Harvest Honey - Part 1

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Taras Kul
Taras Kul - Year ago
Don't forget to comeback for part 2 tomorrow! :D It's been so much fun! can't wait to finish it and show it to you how much honey I got this season! :)
it's jam
it's jam - 7 months ago
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Hi DabPolice
Hi DabPolice - 9 months ago
Taras Kul Me too!!!
Roger Gommert
Roger Gommert - 10 months ago
So many people can learn from your experience. Great job Taras.
i - 2 days ago
Tyler Peacock
Tyler Peacock - 3 days ago
I’d love to be Tara’s friends he’s so positive and happy and just a nice guy in general
Nolan Tran
Nolan Tran - 5 days ago
I love how Taras puts boom. In the bio
Brie L
Brie L - 7 days ago
Andrea Rotundi
Andrea Rotundi - 10 days ago
7:16 aaand that's pretty much how the Pandora's box was opened...
Arnob Gomes
Arnob Gomes - 12 days ago
This channel's name should be beautiful
Dark ItsTen
Dark ItsTen - 17 days ago
Ken Bajo
Ken Bajo - 22 days ago
Kyley Mercer
Kyley Mercer - 22 days ago
Peter M
Peter M - 24 days ago
Hai Guy
Hai Guy - 25 days ago
I love how considerate he is to bees :D
William Aureli
William Aureli - 28 days ago
Send me some beeswax, how much you charge?
reishanty Lacibal
reishanty Lacibal - 28 days ago
Ayusin mo salita mo ang bobo mo nmn
Clexa Kru
Clexa Kru - Month ago
its khaney kharvest taime
Noelle Wallin
Noelle Wallin - Month ago
How do you get bees
Tia Marie
Tia Marie - Month ago
If you keep the boxes closed then how do the bees go collect pollen?
AARON ROSE - Month ago
Need to turn your frames the other way in that centerfudge
Za Phil
Za Phil - Month ago
He takes you tubers videos
Christhanjames ph
Christhanjames ph - Month ago
Crazy russian hacker
Jose Ortiz
Jose Ortiz - Month ago
Sanket Jha Jha
Sanket Jha Jha - Month ago
Thankyou Very Much Taras For Leaving Some Honey For Them Other Living Things Need Respect. Thanks.🇮🇳
Doggy Froggy Guy
Doggy Froggy Guy - Month ago
This inspired me to want to own a bee farm
Sarah’s tales
Sarah’s tales - Month ago
-Export watches -
- Him says we’re both learning at the same time -
- Export gets offended -
A.l.k.g Productions
A.l.k.g Productions - Month ago
in the beginning he said he’s been waiting two years to extract the honey!!!
Tony Sialongo
Tony Sialongo - Month ago
What's that spray that you spray in beehive?
TRN_Gamer - Month ago
Dude, BEE careful
Marko Trusk
Marko Trusk - 2 months ago
Just wanted to tell you that you are doing great job with your videos. Also you have a great energy so keep do good work. Hello from Croatia!
Edward VP
Edward VP - 2 months ago
White guy pretending to be a Russian in North Carolina lol
Mike Pizza
Mike Pizza - 2 months ago
is he crazyrussianhacker?
Perry Jr
Perry Jr - 2 months ago
Black widow
Black widow - 2 months ago
I'll admit you are brave I run away from one bee😂
First last
First last - 2 months ago
Doesn't the chemicals off the bottle effects the honey
Anna Heebe
Anna Heebe - 2 months ago
You need to scrape off the wonky pieces of honey comb.
xXGhostGalaxy88Xx - 2 months ago
Is this crazy Russian hacker
Alexandru Neagu
Alexandru Neagu - 2 months ago
Sw00pty Swoop
Sw00pty Swoop - 2 months ago
oh wow its the crazy Russian hacker
to go to hell
to go to hell - 2 months ago
Shout out to the bees that helped
to go to hell
to go to hell - 2 months ago
Do you enjoy beekeeping try roblox bee swarm sim
Zayden Collins
Zayden Collins - 2 months ago
I love watching you and your husky
random. llamas
random. llamas - 2 months ago
DangerousGirl Minty?
DangerousGirl Minty? - 2 months ago
lol his accent
Joshy04 - 2 months ago
Can someone tell me how the bee s get out when the box is fully closed?
appu ammu
appu ammu - 2 months ago
O my god
Lui Pirrone Cook
Lui Pirrone Cook - 2 months ago
hey the bees like u or they would be trying to sting u
J P - 2 months ago
I thought you take away all the honey and then make them work again
Agent Enterprises
Agent Enterprises - 2 months ago
Unathi Lolwane
Unathi Lolwane - 2 months ago
Are you Russian your accent
Mike Watson
Mike Watson - 2 months ago
0:12 captions on your welcome
Art Emis
Art Emis - 2 months ago
Extreme trypophobia vibes but its so intriguing
Feffnirsbane - 2 months ago
You inspire me to become a bee keeper
sɪᴇᴍᴏᴡɪᴛ - 2 months ago
give like for all the bees that was crushed in the making of this video.
