Recreating My Followers Makeup Looks

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Aboodfahad2007 Aboodfahad2007
I searched Lorenzo live on YouTube and this sh came up on top of my screen
x xX
x xX - Day ago
Your so pretty :O
gibi Ruiz
gibi Ruiz - Day ago
Hi Sister the love
Julissa Esmeralda
Julissa Esmeralda - Day ago
Emma's art
Emma's art - Day ago
I cant believe how good his editing and makeup is...

*Are you a wizard?!?!?!?!?*
Keira Cadmus
Keira Cadmus - 2 days ago
James Charles have you done a video with faze rug
Kaylee Helton
Kaylee Helton - 4 days ago
I got your pallet yesterday at Ulta beauty and I can’t wait to try it out
Natsuki :3
Natsuki :3 - 4 days ago
My hamster now 3:30
YT_ Sants
YT_ Sants - 4 days ago
You mother f
Brian Qarraj
Brian Qarraj - 5 days ago
Why do you where MACKUP your a boy
Kath Stardust
Kath Stardust - 6 days ago
Hieu Lac
Hieu Lac - 6 days ago
Roses are red❤️
Violets are blue💙
If you love James Charles Make up Tutorial
You would make this turn blue
Kay Ortiz
Kay Ortiz - 7 days ago
ARE YOU KIDDING should be a sister saying hoddie
Otilio hernandez
Otilio hernandez - 7 days ago
My sister has your makc up!
Ashlie Morehouse
Ashlie Morehouse - 7 days ago
you really have to really appreciate the people who have time to do this
(did I get you?)
*Read More*
Gamerboy1220 - 8 days ago
are you lorenzolive ?
Umer Salman
Umer Salman - 8 days ago
0:37 from here...

How many times did he hit the makeup palette?
Heather Seigler
Heather Seigler - 8 days ago
Who else likes the video before you watch it cause you know it will be great 👍 love you sister
Pete Stevens
Pete Stevens - 9 days ago
He is such a gaybo
Julissa Ricketts
Julissa Ricketts - 10 days ago
Ur too great😍😍😍
Gaming atack
Gaming atack - 10 days ago
I didn't know you had fans
Ainsley Martin
Ainsley Martin - 10 days ago
james struggling with makeup names for the first time in forever
Cute Rosetter
Cute Rosetter - 11 days ago
Has he found the perfect foundation yet I left his channel after the drama?
LLBuntons - 11 days ago
Can you do a series of actually meeting your fans and doing their makeup like putting makeup on them
{code :jarick-pipo} ImLiam
Hi sisterssss
Bella Paulina
Bella Paulina - 13 days ago
How does he stay sain after taking off his eye makeup like even if i did half of that ide never take it off like how he did that??
Broedi Pacovsky
Broedi Pacovsky - 13 days ago
Last one looks like flash back mary
smoljiminie {JP}
smoljiminie {JP} - 13 days ago
James: I don’t know the shades in my own pallet
Me: I don’t even know my own skin tone so sis, you lucky 😂
monique star gaming
monique star gaming - 13 days ago
I'm new to this channel and love it already I love my new sister
Aubriella Hofschulte
Aubriella Hofschulte - 13 days ago
No hate but her name was acatwith2dreads not heads
Ollie Montecarlo
Ollie Montecarlo - 13 days ago
I have no idea whats happening i just think the make-up is nice looking
Dakota Jones
Dakota Jones - 13 days ago
Me:I just finished my perfect coloring page!!
*Scribbles,Outside the lines,no blending*
James charles:Does this
*_-Hello darkness my old friend...-_*
Shadow - 15 days ago
Hi sistersssss 👋
Maddie Trigg
Maddie Trigg - 16 days ago
Ok I'm sorry but no one cares if you are here after the drama ugh
Aoibhe Magee
Aoibhe Magee - 17 days ago
When I heard James said that keilidh was one of his favourite MUAs and that she was Irish I was like

