava-Coco Production - 26 days ago
Awesome job on commentary as usual! I hope the future broadcasts continue to have players do commentary. I know DG is heading to the big times soon enough but the flavor from the players is far better than a Blob Costas-type of commentary. Hearing someone who doesn't play the game call the game would just suck. My two cents.
Marshall Diaz
Marshall Diaz - 26 days ago
I’d rather watch the blurry coverage at 22:03 than the live footage from Memorial.. Jomez4Life
Ryan Jarvis
Ryan Jarvis - 26 days ago
McBeth never uses a mini? Very interesting...
MegaHyZer - 26 days ago
Beautiful production...as always!!!
BIG SIGH commentary

Side note: Why does it seem like 80-85% of all disc golf courses are all "Righty Hyzers"?
Hugh Keene
Hugh Keene - 26 days ago
You guys got a like on this video within the first 10 seconds because I love hearing Simon Lizotta talk. Also his german was awesome.
Aaron Clarke
Aaron Clarke - 26 days ago
Low high five @ hole 7 haha
Chris Smith
Chris Smith - 26 days ago
Big German Commentary!
Dylan Lhotak
Dylan Lhotak - 26 days ago
“I just got back from the tennis club” 😂😂😂😂😂😂☠️☠️❤️❤️❤️
hunt4222 - 26 days ago
Was awesome being out at the event watching y’all work Jomez! Flawless execution watching y’all get the angles. Amazing seeing the video after being there! Keep up to good work.
Jimmy Disc
Jimmy Disc - 26 days ago
I really like how big jerm let's us know what everyone is throwing. It's a privilege to hear and great commentary
Five One Two Four Nine
Five One Two Four Nine - 26 days ago
Hay balls!
Kelly Perry
Kelly Perry - 27 days ago
Lovin the "Big German" commentary! Always love thw coverage from Jomez! I was just thinking how cool it would be to see an "elevation change" graphic from tee to pin. Just a thought.
Lee Cox
Lee Cox - 27 days ago
Kastaplast has some awesome looking plastic! I think I will need to give that a try
Michael Ulickey
Michael Ulickey - 27 days ago
Thoroughly enjoyed the German intro. Felt like I actually utilized one of my degrees
slangen808 - 27 days ago
The biggest shoot on this one was absolutely Jerms incredible layup on hole 9.
T G - 27 days ago
I would definitely listen to Simon provide commentary in German
Tyler Babb
Tyler Babb - 27 days ago
Sound is terrible. FYI
Chris Vance
Chris Vance - 27 days ago
So good to see a pro throwing a Reko on Jomez. its the best putter out there. Kastaplast is a seriously underrated company. great molds, fantastic blends and the
best glow plastic on the market.
Bamzonebro - 27 days ago
McBeth isnt human, haha. only explanation for him just being that damn good
Dana Lawton
Dana Lawton - 27 days ago
Kastaplast Interesting that the throw portion of the word "kasta", is used in English but as the word "cast", to throw, like a fishing line or an object. It is not known to have come from Latin but more so from the Nordic area of Europe. When you consider that the Nordic's are quite adept at throwing things.... especially the Finnish, they are world renowned Javelin throwers, it makes sense. Even used in the translated Bible "Cast not your pearls before swine". Give you good stuff to the Church.
derlyriker - 27 days ago
damn i was surprized its a german clip,... but destroy my dreams ^^
Dana Lawton
Dana Lawton - 27 days ago
Johansen is probably pretty pragmatic..... you've seen one go in, you've seen them all. I mean, how many times can you get a thrill from watching a disc go in unless its for the win on the last hole!
Ryan Montague
Ryan Montague - 27 days ago
Would have liked to have a follow flight on hole 5.
chueg6 - 27 days ago
Johansen with forehand upshot on 5😱
discgolfjeff - 27 days ago
Thanks for the coverage this year! This property is amazing and your did it justice.
slmnmndr co
slmnmndr co - 27 days ago
Simon in the bag 2019???
paul winkel
paul winkel - 27 days ago
You guys should attach a donate link next to all your next day coverage videos so we can donate a few bucks for the coverage.
Alex Collison
Alex Collison - 27 days ago
We gonna see a run of big jerm wraiths? Because I’d buy one no doubt
Robin White
Robin White - 27 days ago
"I think he's gonna be just fine folks" - Big Jerm (speaking of McBeth)
Beau Hanson
Beau Hanson - 27 days ago
what happened to the sound quality?
Ocho - 27 days ago
More german please! I was suprised :)
Warren Massey
Warren Massey - 27 days ago
Y'all are so AWSOME!!!
JaeWoo - 27 days ago
nice jumper big jerm, that putt on 5 was sic
disc crusher
disc crusher - 27 days ago
Happy b-day johansen. 50. Wow still a amazing player
disc crusher
disc crusher - 27 days ago
+Jeremy Boyd jomez said today he turned 50
Jeremy Boyd
Jeremy Boyd - 27 days ago
don't think he's 50 yet...40 maybe?
Nathan Sexton
Nathan Sexton - 27 days ago
This channel really has something special! 👍
disc crusher
disc crusher - 27 days ago
What does big jerm putt with Jomez ??
KeysAndCodes - 27 days ago
Paul tho. Damn he good
insanzeforlife5150 - 27 days ago
Big Jerm tried to pull the Uli forced low five on McBeth after hole 7
binder929rr - 27 days ago
Love the coverage!
Craig McLeod
Craig McLeod - 27 days ago
MJ looks away because he knows he threw it in, I look away because I knew I threw it in the brush!
