Astrologer Chani Nicholas on why what she does works

Scales Of Justice
Scales Of Justice - 18 days ago
Who the heck is this lady? Never ever heard of her. To be on this, must be good marketing skills from her. lol
Aquarian Gypsy
Aquarian Gypsy - 19 days ago
I love Chani!✨
NeoGeoSNK - 19 days ago
A she ?
Artistic WhistleBlower
Artistic WhistleBlower - 16 days ago
Why does her gender matter to you? Do you not have your own life and body to judge?😡
Edgardo Amado
Edgardo Amado - 20 days ago
Don’t complain about any special kind of president in any future for this country....when you have people with this kind of logic ( specially in Manhattan) voting. 👀
Vlad Z
Vlad Z - 20 days ago
If I was a therapist and she came to my office talking like that I would think she had childhood trauma, was lost, and looking for anything to give purpose in a purposeless world 🤪
Artistic WhistleBlower
Artistic WhistleBlower - 16 days ago
Vlad Z, at least you aren't JUDGEMENTAL. 😡
laalki80 - 20 days ago
A fraud and a charlatan.
viasevenvai - 20 days ago you claim.
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