(I’m Irish by the way)
pastal editz
pastal editz - 18 days ago
Hi sister!
mesfin seifu
mesfin seifu - 19 days ago
This video proves that he isn't just a makeup artist,but that sometimes he goes so far to the point where he is basically drawing on himself.
Sup lady’s
Sup lady’s - 20 days ago
Chola Nwengue
Chola Nwengue - 20 days ago
Wowow is very very beautifull
Syd Waffle
Syd Waffle - 20 days ago
Now that he said his eye creases were in different places I can’t stop noticing it
Brant Powers
Brant Powers - 21 day ago
You ain’t boojjie
Brant Powers
Brant Powers - 21 day ago
2019 anyone
Emi Huggins
Emi Huggins - 21 day ago
I got the morphie James Charles pallet and used code James for ten %off
Aesthetic. Edits
Aesthetic. Edits - 21 day ago
“I’m just going to *quickly* finish the other eye”

*takes 7 hours*
Emmy Bauer
Emmy Bauer - 21 day ago
Whats diffefent about his eyes at the beginning
Why don’t we Limelight
Why don’t we Limelight
No one

James: 911 yes my friend just committed grand theft beauty blender ugh I knwo
Storm plaat
Storm plaat - 22 days ago
I have friends who are still mad at him so James has become my guilty pleasure.... I enjoy ppl who CAN do their make up okkkkk😂. Bc i cant not even one bit except mascara
Radovan Barovic
Radovan Barovic - 22 days ago
Ayiana Heitman
Ayiana Heitman - 22 days ago
When the camera zooms in you can see how Cakey and weird makeup looks😂
Andrea Jiménez
Andrea Jiménez - 23 days ago
11:03 " this is going better than I thought"
Well Durham your amazing, your James Charles
Caitlyn Lay
Caitlyn Lay - 24 days ago
Flash back Marie memories.....
RJ Alpacaparka
RJ Alpacaparka - 24 days ago
Lauren Godwin who?
journey Jo
journey Jo - 24 days ago
Your face looks red when you took the makeup off at the end like it looks like a rash, you good bro
Aries - 25 days ago
JNAJHNYvideosbut Notmuchvideos
8:53 that was so funny
Yay am getting a cat am so happy
Jayla Shannon
Jayla Shannon - 25 days ago
How do you make the eyes look the same like I do one eye perfectly rainbow and the other one comes out a brown musty like how
NATALE _GACHA - 25 days ago
Annabella Campos
Annabella Campos - 25 days ago
Once your pallet came out I brought 6 of them😂still have 5 cuz there to BEAUTIFUL to use 🌺💗 your vids james
Annabella Campos
Annabella Campos - 20 days ago
@Amanda W I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing?
Amanda W
Amanda W - 21 day ago
Annabella Campos THATS WHY I COULDN’T GET ONE Meanie sister
Mingjin Han
Mingjin Han - 25 days ago
You look so good with out potting on makeup
Raya Perry
Raya Perry - 26 days ago
3:31 lmao
Uspinklovers XD
Uspinklovers XD - 26 days ago
Omg your so good at make up
Cheer_angler - 27 days ago
Yeilany Aguilar
Yeilany Aguilar - 27 days ago
No one:
Not a single soul:
not even a baby:
James: Slaps pallet every 5 seconds
Deda Vepar
Deda Vepar - 28 days ago
Pusi kuraccccc
Sam Metme
Sam Metme - 28 days ago
You shouldve done swatches
Sam Metme
Sam Metme - 28 days ago
Hes in a mood
Did you hide the body?
Love you James ❤️
Uroosa Wahid
Uroosa Wahid - Month ago
You’re SO GOOD 😊
ellacousins - Month ago
love James soooooooooooo much like if you agree thanks sister
Marbelyth Nelly Nataly Sandoval Pérez
Fayha Rehman
Fayha Rehman - Month ago
Ur sooo good at make up ly ♡
Pickle - Month ago
Anyone else not care about the drama anymore?
gueen - Month ago
Я девушка, ито этот пидорас красится круче
the cool channel Scherer
Omg your makeup palets are so cool I want one so bad
Just More Bananas
Just More Bananas - Month ago
Zuzulik S_K
Zuzulik S_K - Month ago
I'm getting flashback mary vibes from the last one
Pat Crist
Pat Crist - Month ago
Wipes makeup off....AHHHUH DAMN U RED
Krisha Manglani
Krisha Manglani - Month ago
At 14:12 I’m shocked at how James looked like that foundation Mach tho
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