Nero Schnee
Nero Schnee - 27 days ago
Please go back to the old intro :(
Stephen Beson
Stephen Beson - 27 days ago
Simon speaking German in the beginning of the video just made my whole day.
I Own Me - You Own You
I Own Me - You Own You - 27 days ago
18:28 I also listen to heavy music to calm me down. When there's so much noise that it requires all of your attention, you can't focus on anything else, including anxiety.
Nero Schnee
Nero Schnee - 27 days ago
Boa. Des war grad komisch.
Benjamin Turk
Benjamin Turk - 27 days ago
Thumbs up for Simon on commentary!
lankiee - 27 days ago
Well done Jerm for going for the Swedish pronunciation! Don't worry about it, your "Berg" sounded great!
brian6speed - 27 days ago
what is up with the shaky camera work, zooming in/out and out of focus shots? am i still watching dgpt coverage?
girlsrockurboyz - 27 days ago
WEIRD ALL OF IT, THE COURSE, THE vibe, the players, wtf?
urthtone - 27 days ago
Seriously, wonderful job on the entire production value. Great commentary and filming. Keep it fellas!
Infamous gaming clips
Infamous gaming clips - 27 days ago
Big Jerm... bro, those colors ain’t working for you. Looking like a 7ft chicken popping out of an Easter egg. 🥚
kuhn5555 - 27 days ago
Haha, Simon you got me there. I'm german so I understood everything what you were saying but it was still strange to have the welcoming speech in English. Great commentary and awesome McBeast show
Blutige Tränen
Blutige Tränen - 27 days ago
I only ever played two courses in Florida. One was in Mt. Dora and I BELIEVE the other was in Ocala. Both were full of fire ants. Neither was fun. I had a disc spike right into a fire ant mound. So far as I know it's still there.
8Ryanaugust - 27 days ago
Simon: “A 420ft hole is normally a mid-range/fairway driver”
Us: “Screw you”
Mattias Ahlin
Mattias Ahlin - 27 days ago
8Ryanaugust he sure is 😂
8Ryanaugust - 27 days ago
Mattias Ahlin - Hole 4. And it doesn’t matter anyway because Simon threw a putter 492 ft last week...he’s just ridiculous lol.
Mattias Ahlin
Mattias Ahlin - 27 days ago
8Ryanaugust The hole you’re you’re referring to (hole 5) is 320 ft, not 420.
Country Disc Golf
Country Disc Golf - 27 days ago
Great coverage. Hope to see y'all at HOF Classic again this year.
David DeMarse
David DeMarse - 27 days ago
Simon is the man
Nathan Yates
Nathan Yates - 27 days ago
26:17 favorite moment.
andristic - 27 days ago
that intro was fukin wunderbar
Pythonesque - 27 days ago
kasta_plast = cast plastic
Tolan T
Tolan T - 27 days ago
"Why are we showing THAT one?!?!" -- lol
Nar - 27 days ago
I'll support that amazing up and down on hole 9 Jerm!
Lyndon Dimond
Lyndon Dimond - 27 days ago
Slomez city. Nice putting gents.
Joshua Black
Joshua Black - 27 days ago
I would love to see a Charlie Goodpasture in the bag.
Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts - 27 days ago
I have really enjoyed the past couple of coverages when Koling has been on the card because he finds out what the discs are that are being thrown on each shot. Nice extra insight
Mark Kienle
Mark Kienle - 27 days ago
So awesome to see a pro throwing Kastaplast, and for Jerm to be shouting out the discs. So cool......
Jarad Reiser
Jarad Reiser - 27 days ago
Nicholas Stewart
Nicholas Stewart - 27 days ago
Jeremy....is that you giving Paul an emphatic "WHOOOO!!!!!" at 24:57 after he laced a buzz up to less than 10 feet???
citysmasher2 - 27 days ago
Oh thank goodness... Yessssssss
John Raburn
John Raburn - 27 days ago
Are those t-pads as crappy as they look?
Joe Casagranda
Joe Casagranda - 27 days ago
"yeah, missing that gap is pretty weak"
"Thank youuu"
Sam M
Sam M - 27 days ago
💚 K A S T A P L A S T 💚
Mikel Bancroft
Mikel Bancroft - 27 days ago
Would you please call the no look MJ slow-mo shots, the Domez? That bald head pointing at the basket is fantastic.
Rob Du Bois
Rob Du Bois - 27 days ago
21:05 this is a little wider out of my hand than I wanted - big jerm... wait for the 2nd round ;p
Jeremy Koling
Jeremy Koling - 27 days ago
HAHAHA oh boy...
Bennett Johnson
Bennett Johnson - 27 days ago
Endlich war es auf deutsch
Jared Garrett-SocialAnxiety
Simon says you'd normally throw a fairway driver for 420ft. No simon id use the highest speed disc that i can throw and use 100% power and still come up 100ft. short and just hope i can lay up good on my 2nd shot.
Patrick Harris
Patrick Harris - 26 days ago
Same man
Blake Forrest
Blake Forrest - 27 days ago
Did Simon say hay balls?
Dan Brown
Dan Brown - 27 days ago
Sound isn't great ;/ Hopefully it's fixed for round 2.
Todd D
Todd D - 27 days ago
Jerm would've made that putt on 7 if dragged that foot around that bush?
andrew wolf
andrew wolf - 27 days ago
Jerm and The Germ
NyquistLP - 27 days ago
thanks for coverage guys!
Teresa Bailey
Teresa Bailey - 27 days ago
Oh my gosh. Simon makes me laugh so much. I wish we were friends... lol Big German commentary 😂 he was so articulate.
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