A Black Lady Sketch Show | 227: The Reboot (Full Sketch) | HBO

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Shareef Hall
Shareef Hall - Hour ago
*loved it*
japhet zugah
japhet zugah - 2 hours ago
"What's your face gotta do with your finances "😂😂😂😂
Queen_Of_Domination - 4 hours ago
This was funny as hell! I loved it!
Ja Grack
Ja Grack - 6 hours ago
orlandobarbie - 17 hours ago
Omg. I love Robin on BET and love her on HBO. She's one funny lady....Everyone on here is funny
Debi Williams
Debi Williams - 19 hours ago
The original stars at the end was brilliant!
Yvonne Jones
Yvonne Jones - 20 hours ago
Excellent job getting the cast for cameos! I love it. This show needs to come back!
Tia Antoinette
Tia Antoinette - 20 hours ago
It's uncanny how much Robin looks like Sandra.
Triggadidon - 20 hours ago
Best ending ever
Randy Sneed, Jr
Randy Sneed, Jr - 22 hours ago
Nicki DivineTV
Nicki DivineTV - Day ago
The BEST Sketch so far!!!! HILARIOUS 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jalisa Martin
Jalisa Martin - Day ago
Omg they did soooo good
Midwesterner - Day ago
That was outstanding! And to have the original characters. Genius!
Bear Aspirin
Bear Aspirin - Day ago
Mary = Dorothy
Pearl = Sophia
Sondra = Blanche
Rose = Rose
Sun of a Sun
Sun of a Sun - Day ago
These shits are CLASSIC!!!
Clunie Studios
Clunie Studios - Day ago
She looks just like Jackie!!!
Adrienne Henson
Adrienne Henson - 2 days ago
Winnie - 2 days ago
Jackee! Pearl!
Mustafa Sankofa
Mustafa Sankofa - 2 days ago
This ending is epic!!!
FreshFruit LeanMeats
FreshFruit LeanMeats - 2 days ago
Now this is comedy. But we can't find it anywhere else.
got2kissme - 2 days ago
Dope ❤
Champagne - 2 days ago
Fancy Vizion
Fancy Vizion - 2 days ago
The Sandra Clark impression is spot on.
Louis Alexander
Louis Alexander - 2 days ago
Now I'm going to go watch old black shows
King-ish 4eva
King-ish 4eva - 2 days ago
Claim Your Inheritance
Claim Your Inheritance - 2 days ago
Ayla Prazen
Ayla Prazen - 2 days ago
Quinta going from buzzfeed to hbo makes me heart so happy
micha brown
micha brown - 2 days ago
this was a dope sketch lol. i like this show
DJaySplitSecond - 2 days ago
Robin is gorgeous
Melissa H
Melissa H - 2 days ago
That 'inception style' ending was amazing! Well done with the original actors at the end!!!!
Ashley Wills
Ashley Wills - 2 days ago
Loved it
BrownHornet - 2 days ago
Mimi Keel
Mimi Keel - 3 days ago
Love this show.
misterzeno225 - 3 days ago
Haha this was great! They are so talented
I Got Your Back
I Got Your Back - 3 days ago
I would like to see you all do a hood version of 'The Adam Family' but call it 'Da Adumz Family'. I can see Tawanda Braxton playing the mother!
Me Miss Marie
Me Miss Marie - 3 days ago
Used to love this show growing up lol
Demond Elliott
Demond Elliott - 3 days ago
I loved this!!
pat mason
pat mason - 3 days ago
Ok I liked that one but you're going to need some originality to win me over. So da show still sucks.
SoFreshGirl 510
SoFreshGirl 510 - 3 days ago
She so nosey she got her a pillow on the window seal to make herself comfortable. Lol
Dayna Potato
Dayna Potato - 3 days ago
"Ooh, Calvin, COME SEE DIS!" the way I scREAMT
Neko Mochi
Neko Mochi - 3 days ago
The Black Golden Girls!
African Logic
African Logic - Day ago
PARTYKING KEYZ - 3 days ago
-A-C B-L
-A-C B-L - 3 days ago
Can you say roll play?! If we were together she would have to to Sandria a few times lol
Deborah Gomez
Deborah Gomez - 3 days ago
She got Jackee mannerisms, voice and everything down to a T
lakesha lewis
lakesha lewis - 3 days ago
Jackie Thompson
Jackie Thompson - 3 days ago
Loved that they had some original cast member. Cherish them while they still here.
oscar p
oscar p - 3 days ago
All Things Nisha
All Things Nisha - 3 days ago
They all nailed it! Especially Robin!
Nicole JohnsonqetymologicalIcrkdmszckweo
Omg please do the black version of golden girls, i long to hear picture it, Brooklyn 1946, oh Sofia Petrillo was my favorite character, that little woman was one of tge best that's ever done it. Lol
Let's talk about it TM
Let's talk about it TM - 4 days ago
2lieful - 4 days ago
I would actually watch this show tho!
MCP Network
MCP Network - 4 days ago
2lieful I watched the original show for the first time last week. I was pleased with the show and will definitely watch the entire series. If they did this as an actual reboot, I’m all in!
Vaniece Shaffer
Vaniece Shaffer - 4 days ago
I LOVE IT!!! 😂😂😂
amber_denise 88
amber_denise 88 - 4 days ago
😂😂❤❤❤ classic
Gabriel Lopez
Gabriel Lopez - 4 days ago
This show is Genius!!!!
Yellomix - 4 days ago
So impressed With the on point impersonations 🙌🏽
Miss O.P.
Miss O.P. - 4 days ago
they saw those nice houses on tv that black people lived in... then they were like.. this is a good neighborhood. time to move in and the black people were like.. damn it.. lost my brownstone.
Mahogany Adams
Mahogany Adams - 4 days ago
Love!!!!! Keep this show!!!!!💯💯💯💯💯😂😂😂😂💓💓💓💓💓
Jerome Leon
Jerome Leon - 4 days ago
What show was this called?
Jerome Leon
Jerome Leon - 2 days ago
No serious I don’t know😭😭😭😭😭😭
Daniel Alvarado
Daniel Alvarado - 4 days ago
Jerome Leon seriously? 😂
Jerome Leon
Jerome Leon - 4 days ago
Impression is on point af
Young MerakiMuse
Young MerakiMuse - 4 days ago
Can we get Good Times, Girlfriends,and One on One 😍😍
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