Conan The Cable Installer 11/25/10 - CONAN on TBS

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Moana of Motunui
Moana of Motunui - 12 days ago
i swear to god Conan has kinks for BDSM
Timothy Litzinger
Timothy Litzinger - Month ago
What does Sona say to the Armenian woman? Anyone know I am so curious haha
bharath gnanavel
bharath gnanavel - Month ago
he is crazy funny. make me laugh 😂 😂 hard every single time.
burteriksson - Month ago
—Is it O.K. if we shoot this on "Conan O'Brien"? I'm starting a new show on cable.
—I don't speak English.
—That's O.K. – that's even better!
Inyia_marie - Month ago
I’m on a Conan binge. I haven’t done this since I was 14 years old. I feel great
Anas MOUADA - Month ago
Did he say I'm a Maverick ?
Richard Hernandez
Richard Hernandez - Month ago
@5:05 WTF is that chair bruh 😂😂😂
Legendary Explorer
Legendary Explorer - Month ago
Did anyone else notice that he said maverick? Lol LOGAN PAUL!!!!!
Samuel Cheng
Samuel Cheng - Month ago
Is no one gonna talk about how he's using an iPhone 3 in 2016
Zombified Ninja
Zombified Ninja - Month ago
One safety observation for Conan while working at the top of the pole: Why no chinstraps on your helmet?
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson - Month ago
Conan must be so annoying to people lol
RoScFan - Month ago
How do people like that couple live inna such a big house, live INA America and NOT speak English? If they were Hispanic it d make a little bit more sense there s enough Hispanics in america that you could function with Spanish only... But Armenian? How does an elderly Armenian couple live a functional life in America without speaking the language?
Cloudz - Month ago
"I'm doing this because I'm a maverick." -Conan O'Brien
Bat Boy
Bat Boy - Month ago
Conan is the best tv host the others seem so fake
刘宇龙 - Month ago
billy bong
billy bong - 2 months ago
this guy always puts a big smile on my face.
AwfulMusik - 2 months ago
Time warner is garbage company that screws it's customers with shitty service and high prices.
Rukiye Basak
Rukiye Basak - 2 months ago
Beni çok güldürüyorsun adam. Türkiye'den sevgiler 🙂
Esse San
Esse San - 2 months ago
I've been depressed for the last 9 months but there's something about these vids that makes me forget everything and laugh. It's Conan. Watching his free soul is a blessing.
Ben Govaert
Ben Govaert - 2 months ago
After Conan left that poor tech prolly still had 10 clients to visit that day ... been there never again lol.
Katrin S
Katrin S - 2 months ago
Wow this is how it works in the US?
Medieval techniques! 😂
Loki - 2 months ago
Only Conan can make comedy out of strangers who speak a different language
AnotherButt 4chair
AnotherButt 4chair - 2 months ago
Damn you Conan! Im supposed to be angry looking for another job, but here i am.
Usman Khair
Usman Khair - 2 months ago
"tell her im sorry about the second wife" "which one should i tell"😂😂😂
Not in service
Not in service - 2 months ago
Douche bags and the beard
VdeoMakeR - 2 months ago
Funniest man alive!!
gramps - 2 months ago
this is so old they don't even have hd
Peanut butter
Peanut butter - 2 months ago
Conan, cute with the beard
The Anti Christ
The Anti Christ - 2 months ago
It's nearly impossible to teach my own mother how to use the remote let alone someone who doesnt speak English. can you imagine?
RD S - 3 months ago
Not a female in that meeting room of workers !!
EasyToSpell - 3 months ago
Conan O'Brien.. the FIRST MAVERICK! suck on that logan paul
Logan Marcum
Logan Marcum - 3 months ago
1:01 “How we gonna kill it?” “Quietly”
ChopStickZero - 3 months ago
You live in a country, you speak the language. Or you dont live in the country anymore. Its very simple,yet too difficult for the idiotic legislators to comprehend. Theres people living in the states for 20years and still deliberately refuse to learn two words of english.
Ed Monix
Ed Monix - 3 months ago
NBC was smokin crack to pass on Coco
Sergi Vidal
Sergi Vidal - 3 months ago
3:24 😂😂😂
Андрей Онищенко
- How do I look? Do I look cool?
- ... (let me think...)
Viki Demos
Viki Demos - 3 months ago
Born with a funny bone🤣🤣🤣love the beard🧔
Theron Hayden
Theron Hayden - 3 months ago
Theron Hayden
Theron Hayden - 3 months ago
This is good!!!!
Hash-Slinging Slasher
Hash-Slinging Slasher - 4 months ago
Conan with facial hair . . woah 🔥
Gelrald Oldo
Gelrald Oldo - 4 months ago
i've been fine.
T C - 4 months ago
I guess there is a lot of Armenians in L.A. or something?
johnny blaze
johnny blaze - 5 months ago
I want the cable guys the movie
Joe Walsh
Joe Walsh - 5 months ago
I love that Conan’s humor transcends language barriers. He’s an incredibly funny writer but can just as easily get a laugh acting like a buffoon.
Anne Krautwald
Anne Krautwald - 5 months ago
The beard is freakin' me out. He looks like a ginger Justin Timberlake
Tonya Moses
Tonya Moses - 5 months ago
This man is funny!!!!
Tishta Lewis
Tishta Lewis - 5 months ago
I feel like that guy didn’t find Conan entertaining 😭😭😭
Pink Alien
Pink Alien - 5 months ago
They don't speak English, but they live in the US...
Gulya Swift
Gulya Swift - 5 months ago
I don’t speak English 🤣
Andrea H
Andrea H - 5 months ago
His left hand looks like a toddlers for some reason Ha
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