Toastywumbos - 2 months ago
Very wholesome
Múhammàd Hâdî
Múhammàd Hâdî - 2 months ago
What that 'Queen excluder' meant?
Faithgameing Qualey
Faithgameing Qualey - 2 months ago
puto seko
puto seko - 2 months ago
This reminded me of bee movie for some reason
Gian Gab
Gian Gab - 2 months ago
Im a fan of you but look at you glove
joshangelo saspa
joshangelo saspa - 3 months ago
hi sir
Tume - 3 months ago
Honey gadjicks on part 2
Noodilious - 3 months ago
Can i buy sum
Amberh Romero
Amberh Romero - 3 months ago
I wonder if he cleared the boxes from bees before putting it in his car
XuqhX Æstetic
XuqhX Æstetic - 3 months ago
Count how much honey he has that’s how many bees sacrificed their life to make it 😶😶😶😶😶
Blue Phoenix
Blue Phoenix - 3 months ago
It’s de crazy Russian hacker guy!
farshid kavosi
farshid kavosi - 3 months ago
Wow boom
RE-KO - 3 months ago
'Хани' he is saying the Russian х for the h in honey
Gamergod88 - 3 months ago
Comit 705
Comit 705 - 3 months ago
EdibleFire - 3 months ago
Am I the only one itching while watching this
Melissa Matthews
Melissa Matthews - 3 months ago
Love the accent
Deak Zoltan
Deak Zoltan - 3 months ago
you should scape the top of the frame so you can avoid the boxes to stuck, in rest is all good and nice job.
Joel Gratton
Joel Gratton - 3 months ago
Giancarlo Vlogs
Giancarlo Vlogs - 3 months ago
Love how the bees just fall off sometimes
ZagTV - 3 months ago
Your the awesome!😱
T. G. Vieitas
T. G. Vieitas - 3 months ago
"Dey havto fil this box all with hanny."
#I am not a gamer
#I am not a gamer - 3 months ago
Haw much chanal you have
CactusMilenko S
CactusMilenko S - 3 months ago
Would love it if you made a video of you making mead with your honey!
rhymeandreasoning - 3 months ago
I love bees and I love honey
Tasheem Badrudin
Tasheem Badrudin - 3 months ago
I like how he pronounce “honey”
Feinyx Paul
Feinyx Paul - 4 months ago
Wait, where do the bees go when he puts that stuff on and puts the lid on the box?
Ahmmed Nobi Adnan
Ahmmed Nobi Adnan - 4 months ago
I bet this bees can say ;Boom !!!😁
Doogie G
Doogie G - 4 months ago
When I saw it was you, instant like.
Billie Preston
Billie Preston - 4 months ago
Very interesting..
rc gagi 20
rc gagi 20 - 4 months ago
Where is babuska
Hatem BENALIA - 4 months ago
Ok see u tomorra
Eastwest Management
Eastwest Management - 4 months ago
I swear to god this guy will control the world one day
Shift gaming
Shift gaming - 4 months ago
Be careful you may crash the queen
moo - 4 months ago
Love your Russian accent!
Sumit Munshi
Sumit Munshi - 4 months ago
Safety is numba wun prio'ity
Roblox Master
Roblox Master - 4 months ago
What bees are these
MissRebeka28 - 4 months ago
who else feels like bugs are on them now
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy - 4 months ago
2 years? Supers?
*Rhia mae _mitsume 339*
*Rhia mae _mitsume 339* - 4 months ago
Leave Me Alone
Leave Me Alone - 4 months ago
“Good most of the bees are gone”
*Sees a bee*
*Flings it away*
Derek Johansen or something
I feel like this is more of a hobby than an actual comfortable living...doesn't seem like honey farming is very profitable unless you are running a HUGE operation
Derek Johansen or something
Lol puts the box in his car...I SAW BEES ON THE FIRST BOX! 😂😂
Rueha{류하} - 5 months ago
Fortnite Loser
Fortnite Loser - 5 months ago
Russian Hacker?! Is that you?
The Worst
The Worst - 5 months ago
2019? Anyone
Marcia Hensley
Marcia Hensley - 5 months ago
You are the CrazyRussianHacker!!!!
Bro_Gaming - 5 months ago
Ebony Rose
Ebony Rose - 5 months ago
[FUN FACT: Honey is bee puke, YOUR EATING BED PUKE!!]
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