Harvest Honey - Part 1

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Taras Kul
Taras Kul - 2 years ago
Don't forget to comeback for part 2 tomorrow! :D It's been so much fun! can't wait to finish it and show it to you how much honey I got this season! :)
Cael Anderson
Cael Anderson - Month ago
Hello Crazy Russian Hacker.
it's jam
it's jam - 10 months ago
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Hi DabPolice
Hi DabPolice - Year ago
Taras Kul Me too!!!
Rogue Azazel
Rogue Azazel - 4 days ago
For forget your safety 😎
zonrox. - 5 days ago
This guy looks like CrazyRussianHacker
Jorge dela cruz
Jorge dela cruz - 6 days ago
Harry Walters
Harry Walters - 7 days ago
so this is the crazyrussianhacker?
Vatrushkin - 8 days ago
Дружище всё конечно хорошо, но с произношением у тебя просто жесть как получается,мои уши просто не выдерживают этот акцент )
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith - 17 days ago
Very cool job !!!
Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez - 20 days ago
There was more flys than bees
NӘgӘまToto - 22 days ago
So how many YT AC does this dude have?
Leon Robinson
Leon Robinson - 25 days ago
You have to be the crazy Russian hacker
wolfgirl j
wolfgirl j - 26 days ago
This is so unbelievably wholesome
Pz.Kpfw. Vl Tiger Ausf.E 1944
*opens bee hive*
Bees: *Visible confusion*
Lukas Gjoni
Lukas Gjoni - Month ago
My grandpa have 50y work with bees, he is the best bees allevator of my city
TAFunn919 - Month ago
Isn't this crazy Russian hacker?
God - Month ago
Taras Kul...i like Taras Cool better
ye black15287
ye black15287 - Month ago
I'm insane and crazy
Wayne Byerly
Wayne Byerly - Month ago
show us your T-shirt ... how does it finish? I can see many mathematical formula at the top ... show us the rest of it.
the super awesome man club82
Bee keeping is my new dream job I found interest in about 1 to 2 and a half weeks ago
The Smoke Watcher
The Smoke Watcher - Month ago
Morgan Arthur
Morgan Arthur - Month ago
You speak like an indian
MILKY - Month ago
Is this the crazy Russian dude
gsome the patient
gsome the patient - Month ago
ᴋᴇɪᴋᴏ - Month ago
Anyone finds it satisfying when he was harvesting the honey?
Jeremeow Jeremeow
Jeremeow Jeremeow - Month ago
ᴋᴇɪᴋᴏ meeee
Cael Anderson
Cael Anderson - Month ago
SnakePlizkin - Month ago
Will you bee making a honey harvesting video this year ?
Samuel Rowland
Samuel Rowland - 2 months ago
Are you secretly boris
frank mirre
frank mirre - 2 months ago
Bee use only 2% for them.
snno - 2 months ago
I drank maple syrup after this
Get Died
Get Died - 2 months ago
Crazy russian hackers
Get Died
Get Died - 2 months ago
Natalia Karini
Natalia Karini - 2 months ago
Done it boom!
سارع احمد
سارع احمد - 2 months ago
Oh lord i love his accent😂❤
Adelyn Orata
Adelyn Orata - 14 days ago
He's slav... Maybe russian
pupqet - 2 months ago
Ethanappies - 2 months ago
JJ the animal Lover
JJ the animal Lover - 2 months ago
Is eny
One watching in 2019
crimson the dragon
crimson the dragon - 2 months ago
I like his accent I also like it when he says "honey"
Deadpool - 9 days ago
crimson the dragon khaney hahaha
ClapzBTW - 2 months ago
Jesus that’s a lot of honey
Lambo !
Lambo ! - 2 months ago
Jason Sibayan
Jason Sibayan - 2 months ago
Love that accent
Tyler Peacock
Tyler Peacock - 2 months ago
I’d love to be Tara’s friends he’s so positive and happy and just a nice guy in general
Ghiqorah - 3 months ago
I love how Taras puts boom. In the bio
Brie L
Brie L - 3 months ago
Andrea Rotundi
Andrea Rotundi - 3 months ago
7:16 aaand that's pretty much how the Pandora's box was opened...
Arnob Gomes
Arnob Gomes - 3 months ago
This channel's name should be beautiful
Kenji TV
Kenji TV - 3 months ago
Peter M
Peter M - 3 months ago
Hai Guy
Hai Guy - 3 months ago
I love how considerate he is to bees :D
William Aureli
William Aureli - 3 months ago
Send me some beeswax, how much you charge?
reishanty Lacibal
reishanty Lacibal - 3 months ago
Ayusin mo salita mo ang bobo mo nmn
Ahmad Shawar
Ahmad Shawar - 4 months ago
its khaney kharvest taime
Noelle Wallin
Noelle Wallin - 4 months ago
How do you get bees
Tia Marie
Tia Marie - 4 months ago
If you keep the boxes closed then how do the bees go collect pollen?
AARON ROSE - 4 months ago
Need to turn your frames the other way in that centerfudge
Za Phil
Za Phil - 4 months ago
He takes you tubers videos
Christhanjames ph
Christhanjames ph - 4 months ago
Crazy russian hacker
Jose Ortiz
Jose Ortiz - 4 months ago
Sanket Jha Jha
Sanket Jha Jha - 4 months ago
Thankyou Very Much Taras For Leaving Some Honey For Them Other Living Things Need Respect. Thanks.🇮🇳
Mr. Trump Sir
Mr. Trump Sir - 4 months ago
This inspired me to want to own a bee farm
Sarah’s tales
Sarah’s tales - 4 months ago
-Export watches -
- Him says we’re both learning at the same time -
- Export gets offended -
A.l.k.g Productions
A.l.k.g Productions - 4 months ago
in the beginning he said he’s been waiting two years to extract the honey!!!
Tony Sialongo
Tony Sialongo - 4 months ago
What's that spray that you spray in beehive?
TRN_Gamer - 4 months ago
Dude, BEE careful
Marko Trusk
Marko Trusk - 4 months ago
Just wanted to tell you that you are doing great job with your videos. Also you have a great energy so keep do good work. Hello from Croatia!
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